Geral W. Sosbee    
 fbi intensifies assaults against me and, now, against my wife
picture14 Apr 2014 @ 18:48
Federal, state & local police ( including of course their fbi mentors and controllers) wallow in a death/torture cult; and in their misery ( being unaccountable to the people) they seek to spread their disease by evil deeds to anyone when convenient. They have destroyed the USA.

fbi orchestrates assaults on me by local state and federal police:


my sworn affidavits, 2017, 2014:


recent events:




the fbi torturers and assassins now include my wife in the Directed Energy Weapon (or ELF) assaults, causing sleep deprivation and other potentially deadly conditions:



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 A Civilization In Crisis
picture7 Apr 2014 @ 19:39
All persons, except those asleep or mesmerized by popular media (such as we see for example in the main street quasi-news and entertainment shows, morning and evening), cannot escape the realization that something is rotten in Washington D.C. and beyond.

The USA is a kind of war zone for many of our people as a result of twisted ideological goals enforced by corrupt police policies and practices. Wars around the globe, mass murders globally, and the occasional multiple killings (and suicides) right here in USA by men and women who are under attack by the USA intelligence community which operates in concert with other departments of government (including local police), all are evidence of a terrible and macabre force gripping the world (see world in a box).

For example in the Aaron Alexis case, the media label him as delusional for reporting that he was under attack by **ELF (extremely low frequency sound waves, a form of directed energy weaponry-DEW- which the media pretends does not exist or is not used.)


The truth is that the USA uses the ELF and other forms of DEW against selected human Targets to force the Target into suicide or into neurotic behavior that might justify incarceration of the Target in prison or in a hospital.
Similar ELF or DEW are used to silence me from reporting fbi/cia crimes against humanity, and the medical community and the media are generally helpful to the assassins who seek to kill the Target:
fbi operative to me:



medical doctor:


Meanwhile the media ignore the facts and allow the general population to be misled by denials from the government.


The fbi operatives who deliver the torture to the victim actually anticipate a neurotic response and state online, publicly, that the Target in the following instance is a possible mass murderer, and that any combat service of the Target in the US Army makes the Target a murderer.


Meanwhile, all efforts by the fbi fail to silence this Target; all provocations by street thugs, by armed and uniformed police officials, by crack investigators (federal and state), and by the fbi's own operatives similarly fail in the objective.


Note that the fbi has me under a blanket surveillance 24/7 and the fbi operative watched as the two screwballs investigators mentioned above came to my home on the curved and fictitious investigation (see nonconsensual cover research).

In a moment of desperation, the fbi sends an operative to commit a crime and to plant my name at the scene of the crime in order to cause an extensive investigation of me by the federal and state officials.


Any objective study of my reports must reasonably lead to the conclusion that the United States of America Is ruled by psychopaths and *homicidal torturers who are supported by the general population who in fear and apathy ignore the atrocities committed on their behalf and in their name.

Furthermore, anyone who is being attacked by the fbi/cia/police/gang operative/ assassins (and their high tech weaponry)may feel that such government officials are subhuman and in most respects monstrous. Thus, our society is under the profound influence of evil people and is irreparably corrupted, unworthy to invoke God's name because they stand by and permit the torture, imprisonment, forced suicide and murder of our fellow human beings. Meanwhile modern civilization sours because these same tactics are used by fbi/cia/mi6/mossad, etc. against people all over the world.

Alas, I wrote this report for all the world to see:


And I suggest that anyone under this kind of assault will have difficulties in maintaining a normal life:




See More


In conclusion the fbi/cia and those who support or fear them invite attacks on our people and in most instances cause and benefit therefrom ( see 'dilemma' above).


And where do fbi/cia look for their so-called terrorists! Everywhere men resist murderous tyranny:

Note that the fbi sends Texas State Police (hiding behind a building as I pull out) and a Harlingen Texas Police fool (pulls out right behind me for show ) to ticket me for non existent traffic citations; then as I have reported sends another silly and retarded cop to harass me in my home. Regarding the two citations from the corrupt cops, both tickets were dismissed. Meanwhile, a retired Border Patrol officer harasses and threatens me in my home. In the past the Homeland Security officials at the border extensively harras me every time I enter the USA, and they pretend that I am a drug trafficker. So, the people be aware that your law enforcement community is quite mentally ill at all levels.


And today the cowards of the fbi who have harassed and threatened me for years visit the Huffington Post Report as shown in the site meter image below; note that the fbi is particularly interested in seeing themselves as the living dead:

By Location > Visit Detail
Visit 156,969
153.31.113.# (FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems)
FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems
West Virginia
Last Page View
Apr 8 2014 10:04:11 am
Referring URL:


Visit Entry Page:

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picture6 Apr 2014 @ 18:24

EVERYMAN: Invade my country (or alienate me in it), I invade yours; attack my brain, all bets are off.




USA invades world:




Support the *cia/fbi and become an accessory to their assassinations & other atrocities.

Police State:




Tsunami of corruption inundates USA and washes through the world.


"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." JFK  More >

 Tsunami Of Corruption
picture1 Apr 2014 @ 17:03
The Texas Attorney General (AG) orders the UT Police to comply with the Texas Open Records Act on behalf of Geral Sosbee. See AG letter attached. Then see my message to the AG below; for more background information see parts 19,19a,19b,19c on my site

to: ""
date: Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 8:41 PM
subject: Open Records Case #518589

Thank you for the above referenced case pending in your office. The task before me is quite difficult, but doable: to gather evidence on the corruption of all branches of the US government (tripartite) and to survive efforts by the fbi and their thugs (including police) to discredit and to silence me.

Please see my affidavits, both 2007 and 2014:


and additional recent evidence on federal and state abuses of power on behalf of fbi:


The assistant Texas AG who opened the above referenced file is honest and is among the few who see the truth in my reports against the criminals inside the UT police and the fbi.

For your efforts I am heartened. Yet I realize that the 'tsunami' of corruption that sweeps over this nation cannot be easily stopped.

I seek to gather as much evidence as possible for as long as I can. The hijacking of my life in 1988-1989 by the fbi has chained me to a self defense mode for 25 years 24/7, globally, and no end is in sight.

The UT police obviously relied on a fraudulently obtained civil court order (that was secured by fbi miscreants against me) in order to fabricate a fictitious criminal case which was punctuated with their issuance of a illegal BOLO in an effort to legitimize the phony investigation.

Few people have access to the evidence against the fbi/police that I have labored to record. Your office has such evidence, direct & circumstantial, if only you could study same.

Please do not quit this case; I request to know of any developments in this matter.

Thank you kindly.

Geral Sosbee

Second message from me to Texas AG, April 15, 2014, on his allowing the UT police to violate the Texas Open Records law:

Geral Sosbee

Apr 15 (2 days ago)


I hereby request that the Texas Attorney General (AG) provide me, under the Texas Open Records Act, all documents of any kind and from any source relating to the failure of the University of Texas Police, Health Science Centers (San Antonio, Austin and Harlingen, Texas campuses) to respond to my previous Open Records request. The UT case number with the Texas AG relates to false statements by Chief Parks at UT Police, Open Records Case #518589. The attached letter dated March 17, 2014, from AG to UT supports this request. This request also includes any item, memo or document from legal counsel of UT, or any other campus, including UT campus (Austin, Texas) where any person has made a record of (or made input into) this matter.

I need to know why the AG knowingly permits the UT police, legal counsel, et al, to circumvent the laws in efforts to cover up crimes against my person at several UT campuses over the past decade. So, this Open Records Request is directed to the very agency of government responsible for enforcing Open Records laws against others who have shown to be in violation.

If a civil court order is secretly lodged against me as directed by the assassins of fbi, then the Texas AG should advise me of same in order for me to address the assaults on me each time I enter the library at UT. I have proven that crimes were committed against me at UT by police and their operatives; no civil court order (however corrupt) may authorize the UT police or anyone else to engage in crimes against me. The fbi campaign to discredit me knows no bounds and anyone who permits the crimes against me is an accessory to such crimes, or to a cover up of same.

Failure of the AG to aggressively pursue this case portends ill for the State of Texas and for the nation, as I have been tortured by the fbi for about twenty five years with no end in sight. The Texas AG is fully aware of my plight and of the fact that I am an attorney in good standing with the State Bar of Texas (license 18855625, inactive). Note that I take no pride in being a lawyer because the profession is rotten from the effects of the fbi's control/influence over all such professionals.

This request is made in good faith and with no intention to cause an inconvenience to any person.

Thank you.Signed by geral sosbee


geral sosbee

p o box 1548

brownsville, texas 78522


After I posted the above report the fbi sends at me the same female operative/assassin who has previously assaulted me many times at the library and in my home (by pouring toxic fumes into my residence which resulted in a medical condition requiring antibiotics); on this occasion the woman (a large, horrid, ugly and foul looking beast whom I have previously referenced in many of my reports) walks near me in the library, making sure that I see her. She leaves ten minutes later; that evening I am bombarded all night with increased DEW attacks, causing severe sleep deprivation. As Pavlov noted, " his dogs would begin to salivate whenever he entered the room." Each time this animal shows her repulsive face to me, I can reasonably expect a repeat of the same type of torture described above.

This type of conditioned response played on a human being is evidence of the way this nation intends to handle any activist or political Target.  More >

 No Stopping The Madness Of Government
picture25 Mar 2014 @ 16:07
As I do not expect a near term solution to the madness of our times, I hold out no false hope to those of us under attack. The truth is simple: *One cannot reasonably expect the homicidal sociopaths of government (and private groups) who are paid to torture and kill to stop it; **the congress is fully aware of the illegal devastation of lives and yet does nothing;*** the courts are equally corrupt, morose and cowardly and do less than nothing to address plaintiff's legitimate pleadings. So, unless the general population removes the government officials in the three branches of government, I see zero chance in my lifetime of a remedy.


The executive branch of this government is the most murderous in the history of mankind.


Barbara Boxer, Senator- Her Assistant states, " The only way to stop the fbi campaign against you is by an act of Congress."


I was threatened and harassed by the evil and mind controlled judge who refused my request for a temporary injunction against the fbi.

The program against Targets is supported by an invisible public policy where police & civilians are allowed by a kind of emerging custom to torture and kill (or force into suicide) the helpless victim. This sorry state of affairs is called ...the law of custom (where crimes against Targets are deemed virtuous) and such policy supersedes all other law. In other words barbaric madness, not jurisprudence, is allowed to rule society when convenient for the tyrannical government.

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 Affidavit, 2014
picture13 Mar 2014 @ 23:12

The following is a summary of recent efforts by the fbi to silence me from reporting their crimes. The same brutal and criminal tactics used against me are sometimes used on a broader scale globally against others, including political targets and non-conforming (or divergent) nations. I have not included in the report an incident where a uniformed, armed police officer attempted to intimidate me in my home. Also, neighbors often assist the fbi in assaults on me and my wife in apparent efforts to provoke a answer. On some occasions snakes, tarantulas, dead animals ,etc., are planted in my home or patio to test my response. Most people accept the fbi’s propaganda campaign against me, so that doctors, dentists, lawyers, realtors, mechanics, etc., sometimes seek ways to insult or harm me. I consider all such individuals as accessories to the felonies committed against me by the fbi over the past twenty five (25) years. Finally, note that assaults on me by directed energy weaponry continue with great intensity, causing dramatic symptoms. The government thus is evidently controlled or overthrown by the intelligence community which can get away with almost anything with total impunity because the main stream media is also complicit in the offenses that I describe. Here is the essence of my Affidavit 2014:

On this 14th day of March, 2014, appeared before me Geral W. Sosbee, an individual known personally to me to be the person who affixed his signature to this document below and who, being by me first duly sworn on his oath, deposed and said:
“My name is Geral W. Sosbee; I am over the age of 18 years. I am fully competent in all manner to make this affidavit. The information contained in this affidavit is within my personal knowledge, and is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I am referred to below as Affiant.

I hereby incorporate by reference into this affidavit and thereby make a part herein as though fully reproduced herein for all purposes the following documents:
1) My sworn affidavit, dated March 7, 2007, published at [link]

2) The contents of my websites (and related links and statements by Affiant therein) located at

b) [link]

c) [link]

This incorporation includes all statements, documents and other corroborating evidence provided, obtained or authorized by Affiant, including all updates by Affiant at the above listed and referenced websites and any other internet site to date.For the past about twenty-five (25) years, the FBI has engaged in a vendetta or revenge campaign against me for my reporting crimes committed by the FBI during my service as a Special Agent in the FBI and thereafter. For more details see my Writ at

and other documents.

The illegal and criminal assaults by the FBI against me include a 24/7 surveillance and assaults by Directed Energy Weaponry, chemicals, psychological operations, and occasional assault and battery by street thugs in the employ of the FBI. Also, the FBI has attempted on some occasions to end my life by causes that may appear to be natural.
Page 1 of 3

The apparent reason for the FBI campaign against me is contained at this site:

On or about April 30, 2013, the FBI and the CJIS (acting on false or unsubstantiated rumor or innuendos and for harassment purposes) caused the following two state and federal government investigators to come to my home in a fraudulent investigation for a crime committed by another person:
Trey Knipfing, Postal Inspector, 14800 Trinity Blvd., Suite 600

Fort Worth TX 76155-2675

(817)359-2765, Fax: (817)359-2708


Conrad Rodriguez, Agent, Texas Department of Public Safety, Dallas, Texas
For more on this topic see:

Inspector Knipfing admitted to me during the discussion that someone committed a crime in Dallas, Texas, and planted my name at the scene of the crime. Inspector Knipfing also stated that an employee of the Texas Department of Public Safety is a suspect in the commission of the aforementioned crime and that a possible Public Integrity Investigation against that employee may ensue. During my discussion with Inspector Knipfing, Special Agent Rodriguez abruptly and pointedly attempted an apparent profiling effort against me by asking whether I ‘am angry at the FBI’ and whether I am online with my reports ‘for the benefit of humanity.’ Consistent with Agent Rodriguez’ adversarial tone, even the local police assist the FBI in fraudulent efforts to arrest me. See false BOLO at:


I have never been accused of any offense, criminal or civil (that I am aware of) in my life, other than rare routine traffic citations; my medical records show that I have no evidence of any form of communicable disease. I am an attorney in good standing (inactive status) with the Texas State Bar, license number 18855625, and no action has ever been taken against my license to practice law. I am also a member in good standing of the Bar of other courts including The United States Supreme Court.
I estimate the cost of the unlawful FBI program against me over the past 25 years to be less than one million per year, totaling about twenty million dollars to the tax payers.
Page 2 of 3

I hereby further certify and affirm under penalty of perjury of the laws of the United States and the laws of the state of Texas that all statements, including those incorporated by reference and made a part herein for all purposes as though fully reproduced herein are true and correct and that all documents (including those incorporated by reference) are true and correct copies of originals and that they are what they purport to be to the best of my knowledge and ability.
Further, Affiant sayeth Naught.”

Geral W. Sosbee (DOB: 08/30/1945)
P.O. Box 1548
Harlingen, Texas 78522

Sworn to and subscribed before me on the 14th day of March, 2014, to witness which I place my hand and official seal of office.
Notary Seal

My Commission Expires

Notary Public
Steven Martinez

In and for Cameron County, Texas
Page 3 of 3



Note: A link to the original PDF is posted here:


or here:

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 fbi's Cointelpro operative falsely labels combat war vet as a murderer
picture28 Feb 2014 @ 16:33
In startling developments the fbi sends an anonymous fbi operative online (Abu-Jamal, aka paint me doubtful, aka James Duval) to fraudulently label this fbi whistle blower; see my sworn affidavit, 2007 [link]

and United States combat war vet as *"murderer" for his service in Viet Nam; and in a different post the fbi calls this vet a possible **mass murderer.

Additionally, the fbi in its desperation to silence this former agent commits a crime in Dallas, Texas, plants the name G Sosbee at the scene of the crime and thereby causes federal and state agents to descend on Sosbee's home in a fraudulent fishing expedition; at the same time the fbi orchestrates the menacing presence of a police officer for obscure purposes:


*Monique Abu-Jamal 25.Feb.2014


**paint me doubtful 26.Feb.2013


Meanwhile, as an apparent response to this report, the fbi continues and increases sleep deprivation assaults on Geral Sosbee 24/7 via directed energy weaponry as set forth here (note that the fbi now resumes DEW-sleep deprivation attacks on his wife):


Also, as I have previously reported the fbi continues to vandalize my car by driving nails into the tires, etc.

For all who use the internet to post messages, or who otherwise use emails, be aware that the fbi hacks into my emails and hacks my messages as I type them for posting on various news boards. The most recent example of such changing of my text is as follows: The fbi changed the phrase "fishing expedition" to read "fish hunting expedition" on my recent reports online. Then, the fbi routinely sends their operatives to claim that my spelling and text are of poor quality.

All service members should take note that service to this nation in a combat role in any war or conflict subjects the veteran to wild slander and libel by the USA intelligence community.
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 Global Police State Forming, Few Object
picture9 Feb 2014 @ 19:50
See my recent report on evidence that the USA uses federal state and local police (and operatives) to try to provoke an unacceptable response in their efforts to find a way to silence or kill me; the second part of this report is my message to others who are targeted for torture of death.

The dilemma forced on civilized man by fbi:

: [link]

Part One:

As the United States of America seeks global control through murderous operations (including wars and covert assassinations)the people are afraid to address the problem of a government gone mad. Inside the USA the fbi and the police (and operatives) go to extremes to silence those who report on the atrocities and those who are chosen as candidates for forced suicide or death by high tech weaponry. This report highlights my efforts to join with others to kindly ask the murderers to stop it. Background information:


Evil, murderous cops on and off duty ( including those who are retired or in training) and led by fbi homicidal sociopaths dominate all law enforcement groups in usa and corrupt the culture with a macabre & Godless mentality. Such barbarians are the true terrorists among us and they generate suffering and calamity 24/7 nationwide.

corrupt cops (federal, state, local) and their operatives engaged in threats, harassment, crimes, against this reporter:





high tech assaults:


Fraudulent "Be On Lookout" issued against me by University of Texas police thugs:

Facebook friends and others have additional data:

Part Two:

To my friends and associates here on Facebook and elsewhere: you never gave up on yourselves.

Some have fallen under attack, sometime by their own hands, though were forced to do so by the *evil assassins and inhumane mind manipulators of our time. So, I still believe in you all because that is what you would want. For all that you have taught me and the world and for all the **good that remains because of you after your departure I salute and thank you as my spiritual brothers and sisters.

In memory of Shakespeare whose works I edit for my purposes.

*would that the evil that men do be interred in their bones.

**and that the good that men do live after them.

And for those of us who remain to fight on for the common good, I have a special message of universal significance that you and I may agree applies to all human beings who suffer a bestial man's inhumanity to a fellow human:


''He hath disgraced me, and
laughed at my losses,
mocked at my gains, scorned my birth," thwarted my
efforts at employment, "cooled my friends, heated mine
enemies; and what's his reason?" I am alive, vibrant and assertive.

I am human as much as you; indeed in certain respects more so than my torturer.

"Hath not a human eyes? hath not a human hands, organs,
dimensions, senses, affections, passions? fed with
the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject
to the same diseases, healed by the same means,
warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as
a Christian" or hethern is? "If you prick us, do we not bleed?
if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison
us, do we not die?""


God's Speed To You All And Thank You For Believing In Yourselves Against All Odds.


Policía Estatal Global Forming, Pocos Objetos:

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  The Gaslighting of mankind, as perpetuated by fbi/cops
picture1 Feb 2014 @ 19:05
I have learned that not all persons labeled as 'criminals' are evil, while those who engage in the torture we speak of are all evil, but not considered by law as criminal. This means, I believe, that our civilization is dominated by evil individuals who are the real (though unacknowledged) criminals all around us. Thus, I wrote short pieces on 'Outlaws Are Better Men' and 'Violence As Virus.' The *'gas lighting' phenomenon is a form of violence perpetrated by evil person(s) who try to destroy the Target who is sometimes labeled in a derogatory manner; as many of us have discovered, the Target is the most sensitive, caring and genuinely magnanimous soul alive. I finally open my eyes to the fact that our TI community members here are combating evil and that we offer the greatest lessons to our society: that the cultural corruption globally is perpetuated by the gov, civic leaders, political figures, and often our next door neighbors because they are under the control of evil doers. Thank you and God's speed to all in our epic battle against evil.

Outlaws are better men:


violence as virus:








Spanish Translation:

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 fbi/cia/police/operatives/Mengele all war criminals
picture24 Jan 2014 @ 16:42
"If overpopulation continues, intelligent people will die out." Joseph Mengele, Nazi War Criminal, medical doctor/monster.

Today fbi/cia continues the practices of Mengele and the two murderous agencies engage around the clock in similar atrocities as were committed by Mengele himself. Few tried to stop him and he evaded capture the rest of his life after the fall of Nazi Germany. Fbi/cia torturers similarly engage in torture, forced suicide, murder, and as they are allowed to operate anonymously will never be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

We modern victims of such feindish crimes (including those committed by medical doctors, dentists and other health care providers, as I have touched on in my reports) represent a microcosm of the new holocaust now underway. While we may number now in the tens of millions, all the earth's inhabitants live under the threat of joining our ranks. As the heinous crimes of our millennium mount, the people cower & tremble under the omnipresent, and menacing images of fbi/cia/police murderers.

Ironically, we who are now being tortured and murdered are in a sense freed from substantial fear because all is taken from us, except our last breath. When relief comes, many of us will thank God for deliverance from the torture and pain.


Meanwhile, the at large population and future generations will not generally live free of fear because they will have accepted the standard of mind control, the threats of torture/forced suicide and the possibility of bad death at the hands of the most atrocious killers of all time: fbi, cia,police,operatives,and robotic members of the controlled communities globally.

Thank you kindly.geral  More >

 Police, Courts and Community corrupted by fbi/cia
picture22 Jan 2014 @ 18:19
As I have shown the fbi/cia has corrupted the police and the courts across the nation and similarly around the world. The police and the judges accept the lies and propaganda handed them by the fbi. In turn the police also seek to harm the Target of fbi/police covert operations in any way possible; see my reports of how the fbi corrupts the US Postal Inspector and the Texas DPS, as well as police; note that all the while the fbi and their operatives are busy in the torture (physical and psychological) and discreet attempts to murder the Target:


For evidence of actual police corruption see the following link and its sequels at 19a,19b,19c:


Note that the judges are also under an obligation to accept the lies of the fbi and their operatives, and the result is a wholesale assault on the Target by all branches of government and by members of the community at large:





Thus the most unimaginable horrors of a Nazi- type police state is upon us now. Those in government assist the fbi and police because no one wants to risk becoming a Target. members of the ruling class benefit from the imprisonment and murders of Targets by police and fbi:



[link]  More >

 geral sosbee, POW.Update on decades of assaults by fbi, cia, police, operatives
picture13 Jan 2014 @ 22:15
See my update that reveals the destruction of our society by the assassins of fbi, et al, even while this nation pretends to protect human, civil and constitutional rights.

For the past several years (extending from about 1988 to the present), the fbi has increased their attacks on me in efforts to discreetly terminate or otherwise silence me from reporting their crimes. Many of my reports involve the fbi's use of chemical and biological agents to attack me
(see [link]
[link] ) .

In some instances the fbi plants operatives next door to me in order to flood my unit with cigarette smoke causing me serious medical complications.Today the directed energy assaults (ELF) are extreme and through sleep deprivation keep me in bed on average of 12-14 hours per day. In essence I am chained (metaphorically) to my bed as a prisoner of war by the fbi/cia/dod own assassins and torturers who have *overthrown the legitimate government here.

See my links below for more on this subject. The fbi continues to use my neighbors to harass (including acts of vandalism, assaults and widespread slander) and threaten me; often the neighbor uses toxic, second hand cigarette fumes and other tactics to cause me medical problems. I have been forced out of my homes about ten times in the past ten years. A careful reading of my reports will also show evidence that the fbi also now uses US Postal Inspector, DPS Agents, and police to engage in dirty deeds for harassment purposes and in one instance to cause me lung problems.

Thus, I realize that this nation has become the absolutely most corrupt regime on the planet and in the history of the earth. Study of my material reveals that the fbi, cia, police, and their operatives throughout our society share with Nazi war criminal Joseph Mengele, et al, a macabre and murderous agenda which depends in part on the fear and cowardice of the general population and on the propaganda fed them. I weep for mankind as the lowest form of human intellect (ie government thugs and operatives) control the world. The Age of Madness is upon us [link] .

High tech assaults with ELF, plus Military Intelligence, fbi, police, criminals acting as fbi operatives






False, or fraudulent reports from medical doctors:

Postal Inspector and DPS fraudulent harassment program designed to intimidate; the following reports also include data on a Harlingen, Texas, police officer: [link]

*: [link]

What can one do about it!


Humanity is in Perilous Trouble

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 MK ULTRA PROJECTS: FBI: Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee's Testimony
picture20 Dec 2013 @ 19:28
MK ULTRA PROJECTS : FBI : Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee's Testimony (ENGLISH)

Rudy2's Multilingual Blog

Ex-FBIAgentGeralSosbee’sTestimony [link]

Deutsche Version [link]


1. English version


Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Geral W. Sosbee and I am a former Special Agent with the federal bureau of investigation (fbi), United States Department of Justice. I request that your good offices accept this letter with enclosures and that you kindly relay the information herein to colleagues in the government, to your representatives and to your associates back home for educational purposes.

My present objective is to focus attention on the fbi and on the central intelligence agency (cia) with regard to their ongoing practices of targeting for death certain individuals who expose human rights abuses by those two agencies; also, other individuals who may be viewed by the fbi or the cia as politically viable adversaries (to a corrupt United States agency or policy) may be similarly targeted. I am saddened by the prospect of reporting fbi and cia transgressions and I remain optimistic and invigorated at the realization that I have survived the past eight years in torment (as of March, 2006) and that I now have the opportunity to share my experiences with others and perhaps thereby to assist them in some manner.

As shown in the summary of events that follows (and as more fully documented in my court filings) agents and operatives of the fbi and the cia (including at times members of the general population) engage from time to time in a subtle form of homicidal conduct for personal gain, to cover up crimes, to silence political critics, or to otherwise neutralize specific individuals who attempt to report fbi and/or cia gross abuse of power and possible crimes against humanity. My government and the media in the United States are aware of my allegations and are in receipt of abundant evidence to support my claims. I have established on the record that the fbi and the cia are corrupt, that the United States Congress and the courts to date are cowardly in failure to address the corruption, and that the American people are generally unaware of the extent of the problem.

The United States is not alone in such unconscionable conduct (as further described below) as it enlists persons from other countries to assist in the human rights violations when the fbi or the cia sees the need. Any nation which cooperates, condones, or supports the tactics depicted in this letter is unfit to lead or to influence any other nation with respect to human rights and humanitarian issues. The implications of such a sorry state of affairs are indeed disturbing to sensitive intellects and persons of good will, particularly with respect to the need for peace in the world.

The campaign of terror described below is typical of the methodology used in similar efforts around the world and may foreshadow a general decline in social and economic fairness the world over. Enclosed with this letter are my sworn statements, my letter to human rights supporters, my letters to police departments, my advertisement in the Hollywood Reporter Magazine (August 2000, Special Issue, page 133), my Appeal to the United States Court of Appeals and Congressman Abercrombie’s letter to the fbi.

In the pages that follow I outline the techniques used to attempt to silence me from charging the fbi (and the cia) with high crimes against the American people and against the international community. I trust that this information will be helpful to other potential victims of similar attacks by intelligence agencies which use covert hit squads (often referred to in the fbi as Goon Squads). I feel privileged to present the material to you because I am confident that your people will benefit from the representations. As the Target of the fbi and the cia Goon Squads, I refer to myself below as T.

*From about 1998 to the present time the fbi (and the cia in the Dominican Republic, Japan and Thailand) continue an uninterrupted campaign designed to neutralize T and (to express directly) to drive T insane (or at least to force T into exile, defection, or suicide), by using the following tactics:

—Initiate or reestablish an official investigation on T.

—Notify T’s friends, associates and contacts that T is under investigation.

—Demonize T in the community, especially with doctors, dentists and mechanics.

(Use medical and dental procedures such as vasectomy and root canals as opportunity to deliver terrorist threats and physical torture on T.)

—Isolate and marginalize T everywhere he goes by extensive character assassination.

—Prevent T from renting a place to live.

—If T attempts to sleep in his car, notify local authorities.

—Obtain false, sworn statements against T by two females in support of a fraudulent civil commitment order signed by a corrupt state judge.

(As of September 30, 2005, T believes that the fbi and the U.S. Department of Injustice use corrupt federal judges or federal magistrates to obtain fraudulent civil papers against T. See part 10 of My Story In Detail.)

—If T flees, label him as an international fugitive from justice and a threat to public safety.
For proof of this see Sosbee’s writ, page a18.

Click here to see the Boeing Corp. perception of Sosbee as a fugitive.

—Affect a comprehensive electronic and physical surveillance on T in his home and car with simultaneous invasions into T’s living quarters and car.

— Insure that T understands that he is being watched in every corner of his dwelling (and in his car) by the following: 1) Enter unit and rearrange kitchen items and dinning table to replicate the way T had set the table early in the day; 2) When T places clothes in the apartment’s washer/dryer units, enter his unit and turn on the water, or place trash in the washer/dryer unit which T is using; 3) When T covers up at night with the same blanket, urinate only on that portion of the blanket (center edge) that reaches T’s face; 4) When T steps into the bathroom, open T’s front door; 5) When T falls asleep, open the front door; 6) If T tries to watch TV, take over the remote control unit, changing channels and turning the TV on and off in rapid succession. 7) When T returns to his living quarters begin telephonic and cell phone harassment the moment T enters his home; 8 ) Tamper with particular objects which T touches or uses in the home or car and rearrange or destroy personal objects (such as dental floss) which T touches on a given day; 9) Observe T in real time to make adjustments to types and intensity of harassment.

— When T attempts to cover walls or ceiling to afford privacy, enter and tear down the covering.

— Plant drugs in T’s food for the following purposes: 1) to eliminate libido and to interrupt normal bodily functions; 2) Force T to sleep; 3) Prevent T from sleeping; 4) Cause mood swings in T.

— Send operatives to taunt or jeer T following the poisonings.

— If T stops eating at home, place drugs or virus bacteria in T’s food in restaurants.

— Send operatives to test T’s temper, to assess and to provoke T by repeated incidents of assault and battery.

— Send female operatives to engage T in conversation wherein she abruptly stops the discourse and runs away from T.

— Order a subscription in T’s name to Chef magazines.

— Place pink colored and female objects (such as panties) in T’s personal effects.

— Use local police departments around the world to stage fraudulently conceived and illegally carried out attempted sting operations against T, in efforts to obtain a basis upon which to charge T with a civil or a criminal offense.

— Repeatedly label T as one of unbalanced mind.

— Reinforce T’s awareness of his bodily dysfunctions by: 1) Removal of the male end of the battery charger from shaver or cell phone; 2) Dislodging the automobile’s turn signal, so that when T touches the device, it falls from position and is held only by electrical cord; 3) Leave phallic symbols in T’s car from time to time.

— If T seeks treatment for illness of any kind, notify doctor or dentist and security officers that T is under investigation and is unbalanced.

— Initiate conditioned-response program designed to punish T for certain activities, such as: 1) Asking Congress for help; 2) Visiting the Law library; 3) Social discourse;

4) Relaxing.

— Continue and intensify terrorist actions without break: 1) Plant live roaches in T’s food in the refrigerator; 2) Tear up, purloin, or destroy the zippers in T’s slacks and cut the ties so that they are not wearable; 3) If T has a roommate, poison her and leave a reminder to T that he is the cause for her suffering (i.e.: place the heels of T’s shoes on the toes of the roommate’s shoes); 4) If T attempts to socialize with potential friends, tamper with their cars to cause them to avoid T; 5) Follow T into movies, restaurants, or other public places in order to assess and in order to collect items or information that can be used against T the next day, or the next month: If T eats at Hotel X, place a match box, or a pen, from Hotel X in T’s Car, or between the sheets of T’s bed; If T sees a movie with a scene of suicide by knife, enter T’s unit and plant a butcher knife in an odd and suggestive location with the handle up and out for T to observe upon his return from the movie.

— Tamper with T’s accounts by the following methods: 1) Close some accounts; 2) Change the address on some accounts; 3) Submit false address change to United States Post Office; 4) Use T’s credit card unlawfully to charge services*.

* for proof of this see Sosbee’s Writ, page a26 (click here).

— Tamper with T’s car extensively, especially as a part of the conditioned-response technique: Tamper with the electronic temperature control panel, so that a setting by T at 60 degrees is reset to read 90 degrees, and so that a manual setting by T at off is reset to read Low, Medium, or High, depending on the level of punishment T may expect to receive soon.

— Disable T’s car by slashing tires, causing them to peel off from wheel; place water in the gas tank; turn on the car’s parking or interior dome lights; replace new fuses and bulbs with dead ones. Click Here For Police Reports

See also page a26 of the writ for the police report on the slashing of the tire.

— Threaten T regularly by placing broken windshield chips in the driver’s seat of T’s car and by repeatedly resetting the temperature display panel to read 90 degrees and High; send operatives to carry on conversation within hearing distance of T, so that suggestions of suicide (or other alternatives) are discussed; send operatives to make abrupt U-turns in head on traffic with hazard light on.

— Stop hostilities a day or two in order to prevent habituation (a psychological defense). The relentless and calculating pressure on T by the tormentors is generally effective to the extent that T is worn down from being on guard and alert to the ever-changing tactics used against him day and night. However, with each new twist of the terrorist’s actions, T holds to his conviction that evildoers in this world are simply confused representatives of an otherwise noble species of inhabitants on this good earth and that the vital key to our individual and collective survival and prosperity is our ability to recognize and confront the physical and the intellectual challenges presented to us for resolution. I hope that this information can help save the lives of people whom, targeted as they may be, we need in this world.

Best Wishes and Respectfully Submitted.

Geral Sosbee

“My Story In Detail” First Posted October 15, 2000

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December 28, 2013
I am again driven out of my home by fbi operatives, including law enforcement acting as operatives. ELF intensifies as well as assaults by fbi street thugs. No names are herein published due to slander laws which protect the criminals who so perform against the law and against me. See



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picture20 Dec 2013 @ 19:25


“Brothers will hand over brothers to be killed. Fathers will hand over their children. Children will rise up against their parents and have them put to death. Everyone will hate you because of me. But anyone who stands firm to the end will be saved.

Matthew 10: 21-22



1:07 PM (6 minutes ago)





from [link]

John St. Clair Akwei vs NSA, Ft. Meade, MD, USA

Evidence for the Lawsuit filed at the US courthouse in Washington, D.C. (Civil Action 92-0449)

Detecting EMF Fields in Humans for Surveillance.

A subject’s bioelectric field can be remotely detected, so subjects can be monitored anywhere they are. With special EMF equipment NSA cryptologists can remotely read evoked potentials (from EEGs). These can be decoded into a person’s brain-states and thoughts. The subject is then perfectly monitored from a distance.

NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals lntelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA’s computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S.

NSA Signals Intelligence Use of EMF Brain Stimulation

NSA Signals Intelligence uses EMF Brain Stimulation for Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Electronic Brain Link (EBL). EMF Brain Stimulation has been in development since the MKUltra program of the early 1950′s, which included neurological research into “radiation” (non-ionizing EMF) and bioelectric research and development. The resulting secret technology is categorized at the National Security Archives as “Radiation Intelligence,” defined as “information from unintentionally emanated electromagnetic waves in the environment, not including radioactivity or nuclear detonation.”
Signals Intelligence implemented and kept this technology secret in the same manner as other electronic warfare programs of the U.S. government. The NSA monitors available information about this technology and withholds scientific research from the public. There are also international intelligence agency agreements to keep this technology secret.

The NSA has proprietary electronic equipment that analyzes electrical activity in humans from a distance. NSA computer-generated brain mapping can continuously monitor all the electrical activity in die brain continuously. The NSA records and decodes individual brain maps (of hundreds of thousands of persons) for national security purposes. EMF Brain Stimulation is also secretly used by the military for Brain-to-computer link. (In military fighter aircraft, for example.)

For electronic surveillance purposes electrical activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject’s verbal thoughts. RNM can send encoded signals to the brain’s auditory cortex thus allowing audio communication direct to the brain (bypassing the ears). NSA operatives can use this to covertly debilitate subjects by simulating auditory hallucinations characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia.

Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject’s brain and show images from the subject’s brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject’s eyes are seeing. Visual memory can also be seen. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex. bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this to surreptitiously put images in a surveillance subject’s brain while they are in R.E.M. sleep for brain- programming purposes.

Capabilities of NSA operatives using RNM

There has been a Signals Intelligence network in the U.S. since the 1940′s. The NSA, Ft. Meade has in place a vast two-way wireless RNM system which is used to track subjects and non-invasively monitor audio-visual information in their brain. This is all done with no physical contact with the subject. RNM is the ultimate method of surveillance and domestic intelligence. Speech and 3D sound, and subliminal audio can be sent to the auditory cortex of the subject’s brain (bypassing the ears) and images can be sent into the visual cortex. RNM can alter a subject’s perceptions, moods, and motor control.

Speech cortex/auditory cortex link has become the ultimate communications system for the intelligence community. RNM allows for a complete audio-visual brain-to-brain link or brain-to-computer link.

National Security Agency Signals Intelligence Electronic Brain Link Technology

NSA SigInt can remotely detect, identify and monitor a person’s bioelectric fields.

The NSA’s Signals Intelligence has the proprietary ability to remotely and non-invasively monitor information in the human brain by digitally decoding the evoked potentials in the 30-50 hz,.5 milliwatt electro-magnetic emissions from the brain.

Neuronal activity in the brain creates a shifting electrical pattern that has a shifting magnetic flux. This magnetic flux puts out a constant 30-50 hz, .5 milliwatt electromagnetic (EMF) wave. Contained in the electromagnetic emission from the brain are spikes and patterns called “evoked potentials.”

Every thought, reaction, motor command, auditory event, and visual image in the brain has a corresponding “evoked potential” or set of “evoked potentials.” The EMF emission from the brain can be decoded into the current thoughts, images and sounds in the subject’s brain.

NSA SigInt uses EMF-transmitted Brain Stimulation as a communications system to transmit information (as well as nervous system messages) to intelligence agents and also to transmit to the brains of covert operations subjects (on a non-perceptible level).

EMF Brain Stimulation works by sending a complexly coded and pulsed electromagnetic signal to trigger evoked potentials (events) in the brain, thereby forming sound and visual images in the brain’s neural circuits. EMF Brain Stimulation can also change a person’s brain-states and affect motor control.
Two-way Electronic Brain-Link is done by remotely monitoring neural audio-visual information while transmitting sound to the auditory cortex (bypassing the ears) and transmitting faint images to the visual cortex (bypassing the optic nerves and eyes, the images appear as floating 2-D screens in the brain).

Two-Way Electronic Brain Link has become the ultimate communications system for CIA/NSA personnel. Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM, remotely monitoring bioelectric information in the human brain) has become the ultimate surveillance system. It is used by a limited number of agents in the U.S. Intelligence Community.

RNM requires decoding the resonance frequency of each specific brain area. That frequency is then modulated in order to impose information in That specific brain area. The frequency to which the various brain areas respond varies from 3 Hz to 50 Hz. Only NSA Signals Intelligence modulates signals in this frequency band.

An example of EMF Brain Stimulation:

Brain Area


Information Induced
Through Modulation

Motor Control Cortex

10 HZ

Motor Impulse Co-ordination

Auditory Cortex

15 HZ

Sound which bypasses the ears

Visual Cortex

25 HZ

Images in the brain, bypassing the eyes

Somatosensory Cortex

09 HZ

Phantom Touch Sense

Thought Center

20 HZ

Imposed Subconscious Thoughts

This modulated information can be put into the brain at varying intensities from subliminal to perceptible.

Each person’s brain has a unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies. Sending audio information to a person’s brain at the frequency of another person’s auditory cortex would result in that audio information not being perceived.

The Plaintiff learned of RNM by being in two-way RNM contact with the Kinnecome group at the NSA, Ft. Meade. They used RNM 3D sound direct to the brain to harass the Plaintiff from 10/90 to 5/91. As of 5/91 they have had two-way RNM communications with the Plaintiff and have used RNM to attempt to incapacitate the Plaintiff and hinder the Plaintiff from going to authorities about their activities against the Plaintiff in the last twelve years.

The Kinnecome group has about 100 persons working 24-hours-a-day at Ft Meade. They have also brain-tapped persons the Plaintiff is in contact with to keep the Plaintiff isolated. This is the first time ever that a private citizen has been harassed with RNM and has been able to bring a lawsuit against NSA personnel misusing this intelligence operations method.

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 Evil in focus
picture8 Dec 2013 @ 19:27
The *worldwide network of friends of the accused and terrorized who struggle in intellectual and spiritual opposition against the **human monsters of our generation thanks you, each & every one in our company, for your efforts to expose the methods and identities of the torturers and assassins of our culture; surely stopping such evil is the greatest goal or ideal of our time, and our work is therefore among the most noble of human endeavors because we labor and suffer to rid our species of the demonic-like curse and degenerative affliction that punctuate the demise or downfall of our violently corrupted civilization.

The usa is an global, & murderous terrorist/criminal enterprise hell bent on world inhumane domination at any cost; usa is hereby known as 'macabreus', a word that captures the essence of this Godless State at war with humanity.

The fbi operatives who continue for decades to criminally assault me do so with arrogance and devotion as though they have the legal and moral right to do so. Such miscreants include medical and dental doctors, police (on and off duty) mechanics, and any one coopted in the general population. See for example:



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 brain entrainment by beasts of usa's overthrown government
category picture3 Dec 2013 @ 19:37
Overthrown government of usa now controlled by very dangerous and murderous thugs (beasts) of fbi/homeland security.'Veterans Today', Dr. Preston James on usa corruption & fbi murderous evil:


overthrown gov:


high tech torture by low minded thugs of fbi:



 I defended an E V I L nation, the united states of america!
picture7 Nov 2013 @ 22:30
'Ask not what your country can do for you'; ask what your country can do TO you.


See my reports that reveal the underlying corrupt culture which propels the usa's unjust & phony wars.




The fbi/cia Turn Civil Society Into A Cesspool Of Sinister Assassins (alt links):







Veteran's view of choke chain:


Related, Police State, alt links:


War Ethic:


Corrupt ROTC:





fbi uses conditioned response psychological technique against Targets:

From Harlingen, Texas

November 9, 2013

On November 8, 2013, the fbi increases automobile traffic assaults by operatives/thugs on me after my recent posts online; then, as I continue my posts at the public library the fbi enters into my locked car and turns on the lights. These crimes are usually followed by increased sleep deprivation, and true to custom the fbi applies extreme elf assaults on me on the night of November 8, 2013. I view the physical and psychological assaults as threats which are more the terrible because the fbi continues all other COINTEL actions against me that I have documented for twenty years (i.e. 24/7 physical and electronic blanket surveillance, home and car invasions, vandalism in my home and car, phone harassment, slander, etc.). The implied threat is this: stop posting or else. The assaults follow my posts that the fbi finds most disturbing.

Finally, so that the reader may understand the mind games incessantly played on me (the Target) for non compliance, the fbi sends me notices that the extreme assaults will continue: the fbi changes the tv channel at the moment that the Target turns his back or picks up the tv remote control unit. This is the type of psychological dirty work that the fbi/cia plan for anyone in the world who fails to obey.

See also: [link]

Today we have global mind control through torture (physical & psychological),*forced suicide, mass murder, selective assassinations and fear thereof caused by the **overthrown government of the usa and its allies; this 'fear' phenomenon is in a sense equivalent to a virus that affects the majority of the world population, and I dub each perpetrator of such assaults on mankind as representative of the ***living dead.






I defended an evil nation:

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 Ominous developments evince police state
picture5 Nov 2013 @ 18:54
The real terrorists: fbi.

'Veterans Today', Dr. Preston James on usa corruption & fbi murderous evil:


"A community is infinitely more brutalised by the habitual employment of punishment than it is by the occasional occurrence of crime." -Oscar Wilde

After decades of criminal assaults and torture by operatives and agents of the fbi and police(as I have documented extensively online at various sites, including the fbi plants my name at the scene of a crime (see 'fishing expedition' and 'request for disclosure' below) and causes the state and federal police to zero in on me as a person of interest.

Both cops (Knipfing and Rodriguez) ignore evidence of ongoing felonious assaults and attempted murder of my person, even as the two seek to gather evidence against me for some nefarious purpose. They both focus on my online posts and my report against the US Army in apparent efforts to profile me according to their secret and unlawful agenda.

The DPS chief, a former fbi agent and de facto operative of fbi, denies any record of Agent Conrad Rodriguez visit in my home:


Meanwhile the fbi sends an anonymous operative online to frighten the public with cries of "mass murderer". See 'paint me doubtful's comments at


and my report at


Six months after the illegal fbi/postal inspector/Texas DPS intrusion into my home a new development of possible significance arises:

As I return home at 9PM. November 4, 2013, I am greeted in the driveway of the duplex where I reside by a uniformed HARLINGEN, TEXAS POLICE OFFICER (with police squad car) who identified herself as Rebecca Cruz (phonetic spelling). I am advised that shortly after the other tenant to my duplex abruptly and secretly vacated the premises, Cruz rents the unit adjoining mine, even though no rental sign was on the premises and the only people who ostensibly knew of the vacancy were the police, the owner, etc.

Now, while I am grateful to have someone other than a *terrorist living on the premises, I also hope that any apparently secret and cowardly agenda by Rodriguez and Knipfing is not furthered by the Cruz appearance in my face.

* Note that during the year that I have resided at my present unit, I have been harassed continually by criminal mischief episodes including tarantulas crawing around my front and back doors, by a dead animal with bashed in head thrown into my patio and by another neighbor displaying his firearm to me in my front yard.

Thus, the failure of the fbi to silence me from reporting their crimes is a victory for free speech, but as I have learned certain risks always follow. The exploitation of legitimate police in our society is evidence of an encroaching police state in the USA, where the whistleblower or dissident faces a guantlet of assaults by the very individuals sworn to protect and to defend.

From Harlingen, Texas

November16, 2013

This date I discovered that vandalism continues in my back patio as follows: An unidentified chemical is thrown into my patio and plants so as to destroy some of the plants and cause a little mess in the patio. The liquid seems to be in the area close to the adjoining fence of the duplex and close to my patio door. I notified the owner. This is the type of assault that I experienced previously and I have suspects. Possibly the intel community has an operative in place here and who with camera in place would like to record my reaction to the event. This update is my reaction. As of November 20, 2013, second hand cigarette smoke continues to enter my residence causing respiratory symptoms.
As a result of cigarette smoke entering my unit, I give notice of intent to vacate premises due to respiratory issues. The owner advises me that the tenant signed the contract indicating that the tenant would not smoke in the unit.See my report on medical reaction to second hand cigarette smoke at:


Telephone harassment continues everyday, as do assaults by street thugs (male and female) especially in public libraries.

See three links:

Americans embrace dangerous police:

prosecute law enforcement:


fishing expedition:


request for disclosure:



postal inspector:

[link]  More >

 The fbi/cia Turn Civil Society Into A Cesspool Of Sinister Assassins
picture3 Nov 2013 @ 23:05
See my reports that show how the fbi,police and their operatives seek to stir up trouble against our people:

Throughout my websites I identify by name in some instances (or by general description or photo in other cases) the individual doctors, dentists, lawyers, laymen and others who assist the fbi and the cia in the calumny, torture and attempted murder of Geral Sosbee. In all scenarios which I chronicle, the police, courts and legislators in all jurisdictions also unlawfully turn their backs on reports of crimes committed against my person. Many of the individual citizens who assist the fbi thugs in their heinous criminal offenses against me pretend to live otherwise respectable lives in their communities; their patients and fellow church and synagogue members are almost certainly not aware of the criminal (and nazi type) minds lurking beneath the phony smiles and false façades of the perpetrators whom I describe because many of them are doctors of medicine and dentistry who are greedy and self centered misanthropes lacking any true sense of human decency (or respect for the rights of others) and seeking fbi /cia approval. Thus these dangerous and evil individuals assist the fbi/cia on queue in the criminal assaults on the unsuspecting victim (in this report, moi).
The government's use of members of the general population (sometimes referred to as gang stalking) to attack the target of the fbi/cia neutralization campaign is now a crime wave of epic proportions and no end to the madness is in sight.
“Never co-operate with secret services.
The first thing they do is turn you
into a murderer
(by making you accessory to their crimes).”

See also powerful report by Terry Allen Jones: [link]

"The ongoing saga of how NY State and others engaged in a campaign of character
assassination, medical fraud and quackery, attempted murder, mayhem,
brainwashing, chemical lobotomizing, State sponsored prostitution, theft, libel,
slander, and more to conceal a 1981 knife attack that left me crippled for life."

Many vigilante groups are sponsored or supported by fbi/cia; and the media profits from the shows that portray vigilantes helping to capture 'the hunted.' My response to such lunacy:

Never assist the fbi/police because they will turn you into criminal stalkers against innocent persons. The fbi uses any method to discredit Targets and whistleblowers. One method is to leak false or prejudicial information about the Target to vigilante groups or gang stalkers. One such group has many members; some are active against this Target (& others) and even have their vigilante faces posted on facebook and other sites because they are proud of their gang stalking activities:
Background data:

All criminal stalkers must be held accountable for their actions:

Gang Stalking:

"Help the FBI find this guy"

Member of 'cause':

Eric Paulsen • City College of San Diego
"Got my posse n a rope, where do we start?"
Reply • Like
Follow Post • April 23 at 3:12pm

Sosbee's present task is to respond to the thugs in blue, their vigilante terrorists and their fbi mentors who say, "We Intend To..."

fbi operative:

Further, the convolution of sentiment of the general population from civility to barbarity now spreads across the earth (like an artificially synthesized disease) under the authority of and in concert with USA sponsored wars which are vehemently pursued by the fbi/cia, et al. The result of the program to turn ordinary individuals into occasional government assassins and torturers is a world in chaos because the individual’s will power is often undermined by corrupt and murderous government agents and provocateurs. The world is become in a sense a battlefield for all inhabitants, not just those wearing military uniforms; the inimical animosity spreading across our global village portends ill for the future of mankind due to the willingness of the citizens to join in the fbi/cia's ever growing cesspool of assassins.


Thank you.

“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.”
- John Lennon

They speak of a republican form of government, they speak of democracy; but the despotic spirit of slavery and mastership combined pervades their whole political life like a liquid poison. They do not dare to be free lest the spirit of liberty become contagious. The system of slavery has enslaved them all, master as well as slave. What is the cause of all this? It is that you cannot deny one class of society the full measure of their natural rights without imposing restraints upon your own liberty. If you want to be free, there is but one way--it is to guarantee an equally full measure of liberty to all your neighbors. There is no other...."

--Carl Schurz (l829-1906)

Sosbee notes:

As the United States has proven to be the world's leader in waging unjust wars (both on foreign & domestic soils) we now may see a pattern of genetic origin that shows the 'killer' or 'angry' gene in living colors as the police, fbi, cia, prison guards, judges, social workers, probation authorities, arms manufacturers, and private industry, etc., all become affected by societal forces associatesd with brutality, imprisonment and murder. The homicidal genetic *switches are activated perhaps by the daily lifestyles of the people who live their lives hurting others; these goons survive and pass their genes on to the next generation to insure an ever expanding source of sociopaths and serial killers in government and in the private sector; at the same time, the pacifists & critics are killed off systematically. Wake up to the real world of the living dead . [link]

All persons (including doctors, police, university officials, and individuals in the general population) who assisted the fbi in their efforts to kill Sosbee are accomplices to attempted murder and numerous other felonies. Further, in the event of Sosbee's premature death by causes associated with such assaults, all individuals who assisted the fbi assassins are liable for murder charges. In any event Sosbee's reports are representative of the kind of torture, violent assaults, and attempts at murder that are ongoing in the USA by the covert killers of the fbi/cia.See the following links for more information:
must prosecute fbi/police criminals:


Americans embrace the corrupt:


* chemical switches human genome

"These switches have previously been shown to be affected by a person's lifestyle and environment, with some changes being passed on to subsequent generations."



Bullies in our society create a cesspool:



The relenless pursuit of barbarity wherein kindness is seen as a weakness and murderous violence a strength. The world ( you & I )duly note the assassins' credo as implied above in USA global public policy. Also noted: At a mass rally in Pyongyang , NK, Army Gen. Kang Pyo Yong said "Washington... is the stronghold of evils."


mind control

During the past year I have documented assaults on me by police, Fbi operatives and street thugs nearly everywhere I go, nearly every day; additionally, the fbi comes into my neighborhood and turns an otherwise law abiding citizen into a little provocateur. The neighbor plants tarantulas at my from and back door, throws a dead animal with a bashed in head in my pation and engages in a prolonged effort to harass or intimidate me. The same neighbor has friends in the police department and further seeks to provoke an unacceptable response to the terror games played on my in my home.  More >

 USA's fbi/cia/nsa as homicidal & sadistic psychopaths
picture31 Oct 2013 @ 17:42
For several years I attempted to understand the rationale for the fbi' s *torture & attempted murder games against me. I postulated, for example, as follows:




Then, after I posted the data at the *** link shown below, I noticed that once again the metaphorical choke chain on my neck ( in the form of remote electronic human behavior manipulation technology) was tightened; the tightening came in the form of increased sleep deprivation via brain entrainment assaults by directed energy weaponry and ELF, incapacitating me for 12-15 hours.

Thus after years of enduring such painful experiences, I must now conclude that the United States government ( **now overthrown) is ruled by insane and sadistic psychopaths who are free to torture anyone on earth at will.

So, let the world know that the surveillance and phone monitoring operations by NSA globally, is a prolepsis to total control of all mankind by demonic methods that I have delineated for almost two decades. See [link]





Anyone who labels as 'delusional' a victim of such assaults should have his head examined:

[link]  More >

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 ... 17   Older entries >>

Our efforts (mine & my associates)reveal the macabre destiny of mankind, unless we prevail in the pursuit of a general enlightenment of the populace. In any event we are the unacknowledged legislators of the world by awakening in others a fundamental respect for humankind and by indicting the torturers and assassins of our era. The United States of America, by virtue of our work here, is now forever known as a BEAST (Brain EntrAinment State) , a country w/o conscience, a people w/o heart who are cursed with a national character predominantly w/o soul :



For Compelling Reports, See The One And Only
Official Site Of

Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA


This is the real fbi which uses the methods and incorporates the values of the notorious Mafia:


Sosbee reports from the field:
get your own fbi/cia terrorist badge at:
See cia data:

...and see my documentations of fbi/cia crimes at:

The greatest threat to mankind are the murderers and torturers of the fbi/cia. Sosbee comments:

Invade my country (or alienate me in it) I will invade yours;invade my *brain, all bets are off.
A slogan to be remembered:

The Few, the Proud, the Brain Entraining Fiends of the US Marines.

*Regarding Brain Entrainment,
[Note: The perennial search for peaceful solutions to the fbi/cia torture & killing spree globally is the paradox of my life under attack.]


"I suspect that all the crimes committed by all the jailed criminals do not equal in total social damage that of the crimes committed against them."
Karl Menninger, M.D.
The Crime Of Punishment
The Viking Press, NY, 1969

"The laws are like cobwebs: where the small flies are caught, and the great break through."
"...the individual cannot delegate the task of defending his basic human rights-to dignity,liberty, and responsibility-to any group of protectors,..." be they clergy, doctors, legislators, fbi, mafia, police, judges. "For if the protectors are successful, they inevitably become
O P P R E S S O R S..." who should be publicly categorized as


NOTE: The inmates, prisoners, and accused in custody around the world have redeeming qualities that should allow them their freedom in most cases; the fbi, police, all cops at every level, have no such redeeming characteristics; for they kill, stalk, lie, steal, falsify records and calumniate for a living (a profession) 24/7, for 20 to 30 years..


-------------------Caution: Adult Content:


See Robin Head's data:
Note that Robin refused to join in the illegal fbi sting against innocent persons:

Sosbee's Tribute To Our Brothers And Sisters Jailed Anywhere On Earth:

We all owe a debt to the millions of persons imprisoned by the corrupt criminal & civil justice systems worldwide, for THE IMPRISONED have surrendered their lives so that we may pompously pursue our demented imaginings on the progress of a failed civilization. See:
and see:
["You must contrive for your future Rulers another and a better life than that of a Ruler, and then you may have a well ordered State; for only in the State which offers this, will they rule who are truly rich, not in silver and gold, but in virtue and wisdom, which are the true blessings of life." Plato, The Republic.]

The united states of america is a government of torturers & traitors supported by cowards and fools who often can be heard echoing the sentiments of the torturers and assassins of the fbi/cia/pentagon against their victims as follows:"We have Little tolerance for losers and those constantly whining or needing attention."b>

June 6, 1944: The D ay that Enslaved the world.

This is my News Log.
All statements in this site are the opinion of Geral W. Sosbee, except where otherwise indicated.

All work authored by Geral Sosbee in this website and at is registered with United States Copyright Office, For a Work of the Performing Arts, # PAu 2-587-209, effective 10-10-2000, entitled "Intelligence", in accordance with title 17, United States Code. All Rights Reserved.

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The entire content of this site is subject to international copyright. Unauthorized reproduction will be vigourously pursued to the full extent of the law.
I believe that the **war mongers and cutthroats must not be allowed to rule the world any longer; their methods fail.
"And so long as they were at war, their power was preserved, but when they had attained empire they fell, for of the arts of peace they knew nothing, and had never engaged in any employment higher than war." Aristotle, Politics
Rick Stanley
Constitutional Activist:
RE: psychotronic torture being used on sosbee and others NOW (2008):

Read: Inner Voice, Target Tracking,And Behavioral Influence Technologies
See Project Zombie :
[link] sosbee&rnum=2&hl=en&safe=active

[Consistent with the COPPA laws anyone under the age of 13 (thirteen ) in the United States is required to have their parent's permission before sending any information about oneself using this site. Also, anyone who sends an e-mail or other personal data to Geral W. Sosbee is affirming that he/she is 13 (thirteen ) years of age, or older, or has parental consent, and accepts responsibility for all representations made.]

*Also See Report This Site Dated and Entitled:
'Every child belongs to us': today's unsung fbi slogan
25 Jul 2007
_________Spread the word. Get your own FBI/CIA TERRORISTS badge

Regarding ELF assaults see:

[link] -----------------------------

___ As President Theodore Roosevelt said in his 1906 State of the Union address, "No man can take part in the torture of a human being without having his own moral nature permanently lowered." ______________________________________
ATHOUSANDWORDS-for students of physiognomy:
**The cowards of the United States government who engage in (or who permit or fail to stop) the mind control, psychoelectronic harassment/torture, and other so-called cover research human experimentation programs are the same individuals who share the responsibility for the fall of this country; I intend to share with all of the world, until my death, the tremendous fraud that the U.S. has become in its efforts to colonize the world by murderous and inhumane methodologies; in my work, my primary goal is to expose these low life perpetrators and misanthropes for what they are : assassins and torturers who should face an international war tribunal for their crimes against Humanity. Equally important in my life are the efforts to help others through education and friendship. I extend to my associates everywhere my sincere gratitude for your courage in striking the evil ones with your hearts and souls.
Compelling history is in the making by you & me.
Finally, the general lack of interest by the public at large regarding the ongoing torturing and killing of Targets by the fbi/cia (and their operatives) at home and abroad provides fertile ground for expanded inhumane assaults on mankind by these and other agencies ( as well as the lunatics in the private sector who also engage in the torture of selected Targets).
Finally, we must all begin to take the hoodlums of the fbi, cia, and other police agencies ( and their supporters in the general civilian population) MOST SERIOUSLY (if individual liberties are to be regained).

See 'murder in progress' , Brussell Sprout :

and See:

"Presbyterian Book Of Order
Challenge to Presbyterians of Conscience"

...and consider


"You must contrive for your future Rulers another and a better life than that of a Ruler, and then you may have a well ordered State; for only in the State which offers this, will they rule who are truly rich, not in silver and gold, but in virtue and wisdom, which are the true blessings of life." Plato, The Republic.

How To Stop The uSA Global Killing And Torture Spree:
The Formation Of The
(This means that the people must throw out the merchants of death in every government on earth):

SOSBEE's message to punks and cowards: U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms (little mr. Gainer),Senators Grassley, Leahy, Cornyn and their criminal associates in Congress:
This soldier is moved by your sickness, but you are all in the rear and not on the front lines; so, you are viewed as cowards and traitors to those of us fighting the battles. Thus, I will not be able to help you when the people arrive on the scene.
To Congressional Traitors/Cowards From Einstein regarding the corrupt and fraudulent MDs in the decadent and homicidal practice of Psychiatry:
For more on the corrupt fbi see:



The fbi falsifies records and spreads fraudulent reports in both civil & criminal matters. See my medical clearances at


and an update in the documents below.

Note please that my former employer (fbi) has for two decades falsely reported my medical records in their smear campaign; I wanted the PUBLIC to have the correct info on me. Appropriate medical records, including *recent blood tests and medical exam are documented by letter dated December 14, 2012, and are available at:


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