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 Portland Indymedia Prevents Publication Of My Reports
picture20 Oct 2014 @ 18:03
On many occasions Portland Indymedia (PI) published my reports; often fbi operatives anonymously posted dirty and offensive responses to my posts on Portland. Then, recently PI stopped all of my efforts to publish without notice, and without explanation.

For more on the subversion of a free press (including the government interference with private IT groups like Portland Indymedia), see:


Portland Indymedia now apparently blocks all of my efforts to post consistent with a blacklisting of my name. Here is my message on October 19, 2014, to Portland Indymedia, followed by their obtuse response:

Geral Sosbee
Oct 19

to imc-portland-r.

Thanks for your past publications of many of my submissions.
Please advise me as to why you now prevent the posting of all of my * recent submissions, and perhaps tell me what I can do to overcome your apparent adverse actions in moderation.


geral sosbee

* example of a submission refused or trashed by Portland IM:



to me

Your mail to 'imc-portland-requests' with the subject


Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.

The reason it is being held:

Message has implicit destination

Either the message will get posted to the list, or you will receive
notification of the moderator's decision. If you would like to cancel
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 Registered Killers & Torturers
picture18 Oct 2014 @ 21:26

Killers, torturers and the new recommended registry for them

The people of the United States currently allow the *police, the fbi and other government and quasi government groups to identify, imprison, track, torture, force suicide and kill certain persons whose life styles do not comport in many respects to the standards established by high culture. Few object to such a program.

The present report suggests that a far more urgent societal objective may be achieved by the establishment of a truly vital registry containing the names of ** killers and torturers who in many cases present a clear and present threat to life in our neighborhoods and world. Thus, I suggest that the people consider the following hypothetical proclamation as may be issued from the people:

All persons who have ever killed, or taken a life by forcing suicide (or who otherwise tortured anyone, not necessarily resulting in death) of any human being (under any circumstances, including by DEW weaponry) are hereby ordered to identify themselves and to state under what authority the killing or homicide and torture took place. Failure to comply with this order is a first degree felony in all jurisdictions. Military, fbi, cia and police are not exempt from registration, but must register first & within thirty (30) days. Criminals or others who by accident or design took life or lives, or tortured, must also comply with this directive (within sixty days) which hereby and forthwith establishes the people's list of "Registered Killer Offender" and "Registered Torturer Offender" (RKO, RTO), previously known to a few of us as the Unidentified Felonious Offenders (UFO) list. The label stays with the killer/torturer for life.

"Americans embrace their fbi/cia/police serial killer Protectors":

** [link]

Regarding the proposed registry, the paraphrases below are from:


The registry for killers and torturers is a global system designed to allow the public to keep track of the residence and activities of killers and torturers. The information in the registry is made available to the general public via a websites such as those of this author, or other means. In many jurisdictions registered killers and torturers are subject to additional restrictions, including on housing, or using the Internet.


[An example of one covert fbi serial torturer and possible serial killer whom I have previously identified uses the name "Oh Please". He is in the employment of the fbi and his comment is shown in the first comment to my report in the LA Indymedia link shown here:

* [link]

Aliases of the same fbi criminal thug include, " Oh Please, J. Roberet Upton, Monique Jamal, Paint Me Doubtful", etc. His comment is the one posted as

"Stupidity on Parade
Oh, Please Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014 at 7:40 AM"]

[link]  More >

 CRIMINAL ABUSE of the 'global disease surveillance' system by the fbi
picture16 Oct 2014 @ 16:10
See how the fbi can use the Ebola scare to destroy non infected persons at will.

For over two decades the fbi in an uncontrollable vendetta against me for *reporting their crimes have engaged in false reports against me including slanderous remarks of contagious disease.

The fbi also uses a variety of other criminal actions against me including unlawful surveillance 24/7, 365, for twenty years, with physical and psychological assaults in efforts to neutralize and to silence this target. Some medical doctors are discouraged by the fbi not to issue medical clearances on the target; and in one instance the dentist who treated my tooth apparently committed suicide when the fbi threatened him with destruction for his reluctance to cooperate in the fbi's human experimentations.

The individuals to whom the fbi provides the false information then avoid the target like the plague, sort of like anyone would avoid an Ebola patient. The fbi also spreads other false data indicating, for example, that the target is a serial sexual predator, or is mentally unbalanced. No one wants to be compelled to prove his sanity in the face of such outrageous lies and fraudulent propaganda.

The fbi never admits to their audience that this target has no communicable disease, that fbi paid operatives file false reports on the target, that this target is a licensed attorney in good standing with the State Bar (inactive), is a Viet Nam Combat Veteran, and has never been accused of *any offense (civil or criminal) in his sixty-nine (69) years of life, and is a former fbi agent who reports high crimes by the fbi.

Now, in light of the current Ebola scare, the fbi has to operate under the presumption that all persons with infectious diseases may be subjected to greater scrutiny everywhere; but when the fbi falsely cries “he has an infectious disease and he is crazy,” the general public must either panic against the accused or ignore the fbi’s false claims.

The danger to the ordinary citizen who is not infected with any form of communicable disease is that he cannot possibly know who to trust and cannot be free of concern that he may also become so falsely labeled, especially when he is a political target or a whistleblower of government atrocities. Below are some links to verify the above statements.

For more data on the need to investigate the fbi for subversion and for un-American activities see the following three links:

Fbi says neutralize the political target by any means possible:


Global Disease Surveillance System:


My medical records and clearances are located here:




The fbi also uses the target of their slander and torture campaign as an human experimentee:

[link]  More >

 fbi says, : Neutralize Them All
picture14 Oct 2014 @ 16:10
See the reports that should awaken the people of the world to recognize that the United States governments (and its allies) are run by criminally insane individuals who, unchecked and in a global murder and torture rampage, employ inhumane methods to achieve their insane goals.

With the following two words J. Edgar Hoover at once institutionalized and perpetuated his grand macabre scheme of intimidation and murder that thrives today in the fbi and is dubbed 'Cointelpro' (counterintelligence program) against their Targets globally:

"Neutralize Them".

The next two links present an overview of the assaults on Targets; for specific details (presented first hand by me) on such inhumane and painful attacks, both psychological and physical, see “My Story In Detail” in twenty parts and related reports.


In the following two links I record the ‘fishing expedition’ of two high level and foolish cops who on directions from the fbi actually, and beyond belief, come to my home looking for a way to arrest me and to adversely profile me, even as the fbi watches them in real time via wireless surveillance technology as the two conduct their illegal interview. During their visit I realized that the entire law enforcement community is rotten, ignores all the felonies committed against me 24/7 for over twenty years and are hell bent on serving the corrupt and murderous objectives of the fbi.


Note my sworn affidavit regarding fbi's unlawful effort to set me up in a crime committed by the fbi:


In the next link I summarize the “Cointelpro” against me in one letter with appendices: “T”.


Finally, the world media and journalists are afraid to publish such reports as mine because they know that either their own government will destroy them for doing so, or the fbi/cia terrorists will come after them for termination. The fact that such pretentious news reporters refuse to print the data as presented in this report is evidence in itself that the world and all mankind is in the grips of an unprecedented mind control program of unimaginable proportions.

Barcelona Indymedia deletes the above article.


Here is the absurd response to me from Barcelona who in fear of fbi delete the above report on October 14, 2014:

[es] Vuestro articulo (489515) titulado «fbi dice: neutralizarlos Todos» ha sido eliminado de la columna de noticias, por el grupo de moderacion. El codigo de eliminacion fue: Other. Los siguientes comentarios fueron anotados a la vista de vuestro contenido: FORA DE CONTEXT: Notícia o Comentari que no tenen cap interès fora del seu àmbit d'influència, i que no és pas el d'aquest lloc web
El articulo ya no esta disponible en internet. Pueden responder este mensaje si teneis cualquier cuestion sobre esta accion. Gracias; el colectivo de Indymedia Barcelona.
[en] Your article (489515) entitled "fbi dice: neutralizarlos Todos" has been removed from the newswire by the moderation  More >

 Stop USA Police State, The Equivalent of ISIS
picture9 Oct 2014 @ 18:01
Police State USA:

Mr. President, you say that ISIS is "barbaric" and must be destroyed; but who is capable of dealing face to face with persons dedicated to their faith, their God, their beloved land? Not, Mr. President, the Godless cowards and traitors of fbi, cia, nsa, dod, and not all the drones, war ships and fighter planes (and other advanced satellite based weaponry) at your disposal because your thugs who have tried to torture & kill me for decades are *mental dwarfs and they rely almos...t exclusively on assassinations, mass murders, torture, forced suicide, and similar inhumane tactics known well by me, ISIS, and others everywhere.
So, please reconsider your reliance on your own barbaric thugs who mindlessly cause havoc globally by their unconscionable attacks, even at times killing our own combat vets.
Our nation is thus sacrificed by the psychopathic fools described above who are (to state mildly) more the problem than the solution and who on your watch have ironically launched MY country into the hell they seek to impose on others.
Perhaps, Mr. President, you could speak with ISIS to listen and try to understand their views, but then they don't negotiate with your terrorists

Police/fbi abuses:



USA targets its own:




Stop Police State USA:
[link]  More >

 Citizens investigate fbi subversion and unamerican activities.
picture7 Oct 2014 @ 18:46
Citizens investigate fbi subversion and unamerican activities and reverse the police state.

The present endeavor seeks to reverse the Police State in the United States by halting abuses by the *fbi,police,cia in a manner that has never been seen before. This means that the fbi must be dismantled, the cia replaced, the police re-trained and generally disarmed, the courts remade, and the criminal laws turned upside down in the following ways (among others):

Remove the criminal code from existence and use a new, unfamiliar civil error system in all cases, except rape, murder, torture and similar atrocities;

Educate the public about the need to help the victim and the accused in order to provide peaceful alternatives to complex issues facing mankind today;

Find productive employment for lawyers, psychiatrists, judges, probation/parole/wardens/prison guards, etc., so that they can at long last do something helpful to humanity;tear down all prisons & jails;

Encourage business and industry to seek progressive avenues toward 100% employment for all who seek it.

All in this movement are relentless in pursuit of justice for the victims of the current police state and all are by definition indefatigable by virtue of the eternal dedication of our members.

*The current abuses that I and others have documented include (among others) imprisonment, threats, harassment, torture, forced suicide while being monitored and recorded in real time, selective assassinations by a variety of methods including discreet assaults by chemical, biological, viral, and directed energy weaponry (DEW), and general intimidation by the very presence of armed police/fbi around us.

Join us on Facebook.


[link]  More >

 fbi uses neighbors to harass dissidents
picture6 Oct 2014 @ 17:35
This report focuses on efforts by the thugs at fbi headquarters (and the cjis) in Washington, D.C., to expand their harassment of Targets by turning average citizens against the Target. In this case I am the Target everywhere I live, and I am frequently driven out of my home under death threats against me and my family.

I currently reside in Brownsville, Texas, and again I and my family are being harassed every time I post material online. Recently I posted several reports on facebook, some of which focused on the criminals hiding their identities inside the fbi’s cjis. After I posted the entries (shown below) a neighbor again begins to sound alarms every time I or a family member steps outside.

The surrounding streets (from which the alarm is set off) are as follows: 2300 block Sidney St., 2500 block Valleta St., 2200 block Valleta St., 2200 block Athens, 2400 block Firenze St. I often stand outside after the alarm to determine who is doing the harassing, but without success. Note that I wrote a short report on the fbi creating a cesspool of sinister assassins (1); such fbi dirty impositions into our neighborhoods to incite crimes against political dissidents should be seen as examples of the ‘sinister assassins’ report. Also, part of the fbi’s hideous and murderous Cointelpro is the fbi’s effort to spread false rumors and innuendos about the Target in order to cause further stress; my report of the program is also shown in the link below(2).

Here are my recent posts on Facebook which caused the fbi’s cjis to notify me of their anger at my reports and at the same time to announce to me that a neighborhood operative of the fbi would continue the harassment mentioned above. All other fbi crimes against me continue, as described in the Cointelpro report shown in the last link below.

1) The torturers, serial killers and mass murderers within fbi/cia are hereby demystified and obsolesced.

2) Murderous oppression in USA's police state crept in during the twilight when most of us were unaware of the *overthrow of legitimate institutions and the killings & neutralizing of key persons.

* [link]

"Take the government off the backs of the people". Justice William O. Douglas (Justice on The Court, 1939-1975).

3) The fbi thugs & cjis punks, hiding behind their computer keyboards, anonymously, cowardly and menacingly visit me, apparently distraught with the evidence I present of their *cockroach crimes & filthy activities such as hijacking my life, Mafia style, and turning me into their own hostage.


4) All who are targeted for torture by the United States government are witness to a sea change of civilization such as the world has never seen. The change is identified as the murderous corruption of USA and all who support or ally with it globally. We represent thus the most profoundly significant testimonials of our era. We also are the voices of others who were (or are now) murdered/suicided/tortured by secret, covert, inhumane, and unconscionable methods. For all this we will be remembered for our contribution to the improvement of our species by exposing the human monsters who rule the world. We can therefore be justifiably content with our lives in the end.


fbi shocks the conscience:


More visits from nervous cjis serial killers at bottom of page below; following cjis visits, I am harassed as I exit my residence the following morning with loud alarm coming from a nearby house.





[link]  More >

 USA seeks war globally and against individuals
picture3 Oct 2014 @ 18:06
See my reports in the links below that surely indict the United States of America for high crimes just about everywhere.

The US government employees, including congress, courts, and executive/administrative & police agencies are, by virtue of my documentations of **fbi felonies against me, guilty of *misprision of felonies. Thus, our government is filled with criminals.



Witness one man’s fight against the fbi assassins as his resistance is representative of the global response to atrocities by fbi,cia,nsa,nsc,mossad,mi6,surete, etc. , all of whom are in effect the United States of America today.

911 attack may revisit USA:

Gardena Police Report (4-5-01) From Sosbee: "The fbi is out to get him":


fbi modern COINTELPRO and effects thereof on the United States of America:




recent fbi crimes:


Profile For Destruction:


Trial needed:

[link]  More >

 Recent crimes By fbi
picture1 Oct 2014 @ 17:37
I sent this date the following data to the agencies listed below:,,,

Subject: fbi retaliation for my communication to you all (case # 140821-000​706)

The more the fbi does to me, the less the people seem to believe me when I report it.

Several months ago I filed a complaint with the CFPB (case # 140821-000​706 ). I asked for assistance and my complaint was accepted, but later trashed. I re-filed and again the complaint was trashed. Yesterday, I notified the CFPB IG and the Ombudsman that the CFPB may have intentionally trashed my complaint at the direction of the fbi. I pointed out similar fbi unlawful interference with the Texas Workforce Commission as documented here:


Then, at about 10PM, on the same evening, the fbi in apparent retaliation for my report of fbi interference with my complaint to CFPB, increased the DEW assaults on me causing nausea; a few minuted after the nausea incident the fbi took control of my cell phone and sounded the snooze alarm; this was followed by extreme sleep deprivation which kept me in bed for the 13-14 hours. After I exit the bed I am as usual exhausted from the DEW assaults. For more symptoms of the fbi DEW assaults see:


I also noticed this morning that the fbi took over the car's computer and tampered with the locks and doors.

Please note that I am under 24/7 physical and electronic surveillance and DEW assaults, with tracking device in my skull
and harassment and slander almost every where I go. fbi operatives acting as street thugs often assault me and continue to do so at the Brownsville, Texas public library. My law career was hijacked by the fbi in El Paso, Texas, in about 1988, and my health suffers from the complications arising from decades of assaults and from continuous and intense sleep deprivation for the past 15 years non stop. The fbi tears up my car, unless I purchase a new car with bumper to bumper warranty and the fbi enters into my home regularly to vandalize and steal my personal property, and to poison me. All of these crimes and assaults (both physical and psychological) are performed under the authority of a fraudulently obtained civil court order issued by a corrupt judge owned by the fbi torturers and assassins, and all are in retaliation for my reports and documentations of fbi crimes against the people.

My affidavits 2007, 2014 (the 2014 affidavit shows fbi corruption of USPI and Texas DPS)


fbi modern COINTELPRO and effects thereof on the United States of America:



State of the world:

Those under seige globally are suffering & dying, with hearts broken/dreams destroyed , and they (more than all others) feel most acutely the pain of all similarly tortured & dying persons. Some in their numbers (driven to breakdown) seek vengeance, while others resign to accept their sorrowful fate. Meanwhile, the world leaders (USA & allies) have no regard for the carnage and unmitigated damage that they cause, even escalating hostilities against our innocent brothers... & sisters because such barbarity is their creed, raison d'etre, passion de vida, and alas their eternally damned expertise. GOD HELP HUMANITY which is on a downhill slope to an hideous finale due in part to the violence championed by fbi, cia, mi6, mossad, etc.

[link]  More >

 fbi destroys lives and then imprisons or kills people
picture30 Sep 2014 @ 19:01
The fbi commits crimes, *plants my name at the scenes, spreads false rumors , etc



*Sworn Affidavits:


fbi commits a crime, plants my name at the scene in order to cause fools in the US Postal Inspector's Office and the Texas DPS to launch a full field investigation of me:



: [link]

Fraudulent BOLO:


Meanwhile, all the time 24/7, the fbi assaults me with Directed Energy Weaponry DEW, ELF) and assaults by fbi/police street thug/operatives in efforts to find a way to provoke and arrest me.




Then, to add injury on top of injury the fbi delights in the false reports issued by a medical doctor:


Thus, my work is of significance to all the world's population and to future generations:


I therefore proclaim:


My Medical Clearance:


Gang Stalking, A Modern Plague:

[link]  More >

 The fbi seeks to fraudulently profile the best among us!
picture27 Sep 2014 @ 20:15

What makes me a relentless soldier for the Persecuted?

My impassioned love for mankind.


...and such comments draw the attention of the assassins of fbi in their efforts to falsely profile me.

After about 20 years of my revelations of fbi crimes & atrocities, the fbi vindictively adds new, secret & fictitious labels on me and causes federal, state and local police to conduct extensive investigations of me globally to see whether they might help fbi silence me by fraudulent methods. Here is my report on such illegal fbi operation:


Now the people must understand that the fbi in efforts to silence this whistleblower places the public at risk by not addressing real national security issues facing this country. My previous report on this topic:


Fbi also fraudulently cries, "mass murderer" in efforts to scare the public:


Thus, as I have previously suggested most people in the general population live in a state of continual fear because they know that the fbi is ready to destroy anyone's life at will, as the fbi has done to mine. Look around, if you may and notice the absurd conformity of all in the media to the standards dictated by the police state. Further, profit generating song, dance and fluff news programs are often interspersed with police/fbi movies wherein the public watches the poor, innocent suspect be driven insane or murdered on our streets by the very same authorities who are charged with the duty to protect our rights. In reality the fbi frequently decides who among us have the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Modern COINTELPRO dirty secrets:






Hold US Officials Responsible:


Corruption of media:


"The President, Vice-President, and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors." -- Constitution of the United States


 More >

  Modern COINTELPRO described in one letter with appendices
picture24 Sep 2014 @ 18:48
I have previously written that the United States of America is the enemy of mankind, and I have provided extensive evidence to support my conclusion, particularly crimes committed by the fbi in their nearly half century old vendetta against me. This report represents a summary of the kinds of atrocities committed by the executive branch of government (and its administrative agencies) against me, even as others in government support or cover up the crimes that I describe. The program used b

y the fbi is an offspring of the fbi counterintelligence program (COINTELPRO) whereby the fbi silenced by torture, imprisonment and murder dissidents, critics and whistleblowers. See:


Today the fbi has refined the program so that it is a super sophisticated, high tech juggernaut which uses the courts, the law enforcement community, doctors, dentists, lawyers and laymen in a concerted effort to torture and kill the Target. I refer to the new COINTELPRO in one letter, “T”, which stands for torture, kill, imprison, slander, and threaten the Target. The ongoing 24/7 assaults by directed energy weaponry (DEW) continues against me, as do assaults by street thugs acting as fbi operatives. One such thug continues to this day to harass me in the public library at Brownsville, Texas, and the library director is aware of same.

“T” also involves the use of human experimentation in a government program where I (the Target) am treated as an experimental rat, or dog, upon which the cruel assaults are conducted in the name of science. See:


I have tried to ask congress and the courts to stop the fbi’s “T” against me, but in vain. The result of the crime spree of the fbi against me is the complete destruction of my professional life, my health, and continiuing taxation on my general well being. I therefore attribute part blame for the “T” as used against me to the congress and to the courts.

Of all the branches and departments of government of the United States of America, the one group who have done the most immeasurable damage to our God given rights, to our human rights, and to our constitutional rights is the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS). The outrageous, death dealing decisions (over the past hundred years) of the highest court in the land provide exemptions (via new laws found in the court's decisions) to what would otherwise constitute crimes against humanity by police and by the fbi/cia against our people. Meanwhile, the *Congress sits back in comfort and enjoys the free ride on the USA's inhumane express to hell; they have no stomach to address the disintegration of our fundamental, once inalienable liberties.

To the SCOTUS Justices in their ivory tower that oversees all other ivory towers in the USA (such as those in academia), the screeching voices of the people are hardly heard and are almost always ignored. See my **Writ where the court's denial encouraged the fbi to continue their multi decade campaign of torture and attempted murder (*by discreet methods) which continue against me to this very minute.

***Then, ask not why so many of our fellow citizens (and other world citizens) sometimes break under the murderous oppression of the USA police state that envelopes all of us.

* See my report on line entitled, “This Congress Will Live IN Infamy”

** See my Writ

*** See my report on the dilemma facing civilization:

Also see “Animated Contest Of Freedom” at


Finally, the fbi operatives now use the law enforcement community in an attempt to legitimize the false rumors and lies spread by the fbi operatives. The recent fraudulent investigation of me by the US Postal Inspector and the Texas DPS agent is evidence of this. See:


Thus the overthrow of the US government is evident to all who are caught in the “T”.


Fbi, nervous over the above Cointelpro report ,sends operative / assassin " oo " to use ad hominem assault against me at comments here:

[link]  More >

 Animated Contest Of Freedom
picture20 Sep 2014 @ 00:03

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!”

Samuel Adams quote

The United States is now an overthrown government as I have shown at the following link and the people must find a peaceful way to recapture the country that is no longer our home.


Revolution Not!


The fbi has with the assistance of the United States Supreme court destroyed our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; as well the constitutional protections afforded under the so called Bill Of Rights are similarly eviscerated. See "World In A Box" for more details.


I have also described over the past fifteen (15) years on my web sites the kinds of high crimes committed regularly by the fbi/cia. The first of my reports is at "My Story In Detail" (in 20 parts) where I document intense psychological (and at times physical) warfare against me by countless dozens of fbi agents and operatives using high tech weaponry. I have presented compelling first hand evidence of the fbi's use of chemical, biological, viral agents, and DEW assaults to incapacitate me. I have also shown how fbi operatives (such as J. Robert Upton and his associates) engage in a continuing psychological warfare 24/7 for decades against me and other Targets even as the serial killers assault the Target on the street and in his home.

On many pages of my websites and my related articles I have documented how the police, medical doctors, dentists, lawyers and others help the fbi to drive the Target to the brink of insanity; and the fbi's ultimate goal is to incarcerate, hospitalize in a mental ward, force a final exit, or kill the Target.

While all of this may sound unbelievable to many citizens, I have provided extensive evidence of the felonious crimes by the fbi against me, even as the fbi and their operatives follow me around and spread slander against me. I filed a law suit against the fbi, contacted members of congress and dedicated much of my life to exposing the fbi for the assassins and torturers that they are and the damage that they cause to the people. Yet their campaign continues in full swing against me with teams of fbi thugs assigned to harass and terrorize me.

Thus, as no remedy be apparent to stop the crimes against my person, I must conclude that the people of the United States of America are gripped with fear, and that the police state forced upon us by the fbi is a permanent fixture now spreading to include our global culture. I no longer file law suits. I ask nothing of the cowards of the congress. I seek no media attention, aside from my online posts. I expect no recovery from the murderous overthrow of our country. And I remain for as long as Providence allows defiant against the lowest form of human beings ever to live on this good earth, the employees, operatives, informants, and contacts of the fbi/cia, all of whom are accessories to the crimes that I describe.  More >

picture14 Sep 2014 @ 18:35
See my report on the pure evil USA.

The United States of America is as pure evil as they so describe the ISIS group, (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) as I have shown in many of my reports.

The fbi,cia,mossad,mi6 and their global affiliates and friends all join together in furtherance of the eugenics program to engage in unparalleled atrocities. Specifically, as I have shown, the fbi and their fellow psychopaths target for political, economic, military or ideological purposes certain individuals for the following:

blackmail, torture, forced suicide, assassination and mass murder; moreover the fbi operatives and their assistants watch and often record the suicide of the victims even as the victims suffer excruciating and prolonged pain and suffering. Death is not fast in such cases. The death squads enjoy media protection against disclosure because all such killings fit nicely into a larger global murder spree sometimes referred to as eugenics. In any event those who benefit most from the USA sponsored crimes against humanity are the ruling class and the government itself.

So, as the main street news media and their online associates in the cyber space community block my reports, the government prepares to murder more people in distant lands for the reasons stated above, and the general population is fed the usual propaganda in order to prepare them for another round of mass murder and intentional collateral damage inherent in the killing spree.

In this Age of Madness, the lethargic and mesmerized populace accepts such a degenerate state of affairs which ultimately signals the end of our species as we know it.


I reported some of the tactics against me to two federal and state investigators who came to my home on a fraudulent and harassing fishing expedition at the direction of the fbi (see my affidavit 2014). The two high ranking cops are also in receipt of outside sources who confirm the fbi plan to unlawfully imprison or kill me.


Affidavit 3014:

Miserable US ARMY, Facebook:  More >

 Ed Katz, friend
category picture14 Sep 2014 @ 15:38
My Friend, Ed Katz:


 The enemy of mankind: the United States of America, II
picture11 Sep 2014 @ 19:55
For over two decades I have documented illegal assaults on my person by the fbi and their operatives in their efforts to silence me from reporting the crimes committed by the fbi over the past nearly half century. My reports are ignored by the main street media and today many other online media groups also refuse to allow me to publish. Whether or not I am able to continue to file my reports of continuing assaults on me by local, state and federal police (and by neighbors and acquaintances) at the direction of the fbi is less important than the fact that our nation is overthrown by the very authorities charged with protecting and safeguarding our liberties, both constitutional and God given.

Today, the fbi also increases the directed energy assaults on me to an extreme level, so that I am often physically unable to climb out of bed due to the pain and the nearly unbearable sleep deprivation. After the recent fbi assaults on me at the public libraries in Harlingen and Brownsville, Texas, (including destruction of my car and physical provocations in failed efforts to arrest me), I continue to post my material as best I may. In other words, when the fbi failed to find a way to arrest me in order to shut me up, the assassins of the fbi in Washington D.C. gave the go ahead to increase to high levels the ELF (extremely low frequently) sound wave assaults on me in order to metaphorically chain me to my bed for up to 20 (twenty) hours regularly.

Inasmuch as I don't take order from thugs and one can't negotiate with the fbi terrorists, I continue my work today with this report.

Anyone who studies my reports may correctly conclude that the individuals who are torturing and trying to discreetly kill me (or trying to force some other unspeakable result) are like sadistic demons in relentless pursuit of the most dark agenda possible by mankind: global and eternal mastery of evil deeds such as torture and murder for the purpose of dominating the human psyche and spirit. For these reasons and many more I conclude that the United States of America is the enemy of mankind. See the following links in further support of this report:



Falsus in Uno:


Homicidal Sociopaths and Liars:


Geral Sosbee


Service Record:

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 Fbi corrupts all segments of society
picture9 Sep 2014 @ 18:31
*"Falsus in Uno , Falsus in Omnibus"= all that the fbi says and does
is in a legal sense in many instances a lie and a fraud . Such behavior by fbi is also by inference a crime.
Part1-Special updates, commentaries on the need to dismantle the fbi:



All who assist the fbi and their operatives/informants are accomplices to their felonies, including torture, false imprisonment, forced suicide & murder.
All who cover up fbi high crimes (including all in the US Congress, courts, police, administrative agencies, media, etc.) are guilty of misprision of felonies and crimes against humanity.


Thanks to the splendid Barbara Hartwell for reminding me of this maxim.

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 Revolution Not!
picture4 Sep 2014 @ 16:44
See my reports that verify the need to remove from power the murderous thugs who have overthrown the United States government.

I see no necessity for a revolution, but one must study the manner by which the United States government has been overthrown and prosecute those responsible. The culprits I write about are the homicidal sociopaths and serial killers/torturers of the fbi,cia,dod,nsa,etc.and all who permit their continuing atrocities (like the main street media).

However, a central problem facing us is that the entire judiciary is controlled by the very thugs who have in effect overthrown the government of the United States. Thus, the trial for crimes against the people of the world by the fbi,cia,dod,nsa, etc.may need a venue somewhere other than the USA.


I have also learned that all or nearly all public officials at every level, including city, state, federal so-called leaders and functionaries (like city managers, mayors, state governors and most attorneys) are thoroughly corrupted by the fbi manipulators.
Most medical doctors are also under the influence:


Practically all police, even those with good intentions, and all universities and colleges are controlled to a large extent by the fbi and the cia. See my reports on the fools who run the University of Texas and their retarded cops (see My Story at parts 19, a,,b,c):


The fbi uses various methods to kill activists in a discreet fashion; the professional assassin (like j. Robert upton, aka ‘get real’) use chemicals, biological agents, viral infections and DEW assaults on selected Targets.

After years of felonious assaults on my person by fbi/police operatives as I have documented on many sites, I identified one such serial torturer and apparent serial killer for the fbi who goes by various names, aka: J. Robert Upton, Monique Jamal, Get Real, Get Help, etc. He is quite the lunatic psychopath.

See how this very dangerous killer expresses his filthy ideas on behalf of the fbi and states the fbi seeks to kill me:

''get real'':


Such filthy character is the fbi today.


alt link:


The need to prosecute fbi chiefs for high crimes:


Must prosecute fbi/cia murderers:


My writ:


Notice to fbi agents/operatives:


Counter Intelligence Program (high tech use by government thugs to torture, kill):


all the wars:






Eugenics and my story:




collapse of USA and causes for police brutality:



Shocks the conscience and offends the sensibilities:


fbi,police manufacture criminals:






Profile of the fbi/cia sociopath:



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 fbi serial torturer Upton identified by his own statements.
picture27 Aug 2014 @ 19:29

fbi's own employee/operative, serial torturer and presumed
serial killer J. Robert Upton identified by his own statements on line:

I recently learned that Philadelphia Indymedia blocks me from posting and now warns of impending deletion of all of my posts about the fbi. Below I show the murderous character of fbi assassin J Robert upton with many aliases (monique jamal, get real, get help, paint me doubtful, clyde,ryan, etc.) as he is a serial torturer , and felonious offender on behalf of the fbi by publishing his comments (some of which represent implied admissions of his crimes against me) wherein Upton reveals that he is full time engaged in and party to the on going assaults 24/7 including blanket surveillance (physical and electronic), home invasions with theft and destruction of my property including my car, poisonings, torture by DEW and attempts on my life. Read, if you will the comments by Upton and his aliases (in the links below) and discover the evidence of his criminal mind; and then realize that the United States of America (via fbi) pays this creature Upton to commit heinous offenses to silence political Targets like me.
Some links are added at the bottom of this report for archives purposes. Thank you kindly.


Introducing fbi operative J. Robert Upton

warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/members/phillyimc/sites/ on line 855.
by geral | 06.27.2012
See the fbi's own operative in the words of J. Robert Upton, and discover thereby the symptoms of a sick nation.

The fbi in efforts to deflect attention from their own hideous crime spree, as reported by Geral Sosbee, sends fbi operative J. Robert Upton (a pseudonym) to engage in serial cyber stalking and ad hominem assaults. Sosbee has determined that the homicidal psychopath Upton is guilty of multiple ongoing crimes against Sosbee and is a thug of unparalleled proportions. Through Upton’s own statements and in the context of the fbi’s ongoing efforts to torture and kill this reporter, the United States of America is portrayed as bestial and is exposed as inhumane. The first link below is a response from Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell. All other statements below are those of Upton. For reasons unknown, the Philadelphia Indymedia group permits Upton to repeatedly post his filthy messages which are presented in summary here as a kind of brief introduction to abnormal psychology.



Poor geral
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 08/04/2011 - 9:27am

Want some cheese with that whine, sosbee? LOL
I realize that truth and facts to a pathological liar like sosbee is like holy water to a vampire. But lets look at some truth and facts, shall we. First of all sosbee from texas came to me posting his idiotic bullshit on the Philadelphia indymedia site that I read and sometimes comment to. The only place that I have commented on sosbee's garbage is here on philly indymedia. That can only be classified stalking in the mind of an idiot. Second of all I could have posted as anonymous since that is what the Your name field defaults to. What would you have said to that, moron, that someone named anonymous is posting anonymously? LOL You won't find anything on me sosbee cause unlike idiots like you, I don't post my personal info on the net. Any person who posts his DD214 to the internet has got to be an absolute fool, sound like someone you know? Lastly, the thought of me being exposed to the world as the "GASP" man who posted a comment calling sosbee out as a liar has got to have the world just champing at the bit and me shaking in my boots. LOL you absurd old turd.
and fraudulent objective, while he also reveals in his last gasping utterance his own unethical nature).

"LOL you absurd old turd."
(Shill is a degenerate misanthrope not unlike the torturers and assassins of the fbi/cia and their operatives & minions whom I present in my work;
See Shill's other remarks at:
[link] )

Paranoid Delusional Moron

Submitted by J. Robert Upton (not verified) on Mon, 08/15/2011 - 11:52am
Damn, you are nothing but pure entertainment. LOL, dang, now you can falsely accuse me of stalking your dumb ass again, cause, ding, ding, here I am posting once again in a public forum to a post by you on this open public forum. Here is a flash for you. You are a paranoid delusional liar. You just make up shit as you go along, such as the "ominous peeping tom" shit, LOL and the whine and cheese thing, LOL, no wonder you could never hold a job, you are nuttier than squirrel shit.

By the way, how did a skin flute player in the USARPAC army band get awarded a CIB. You didn't even have an 11 series MOS. You sosbee are the fraud and liar who should be investigated for misrepresenting the CIB award. You is nothing but a PX warrior. I would say I am surprised at that, but after reading all your lies and slanderous bullshit, I must say it is a reasonable assumption.

Want more cheese with that whine, short round? LOL

Extensive Efforts??????

Submitted by J. Robert Upton (not verified) on Mon, 04/30/2012 - 1:02pm
Nothing but more lies from a delusional moron. NOTICE Sosbee: KISS MY ASS YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH!!!!!

Free Speech

Submitted by J. Robert Upton (not verified) on Wed, 06/22/2011 - 11:57am
After reading your articles and posts, I have to agree with those who have banned you. Your posts and articles seem to be in the vein of Johnny Wizard and Bobby Meade. In other words they are disjointed, incoherent and unbelievable. To postulate that indymedia is run by the feds is beyond stupid. Take a hint, or in your case, hundreds of hints, and take a hike.

No pity required

Submitted by J. Robert Upton (not verified) on Fri, 06/24/2011 - 5:02pm
Whatever my problem, at least I am not a whining loser who isn't capable of rational thought like you. Don't know what LD is, and since it is something from your wacky ass brain, I don't want to know. When you are banned from so many places because of your asinine posts, you might want to check yourself to see if maybe, possibly you are the one with the problem. Whine on, dude.

Good for a laugh

Submitted by J. Robert Upton (not verified) on Thu, 07/28/2011 - 3:33pm
Your stupid crap is at least good for a small chuckle. If you have been imprisoned, tortured and murdered, then why the hell are you still around boring us with your bullshit? The truth of the matter is you were fired from the FBI because you are a loon, evidently incapable of coherent thought.. All a person has to do is to try to make sense out of your rambling blog to realize that you are a fucking nut.

Idiot Spam

Submitted by J. Robert Upton (not verified) on Sun, 06/17/2012 - 6:32pm
This article is nothing but spam. The links go to a site that must belong to a spoiled 2 year old. I clicked on the first link and it went to some of the stupidest shit I have ever seen. The author is most certainly deranged.

Gerbil Sosbee Raising the Bar on Stupidity one post at a time

Submitted by J. Robert Upton (not verified) on Mon, 06/18/2012 - 10:52am
In gerbil sosbee's world, the fbi is responsible for his insomnia, kidney stones, gum infections and just about everything else that happens to him. If I post insulting dissent to his absurdly stupid bullshit, then I must, of course, represent the fbi. Sosbee also thinks he is a "freedom fighter", LOL In gerbil sosbee's world the fbi spends millions of dollars and thousands of man hours watching his every move, misspelling words in his posts, placing leaves on his car seat and just generally fucking with him 24/7. He has been banned from posting to most every site he spews his stupid shit on, but not one to take a hint, the "brave freedom fighter" soldiers on, posting his stupid stinking crap and playing the victim with every breath. Poor, poor gerbil, his whole life is defined by stupidity, whining, incompetence and inability to take responsibility for himself.
One other thing you stupid, childish little moron, my posting dissent to your absurd bullshit is free speech, not "multiple felonies" as you postulate in your illiterate, disjointed comment above. If you don't want me commenting on your insane shit, quit posting in an open forum, because as long as you keep spreading your filth, I shall keep pointing out what an idiot you are. Want some cheese with your whine, dipshit?

The USofA is not stupid ass gerbil sosbee

Submitted by J. Robert Upton (not verified) on Mon, 06/18/2012 - 12:09pm
Damn, what power I have, by posting to gerbil sosbee's stupid, illiterate lies and bullshit I have defined the United States of America and have forced all to fear me or join me. LOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLLOLOLLOLLOLOL Damn, you crack my ass up. Do you have any idea how fucking lame and stupid you are, gerbil? If you did, you would crawl up under a rock down there in Texas in total embarrassment. But, since you never live in reality, and since morons know no embarrassment, you continue to drool along day after day, making insane post after post trying to become relevant at least in your own insane mind. You are just a loser, dude, with no hope of ever having a tiny bit of respect. Fuck off, dipshit.

gerbil sosbee Pathetic LIAR
Submitted by J. Robert Upton (not verified) on Wed, 06/20/2012 - 12:52pm
sosbee moron is constantly accusing me of cyber stalking his stupid ass. I have asked him several times to post links to where I have posted to his stupid, outrageous lies and bullshit anywhere other than right here on philly imc. He has failed to do so because he is a filthy liar along with being a paranoid delusional moron. Come on gerbil, you fucking liar, where are the links. Take a break from posting your idiotic garbage and provide some proof of your pathetic lies. Links back to your foolish and stupid blog don't cut it. This lowlife piece of garbage even filed a complaint with his local cops whining that I was breaking the law by commenting on articles he posted on philly imc, an open forum. Add wannabe fascist to the losers resume.

Nothing sosbee says is true, his life is defined by lies and bullshit. He has proof of nothing he says, everything is referenced back to his blog where he has written more lies and bullshit that he uses as his proof.
I made a comment once on one of his moronic articles and asked if he wanted some cheese with his whine. The stupid fucker right away latched on to the lie that "I was watching him cause I knew he had cheese and wine one night". He is too fucking stupid to catch on the "whine and cheese" comment and took it literal, further proof that he is a drooling moron.

I am a critic of the idiot, but I have never posted anything on his stupid crap anywhere other than right here. His constant accusal without proof shows just what a loser and pathetic liar he is. The stupid fucker lies when the truth will serve. Want some more cheese with your whine, dipshit?

gerbil exposes his low mentality

Submitted by J. Robert Upton (not verified) on Tue, 06/26/2012 - 2:44pm
Well, bless him widdle heart, poor gerbil don't like my language, LOL, fuck you moron. Please don't stop posting the laughable lies and stupid bullshit you call "reports" gerbil, cause I love calling attention to what a fucking liar and loser that you are. You don't answer my questions because you can't. You are nothing but a piece of shit liar, who can't provide any proof what-so-ever of any of the stupid bullshit you post.
You were so fucking mentally deranged and paranoid delusional that even the cops you say are of low mentality fired your stupid fucking ass because you were too stupid to be a cop. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
So please continue to post your stupid shit, you fucking moron, cause kicking your worthless ass just makes my day.

Nothing but "Poor Victim Me" BULLSHIT

Submitted by J. Robert Upton (not verified) on Wed, 06/27/2012 - 12:53pm
Oh My, another report by insane gerbil sosbee, and guess what, it is nothing but the same stupid bullshit he has endlessly spammed this site with. Poor victim sosbee, can't get people who he don't like fired, and the fascist moron whines like a little bitch about it. Now sosbee is a fucking "mind warrior", whatever the hell that is. I guess it is where he "mindlessly" spams his lies and stupid bullshit anywhere he hasn't been banned. Only an absolute idiot would believe any of the shit that gerbil has written. He whines like a spoiled child and blames everyone except himself for his fucked up life. What some cheese with your petulant whine, dipshit?

• fbi operative
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Thank You gerbil
Submitted by J. Robert Upton (not verified) on Thu, 06/28/2012 - 11:09am
Thanks gerbil, I really appreciate you posting a lot of my comments in one place so that everyone can enjoy them. Poor widdle boy is really upset that Mr. Gardner hasn't banned me for posting dissent to his stupid crap. Sorry about that first amendment getting in your way, dumb ass. Ain't America great!!!! LOL
"Sosbee has determined that the homicidal psychopath Upton is guilty of multiple ongoing crimes against Sosbee and is a thug of unparalleled proportions".
"For reasons unknown, the Philadelphia Indymedia group permits Upton to repeatedly post his filthy messages which are presented in summary here as a kind of brief introduction to abnormal psychology".
The above quoted statements by sosbeemoron really say it all. In gerbil's world posting dissent to his stupid lies and bullshit is a "criminal offense". What is really unknown is why you would think that philly indymedia would ban me for posting comments on your stupid, insane and worthless bullshit, gerbil, you wannabe fascist piece of shit. As far as abnormal psychology is concerned, one only has to read one of your stupid, disjointed bullshit posts to see that you are projecting your own insanity on me, moron. Your blog is a perfect picture of insanity. By the way, do you want some cheese with your whine, dipshit? LOL Fuck off moron.
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Upton's symptoms mirror those of USA
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Sosbee's symptoms mirror those of a Paranoid Delusional Moron
Submitted by J. Robert Upton (not verified) on Fri, 06/29/2012 - 2:00pm
Notice the sick and slimy symptoms shown by scummy liar sosbee are representative of stupidity and paranoid delusional bullshit.
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Stupidity, Lies and Neomoronic Bullshit
Submitted by J. Robert Upton (not verified) on Thu, 07/12/2012 - 12:31pm
so, gerbil, you post your stupid lying crap all over the world and somebody is supposed to learn some lesson from it? You stupid, delusional, illiterate asshole. By the way, the link in gerbils post above just goes to another indymedia site where the moron has posted his stinking lying crap again. Want some cheese with that whine you stupid fucker?

More from fbi operative/assassin j robert upton , aka, paint me doubtful, clyde, bebop, etc:


aka, ryan, monique jamal:


*See very filthy comments by fbi operative j Robert upton, aka, get real, aka get help, etc:

‘Get Help’:


*‘Get Real’(fbi operative and assassin admits that the fbi is trying to kill me):




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 Sentenced by fbi/cia to a life of torture, abuse and struggle for sanity
picture26 Aug 2014 @ 15:57
See our summary report on exactly how the fbi/cia have destroyed America, even as whistleblowers and patriots try to notify the public of atrocities by these two evil agencies.
This report is co-authored by Barbara Hartwell:

As a result of my reports on the crimes committed by the fbi as I have outlined extensively on my website at [link] and as summarized in my affidavits which can be accessed at [link] , the fbi engaged in Mafia type operations to terminate me. I have personally experienced all of the events that are referenced below by Barbara Hartwell, and then some. The fbi has used every trick of their trade in efforts to end my life, or to imprison me. They failed.

Yet, in my efforts to survive I have come to realize that in the broader social landscape the fbi succeeds in frightening the people and imposing a police state on the American people. The fbi in concert with the cia (an equally murderous group of uncontrolled thugs- as Barbara shows us) now threaten the entire world by tactics similar to those we (Barbara & I ) document.

The responsibility for the collapse of our constitutional government must therefore be placed directly on the people of the United States of America, especially the ruling elite and the professionals who benefit most (temporarily) from the crimes against humanity that we expose.

Here is a summary of my life for the past twenty-five years; for the details see my data online at SOSBEE vs. fbi dot com.

After the initial decade of unfathomable assaults (physical & psychological) against me (beginning in about 1988, continuing to date by cowardly, underhanded & backstabbing fbi) I awakened to the reality of the nightmare facing me and I began my own resistence against the fbi thugs in about the year 2000. The fbi's dirty and criminal/felonious efforts to harm or kill me have continued 24/7, globally and uninterrupted since then to this very moment ( a twenty five year ladder of pain and suffering witnessed in large part by the congress & the courts). I was then and remain now in a struggle for life and sanity.

The following explication is borrowed from my friend Barbara Hartwell:


"As anyone who has come forward to expose government crimes and corruption (of whatever nature) knows, the price we pay is to be further targeted for extreme persecution, a neutralization campaign. The campaigns against Targets are highly organized and multi-layered. The criminal perps (government agents and their minions) will attempt to neutralize a Target by any and every means possible: Ruin the Target's good name with libel/slander. False accusations, false witness. Impugning the Target's sanity, falsely portraying him/her as "crazy". Set ups by outside agitators, and planting agents in the Target's life. Sabotage of family relationships, friendships, professional associations --in order to leave the Target isolated, without any support. Driving the Target into financial ruin, destitution. Theft, vandalism and destruction of the Target's property, including vehicles, to make certain the Target has no transportation.

*The perpetrators will do all in their power to achieve the end result of isolation, alienation, deprivation, and make no mistake: they have the vast resources to do their dirty work, and in their arrogance, believe themselves to be "above the law". Considering the general lawlessness into which this country has devolved, they can easily get away with their many and varied schemes and criminal offenses --including murder.

They will utilize the courts, the police, the social services, all of which are infiltrated and ultimately controlled by those far above them in the chain of command. Most people are unaware that this shadow government cabal has agents all over the country, in every city, town, even the smallest hamlets and villages. If this sounds "paranoid", so be it --but just wait until it happens to YOU, and see how quickly you have a change of mind.

When the Target tries to get help, or any kind of support, the people surrounding her/him will, one by one, one way or another, be stopped from providing it. The family, friends, neighbors, professional associates, may be threatened, or bribed. They may be told the most outrageous of lies about the Target, which keeps them from wanting to help. They may be told that the Target is "under investigation" by the FBI. As a result of the insidious machinations of the agents, the persons who formerly offered support (of one kind or another) may "blame the victim", and withdraw their support.

Often, the Target will not understand what is happening, at least at first. Aside from being extremely distressing, it can be terribly confusing. The Target may driven into a panic, asking himself, Why is everyone abandoning me? Why have I been betrayed? Why are all the doors slammed in my face? Why can't I get any help, no matter where I turn? Not even from my family, or from people I thought were my friends. What the hell is going on here?

However, when the campaign against the Target continues, month after month, year after year, it becomes clear: This is an organized operation. And the Target, being alone and deprived of all resources, may feel helpless to do anything to stop it. Consider what it's like to be alone, up against brutal persecution from the intelligence services, the government of the most powerful country in the world."


Recently, the fbi co-ops a retired female police employee (my neighbor in an adjoining duplex) to attempt to terrorize me and my wife over a period of a year as follows:

The neighbor plants large, live taratulas at my front and back doors, throws a dozen frogs into the back patio, sprays our patio plants with destructive chemicals, throws a dead animal with a bashed in head in the back patio, plants large moths in our patio, yells from her window every time I enter or exit, exits at all hours of night and day to walk in front of me and then returns to her unit. With fbi camera on (both in front and back of the property) and with a recording device on her person and property this crazy woman seeks a response so that the fbi can then file a complaint against me.

I am grateful to Barbara Hartwell for her many years of friendship and for her work to free mankind from the grips of the devil incarnate: the fbi/cia homicidal sociopaths and torturers (including their operatives, informants and sources/friends/associates). THANK YOU FROM MY HEART, BARBARA.

See my statements on the dilemma facing men and women as a result of the provocations imposed on them by the criminals who work for the fbi:


The fbi and all law enforcement in the USA are criminal enterprises which must be stopped:


and who better to stop the thugs than you and I!

See Also:

[link]  More >

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 ... 20   Older entries >>

Our efforts (mine & my associates)reveal the macabre destiny of mankind, unless we prevail in the pursuit of a general enlightenment of the populace. In any event we are the unacknowledged legislators of the world by awakening in others a fundamental respect for humankind and by indicting the torturers and assassins of our era. The United States of America, by virtue of our work here, is now forever known as a BEAST (Brain EntrAinment State) , a country w/o conscience, a people w/o heart who are cursed with a national character predominantly w/o soul :



For Compelling Reports, See The One And Only
Official Site Of

Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA


This is the real fbi which uses the methods and incorporates the values of the notorious Mafia:


Sosbee reports from the field:
get your own fbi/cia terrorist badge at:
See cia data:

...and see my documentations of fbi/cia crimes at:

The greatest threat to mankind are the murderers and torturers of the fbi/cia. Sosbee comments:

Invade my country (or alienate me in it) I will invade yours;invade my *brain, all bets are off.
A slogan to be remembered:

The Few, the Proud, the Brain Entraining Fiends of the US Marines.

*Regarding Brain Entrainment,
[Note: The perennial search for peaceful solutions to the fbi/cia torture & killing spree globally is the paradox of my life under attack.]


"I suspect that all the crimes committed by all the jailed criminals do not equal in total social damage that of the crimes committed against them."
Karl Menninger, M.D.
The Crime Of Punishment
The Viking Press, NY, 1969

"The laws are like cobwebs: where the small flies are caught, and the great break through."
"...the individual cannot delegate the task of defending his basic human rights-to dignity,liberty, and responsibility-to any group of protectors,..." be they clergy, doctors, legislators, fbi, mafia, police, judges. "For if the protectors are successful, they inevitably become
O P P R E S S O R S..." who should be publicly categorized as


NOTE: The inmates, prisoners, and accused in custody around the world have redeeming qualities that should allow them their freedom in most cases; the fbi, police, all cops at every level, have no such redeeming characteristics; for they kill, stalk, lie, steal, falsify records and calumniate for a living (a profession) 24/7, for 20 to 30 years..


-------------------Caution: Adult Content:


See Robin Head's data:
Note that Robin refused to join in the illegal fbi sting against innocent persons:

Sosbee's Tribute To Our Brothers And Sisters Jailed Anywhere On Earth:

We all owe a debt to the millions of persons imprisoned by the corrupt criminal & civil justice systems worldwide, for THE IMPRISONED have surrendered their lives so that we may pompously pursue our demented imaginings on the progress of a failed civilization. See:
and see:
["You must contrive for your future Rulers another and a better life than that of a Ruler, and then you may have a well ordered State; for only in the State which offers this, will they rule who are truly rich, not in silver and gold, but in virtue and wisdom, which are the true blessings of life." Plato, The Republic.]

The united states of america is a government of torturers & traitors supported by cowards and fools who often can be heard echoing the sentiments of the torturers and assassins of the fbi/cia/pentagon against their victims as follows:"We have Little tolerance for losers and those constantly whining or needing attention."b>

June 6, 1944: The D ay that Enslaved the world.

This is my News Log.
All statements in this site are the opinion of Geral W. Sosbee, except where otherwise indicated.

All work authored by Geral Sosbee in this website and at is registered with United States Copyright Office, For a Work of the Performing Arts, # PAu 2-587-209, effective 10-10-2000, entitled "Intelligence", in accordance with title 17, United States Code. All Rights Reserved.

All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner. FAIR USE NOTICE: This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. I make such material available in efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. I believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to:
The entire content of this site is subject to international copyright. Unauthorized reproduction will be vigourously pursued to the full extent of the law.
I believe that the **war mongers and cutthroats must not be allowed to rule the world any longer; their methods fail.
"And so long as they were at war, their power was preserved, but when they had attained empire they fell, for of the arts of peace they knew nothing, and had never engaged in any employment higher than war." Aristotle, Politics
Rick Stanley
Constitutional Activist:
RE: psychotronic torture being used on sosbee and others NOW (2008):

Read: Inner Voice, Target Tracking,And Behavioral Influence Technologies
See Project Zombie :
[link] sosbee&rnum=2&hl=en&safe=active

[Consistent with the COPPA laws anyone under the age of 13 (thirteen ) in the United States is required to have their parent's permission before sending any information about oneself using this site. Also, anyone who sends an e-mail or other personal data to Geral W. Sosbee is affirming that he/she is 13 (thirteen ) years of age, or older, or has parental consent, and accepts responsibility for all representations made.]

*Also See Report This Site Dated and Entitled:
'Every child belongs to us': today's unsung fbi slogan
25 Jul 2007
_________Spread the word. Get your own FBI/CIA TERRORISTS badge

Regarding ELF assaults see:

[link] -----------------------------

___ As President Theodore Roosevelt said in his 1906 State of the Union address, "No man can take part in the torture of a human being without having his own moral nature permanently lowered." ______________________________________
ATHOUSANDWORDS-for students of physiognomy:
**The cowards of the United States government who engage in (or who permit or fail to stop) the mind control, psychoelectronic harassment/torture, and other so-called cover research human experimentation programs are the same individuals who share the responsibility for the fall of this country; I intend to share with all of the world, until my death, the tremendous fraud that the U.S. has become in its efforts to colonize the world by murderous and inhumane methodologies; in my work, my primary goal is to expose these low life perpetrators and misanthropes for what they are : assassins and torturers who should face an international war tribunal for their crimes against Humanity. Equally important in my life are the efforts to help others through education and friendship. I extend to my associates everywhere my sincere gratitude for your courage in striking the evil ones with your hearts and souls.
Compelling history is in the making by you & me.
Finally, the general lack of interest by the public at large regarding the ongoing torturing and killing of Targets by the fbi/cia (and their operatives) at home and abroad provides fertile ground for expanded inhumane assaults on mankind by these and other agencies ( as well as the lunatics in the private sector who also engage in the torture of selected Targets).
Finally, we must all begin to take the hoodlums of the fbi, cia, and other police agencies ( and their supporters in the general civilian population) MOST SERIOUSLY (if individual liberties are to be regained).

See 'murder in progress' , Brussell Sprout :

and See:

"Presbyterian Book Of Order
Challenge to Presbyterians of Conscience"

...and consider


"You must contrive for your future Rulers another and a better life than that of a Ruler, and then you may have a well ordered State; for only in the State which offers this, will they rule who are truly rich, not in silver and gold, but in virtue and wisdom, which are the true blessings of life." Plato, The Republic.

How To Stop The uSA Global Killing And Torture Spree:
The Formation Of The
(This means that the people must throw out the merchants of death in every government on earth):

SOSBEE's message to punks and cowards: U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms (little mr. Gainer),Senators Grassley, Leahy, Cornyn and their criminal associates in Congress:
This soldier is moved by your sickness, but you are all in the rear and not on the front lines; so, you are viewed as cowards and traitors to those of us fighting the battles. Thus, I will not be able to help you when the people arrive on the scene.
To Congressional Traitors/Cowards From Einstein regarding the corrupt and fraudulent MDs in the decadent and homicidal practice of Psychiatry:
For more on the corrupt fbi see:



The fbi falsifies records and spreads fraudulent reports in both civil & criminal matters. See my medical clearances at


and an update in the documents below.

Note please that my former employer (fbi) has for two decades falsely reported my medical records in their smear campaign; I wanted the PUBLIC to have the correct info on me. Appropriate medical records, including *recent blood tests and medical exam are documented by letter dated December 14, 2012, and are available at:


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  • MK ULTRA PROJECTS: FBI: Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee's Testimony

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  • Texas Workforce Commission is De Facto fbi Operative

  • 2013-09-15
  • Criminal Justice System Reform: Recommended Required Course For CJS Curriculum:

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