Geral W. Sosbee    
 Fbi plants illegal SEX material on site for fraudulent sting purposes
category picture23 Jul 2014 @ 22:53
This report is long in the making. For several years the fbi has conducted illegal and failed attempted stings in efforts to arrest me , or in their continuing attempts to prevent me from access to a computer. For evidence see parts 19, a, b, c, of My Story In Detail; also see the antics of UT library officials at Brownsville, Texas, San Antonio & Harlingen, Texas , UTHSC, where I was repeatedly insulted, assaulted and attacked by many employees of the UT including police.

On or about July 20, 2014, I opened my smart phone to a website where Clemson University was studying the synthetic kidney stone en vivo as I have tried to document in part 16 of My Story. When I clicked on the reference, a page of nude figures appeared. I then tried to exit, but all of a sudden I saw on my screen a reference to “little girls’ private parts”. I closed the site and turned off my phone. Then, a few minutes later, I came back to my phone to see the history segment where I noticed 6-8 references to the same topic. I deleted the history and reported the incident the next day to two police agencies as follows:

1) The Cameron County Sheriff’s Office ( Officer Darlene Palacios), case number 07141195. In the same report I also documented numerous assaults by an fbi operative who for ten years has harassed and stalked me.

2) On July 22, 2014, I filed a police report online (report # 14077078) on the subject of the fbi operative mentioned in item number one above. I also spoke with Detective Garcia, Employee # 4000, regarding the continuing harassment in the public library by the same fbi operative. I explained the two decades history of the fbi trying to prevent me from using any computer. Also note that the US PI and the Texas DPS police are also in receipt of my reports as per my affidavits dated 2007 and 2014 on line. Detective Garcia agreed that it appears that someone wanted to plant the unlawful material on my phone in apparent efforts to ‘set me up’.

I am grateful to both officers (Palacio and Garcia for recording my complaints as summarized above; and I am particularly appreciative that Detective Garcia studied my website and relevant evidence therein sufficiently for him to come to his initial impression regarding the attempts to ‘set up’ this ex fbi agent. Detective Garcia also inquired at the public library to see why the library officials allow harassment of Sosbee in the computer room of the facility.

Finally, all men who are targeted for destruction by the criminals inside the fbi have a distinct and serious disadvantage in trying to prove their innocence; the fbi has the motive, means, and opportunity to set up for arrest many innocent men who are targeted for imprisonment, forced suicide or selective assassination by the fbi’s own agents and operatives. As shown in many pages of my website the fbi simply obtains an abusive and patently fraudulent court order (issued by a judge in their pocket) and then proceeds to slander and assault the Target everywhere he may go. All citizens cooperate with the fbi’s court order and begin to believe that the accused must be a criminal because, after all he is under ‘investigation’.

Finally, the fbi are guilty of multiple felonies, some ongoing as I write this report, as per my affidavits 2007 and 2014 mentioned above; the civil court judge who issued the orders against me facilitates and authorizes the crimes against my person and is therefore guilty as an accomplice to the many crimes that I have outlined over the past twenty five (25) years. That judge (or judges) should be jailed. The USPI and Texas DPS police are also guilty of cover ups of the crimes that I have reported directly to them in person, as per the affidavits referenced above.

2007 AFFIDAVIT: [link]
2014 AFFIDAVIT: [link]

 fbi ignores crimes by officials who cooperate in efforts to silence geral sosbee
picture18 Jul 2014 @ 20:55
For over two decades the fbi has aggressively sought to silence me by violent provocations,DEW assaults 24/7, illegal stings, and abuse of civil process. Police, city officials (including legal counsel and chancellors/presidents/deans of universities) have assisted the fbi thugs in their fraudulent efforts against me as I have extensively shown in many of my first hand reports.

Now, the fbi meets with a high ranking city official who joins in by encouraging more assaults on me in a particular public facility by an fbi operative. I met with the official about the dirty campaign which then intensified with the same official actually engaging in the assaults fully aware of the crimes I have documented by the fbi against my person.

I also realized that human nature seems programmed to assist in the destruction, imprisonment, and killing of human beings when prompted to do so by the all powerful fbi (see my reports on violence as a virus and the killing gene activated). I have also learned from city employees that the city officials here are corrupt, incompetent, and criminal in many operations. The fbi is aware of the local corruption of government and does nothing to stop it. The fbi has ignored many complaints from citizens regarding embezzlement of funds, kick backs, blackmail, nepotism, political favoritism in hiring and outright theft in many city business dealings.

Therefore, I submit that the evil fbi has the full cooperation (in its unlawful campaign against me) of some very equally evil people in local government who cooperate with the fbi thugs in order to avoid the fbi’s investigation of the shady dealings of city officials mentioned above.

What a state of the nation, that criminals in the government at all levels seek and receive help from the felonious criminals in the fbi who fanatically seek to arrest, imprison, or kill this whistleblower.  More >

 fbi's Insider Fraudulent Trades In Financial Markets
picture16 Jul 2014 @ 16:28
fbi engages in insider & fraudulent trading in the world financial markets, especially in untraceable derivatives & futures contracts.

[link]  More >

 Clarion Call To Save Humanity
picture15 Jul 2014 @ 15:47
The world's population faces the ultimate epic dilemma which must be acknowledged, defined and resolved by each and every intelligent human being globally.


my understanding:




friends of the accused & terrorized


continued assaults, fraudulent BOLO, covereup by Texas AG:


criminal assault by police operative:


military intelligence and UT police commit crimes in efforts to try to fraudulently arrest me:




similarly, fraudulent investigation of me by US PI and Texas DPS:




outlaws are better men:

[link]  More >

 USA- The World's Trojan Horse
picture14 Jul 2014 @ 15:52
USA presence in other countries, in real & cyber spaces:

fbi/cia are always deadly *Trojan Horses in other countries.

Modern Eugenics, A Secret Global Holocaust Enterprise:


*Time line of cia atrocities:


See my 10 point summary of my efforts to survive fbi clandestine assaults and at the same time my victory over the world's most heinous assassins in fbi/cia.


This is not the time for beautiful platitudes or political mouthing off. The main issue facing civilization is the murderous barbarism of USA and its allies.
The assault on mankind is spearheaded by fbi,cia, dod and their homicidal and evil associates globally such as GB, France, Germany, Australia, "?Isreal", etc. So, get it straight: continue to live in fear and to hide from the ugly reality of this government's bestial conduct and you (the reader of this message) thereby contribute both to the inhumanity that envelopes us as a species and to the Nazi type Gestapo regime, now super charged, that is the United States Of America today. All sidebar issues are of little consequence when humans are reduced in perpetuity to chattels & slaves of the ruling class.  More >

 Modern Eugenics
picture9 Jul 2014 @ 15:59
From about 1988 to the present I have documented the tactics used by the fbi and the cia in their vendetta against me (for reporting their crimes) as documented in the law books and on various websites (1). For the first decade of the fbi’s hijacking of my life I had no idea as to why, wherefore, or what I could do about it because the program directed at me was and is secret. Indeed, the extensive and painful assaults on my person, my professional standing and my very life were a part of an invisible program which is as twisted and demented in its conception as it is inhumane and macabre in its execution (2).

In the year 2000 I began to fight back by launching my website and by filing a law suit in efforts to ‘get my life back’. The details of the continuing efforts by the fbi to silence me are contained in my website and other postings online (3).
Recently I have come to realize that no remedy is possible to stop the assassins of the fbi/cia from their potentially deadly campaign because the program that ensnares me is government wide and involves the programming of the public who in many instances unknowingly support the dirty project against selected Targets.
Alas, I now have a better understanding of the bases and objectives of the secret agenda which as I now see encompasses many thousands of persons as Targets.

This report represents a summary of my findings (4) wherein I conclude that the program now used against me is also being directed against others worldwide. I refer to such systemic,massive and horrendous program as Modern Eugenics.

Modern *Eugenics is a war on the disenfranchised, weak, poor, disabled, activists, accused or convicted criminals, terrorists, et al, and is waged in open society (but covert in its goals and methods) by the government at all levels. All departments of government (and the general population) comply with the secret agenda of unspoken eugenic directives. Leading the assault on targeted human beings are fbi,cia, nsa, police, hhs, congress, dod, selected doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, judges, etc. *See:


After 25 years of torture, isolation, alienation and attempts on my life, and after my extensive review of the reports of other activists or dissidents, I must conclude that I am living evidence of the practice of eugenics by this evil government and the decadent culture that feeds it. See for example, see


For my carefully recorded details of methods used in attempts at extermination, including macabre medical & chemical experiments on me, assaults by police/fbi and their thugs and operatives, see


I hope that my reports and similar documentations by others may cause a general awakening to the horrors that the United States government now forces on people globally. This post is meant only for consideration as a viable theory (and a framework for further analysis, not unlike in tone and style my previous articles on The Age of Madness,year 2011, and my article on "Committed To Healing",year 2008), and I do not seek any type of revenge against the apparent insanity of the perpetrators of the mini holocaust evinced in my articles which I believe uncover the secrets of Modern Eugenics. Thank you. Geral Sosbee

(1)Details: [link]

(2)Targeted For Terror (2004): [link]

(3) Affidavits 2007, 2014:




(4) Summary: [link]

See Also:
[link]  More >

 Highlights of my recent work (in ten points)
picture6 Jul 2014 @ 23:18

See my 10 point summary of my efforts to survive fbi clandestine assaults and at the same time my victory over the world's most heinous assassins in fbi/cia.


1) Government thugs create fictional criminals for profit & personal enrichment of CJS members:


All the crimes committed by all the jailed inmates do not equal in total social damage the crimes... committed against them and others by their tormentors. MENNINGER
Government thugs, their murderous operatives and other dirty assets routinely engage in crimes against their targets 24/7 for a lifetime. [link]

Affidavit on the total corruption and criminal minds of all government cops at every level:

2) All that was won by all the wars from civil war, ww1, ww2, kor, vn, middle east to current fbi/cia/dod covert war is lost, diminished, corrupted, and nullified by the traitorous murderers of today's fbi, cia, dod who torture, imprison, for...ce suicide , assassinate (including via mass murders) and otherwise engage in crimes against humanity in pursuit of world inhumane domination. The human monsters whom this nation claimed to fight against are duplicated in today's fbi/cia/dod/nsa/police/operatives and their supporters/apologists.


3) The low nature and hideous character of torturers: [link]

4) Listen up United States Army because your dirty secrets in treasonous support of this overthrown government are now open for public review.


West Point Fools:


5) 'My review' of the fbi history book which challenges the underlying premise of the records delivered by the fbi assassins for publication.


6) No more heinous cowards are hatched & nourished in usa than the clandestine assassins of fbi / cia.


7) Geral Sosbee, held POW by fbi assassins/traitors:and by the *United States Army.


8) I extend my best wishes to the people of Viet Nam.


9) Regarding the United States Postal Inspector and their crime spree with fbi:


Introducing the federal burro of investigation ( fbi) : I discovered from inside the beast (and after my exit) that the fbi is this nation's most murderous & evil group of thugs.

Today my life is dedicated to peaceful and passionate verbal assaults on the corrupt regime that has overthrown the legitimate government of USA by force, torture, murder, threat of violence, blackmail and other atrocities which I chronicle throughout my site at


Conclusion: United States of America's decades long and extreme prejudice against combat veteran Geral Sosbee for his dissemination of atrocities by fbi/cia/nsa:


Also published at:

[link]  More >

 Barbara Hartwell/Geral Sosbee Report, Part 2
category picture13 Jun 2014 @ 02:14

 fbi corrupts the USPI
picture12 Jun 2014 @ 17:37
The United States Postal Service is a criminal enterprise when directed to be such by the fbi assassins.

Summary of USPI incompetence and coverups:



See the evidence that the United States Postal Inspector (and the thugs of Texas DPS) fraudulently opened a case against me for harassment purposes at the direction of the fbi and at the same time covered up crimes committed against me by the fbi and their operatives.


More Evidence on the corruption of the USPI:

In August and September, 2002, I notified the United States Postal Inspector (USPI) of theft of my mail and tampering with same committed by the fbi. I provided the names of witnesses and physical evidencve of the crimes in the form of falsified records (false forwarding address) as shown on the envelopes. On this page see the envelopes and the false notes on same:


In September, 2002, Kathleen Roberts sent her false denials and insults in order to prevent a legitimate investigation of the crimes. Thus, the US Postal Inspector serves the interests not of the people, but of the fbi thugs and assassins at their will.


Note that in 1998, I also documented fbi's theft of my mail, but again the USPI pretended that no theft occurred.

Fin: The fbi assassins intimidate all agencies of government at will.


The US Dept of State spearheads the murderous assault on the world and is keenly aware of the fbi's corruption of the Postal Inspector's office:

By Location > Visit Detail
Visit 160,722
Domain Name ? (U.S. Government)
IP Address 169.253.194.# (U.S. Department of State)
ISP U.S. Department of State
Country : United States (Facts)
State : District of Columbia
City : Washington
Time of Visit Jun 23 2014 5:39:12 am
Last Page View Jun 23 2014 5:39:12 am
Referring URL [link]
Visit Entry Page [link]
Visit Exit Page [link]  More >

 The Killing Gene Activated In USA
picture8 Jun 2014 @ 19:06
The killing gene activated by one's conduct. Viz: police,fbi,cia,dod,nsa.


Human beings have no trouble exterminating one another to the last man. Sigmund Freud.
"Civilization And Its Discontents", 1930.

They never engaged in any employment higher than war. Aristotle. [link]  More >

 US Government's War On American Whistleblowers
picture7 Jun 2014 @ 15:25
Friday, June 6, 2014

EXTREME PREJUDICE: The Government's War on American Whistleblowers

by Barbara Hartwell & Geral Sosbee



Human suffering from USA torture, testimonials:¬if_t=like&actorid=100003023478656  More >

 The fbi's murder of Jane Hatley by transferred intent
picture6 Jun 2014 @ 20:30
Geral Sosbee

In about 1988-1990 while the fbi was busy terrorizing me in my home in El Paso, Texas, I needed to find another place to live ; I was also trying to sell the house on Sunset Drive. Many psychological operations were being run against me 24/7 including poisoning my dog, rearranging my furniture, destruction of my new riding lawn mower, nails in my cars tires frequently, destruction of my car by repeatedly vandalism, interference with my teaching classes at Ft. Bliss Army base, stalking incidents by thugs, etc. [I recently reported these and other crimes to federal and state cops who scoffed at my report] :


When I reported the crimes to the El Paso Police, they ignored my reports. Later I discovered that the police falsely recorded my address on 'Somerset Drive' and the police also recorded that I never followed up on my complaint even after alleged police notices were sent to me. The El Paso police knew me well (and knew where I lived) because I was a State Magistrate, attorney and for a short time the Police Legal Advisor. So, for the police to pretend that my address was on 'Somerset Drive' was a complete and transparent fraud designed to allow the police to close the case that I filed. This is the first time I learned that the police are under the controll of fbi and that the local police are complicit in crimes against me, including the murder of *Jane Hatley (by transferred intent, wherein I was the intended victim and Jane Hatley was the actual victim by error) as shown below.

While I was trying to rent out or sell my house, several people pretended to be interested, but simply entered the house under a realtor's entry 'key box' system and vandalized my property. On one occasion I received an offer far below the value of the property from persons who knew that I was desperate to get out.

The most troubling assault is this one: I found a tenant who expressed an interest in renting and buying my home. After my last visit to my residence (after I had removed my furniture and cleaned the house) I had a sudden, unfamiliar episode of dizziness inside the house. I thought that I was suffering from emotional trauma from the ongoing assaults that caused the dizziness. I stepped outside the house for fresh air and to rest on my front porch; the dizziness subsided about twenty minutes later.
The next day the new tenant, prospective buyer, *Jane Hatley, moved in. After a month or two I read that Jane Hatley had died under mysterious circumstances, after being ill for several weeks.

I reported my suspicions of toxic gas to the Gas Company in El Paso, but they indicated that I was imagining the problem. I believe that Jane Hatley was the unintended victim of an attempt on my life via toxic, odorless gas.

The extreme pressure on me in El Paso was well known by a group of citizens who apparently joined in the 'fun and games' to encourage me to get out of town.

In fact, my former associate, fbi agent Gary Webb of the El Paso fbi office, told me that someone was trying to drive me out of town. He also ordered me to report to him the day that I exit El Paso, Texas .So, Gary Webb , ex fbi agent, is a key witness to the terror assaults on me in El Paso, Texas, in 1988-1990. Gary Webb is mentioned on page two of my letter to a Senator at:

[link]  More >

 See recent crimes by fbi against US vet/whistleblower
picture3 Jun 2014 @ 19:21
Summary: DEW assaults, etc., are increased BY FBI against fbi whistleblower

For background data on this report see the following site:



As of June 3, 2014, the fbi's assaults on me with DEW (directed energy weaponry) are the most extreme ever at a level of about 9 on a scale of 1- 10 ( ten being the most painful and symptomatic);


The DEW attacks are 24/7 and continue for the past 14 years. Currently, the net effects of the attacks render me a prisoner to my own residence and bed for about 15-20 hours per day on average. Other symptoms are also disturbing, but I dare not list them here.

The DEW assaults follow 1) assaults and battery on my person (and destruction of my car) by fbi street thugs, police, and operatives, as I have documented on many pages of my websites; and 2) harassment by federal, state and local cops pretending to investigate crimes manufactured by the fbi wherein my name was planted at the scene of the crime. Also, neighbors often join in the crimes against me as directed by fbi hoodlums and assassins.


[link]  More >

 Disintegration of USA
picture18 May 2014 @ 19:19


How or wherefrom evolves such bold and violent arrogance of authority that move and embolden the thugs and assassins of fbi/cia/police to torture, imprison, force suicide and kill our people at will, by secret, unbridled fiat (or by unquestioned policy ) while all the while such public servants pretend to honor, protect and preserve the fundamental human, civil and constitutional rights of each and every individual in our society!


The absolute and corruptly applied power of this government over the general population frightens into submission many among us who might otherwise raise a fist in defiance of the murderous sociopaths who presently rule. I cannot submit to such inhumane force, and under current circumstances I would urge others to share my stance in support of liberty from the evil oppression of our time.

[link]  More >

 Fbi thugs temporarily succeed in limiting my ability to report
picture13 May 2014 @ 00:29
Fbi's extensive & costly vandalism of my car and other intense assaults (by DEW) each time I post succeeds in limiting my ability to report for now. [link]

fbi resumes vandalism on my car, causing thousands of dollars in damages
Posted by geral sosbee on May 9, 2014 at 7:00pm
View Blog
.As a result of my *reports online showing evidence of UT and Texas AG corruption (in assisting the fbi/UT police in their criminal assaults on my person) the fbiMAFIA renew vandalism on my vehicle which is no longer under warranty. In April, 2014, the fbi thugs damage the rack and pinion mechanism causing $1500 in damage; then, two weeks later (today) the fbiMAFIA discreetly puncture the radiator(see comments below) causing a water leak which requires $300- $800 for repairs. This same type of vandalism was performed against me in Los Angeles fourteen (14) years ago, resulting in over $10,000 in damages to my car in one year. See "My Story In Detail" online.


The apparent purpose of the increase in crimes against me and my property is to discourage me from posting online. Such low action by the fbi repeatedly over the past two decades is combined with other assaults and torture techniques against me which I have documented and continue to be employed against me today.

This report should be viewed as evidence of Police State in the USA by the fbi which relies on criminal assaults and wholesale violations of criminal laws in efforts to intimidate the Target, to discourage disclosure of fbi's crimes and to stop free speech.


The modern phenomenon of mass witnessing of crimes committed by fbi, police, etc., where the public stands by and does nothing (considering the victim as less than human) portends the ebbing of morality in our *time on a mass scale. The torture, forced suicide and murder of such victims by government thugs in full view (online via cyber space documentation such as I have presented, or on popular media) means that the general population has become insensitive and perhaps sociopathic with regard to its role in permitting and encouraging human suffering at the hands of fbi/police/vigilante torturers and their cold blooded killers.


* [link] Views: 76

Comment by geral sosbee on Tuesday :

Increased DEW assaults and extensive and costly vandalism of my car together with mind control/manipulation presently limits my ability to report especially as I must try to protect persons dear to me.

Regarding the vandalism of my radiator: On or about 5/9/2014, the following described person followed me into the public library, (central location, Brownsville, Texas) with a five minute delay; he confirmed that I was working on a report at a computer station, and he exited a half minute later in order to destroy my radiator by slicing with razor blade along the seal at top of radiator causing leakage:
W/M 35-40 years, 5'9", 180 pounds,brown hair, casually dressed, clean appearance, but with the air of a slouch. The fbi thug is typical of other criminals whom I have encountered over the past 25 years.  More >

 Sign petition to investigate police/fbi training protocol
category picture6 May 2014 @ 20:58
Sign petition to investigate police/fbi training protocol in an effort to end their murderous abuses nationwide.


More Info:


 Evidence of Police State USA
category picture4 May 2014 @ 19:42
Texas Attorney General and UT officials Cover-up Crimes By UT Police, fbi, and Operatives

The following report presents evidence suggesting that the Texas Attorney General (AG) and high ranking officials at the University of Texas, Health Science Center (San Antonio, Texas ), hereinafter referred to as UT, engage in a criminal conspiracy to cover-up well documented crimes committed against me by UT police at Harlingen and San Antonio, Texas.

For a complete background on the elements of this report see parts 19 (a,b,c) of My Story beginning at:

This page has many of the communications referenced in this report:


On or about January 9, 2014 I made another Open Records request of UT and on January 27, 2014, the UT claimed no record exists. My Open records request was directed to UT to release information concerning the Internal Affairs (IA) investigation that was promised me by the Chief of Police Michael Parks (hereinafter ,Parks)at UT. The OAG ID # is 518589.

I subsequently submitted to the AG evidence (in the form of an email from Parks to me indicating that a IA case is open) and that UT officials lied when they denied existence of any record. On March 17, 2014, an honest official at AG agreed that the evidence that I submitted of Parks admission of an IA investigation was sufficient prima facie proof of a violation of the Texas Open records Act because UT denied any and all such record. Here is the letter from AG to UT indication non compliance with the Act:


Also, see my report in the following link where I sent to AG a letter on this subject; the AG was also in receipt of evidence of multiple felonies committed against me as documented in my sworn statements:


In early April, 2014, I notified AG that UT has made no effort to comply and has not responded to my Open Records request. The AG was in possession of the false denial of a record by UT officials by certificate dated March 20, 2014; the AG withheld that denial from me until I made a request for Open Records from the AG himself. I knew that someone in the AG office was protecting UT from public discovery of their false denials.

The constant false denials of records by UT is well documented on many pages of my sites, but the present denial is patently false and problematic because such denial reflects an effort to prevent an IA investigation of my claims regarding police crimes against my person. The UT police and the UT officials are all in collaboration to hide the many criminal offenses that I document in the above referenced sites against UT police, fbi and their operatives. The AG has the authority to file District Court documents requiring the UT police to come clean about their crimes, but AG prefers to protect the assassins of fbi, et al.
An IA case needs to be opened to protect the public from continuing crimes by the UT police.

On April 29, 2014, the AG finally provides me with the UT false denial dated March 20, 2014, signed by UT official Andrea M. Marks. Only when I made a new request for Open Records from the AG himself did AG provide me with the UT official denial. The AG who provided me with the UT denial was Neal Falgoust, and in his letter to me dated April 29, 2014, he improperly closed the file on this matter in a transparent effort to silence me on the issue of a much needed IA investigation at UT police.

Thus all the evidence that I have collected shows the formation of a police state in the United States which all officials at every level support.

See also:

Summary of fbi crimes against me:

Understanding the sick mindset of cops/fbi:

I wrote the material used by the cops in the following link, but the cops failed to use quotes even as the thugs in blue deleted my name and links. "Cops are guilty of criminal intent" are my words as are those in the opening and subsequent paragraphs. The murderous cops are as illiterate and disrespectful of basic expository forms as they are hateful and slanderous in their repeated verbal assaults. The reader can see for himself how the cops' twisted thinking evinces a certain insanity throughout law enforcement.


 fbi uses a form of classical conditioning against Targets
category picture28 Apr 2014 @ 17:30
See my recent reports that confirm that the fbi uses a form of Pavlov's "classical Conditioning" technique against me in efforts to discourage me from posting.

In early April, 2014, I reported that the fbi regularly uses Pavlov’s Conditioned Response technique on me as follows:

After I post reports the fbi sends at me the same female operative who has previously assaulted me many times at the library and in my home (by pouring toxic fumes into my residence which resulted in a medical condition requiring antibiotics); on this occasion the woman (a large, horrid, ugly and foul looking beast whom I have previously referenced in many of my reports) walks near me in the library, making sure that I see her. She leaves ten minutes later; that evening I am bombarded all night with increased DEW attacks, causing severe sleep deprivation. As Pavlov noted, "his dogs would begin to salivate whenever he entered the room." Each time this animal shows her repulsive face to me, I can reasonably expect a repeat of the same type of torture described above.

This type of Conditioned Response played on a human being is evidence of the way this nation intends to handle any activist or political Target.

Again, on April 27, 2014, as I enter the computer room at the public library, Brownsville, Texas, the same female operative makes sure that I see her when she crosses my path in the facility. That same nite and true to custom I am punished for my computer work by extremely intense DEW assaults causing the sleep deprivation and other symptoms that I have previously documented in part 19 of “My Story” and other sites.
Many assaults by this same woman are documented and witnessed by library officials in both Harlingen and Brownsville, Texas.

For those who hide this report, or who may attempt to discredit same, I add that the world will someday confirm all of my statements (including sworn affidavits at

[link] ).

and the torture, forced suicide and covert murders of Targets globally will be partly on your hands.

Thank you.
PS: The fbi displays nervous twitches over my sworn affidavits, while the cia marvels over the perjurious sworn statements of fbi female agent:


Meanwhile, the fbi continues their unconscionable efforts to discredit this Target of their criminal vendetta: [link]

SEE: [link]

 USA, Rotten From Within
picture27 Apr 2014 @ 19:20
A nation and its people who perpetually engage in the inhumane subjugation, imprisonment, *torture (phy & psy), forced suicide and mass murder/assassinations of others must by the laws of physics and divine nature have the same calamities delivered upon themselves. Secret operatives, stalkers, & criminal perpetrators, including police and fbi & cia agents, in support of such evil government impliedly perform their atrocities on behalf of the general population as a matter of public policy, and the true, underlying and inescapable character of the rotting nation is permanently defined by its crimes against humanity and other high crimes and misdemeanors globally.


* [link]  More >

 American Nazis, etc. , An Overview From My Friend, Barbara Hartwell
category picture25 Apr 2014 @ 02:59

Misguided & Militant Israeli Jews: [link]

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 ... 18   Older entries >>

Our efforts (mine & my associates)reveal the macabre destiny of mankind, unless we prevail in the pursuit of a general enlightenment of the populace. In any event we are the unacknowledged legislators of the world by awakening in others a fundamental respect for humankind and by indicting the torturers and assassins of our era. The United States of America, by virtue of our work here, is now forever known as a BEAST (Brain EntrAinment State) , a country w/o conscience, a people w/o heart who are cursed with a national character predominantly w/o soul :



For Compelling Reports, See The One And Only
Official Site Of

Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA


This is the real fbi which uses the methods and incorporates the values of the notorious Mafia:


Sosbee reports from the field:
get your own fbi/cia terrorist badge at:
See cia data:

...and see my documentations of fbi/cia crimes at:

The greatest threat to mankind are the murderers and torturers of the fbi/cia. Sosbee comments:

Invade my country (or alienate me in it) I will invade yours;invade my *brain, all bets are off.
A slogan to be remembered:

The Few, the Proud, the Brain Entraining Fiends of the US Marines.

*Regarding Brain Entrainment,
[Note: The perennial search for peaceful solutions to the fbi/cia torture & killing spree globally is the paradox of my life under attack.]


"I suspect that all the crimes committed by all the jailed criminals do not equal in total social damage that of the crimes committed against them."
Karl Menninger, M.D.
The Crime Of Punishment
The Viking Press, NY, 1969

"The laws are like cobwebs: where the small flies are caught, and the great break through."
"...the individual cannot delegate the task of defending his basic human rights-to dignity,liberty, and responsibility-to any group of protectors,..." be they clergy, doctors, legislators, fbi, mafia, police, judges. "For if the protectors are successful, they inevitably become
O P P R E S S O R S..." who should be publicly categorized as


NOTE: The inmates, prisoners, and accused in custody around the world have redeeming qualities that should allow them their freedom in most cases; the fbi, police, all cops at every level, have no such redeeming characteristics; for they kill, stalk, lie, steal, falsify records and calumniate for a living (a profession) 24/7, for 20 to 30 years..


-------------------Caution: Adult Content:


See Robin Head's data:
Note that Robin refused to join in the illegal fbi sting against innocent persons:

Sosbee's Tribute To Our Brothers And Sisters Jailed Anywhere On Earth:

We all owe a debt to the millions of persons imprisoned by the corrupt criminal & civil justice systems worldwide, for THE IMPRISONED have surrendered their lives so that we may pompously pursue our demented imaginings on the progress of a failed civilization. See:
and see:
["You must contrive for your future Rulers another and a better life than that of a Ruler, and then you may have a well ordered State; for only in the State which offers this, will they rule who are truly rich, not in silver and gold, but in virtue and wisdom, which are the true blessings of life." Plato, The Republic.]

The united states of america is a government of torturers & traitors supported by cowards and fools who often can be heard echoing the sentiments of the torturers and assassins of the fbi/cia/pentagon against their victims as follows:"We have Little tolerance for losers and those constantly whining or needing attention."b>

June 6, 1944: The D ay that Enslaved the world.

This is my News Log.
All statements in this site are the opinion of Geral W. Sosbee, except where otherwise indicated.

All work authored by Geral Sosbee in this website and at is registered with United States Copyright Office, For a Work of the Performing Arts, # PAu 2-587-209, effective 10-10-2000, entitled "Intelligence", in accordance with title 17, United States Code. All Rights Reserved.

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The entire content of this site is subject to international copyright. Unauthorized reproduction will be vigourously pursued to the full extent of the law.
I believe that the **war mongers and cutthroats must not be allowed to rule the world any longer; their methods fail.
"And so long as they were at war, their power was preserved, but when they had attained empire they fell, for of the arts of peace they knew nothing, and had never engaged in any employment higher than war." Aristotle, Politics
Rick Stanley
Constitutional Activist:
RE: psychotronic torture being used on sosbee and others NOW (2008):

Read: Inner Voice, Target Tracking,And Behavioral Influence Technologies
See Project Zombie :
[link] sosbee&rnum=2&hl=en&safe=active

[Consistent with the COPPA laws anyone under the age of 13 (thirteen ) in the United States is required to have their parent's permission before sending any information about oneself using this site. Also, anyone who sends an e-mail or other personal data to Geral W. Sosbee is affirming that he/she is 13 (thirteen ) years of age, or older, or has parental consent, and accepts responsibility for all representations made.]

*Also See Report This Site Dated and Entitled:
'Every child belongs to us': today's unsung fbi slogan
25 Jul 2007
_________Spread the word. Get your own FBI/CIA TERRORISTS badge

Regarding ELF assaults see:

[link] -----------------------------

___ As President Theodore Roosevelt said in his 1906 State of the Union address, "No man can take part in the torture of a human being without having his own moral nature permanently lowered." ______________________________________
ATHOUSANDWORDS-for students of physiognomy:
**The cowards of the United States government who engage in (or who permit or fail to stop) the mind control, psychoelectronic harassment/torture, and other so-called cover research human experimentation programs are the same individuals who share the responsibility for the fall of this country; I intend to share with all of the world, until my death, the tremendous fraud that the U.S. has become in its efforts to colonize the world by murderous and inhumane methodologies; in my work, my primary goal is to expose these low life perpetrators and misanthropes for what they are : assassins and torturers who should face an international war tribunal for their crimes against Humanity. Equally important in my life are the efforts to help others through education and friendship. I extend to my associates everywhere my sincere gratitude for your courage in striking the evil ones with your hearts and souls.
Compelling history is in the making by you & me.
Finally, the general lack of interest by the public at large regarding the ongoing torturing and killing of Targets by the fbi/cia (and their operatives) at home and abroad provides fertile ground for expanded inhumane assaults on mankind by these and other agencies ( as well as the lunatics in the private sector who also engage in the torture of selected Targets).
Finally, we must all begin to take the hoodlums of the fbi, cia, and other police agencies ( and their supporters in the general civilian population) MOST SERIOUSLY (if individual liberties are to be regained).

See 'murder in progress' , Brussell Sprout :

and See:

"Presbyterian Book Of Order
Challenge to Presbyterians of Conscience"

...and consider


"You must contrive for your future Rulers another and a better life than that of a Ruler, and then you may have a well ordered State; for only in the State which offers this, will they rule who are truly rich, not in silver and gold, but in virtue and wisdom, which are the true blessings of life." Plato, The Republic.

How To Stop The uSA Global Killing And Torture Spree:
The Formation Of The
(This means that the people must throw out the merchants of death in every government on earth):

SOSBEE's message to punks and cowards: U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms (little mr. Gainer),Senators Grassley, Leahy, Cornyn and their criminal associates in Congress:
This soldier is moved by your sickness, but you are all in the rear and not on the front lines; so, you are viewed as cowards and traitors to those of us fighting the battles. Thus, I will not be able to help you when the people arrive on the scene.
To Congressional Traitors/Cowards From Einstein regarding the corrupt and fraudulent MDs in the decadent and homicidal practice of Psychiatry:
For more on the corrupt fbi see:



The fbi falsifies records and spreads fraudulent reports in both civil & criminal matters. See my medical clearances at


and an update in the documents below.

Note please that my former employer (fbi) has for two decades falsely reported my medical records in their smear campaign; I wanted the PUBLIC to have the correct info on me. Appropriate medical records, including *recent blood tests and medical exam are documented by letter dated December 14, 2012, and are available at:


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