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 fbi/cia chief William Webster ( a fraud) is honored in the news
category picture20 Sep 2004 @ 21:02
In the news is *William Webster ( appointed director of the FBI in February 1978, and was head of the CIA in 1987).
geral sosbee alleges: At the time the fbi unlawfully forced sosbee to resign in 1978 under threat of death/imprisonment (to prevent sosbee from reporting fbi crimes nationwide) William Webster (the coward that he is and ever was) permitted the fbi crimes documented by sosbee that year , and since that time Webster continues to exemplify the characteristics of the mental dwarf (defined on my site) and continues to be honored by society at large. For the record, Mr Webster.

* For a photo of Mr. Webster see the actual fbi history book (page 29), summarized at:

For more information see update this site, dated December 7, 2006, entitle google/yahoo.
14 Nov 2004 . by gsosbee : a basket of corrupt and incompetents
In the news is CIA Director Porter Goss , a Florida republican who formerly chaired the House intelligence Committee; this man had responsiblity for overseeing the cia global spy operations prior to 911; he is the very same man who apparently allowed the cia to run a series of outrageous dirty tricks (in concert with the fbi punks) against this writer in Thailand in 1999 [link] . In other words he is at once corrupt and incompetent and is exactly what the U.S. president (who arguably stole two elections in the U.S.) needs to continue the inhumane global assault on mankind.for the record.

 *Nations lose their character and soul to fbi/cia murderous tyrants
category picture19 Sep 2004 @ 21:23
The Romanian expression "Cum Zboare Zventul" (possibly misspelled here) captures the **Romanian custom of setting domestic policy in a manner consistent with "how the wind blows" (or , from which direction the political wind blows).For example, when the war machine of Russia is strongly felt in Romania, then domestic public policy accommodates it, at the expense of the Romanian people and basic Human Rights ; when the Germans blow through, then the Romanians again shift their national character to conform to the new dictators (i.e. those of the Nazis ). Now, the wind makes dramatic ( and yet somewhat subtle) shift and blows from the United States; predictably the Romanians again accommodate. The various state and federal representatives from the United States' legal profession (among other government bodies) presently presume to 'teach' the Romanians how best to set up the three branches of government (modeled after those in the U.S.). The problem is that as the various envoys ( for example those from the Texas State Bar and from the California legal community) reach Romania, little or no discussion focuses on the total corruption of the three branches of the government of the U.S. by the fbi/cia and other intelligence agencies. So, we see the smiling faces of the dignitaries posing for the camera in Romania as though to suggest that a great beneficial friendship is about to unfold between the two distinct cultures.We have all seen such a 'smiling face scenario' throughout history when one murderous tyrant forces another to sell out his people and his nation. I suggest that all countries (including Romania) lift the veil presented to them by the mind controlled visitors from the U.S. Before adopting U.S. standards for public policy, law and government, I also suggest that these leaders take a hard look at the evil regime that underlies the system about to be imposed there. In essence I urge the Romanians for once in modern times to create their own unique and just government based on the ideals of liberty and individual Human Rights , and that such system be diametrically opposed to the existence of any form of a Totalitarian state. Trash 'Cum Zboare Zventul'.

In the ad that I placed in the January 2001, issue of the Texas Sate Bar Journal ,Vol.64, No.1, p.55(see: ),I notified the Texas State Bar ( and I put on notice all members of the Texas Legal community )via a reference to my website that the fbi consists of torturers , terrorists and assassins , and that the government of the U.S. as represented by the false public image of the three distinct and co-equal branches , --i.e., the executive, judicial, and legislative-- is a fraud . Yet, the Texas legal community ignored the information which I provided prior to the 911 attack on the U.S., and which also forewarned of global distrust of the U.S. as a result of fbi/cia terrorist practices worldwide.
See Also:
Warning: Adult Content
From Brownsville, Texas
June 7, 2006
In the 2000 I wrote that any nation which assists the fbi and the cia in the atrocities (I describe) and in the commission of crimes against Humanity is unfit with respect to Humanitarian issues; See:
Today we learn more about such nations;
(... 14 European countries — Britain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Bosnia, Macedonia, Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Romania and Poland — as being complicit in "unlawful inter-state transfers" of people). For the full article by the courageous Swiss senator Dick Marty , see the following article , this date, entitled :
Probe of CIA prisons implicates EU nations By JAN SLIVA, Associated Press Writer
**Sosbee writes: If in fact the towns of Timisoara and Bucharest are used by the cia to further the so-called "Rendition" of Targets into torture chambers or death, then all officials of the Romanian government, such as President Traian Basescu (as well as private individuals who assisted) should and must be tried as war criminals for crimes against Humanity, as should the President of the United States, the officials of the cia and fbi, and any other person who participated in the mini holocaust associated with the so-called war on terror and the Iraq war; the same reasoning should apply to other counries such as Poland, Morocco, Algiers, Egypt, Jordan,Iraq, etc. Further, other countries' officials such as those in England, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Baku, should be held accountable for fascilitating the transfer of Targets for torture; 'accountability' means criminal responsibility on the part of specific persons and international condemnation for any and all governments involved in the hideous and evil cia/fbi agenda.
----------- ------------------
From Brownsville, Texas
September 22, 2006
In the news from AP :
"Bush 'taken aback' by Musharraf comment
AP - 1 hour, 52 minutes ago
WASHINGTON - President Bush said Friday he was "taken aback" by a purported U.S. threat to bomb Pakistan back to the Stone Age if it did not cooperate in the fight against terrorism after the Sept. 11 attacks He praised Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf for being one of the first foreign leaders to come out after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to stand with the U.S. to "help root out an enemy."

Sosbee writes: Musharraf is a coward for allowing the thugs and the assassins of the uSA to control Pakistan; any intelligent human being would welcome a return to the stone age over the alternative of living on one's knees for eternity. Shame on you, Musharraf; you now sleep with the enemy of Mankind and therefore you must be 'rooted out.'
* "You must contrive for your future Rulers another and a better life than that of a Ruler, and then you may have a well ordered State; for only in the State which offers this, will they rule who are truly rich, not in silver and gold, but in virtue and wisdom, which are the true blessings of life." Plato, The Republic.

 the defense of the United States
category picture28 Aug 2004 @ 21:35
When next the assassins attack this country, remember this , cowards and weaklings defend it.

See statements on remote control weaponry:
and (most recently):
See also update to this site on September 15, 2006, under the heading:
2003-12-15 09:29 Articles
" United States of America : The Not So Brave "
See also:Article at this site entitled,"
New Director of U.S. Intelligence Agencies"
Article #: 55
Date: 13 Apr 2005
From Brownsville, Texas
January 24, 2007
Note that the recent visitor to
(as reflected in the site meter entry shown below) shows inordinate interest in the above update and perhaps a perverse interest (with subliminal significance) in the "Hate Mail" to geral sosbee; perhaps he/she is one of the cowards or weaklings mentioned above:

Geral W. Sosbee vs. fbi, Whistle Blower, ex-FBI Ag
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 fbi misleads public again
category picture28 Aug 2004 @ 15:27
geral sosbee quotes:
Re:By CURT ANDERSON, Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON - In a spy investigation that could strain U.S.-Israeli relations and muddy the Bush administration's Middle East policy, the FBI (news - web sites) is investigating whether a Pentagon (news - web sites) analyst fed to Israel secret materials about White House deliberations on Iran.
geral sosbee writes:
The fbi frantically seeks favorable publicity to improve its torn image as protector of the security of the United States. The present ploy to charge an Israeli with spying is the greatest publicity stunt of the year for the fbi; for they now seize the opportunity to , 1) prove to the people that they are indeed worthy of trust regarding competency in national security matters 2) protect their turf against cia infringement, especially given the current restructuring efforts by critics of the cia , 3)create a new awareness of the threat that Iran poses to the world with their nuclear intentions 4) remind the Jewish employees who work closely with the fbi and the cia that the first allegiance of the Jews here must be to the fbi and to the cia, not to Israeli intelligence ,5)set up a pretense for the government of the U.S. to begin propaganda campaign for the future attacks on Iran and , at the same time, startle the American people with yet a new fear of terrorism concerning which only the fbi can protect us. The truth is that the fbi and the cia provide (or make avalable) to the Israelis (through Pentagon and other liasons) sensitive data all the time for the mutual benefit of Israel and the U.S. At any given time the fbi and the cia can charge dozens of U.S. government employees with offenses relating to espionage and national security matters.

Suspicious Death Of Possible fbi Psychological And Chemical Target, Aaleman Abdirahman Dirie, 8-29-08:

Coroner: Cyanide suicide victim was schizophrenic

DENVER (AP) —" A cornor says a man who killed himself with cyanide in a Denver hotel room had been suffering from schizophrenia....
The FBI says Dirie's death has no apparent connection to terrorism, and police say they don't suspect foul play.
The coroner ruled... Dirie, of Ottawa, Canada, committed suicide."
February 15, 2002, Commentary By Sosbee

 relevance of sosbee's reports
category picture24 Aug 2004 @ 21:05
The reports from former fbi/cia agents and operatives regarding extreme retaliation (in the form described by this writer) is for now seen by many as too incredible to be true; this is precisely what the fbi/cia anticipate, so that the two agencies can continue to attempt to silence their 'insider' critics who are often portrayed as ill.By the time the mainstream population realizes that citizens from the general public may also be similarly targeted (and that therefore something must be done to stop it) the two rogue and terrorist agencies will have formulated yet an even more obscure/exotic manner of exterminating the activist.The reason that this topic is important to the average *citizen is that widespead targeting of citizens ( even if only a few at a time) portends a hellish future for society (in a global sense).Responsibility to address this issue rests with all of us , not just those presently under fire.
For More On This Subject, See:

 symptoms of national immorality: allow fbi/cia atrocities
category picture24 Aug 2004 @ 15:22
Sosbee writes:The most compelling subject in my opinion today is the *inhumane war on mankind now being waged by the United States, especially as directed by the fbi and the cia. I presently see very little coverage of this topic anywhere, even while the criminal activities of these two evil agencies escalates before our very eyes(i.e.: the cia lying to Congress about weapons of mass destruction, thereafter dragging US to war; the fbi and the cia use of high tech to kill/incapacitate the Targets; the fbi's wholesale and unjustifiable killings of our people). Moreover when I attempt to focus attention on the ongoing (and past) atrocities of these two corrupt agencies, the little ones (whom I describe on my site as mental dwarfs)verbally attack or otherwise slander me. So, let the record show that each of you in so assaulting me and my work stand as prime examples of the low and sinister mentality that dominates politics, law and public policy in this country;by your ignorance you assist the fbi and the cia in keeping the voice of liberty muted, and you will therefore be remembered as cowards and "scum bags" (to use Barbara Hartwell's words). You should indeed be ashamed of yourselves, but your lack of good sense and conscience preclude introspection .
In your writings you exhibit the ugly side of mankind ( that part
devoid of sensitivity to the suffering of others and that part that
cares not about improving the human condition today); in person I am quite certain that intelligent company is something you sorely miss and in a sense I am grateful that I do not have to look upon your empty blank faces, for there be nothing there of interest to the discerning artist/thinker/philanthropist. Finally, and again for the record,you are each in default of your duty (or responsibility) to society according to one we all know who stated:
"It is the duty of every citizen according to his best capacities to give validity to his convictions in political affairs".
Albert Einstein

Finally, as I have no realistic expectation that the fbi or the cia
will be reigned in by the Congress (and knowing by experience that the courts are equally cowardly to hold the fbi/cia accountable), I have little energy left to fight this battle alone.geral sosbee


"A Nation In Denial , Part 1
America is a nation in denial. There are things no major publication dares to print, no major broadcaster dares to discuss. Working largely through dummy "private" agencies, American military and intelligence authorities are violating human rights with absolute impunity, using 21st-Century technology to advance an inhuman, totalitarian agenda. Those who know won't speak. Those who speak are not heeded. Those who hear do not listen. Those who listen will not act."
Sosbee writes from Brownsville, Texas on September 13, 2006:

To the media, news channels, etc., across the united states: the next time you report a violent crime on the streets of our cities, taking place in broad daylight, or otherwise in full view of stunned citizens who watch (as you now watch me and others) and do nothing to aid the victim, I trust that you will not criticize the cowardly public for failure to address the hideous atrocities being witnessed.

 fbi/cia assassins imperil US.
category picture24 Jul 2004 @ 12:20

A year and a half ago, I wrote:

From Brownsville, Texas

November 28, 2002

The United States government, also known as the de facto rulers of the world, now demand the surrender of all peoples and all governments of the world unto the care, custody, control and management of the United States (as reflected in its culture, norms, laws, and public policy) NOW AND FOR ALL TIMES; this immodest seizure of the future of all of mankind and this presumed manipulation of the destiny of the human species is enforced by the fbi and the cia (and other homicidal and terrorist groups inside the United States government) by the use of tactics described in and other sites; any efforts to resist the dictates of the United States is viewed as futile and any human being who voices criticism of the United States' attack on the world is deemed criminally unbalanced and will be dealt with as such.

Today, the global criminal activities of these two rogue agencies place the American people in grave danger.geral sosbee

By Walter Pincus
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, July 28, 2006; Page A09

"A House intelligence subcommittee reported yesterday that FBI agents are beginning to evolve from law enforcement officers into intelligence collectors, but that the bureau still has not revised its guidelines for recruiting, vetting and employing informants in national security cases."

Sosbee writes: The above article is false and in my judgment the Washington Post knows that the article is more a defense of the thugs and terrorists in the fbi than a legitimate critique of the useless organization. The truth is that the fbi cannot evolve in our generation into much more than the trigger happy gun slingers that they have always been; furthermore, the fbi agents now use criminals and murderers to accomplish many of their dirty deeds in order to avoid the need to follow the law and the constitution in their daily operations. Another reason that the fbi uses thugs to carry out dirty assignments is that the fbi agents are cowards and dare not confront head on their Targets; they avoid the difficult tasks and prefer to focus their efforts on domestic spying operations (against innocent citizens)designed to dazzle the media, to protect corrupt congressional representatives, and to further their own self serving political and economic interests. If the Washington Post actually believes the story referenced above (a very unlikely possibility) then the Washington Post is part of the over all failure to come to grips with the main security problems facing the USA: fbi/cia corruption and incompetence within a decadent and macabre culture . Finally, to say simply that the fbi should be dismantled is a gross understatement; the fbi's agents, operatives, handlers, punks, thugs, etc., who carry out the many crimes ordered by the fbi/cia Bosses, should be brought before the people's court and should be prosecuted as common criminals and assassins. Then, the fbi should take its rightful place in history as the executory arm of the Enemy of Mankind.
From Brownsville, Texas
September 10, 2006
The fbi and cia concoct a sneaky 'good cop, bad cop' play to improve fbi's image as reflected in the article cited below. The fbi is aware of cia torture techniques and permits them to flourish; indeed the fbi has its own *repertoire of slow killing methodologies which the fbi hides from the world and from some in the cowardly media.
In the article cited below, the fbi pretends to address the harsh style of the cia torturers in order for some very ignorant journalist to paint a perfect portrait of the fbi's sons of Satan posing in the article as good Samaritans.


A dispute at CIA and FBI over detainees
By David Johnston The New York Times
Published: September 10, 2006

"FBI agents on the scene angrily protested the more aggressive approach, arguing that persuasion rather than coercion had succeeded."
Sosbee writes to David Johnston: your reputation as a journalist is hereinafter soiled by your licking the shoes of the fbi.
Reference 911, see:

 911 Commission
category picture23 Jul 2004 @ 11:47
On July 15, 2004, I reported evidence of possible 911 Commission deceit and cover-up of fbi crimes (including the concealment from the world of fbi/cia terrorists' sources and methodologies). More recently, the 911 Commission reveals the incompetence/failures of its staff of high level Inquisitors by refusing to recommend an overhaul of the fbi/cia's operations. Specifically, the 911 Commission makes no
effort to examine the total corruption of the army of assassins in the fbi and thereby grants the fbi a continuing license (with the imprimature of the Commission) to carry on the programs of blackmail, extortion , torture and murder of key persons worldwide by the use of street thugs, police, etc.,and high tech weaponry. The 911 Commission therefore performs a treasonous disservice to the American people and
leaves the U.S. more vulnerable than ever to attacks on the homeland. The heart of the problem that the 911 Commission is afraid to address is associated with the fbi/cia inhumane terrorist tactics and assaults worldwide as I have outlined in my site. Until the United States addresses these issues and comes clean with the world's population regarding fbi/cia crimes against Humanity, the holocaust may continue.This update is dedicated to : celmakie "petit rappel".geral sosbee
See article dated 9-14-05, "fbi/cia incompetence and corruption threaten the United States".
See also:
[link]  More >

 fbi/cia masters of *deceit
category picture20 Jul 2004 @ 17:58
Subject: fbi/cia masters of deceit
The world's most sinister terrorists are the special agents, special investigators, operatives, informants, associates, friends and handlers of the fbi/cia, for these sociopaths parade about with a dual facade: first they pretend to be defenders of the U.S.Constitution; at the same time the hooligans-calumniators of the fbi/cia target and destroy anyone who is deemed to be a threat to their grip on the world; and, while the collective mentality of the fbi/cia society are sometimes described as dwarfish, the group think and the psychopathology of their collective schemes render them most dangerous both in their predatory style and in their access to and use of high technology (including bio,chem,directed energy, psyops, etc). Add to this the general willingness of the population to accept the broad dictates of these authorities and voila we have the brutal totalitarian state that we once correctly feared.

"These masterminds of death were found to be quite psychologically normal. They were men of fine standing, husbands who morning and night kissed their wives, fathers who tucked their children into bed."

July 14, 2006
Sosbee confirms this date that the fbi and the cia monitor, edit and alter e-mail communications from the Target whenever desired.
For a while Sosbee was noticing many typos in the material that he posted; then, he realized that the fbi in fact (not imaginary) changed some of the data in order to make it appear as a typo. These entries by the fbi are another form of gas lighting wherein the tampering is slight, but troublesome. A recent example is as follows, wherein Sosbee makes a statement of fact to a supporter, but the fbi changes the statement to a question:
"Thanks for the message?"
The earlier hate mail from ** Iommi (a presumed fbi operative) states that the fbi can monitor every key stroke, but now Sosbee recognizes that the fbi can also retype any part of the message at will. See Iommi's message to Sosbee at the following link; for an excerpt of Mr. Iommi's unbridled lunacy see the statement below:


"By the way -- We have the ability now to monitor every keystroke you make on any computer you frequently use throughout your days. What a waste of time it is reading your website."
Reference 911 See:

 incompetence in fbi/cia responsible for 911
category picture15 Jul 2004 @ 12:16
I recently contacted the U.S. Commission on 911 and I attempted to report gross abuse of power by the fbi/cia in foreign intelligence matters ; I wanted to point out that such transgressions involved *blackmail and extortion by the fbi/cia against foreign governments and officials who fail to recognize the superiority of the fbi/cia in the NWO. This type of corruption by the fbi/cia must be addressed in order to prevent another attack on the U.S. because foreign countries may begin to play the same game on US that we use on them in regards to sharing intelligence.
The Commission ignored my two e-mails on this subject. I must therefore conclude that the Commission attempts to conceal from the world certain intelligence data that could compromise intelligence sources and methodology even though the fbi and the cia engage in commodity-type trading of such information in international political negotiations/operations in a manner not necessarily in the best interests of presumed friendly nations. Specifically, for example, the fbi will withhold intelligence data that a foreign country needs to prevent a terrorist attack on that foreign nation, unless that country (or foreign official) fully cooperates with the fbi and the cia in covert operations design to kill or to imprison given Targets, or to overthrow a given government.Indeed in some instances as history shows the terrorists in some attacks had cia tacit approval for attacks on certain targets.
An appauling example of a different type fbi/cia incompetence and corrupt practices regarding intelligence sharing occurred in the Phillipines prior to 911. The Phillipino government (and top law enforcement officials in Manila) advised the fbi and the cia prior to 911 that a number of the terrorists who were later confirmed as involved in the 911 attack on the U.S. were in the Phillipines, possibly training there, and were en route to the U.S. The fbi and the cia ignored this data because the names , albeit associated with known terrorist groups, were Saudi Arabian, and that nation enjoys a cozy relationship with the fbi/cia in terms of sharing intelligence data; presumably the fbi and the cia take no action (until now) against suspect foreign nationals of Saudi Arabia because such characters may in fact be assassins for the Saudi government. In other words the fbi and the cia protect the assassins of friendly nations.
In this regard ,the police officials in Manilla hold deep resentment for the fbi and the cia for their heavy-handed controls over the Phillipino government and these officials are at the same time afraid to report fbi/cia trangressions/incompetence to the U.S. Congress for fear of retaliation by the fbi/cia who could easily withhold the names of potential assassins bent on killing Phillipino officials.
Another common method of fbi/cia retaliation against a foreign government official is for the fbi and the cia to not share vital intelligence data with a sometimes friendly foreign government in order to allow a terrorist attack on that government when intelligence tactics dictate the need for such back-stabbing. This , of course, causes serious political repercussions, especially as some foreign officials now recognize that the fbi and the cia lied to the U.S. Congress about the causes for U.S. invasion of Iraq (as well as other skirmishes around the world) and at the same time the U.S. expects friendly nations to send troops to die for our (U.S.)inhumane goals there.geral sosbee
*The fbi publishes the following fraudulent public notice at its unofficial site shown below:
"The F.B.I. Bureau investigates Murders, Extortion, Kidnapping, Antiterrorism, Theft of Auto & Banks. Of course the F.B.I does a whole lot more, but to say it simply we protect The United States of America."
See Also Article Entitled And Dated As Follows:
The Responsibility For The Collapse Of The USA
[Category: News] 23 May 2008
"The Responsibility For The Collapse Of The Constitutional
Government of The United States of America ".
Sosbee adds: The fbi states , "WE protect the United States of America"; such an assertion is a total lie; in reality the fbi and the cia have destroyed the USA as a Constitutional Democracy.

 strong support for sosbeevfbi
category picture19 May 2004 @ 09:24
Barbara Hartwell
Legal Defense and Research Fund
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park Maine 04063


See This important article at:
See evidence of USA federal agencies in support of :
See the following link for evidence of cia investigation of the fraudulent fbi performance:
Note that the United States Army is also interested in investigating the treasonous agents of the fbi and the cia (in connection with the concerted efforts of these two cowardly agencies to terminate this Target), as evidenced by the frequent Army visits to :

Geral W. Sosbee vs. fbi, Whistle Blower, ex-FBI Ag
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Visit Entry Page [link]

From Brownsville, Texas
November 11, 2006
Support continues from around the world:

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NASA, friend or foe, continues to document the history of, as they are keenly aware of the truth of Sosbee's reports (particularly regarding satellite based assaults by directed energy on Sosbee's and others' brains for the past five years, or longer);( NASA appears to be FOE ):

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For More Evidence of Support By Agencies Of The United States Government See:

 a private message now delivered to the world
category picture21 Apr 2004 @ 12:33

The following is a personal and private e-mail that Sosbee sent to a supporter on March 21, 2002 . The message is printed here for the record:

Thank you for your question. I have no way of knowing how many others are in this situation. I suspect that no one else is in the exact same dire nightmarish existence that I face on a continual basis daily. Indeed, I may be the only former fbi agent (or cia agent) in history to be so aggressively retaliated against for my taking well-documented reports of fbi/cia fraud, corruption and treasonous conduct directly to Congress, the United States Supreme Court, the People of the United States, and now the People of the world. My reports are corroborated with compelling evidence (inside the fbi) which cannot be dealt with honestly by these two agencies; therefore their agents, operatives, thugs and assassins must silence me. I know of no other fbi agent who has survived terrorist assaults as I have (for 4 years) with such a monumental case against the fbi/cia. I am not proud of my efforts to destroy the fbi/cia for their murderous ways; this is my duty and I am saddened by the prospect that I must now show the world that my country is a fiendish fraud, both on the world at large and on Humanity for allowing the fbi/cia to continue their *atrocities. I plan to live for many years, even while the fbi and the cia continue their assaults and mind games against me. Someday, the record that I now present will be eagerly accepted by a nation and a world that must inevitably come to grips with the fundamental issues associated with governmental corruption and human suffering. I will probably not be around to witness such an awakening, but I know that such a phenomenon will occur and I trust that the world and its inhabitants will be the better for such a re-engineering of civilization that I envision. Of course all of this speculation assumes that the world will survive long enough to come to its senses. I give credit to others alive today who also live with similar terrorist retaliation by the fbi/cia; indeed, I draw some of my strength from their warm assistance and reassurance. Again, thank you for your astute interest in this matter and for your occasional queries of my humble opinion. Geral

*Warning: graphic content, adult viewing only:

 global tyranny by fbi/cia
category picture5 Apr 2004 @ 12:33
The tactics employed globally by the fbi/cia reflect the homicidal profile of the enforcers and perpetrators of the new, stagnant and completely controlled world. "World In A Box" at


See Also:

Note In The News:Study of Bush's psyche touches a nerve
Julian Borger in Washington
Wednesday August 13, 2003

A study funded by the US government has concluded that conservatism can be explained psychologically as a set of neuroses rooted in "fear and aggression, dogmatism and the intolerance of ambiguity".
As if that was not enough to get Republican blood boiling, the report's four authors linked Hitler, Mussolini, Ronald Reagan and the rightwing talkshow host, Rush Limbaugh, arguing they all suffered from the same affliction.

 *mind control
category picture9 Mar 2004 @ 13:54
He best resists mind control efforts whose artistic vision and flair prevent such programming in the first place.

See Also:
For more information regarding mind control (via conditioned response and other techniques) by the fbi/cia against selected Targets, see the following links and stay tuned for updates thereto in December, 2006:

And Study This:
A word of caution: whenever one reads the following statement (or variations thereof) be advised that such announcements (and subsequent contents) issue from the enemy of Mankind and are designed to prejudice one's thinking :

This case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation,
IRS-Criminal Investigation,
the Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and U.S. AID-Office of Inspector General.

*Thomas Jefferson

"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."
Former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis wrote in 1928, the framers of the Constitution sought "to protect Americans in their beliefs, their thoughts, their emotions, and their sensations." It is for this reason that they established, as against the government, the right to be let alone as "the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men.
Former President of the USA, Calvin Cooledge, also observed the dangers of allowing any organization to force government action by manipulating public opinion ( a tactic that the fbi and the cia have perfected over the past hundred years): " Any organization of men bent on inflaming public mind for the purposes of forcing government action through pressure of public opinion is an exceedingly and dangerous undertaking."

 AP news on fbi chief conditt, convicted felon and blackmail victim
category picture19 Feb 2004 @ 15:09
See page *a13 of sosbee's writ ( for letter from now convicted fbi chief conditt to sosbee promising an inquiry into allegations of fbi criminal activity, but never delivering on that promise. Now we see that he was apparently blackmailed by the fbi to do nothing on sosbee's complaint if he (conditt) wanted to retire with a pension, even though he would soon face felony charges.

From Brownsville, Texas
April 9, 2007
UPI reports:
"FBI Director Robert Mueller announced late last week that Assistant Director of Congressional Affairs Eleni Kalisch would be leaving for a position in the private sector. "
Sosbee writes:
Eleni Kalisch is a fraud and a liar who has brought great suffering upon all who sought her assistance in connection with fbi black operations, torture scenarios and human experimentation games. See:
Any group who hires this woman does so for her skills in deceit, treachery and callouys disregard to human suffering.

 US world domination
category picture9 Jan 2004 @ 14:25
As the United States' control of the people is achieved through warfare (both physical and psychological), the same inhumane techniques ( now expanded with high tech applications) must continue to be applied indefinitely in order for the tyrants to consolidate and entrench their oppressive roles as Overlords of humanity. The United States has no intention of ending its war, ever; thus, the power that gained the overlords a global macro victory must by definition not be diminished.''"And so long as they were at war, their power was preserved, but when they had attained empire they fell, for of the arts of peace they knew nothing, and had never engaged in any employment higher than war." Aristotle, Politics''.

The micro war against specific individuals is also underway now.


Ominous News Development, July 27, 2006:
"House OK's nuclear shipments to India
The House voted overwhelmingly yesterday to allow American shipments of civilian nuclear fuel and technology to India, handing President Bush a victory on one of his top foreign policy initiatives. Representative Tom Lantos said the proposal, which reverses decades of US anti-proliferation policy, is `a tidal shift in relations between India and the UnitedStates'." (AP)

Sosbee writes: The reason for the uSA policy shift may be associated with India's agreement to follow uSA's security and economic interests in the region; this means in part that all nations at odds with India are now faced with a critical decision: agree to India's proclamations (e.g., commands to Pakistan) regarding land and political disputes, or face destruction by weapons/means provided by the uSA. * If in fact India has been brought under the control of the fascists of the United States, then India's people (and others in the region) will continue to suffer as India decides for the sake of political expediency to expand upon its poor record regarding human rights in return for increasing , 1)its military strength 2) and its global political clout (all with the help of the global totalitarian tyrant , the United States). India is now apparently in the process of becoming a Henchman for the world's preeminent terrorist , the United States of America. This development is signaling to others, particularly China, that the USA is yet on the [...goose step] march toward world inhumane domination.

* On the other hand India may be playing both ends against the middle; that is India may be aligning both with the West and the East (Russia) so as to be in a winning position, no matter what.See News this date:
"India is planning to export missiles, particularly the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile developed jointly with Russia, to friendly countries, Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee told parliament." AP.
From Brownsville, Texas
August 21, 2006
As a result of the fbi/cia torturous and criminal activities as documented in this website ( and on other sites, Sosbee writes articles concerning "Where Is the United States Taking the World" (under the threat of nuclear destruction). Sosbee's work has a profound effect on governments which must now explain to their people why any nation would seek to align with the enemy of mankind: the USA. The NRC, frustrated with the fbi and the cia for their atrocities may agree with Sosbee as shown by their double visit to the site this date; See the following link:

See the Hidden Evil:

 global collapse of US leadership
category picture9 Jan 2004 @ 09:23
As people discover the immoral, cowardly and macabre character of the agents, operatives, handlers and associates of the fbi/cia ( as manifest globally in the killing/torture techniques used by these sociopathic assassins to insure compliance to *new world order dictates) we may not reasonably expect a merciful redress from foreign and domestic freedom fighters forced from desperation to employ against US equally aggressive and abhorrent strategems.
Cult of torture,mayhem, death

Where is the USA taking the world?

Down a path contrary to the laws of nature and Humanity, and at the same time contradistinctive to the dignity of man.

DOD criminal participation in the torture of this combat war vet:


See the site for information on how the fbi/cia silence critics of USA wars on the world;see how the fbi/cia attempt to force into suicide the most viable and credible reporters of USA sponsored high crimes and misdemeanors globally; read the documents which expose the fbi and the cia as satanic and ritual torturers; discover or confirm the emergence of USA sponsored international goon squads who watch in real time and record (for the Senate Intelligence Subcommittee of Congress)as the Targets (of their inhumane assaults) take their own lives.
Don't take my word for it; investigate the phenomena yourselves; neither accept the denials and counter claims of the world's most heinous thugs and miscreants (i.e., the fbi,cia), but delve into the matter with the dedication of a Renaissance explorer and the resolve of a bear on salmon trove.
July 7, 2006 News:
By TERENCE HUNT, AP White House Correspondent

CHICAGO - President Bush expressed frustration Friday with the slow pace of diplomacy in dealing with North Korea and Iran and prodded world leaders to send an unmistakable message condemning Pyongyang's long-range missile test.
Sosbee adds: just yesterday I heard Bolton comment that nobody in the world supports N.K. missile testing. Well, Bolton, your lies do not help pull the uSA from the abyss of confusion caused by the uSA failed leadership and murderous agenda globally; give the people of the world some credit for intelligence. Can you understand this, little one.

In the news, August 2, 2006:
WASHINGTON (AFP) - "Ten retired US diplomats have asked the Justice Department to hear a complaint against the CIA filed by a German citizen who claims to have been wrongly abducted and abused while held prisoner in Afghanistan...." The diplomats also confess as follows:
"When the courthouse door is slammed shut in the face of such notorious allegations - with the result that a person the United States has alledgedly seized and detained and tortured is denied even the possibility of redress - the work of diplomacy is rendered more difficult, and the damage to our reputation and our counter-terrorism goals, becomes incalculable."
Sosbee responds to the so-called diplomats:
Your voices are better heard if you identify yourselves by name and state where you served; then, tell us about torture and murder by uSA assassins that you are personally familiar with; then, explain why you place such a high priority on "our reputation" and our "counter-terrorism goals" , instead of stating the obvious : that uSA violations of human rights by torture, murder, and imprisonment of innocents worldwide is WRONG. Perhaps you actually believe that your efforts to help improve uSA's reputation by affording the German citizen a fair hearing places you in a favorable light. On the contrary, most intelligent readers see you for what you are: cowards and co-conspirators in the uSA global fascist state currently evident everywhere. The fall of the uSA is in part your doing, punks, and you are so hideously programmed now that you cannot see the absurdity of your gestures.
Click here for evidence of the corruption of U.S. embassies worldwide:
[link] 24 2005
NEWS, October 17, 2006:
"WASHINGTON (AFP) - US President George W. Bush signed a controversial law legalizing secret CIA prisons, harsh interrogation practices and military trials as weapons against suspected terrorists. "

This bit of news confirms the uSA war on mankind and Sosbee submits that this empire by its own murderous and cowardly proclamations falls
News, August 16, 2007
By PAULINE JELINEK Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON Aug 16, 2007 (AP)

"Share Ninety-nine U.S. soldiers killed themselves last year, the highest rate of suicide in the Army in 26 years of record-keeping. "

Sosbee writes: when will the cia and the all-knowing fbi be held accountable for lying to Congress and for the continuing killings, suicides and all other atrocities associated with the Iraq war!

 United States of America : The Not So Brave
category picture15 Dec 2003 @ 09:29
*Be not proud America of your shallow battlefield victories , the costs of which are measured in the suffering and death of those you barter (both at home and abroad) to secure your continued and obscene opulence. geral sosbee
See year 2000 and 2001 messages from sosbee to the public:
News, July 15, 2006:
Israel kills 34 civilians in strikes
Reuters -
BEIRUT - "Israel killed at least 34 civilians on Saturday, including 15 children, in air strikes meant to punish Lebanon for letting Hizbollah guerrillas menace the Jewish state's northern border. Israel's bombing of Lebanese roads, bridges, ports and airports, as well as Hizbollah targets, is its most destructive onslaught since a 1982 invasion to expel Palestinian forces."
The people of the United States who remain silent on the outrageous news of atrocities coming out of the middle East are the same Americans who ask, "Why 911?"
A universal stand against the murderous tyrants of the USA and Israel is demanded from the heavens; all who ignore the order are vegetative, mesmerized, or corrupted by the Enemies Of Mankind and The Dual Axes of Evil: the USA and Israel.The forces of NATURE are beckoned in response.

"He who joyfully marches to music rank and file, has already earned my
contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him
the spinal cord would surely suffice. This disgrace to civilization
should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, how violently I
hate all this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be
torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action. It is my
conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act
of murder." A. Einstein
From Brownsville, Texas
September 15, 2006
Often, I post important memos under the title of , "A Snapshot of My Typical Day". This message , however, is best contained under the category, "united states of america: the not so brave", because the indominable human spirit makes an appearance.
Yesterday, after my numerous statements on the internet regarding uSA global subjugation efforts and fbi/cia world inhumane domination plans, I received a heavy dose of directed energy assaults as punishment for the expressions of contempt against the government of the usa. Then, at about 4AM, I gave up on the idea of sleep, even though I was sleepy, exhausted, and unable to exit the bed. The ELF assaults are delivered and the fbi watches as I respond to the assaults; then, later in the morning the fbi sends the following subliminal message to me via my website 'sitemeter' :

Geral W. Sosbee vs. fbi, Whistle Blower, ex-FBI Ag
By Location > Visit Detail
Visit 31,134
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Domain Name ? (Commercial)
IP Address 24.130.135.# (Comcast Cable)
ISP Comcast Cable
Location Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : California
City : Sylmar
Lat/Long : 34.321, -118.383 (Map)

Time of Visit Sep 15 2006 5:58:01 am
Visit Length 0 seconds
Page Views 1
Referring URL [link] assaults&spell=1
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Search Words sleep assaults
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Visitor's Time Sep 15 2006 2:58:01 am

Sosbee writes: The cowardice and *'punkhood' of the fbi and the cia have ruined the country, but the populace does not yet know it.The usa and the fbi/cia are ONE and there can be no turning back, sadly, to the time when the people had some degree of power over the leaders. In closing I must add that war and violence encouraged by the usa is now evident to the world (as a usa national political agenda), and all sensitive and peace-loving humans are disgusted with the reality of the **murderous ways of usa's generals and presidents. Yet, an old and invisible ally awakens. The indominable human spirit is that trait most wondrous in each of us, especially when such momentum confronts evil and corruption; the fbi/cia and all other leaders in this country presume to destroy that spirit in all of us. The methods by which the fbi and the cia aggressively attempt to snuff out the individualism of their Targets are cowardly and reflect a kind of national sickness sometimes characterized by fear and feigned respect for corrupt authority. I believe that between the lines of my updates, especially this one, the reader may catch a glimpse (through his peripheral vision) of the crumbling civilization which most of us obediently embrace.
God's Speed to those who see this truth; to all others: wake up.
*'Punkhood' is that state of mind frequently characterized by a preoccupation with the mundane and (at the same time) a display of confident, though corrupt, authority over others ; in another context the individuals who live in a state of 'punkhood' are somewhat reminiscent of the low lifes described as "lumps of deformity with pride" (Swift, Gulliver's Travels) .
** Warning: Adult Content:

 human lethargy and its consequences
category picture11 Dec 2003 @ 18:31
To all mental dwarfs - assassins : This update is dedicated to all of you in the fbi, cia and similarly chartered/motivated groups of the United States and all other countries of the world:* Your methods will soon be known to all , as people everywhere question at once how it is that you have been so long in power and why you so miserably failed to bring about peace and harmony to the earth's population. The continual killing, imprisoning and torturing of the most noble of this earth's inhabitants reflects your sinister goals and inhumane methodology.
Further, the fall of the United States into Totalitarianism now brings upon all the world additional and unnecessary suffering and death ; those who survive begin to realize that the terrorists of the various nations making up the authority of new world order (principally the United States) are (in the final analysis ) a reflection of the failure of the citizenry to take responsibility for the atrocities of their own government. Excuses such as mind control of the masses, general lethargy and cowardice will not help to explain this vegetative syndrome that blankets the general population. The people must now pay for their hideous lack of attention to the cries of their brothers and sisters . I am saddened by this thought.geral sosbee
* America is awash in its own murderous guilt, cannot see the rainbow of Humanity and has no conception of the potential for human greatness.
"Through our own recovered innocense we discern the innocense of our neighbors."
(Henry D. Thoreau)

 to the people of the world
category picture9 Dec 2003 @ 19:01
As a result of my recent experiences as documented in detail on my website at I am certain that the men and women of the fbi and cia (and their affiliates ) actually watch in real time as the Targets of the inhumane assaults described in my site commit suicide. The despicable activities of these fbi and the cia agents, operatives, thugs and assassins must be revealed to the world in order to offer some protection to all of mankind from a phenomena politely referred to as non-consensual human experimentation; in actuality this barbarous United States program is born of devilish minds, and wicked hearts, and is implemented by pathologic personalities of the lowest type. We must stop these confused and pathetic creatures now. Thanks for this forum.
January 21, 2002: This once great nation, the United States of America, is ruled by thugs, terrorists and assassins who (desperate to consolidate power by going to war at will) regularly and as a matter of course...

...murders, tortures and terrorizes human beings when its corrupt legal process fails to imprison or kill the targets;

...destroys other nations by the use of nuclear, biological, chemical, or conventional weaponry, when the threat of such force fails to subjugate the peoples of the targeted nation;

...wildly labels individuals and nations as criminals and terrorists even as the United States sends professional assassins to kill specific humans and to disrupt political and economic stability in the targeted nations;

...manipulates the global media by use of blackmail, extortion and financial isolation in order to control the daily news broadcasts;

...terrorizes and silences the most viable and credible critics of the United States by the use of a combination of some of the above mentioned methods;

...supports patently corrupt governments when such governments cooperate in the extermination of the targets;

...insures the continuance of the permanent underclass in the world by stocking the prisons and hospitals with people who cannot find work, who cannot gain social standing and who refuse to bow to corrupt and unjust authority;

...abandons any concern for the basic Rights of the majority of the world's population and treats the targets (for death) as no better than discarded refuse.

The failure of the world leaders to stop this tyranny is an indictment of them for the same offenses described above. Geral Sosbee

" My Story" in German:


"My Story" in English:


Amerika Is Dead:


Sosbee writes:I pose the following rhetorical question on behalf of the Worldwide Network Of Friends Of The Accused And Terrorized:
What duty do we (you and I, now) owe to all of mankind, to humanity, as we discover that a corrupt and murderous band of thugs and their misguided supporters ( whether private or government sponsored, such as those in the fbi/cia ) systematically, routinely and often ritually threaten, torture, imprison and kill our brothers and sisters around the globe?
Stand up to the tyrants and suffer the consequences ourselves in our time, or slink from all sense of Right and leave the ever worsening task for the next generation which may be even less prepared than we for the slightest of heroic deeds.
History now records for all times our names, each of us, individually, in a real as opposed to a rhetorical sense,and the manner by which we answer the above question.

 hate mail and hate messages
category picture20 Feb 2003 @ 17:34
"I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's hell."
- Harry Truman
Then, they give me H E L L.-geral sosbee

Log of geral sosbee

I received the following hate mail on 2-20-03 : This message is not flagged. [ Flag Message - Mark as Unread ]

Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 11:33:43 -0800 (PST)
From: "Tony Iommi" | This is Spam | Add to Address Book
Subject: Brownsville and its Hispanic Women

"Sosbee may not be able update this site ... due to pending financial strain"


Gerry Ol' Boy,

I was checking out your website. Feeling kinda lonely on top of your delusional paranoia? What kind of line do you draw on these "Hispanic" women you encounter on a day-to-day basis to get them to talk to you? By the way, this little hot Mexican former acquaintance of yours gave us a lot of useful information on you. When asked if she believed your nonsense, her reply was "Nah, ...puro pedo." (translation: a lot of hot fart air). DON'T FORGET THIS --- you're impotent.

You ever see "True Lies"? There's this guy who tries to pick-up on Arnold Schwartzeneger's wife by telling her he's a secret ops agent on the run. When questioned by real agents, he admits his trick never works then pisses in his pants.

Here's the sad truth: These women think you're a crazy gringo -- nothing else. In fact, the ones I've observed you with or spoken to, think you're a well-intentioned but plenty loco. Those who work in the places you frequent notice how weird you behave and seem to place you in the same class with all the other mentally ill derelicts who drag their sad carcASSes into their midsts on an almost daily basis. Don't blame the fbi/cia for your psychosis. That's a bunch of malarky.

But back to the lies. Your website is full of them. Here's just one. You claim to shower at about 7 a.m. in the college gym. Bullshit. They don't open it until 7:30 a.m. I personally checked it out. No one there knew you or about you -- until now.

Watch out. We alerted the the woman you described and her husband (who also works on campus) about your peculiar behavior and sad delusions. The folks at the public library are also keeping a log of your activity. TSC/UTB Campus police will also be collecting reports of your peculiar behavior while you're on campus by various university personnel willing to participate with our investigation/observation of you. Obviously, you've stirred a few people into reporting you around that campus. Why don't you just lay off of them and everyone else you encounter? Sure, you never really bother anyone until you burst into one of your episodes. JUST TAKE YOUR MEDICATION, stupid.

By the way -- We have the ability now to monitor every keystroke you make on any computer you frequently use throughout your days. What a waste of time it is reading your website.

Sosbee writes: hate mail continues to drift in, much of which emanates from the fools and cowards , or the supporters of the fbi and cia; here is one that I received today:
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 16:19:28 -0500
From: "Dave"
dave is
Subject: Re: wake up

Dear Mr. Sosbee,

Your feedback on the web site should not
even be replied to, be
that as it may, I think the propaganda Your
spewing is vile and very
Un-American and doesn't deserve the time I'm
taking to reply. With America
being a free country You have the right to
believe as You will, but so do
I, links to Your site are not accepted and Your
whole message is on the way
to recycle bin.

A small town Police Department's web site is not
the place to spread your
trash, every Man and Woman that puts on a Police
uniform and does the job
are true American Heros as much as every member
of our armed forces and
they do not deserve to be insulted by seeing your

God Bless America
(Note: WebMaster is not a Police Officer or
Employee of the Village.)
Sosbee writes:
After I received the above message, I asked the author to identify himself, to which he replied:
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 18:00:28 -0500
To: "geral sosbee"
From: "Dave"
dave is webmaster
Subject: Re: wake up

Mr. Sosbee

I do believe You have a problem with reality. I do believe this is the end of our e-mail relationship

At 05:37 PM 4/18/2006, you wrote:

ok. smart man . state your real name ; I think the world would like to know who you are, especially given your brilliance.
geral sosbee
See the following message from the Garland , Texas, Police Department; note that the contents represent the typical arrogance, decadence , and lack of intelligence of law enforcement agencies across the US:
From: "M. Boyd" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: "geral sosbee"
Subject: Re: stop sucking up to the punks and assassins of the fbi
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 10:21:32 -0500

No question...just a request...TAKE ME OFF YOUR EMAIL LIST! I have no desire to read your misguided, ignorant statements, and it just wastes my time to have to go through the numerous emails I receive and filter through garbage like this to delete.

The officer is identified as M. Boyd , information section of the Garland, Texas , P.D. ( info@garlandpolicejobs. org )

Sosbee's note: Applicants to the Garland P.D. should take care to display limited or no understanding of complex social and technological issues before contacting or interviewing with M. Boyd, or other law enforcement agecies in the U.S.
Sosbee receives daily subliminal messages both of support and hate; one apparent method used anonymously to relay to Sosbee a hate message is for the cowardly misanthrope to enter and exit at the hate mail page . For example the following apparent subliminal hate message comes from Sun City, California as shown below; Sosbee's message to Haters:Please grow up, come back to life from the society of the living dead, and for once in your life show some guts and write to me directly.
Geral W. Sosbee vs. fbi, Whistle Blower, ex-FBI Ag
By Location > Visit Detail
IP Address 71.110.88.
State : California
City : Sun City
Time of Visit Jun 26 2006 1:17:25 pm
Visit Entry Page [link]
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To all hatemailers: if you intend by your words to cause severe pain psychologically to the recipient of your messages, then you are a torturer.
Note that many individuals have an obsessive interest in "Hate Mail" to Sosbee, as evidenced by the following easily accessed page shown below; simply visit the following search engine page, click on the hate mail section, and "voila" your hate mail entry shows up on the site meter at for all to see:


1. [Dev] help with multipart encoded form?
2. Hate Mail
3. MIKE-BYERLY archives -- February 2005, week 3 (#141)
4. A lil problem with my CGI form mailer script.. Won't send Reply-To ...
5. Usage Statistics for - December 2002
6. From interesting-people-errors+interesting-people-1117-log+40pipe+ ...
7. Exim statistics from 2006-01-09 06:32:09 to 2006-01-10 06:31:58 ...
8. Get a Collateralized Investment Opportunity! from N.Castro ...

"In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 8 already displayed.
If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included."

Geral W. Sosbee vs. fbi, Whistle Blower, ex-FBI Ag
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State/Region : Ontario
City : Kitchener
Time of Visit Nov 20 2006 2:33:11 pm
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Sosbee adds: note that the 'entry' and 'exit' links shown above are both to the "hate" mail page at:
So, anyone who has a fascination with hate, or anyone who would like to send Sosbee a subliminal message of "HATE" now is invited to do so with the greatest of ease.Thank you.


October 20, 2004:
Geral Sosbee writes as follows:
I received a new hateful message from a different source regarding my recent entry entitled, "A Modest Proposal" which appeared on on October 19, 2004.
The message is from Dave Odden as shown below:

From: Dave Odden (
Subject: Re: A Modest Proposal
View this article only
Newsgroups: humanities.philosophy.objectivism
Date: 2004-10-19 13:54:31 PST
Okay, I started to collect the votes at the local elementary school, so here
are the results I got:

Yes - Bill Franks
No - Sally Jones
No - Tom Weed
Yes - Jack Smith
No - Harry Lopez
No - Amanda Hugginkiss
Yes - Terry Carr
Yes - Gerald Townsend
No - Clyde Barker
Yes - Gerry Susby

Gee this is fun. Oh, I should point out, there were some problems. A few
people had write-in answers:

Shut Up - Aristotle Simpson
DK - Marty Stuart
Bight Me - Nelson (no last name given)

Now some real problems:

Yes - (no name)
No - (no name)

As I understand it, providing a name is *obligatory*, under pain of death. I
happen to know who cast those ballots: should I go kill them? Or do you want
to do that yourself?
geral sosbee's note: Mr. Odden describes himself as a researcher who can be reached at:
David Odden
Dept. of Linguistics
Columbus, OH 43210
I can be reached by email at, or by phone at 614-292-2844.
New Hate Mail, Important For Insight Into Meaning Of Gratuitous Animosity:
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 08:29:18 +0100
From: "Novalgic" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
Subject: Your a mental case

Its nice that you are allowed to write to whoever you please and complain about the US Gov in all the ways possible. But in the in end your just and idiot. Those "peoples" your more than willingly put down (cia/fbi) are upstanding americans that fight for your freedom to be able to send an email with all your stupid opinions of the Government. So, first, show some respect. Second, go back to your drug days in the 70's you fucking peacenick. Your piss me off with you opinions based on your liberal journalist friends media report and you psycho friends with there consipiracy theoriesthat have brains mushed by LSD in the 70's. So take your fucking email, roll it up thight and SHUVE IT UP YOUR ASS!!!!!!! We don't care about your opinion go cry somewhere else you fuck!!!!!
sent by novalgic
novalgic @
From: "Joe Guerra" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: "geral sosbee"
Subject: Re: are you sleeping with the enemy of mankind ?
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 15:53:47 -0800

Ha! Ha! When you loony leftists are out of
power, is when you guys are the most fun to watch
(and listen to). It's only when you are in power
that you are dangerous. Keep us laughing!

from:Joe Guerra, jguerra @

From:"Fria tidningars prenumerantservice"
date: August 22, 2006
Subject: Göteborgs fria tidning
message to Sosbee:

Hej, du anmälde att du ville ha GFT för 159kr i ett halvår men det gäller inte utomlands. En utlandsprenumeration kostar 1000kr. Återkom om du fortfarande är intresserad.

Med vänlig hälsning
Ann-Christin Dufva

mån 15-19
tis-tor 9-13

Fraktflygargatan 18
12830 Skarpnäck

From Brownsville, Texas
November 29, 2006

Several years ago I was contacted by e-mail by a man who identified himself as Charles Bruce Stewart. This person attempted to befriend me, but later turned hostile for no apparent reason. Barbara Hartwell responded to Stewart's outrageous and vile verbal assaults on me as shown in the Hartwell article (the link is shown below).See the article entitled and dated as follows....

Saturday, November 25, 2006
Open Letter to Charles Stewart from Barbara Hartwell

As a result of the Stewart hostilities, and after my careful evaluation of his character, I have come to view this man as an extremely insincere, verbally hostile, unusually insensitive , and gratuitously critical individual. He gave this address...
At one point he (Charles Bruce Stewart) apparently wrote about me favorably as shown below.

Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 17:37:45 -0700
From: "Charles Stewart" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: "A Voice For Children" ,
Subject: Re: CCLGA> Support
A Voice For Children wrote:


Yes, Pamela.

Sorry, i forgot to include context,
when i cross-posted to our "GeneralAssembly"
EMali List.

The quick way to explain all of this,
is just to post his web page; as follows:

He's an ex-fbi agent,
who is couregously confronting the entire defacto
criminal conspiracy.
He's blowing the lid off of every-thing.

It's great stuff.
I encourage all to review his web page.

He has responded to me.

Ill cross post more, asap.

cbs ...
Sosbee writes...
Two months after Stewart wrote the above message he wrote to me as follows...
You are designed to take orders from the top of the pyramid. ''You need to find someone, some-wherere; who you can trust to take ortders from. Your incompetent to work by your-self, sir."

Sosbee adds that Stewart also attacks my good friend and professional colleague, Barbara Hartwell, as follows...

''I dare say that this Evidence clearly indicates that those who are looking to Ms Hartwell to lead them in our efforts to reffect a return to Constitutuonal Government in America, are following a Judas-Goat Subversive, of the darkest kind.''

Sosbee responds that only the most ignorant and corrupt among the general population could write the above words about the individual whom I consider to be a National Treasure for her courage, strength and integrity , in the face of government assassins and their many misguided minions who desire to silence her.


Sosbee writes:
...the above update represents my personal opinion and considered judgement of Charles Bruce Stewart, the LD.
For more information on fbi/cia shills, minions, useful idiots and government rat bastards in general see Barbara Hartwell's article, dated and titled as follows:

November, 2006
From Brownsille, Texas
July 4, 2007

The following statement by Cal Jennings from on the 30th of June, 2007, is a LIE:
"CCN (Crazy Cal News) - Dublin - Today, a user, going by the handle of Geral Sosbee, obciously an undercover Corrupt Bastard working for either the CIA or the FBI, tried to threaten writers at to keep them from writing about the Nazi Republicans and the Corrupt Bastards Club."
Misguided Hate Message From One Who Needs Help In His Reading Comprehension :
Friday, June 29, 2007

" The Spoof Writers Threatened
Current mood: enthralled
Category: News and Politics
FBI and CIA Corrupt Bastard Threatens The Spoof
Written by Cal Jennings
Story written: 30 June 2007
Story not rated "

http: // /index. ... cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID= ...76686263&blogID=282270236

http: //
...also sends the following message upon receipt of the Foxies article:
Foxies are in the hen House (of Reps)
Author Message
geral sosbee
Registered: 29/06/07
Posted: 29/06/07 18:46
http:// www.

Then , from:
Anonymous author,By Pontotoc Bill, 06-28-07, 10:55 AM, writes :

"Neither traitor nor coward, dumbass.
I challenge morons like you who post opinion and provide ZERO evidence of support. You are that type of mental midget who expects people to believe everything you write without question. You want sheep to accept your word. You, through your inane and cowardly actions, are the cause of rot within a country. You infect the body politic with lies, innuendo, and falsehoods while providing NO proof. You appeal to the baseness of others. I challenge your statemetns, thereby trying to start a discourse to discover IF you can prove your opinion. When you answer the way you have, it is clear you CANNOT provide proof. That makes you a coward, a shill for some political opinion, and a person without any moral integrity. You are dismissed as the clueless troll you are.:mad:"
From Brownsville, Texas
July23, 2007
The following statement is a lie:

"Writers Profile
Screen Name: geral sosbee
geral sosbee has written 0 items for TheSpoof "

A writer for the spoof also falsely writes:

"FBI and CIA Corrupt Bastard Threatens The Spoof
Written by Cal Jennings
Story written: 30 June 2007
Email this story Print this story

FBI and CIA Corrupt Bastard Threatens the Spoof CCN (Crazy Cal News) - Dublin - Today, a user, going by the handle of Geral Sosbee, obciously an undercover Corrupt Bastard working for either the CIA or the FBI, tried to threaten writers at to keep them from writing about the Nazi Republicans and the Corrupt Bastards Club. Part of his message read..."

Sosbee writes:

See two articles by Sosbee at the spoof shown below; any intelligent reading of the articles shows the nature of the spoof problem:

Topics Replies Author Last Activity

cia atrocities. fbi's turn to confess; I can help. 12 geral sosbee 03/07/07 05:57
Foxies are in the hen House (of Reps) 3 geral sosbee 30/06/07 04:40

The articles:
cia atrocities. fbi's turn to confess; I can help.
Author Message
geral sosbee

Registered: 29/06/07

Forum Profile
Posted: 29/06/07 18:49

Please advise your readers that the cost to our country of the covert, criminal and unconstitutional (not to mention immoral and despicable) operations of the fbi and the cia are paid for in terms of the sufferings and deaths of our own Americans and of our Brothers and Sisters abroad.These ' intelligence' low lifes parade about in the colors of the American flag, but undermine our stated values and precepts at every turn. They are in actuality traitors.

"The traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation...he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. "
Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman orator, statesman 42 B.C.


Foxies are in the hen House (of Reps)
Author Message
geral sosbee

Registered: 29/06/07

Forum Profile
Posted: 29/06/07 18:46

Two Little Noticed and Ominous Headlines (from 11-7-07):

1)"FBI steps up probes of politicians, might run sting

Chicago Tribune - Nov 06 5:12 AM
The new chief of the FBI's criminal division, which is swamped with public corruption cases, says the bureau is ramping up its ability to catch crooked politicians and might run an undercover sting on Congress. "

2)"Bill would put all warrants in FBI system

Boston Globe - Nov 07 1:08 AM
Governor Mitt Romney filed legislation yesterday that would require local police departments to put all felony and serious misdemeanor arrest warrants into a national FBI database. This would enable any police department in the state to check quickly whether a suspect has a recent history of troublemaking or violence, the governor's office said. "

Sosbee writes:

All "troublemaking" is a new category of federal offenses and subjects the accused to a new and non erasable label . The corrupt police in all jurisdictions can now destroy or otherwise 'set up' any person who discloses governmental atrocities or misconduct. Troublemakers beware.See:

In concert with the ever increasing and far reaching authority of the federal authorities over all local law enforcement, the fbi and the cia now expand their menacing presence inside the halls of the legislature (a formerly separate and now unequal branch of government which had originally been established to safeguard the constitutional rights of the citizens against possible abuses by the other branches of government). The parable of the fox in the hen house (the foxes being the fbi and the cia thugs, referred to below as foxies) takes on a new meaning as the foxies enter the House [of Representatives] to force (by blackmail or threat of arrest) compliance upon the high flying hens:

The foxies now enjoy a kind of free for all frolic at the funny farm where the hen house (occupied by congress and the courts) has become a very dirty and corrupt culture removed from the rest of the world by the luxuries afforded the occupants therein; the fbi and the cia turn this House stench to their political advantage ( See:
[link] )
and to the detriment of the general population. On the outside, the sitting ducks go about their lives, largely unaware that soon they too may be targeted (around the globe) for imagined offenses (such as trouble making, or activism) in all jurisdictions and in all countries; the foxies after all now enjoy by their global reach a certain unimpeachable authority wherever their guile may take them.See:

Indeed, many sitting ducks are now being clothed in fox attire and receive pay and other benefits from their ruthless benefactors (the fbi and the cia shrewd foxies). As expected therefore, as one glances at the broader landscape, many sitting ducks are now living in prisons, in war zones , or in poverty, all at the direction of the foxies and their little rat companions ( i.e. foxies clothed as ducks but imbued with the minds of rats).

Those sitting ducks who have not yet attracted the attention of the foxies are oblivious to the suffering all around them; for they have their lucrative employment, their comfortable dwellings, their fancy vehicles, and their health benefits (and other perks) to keep them mesmerized. These hypnotized sitting ducks sometimes violently attack their brethren who may from time to time try to highlight the great suffering brought about by the liars and traitors who constitute the band of frolicking foxies and their little rat companions.

In essence today, only the disenfranchised and the imprisoned ostensibly stand to gain anything by attacking the standards established by the foxies. The vast numbers of sitting ducks refuse to see the encroaching enslavement of their kind for all times , as forecast by the troublemakers. Never mind that the foxies are themselves murderers, torturers and terrorists; never mind that the future of the world and indeed the destiny of the human species is presently being shaped and defined by the lowest form of human intellect as reflected in the characers of these foxies. The sitting ducks thus leave to their offspring the ever worsening task of dealing with the miscreant foxies and their little rat associates.

For now, the foxies are in complete control; and for as long as the sitting ducks at large remain lethargic in the face of widespread suffering and chaos, the concepts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are long forgotten and unfulfilled promises once concocted in the hen house for the purpose of appeasing the troublemakers.

* [link]

** [link]

August 16, 2007

And from the owners of washington D.C. Indymedia the following comments are made regarding, as sosbee's posts are routinely deleted from that *link:
"Hidden with code "Other"
(I don't know what this guy's deal is. I went to the URL in the article and it's just this mess of conspiracy stuff, his "personal story" that goes on forever -- with _updates_ -- real woo-woo stuff. The fact that it's designed like a pair of clown's pants doesn't help.)"
Review :: Civil Liberties/Constitution "
Sosbee adds: The cowardly punk who wrote the above statement exemplifies the low mind-set of persons who support (by ignorance or by design)the perpetrators of high crimes worldwide.
And From Austin, Texas, Indymedia, the following admission issues (see *link below):

"Re: corruption of federal courts by fbiCurrent rating: 0
18 Jul 2007
by geral sosbee
Reply to this comment
the austin indymedia refuses to publish the above article; thus add one more fraudulent group of traitors to ever growing gang of so-called independent media punks. "

From Brownsville, Texas
August 23, 2007

The following message is typical of some strange messages sent to Sosbee via the site meter of (notice the search words in the entry):

By Location > Visit Detail
Visit 40,278
[<<] [>>]
Domain Name ? (Network)
IP Address 71.197.203.# (Comcast Cable)
ISP Comcast Cable
Location Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : Washington
City : Tacoma
Lat/Long : 47.2166, -122.4515 (Map)

Language English (U.S.)
Operating System Microsoft WinNT
Browser Internet Explorer 7.0
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; Media Center PC 5.0; .NET CLR 3.0.04506)
Javascript version 1.3
Monitor Resolution : 1280 x 800
Color Depth : 32 bits

Time of Visit Aug 22 2007 7:36:21 pm
Last Page View Aug 22 2007 7:36:24 pm
Visit Length 3 seconds
Page Views 2
Referring URL [link]
Search Engine
Search Words death black rose%
Visit Entry Page [link]
Visit Exit Page [link]
Out Click
Time Zone UTC-8:00
Visitor's Time Aug 22 2007 5:36:21 pm
Visit Number 40,278
From Brownsville, Texas
August 23, 2007

The following Google entry is possibly made available by both Google and the fbi/cia operative who creates a website to *mislead the public:

"delusions paranoiaGeral Sosbee: the french connectionOther types of delusions include somatic delusions, as in the case of hypochondria, and jealous delusions. ... - 78k - 21 hours ago - Cached - Similar pages "

*The link to the sinister creator of the above Google entry:

For more on the anonymous would-be expert on paranoia & delusion, see my article dated and titled as follows:
the french connection
12 May 2005 @ 20:45
link :
The reader should note that Sosbee accepts the hate messages (from the fbi and its supporters) as evidence that Sosbee's work is a success and that the small and demented minds ceaselessly at work to discredit Sosbee are on the run.
From Matamoros, Mexico
August 27, 2007

I sometime receive images from a center of Mafia activity in Hayward, California. Usually, the person sending me the image (via my website) is hostile or otherwise mocks me in some manner. Today the little one apparently wants me to see his view of the ´´paradox´´ of the fbi trying to kill one of its own. To the Mafia punk who sent the image seen below, I suggest that any perceived paradox is purely superficial exactly as is your retarded view of the world. I am predisposed to end your misery by exposing your filth to the world , even as I do the same with the thugs in the fbi, because Mafia/fbi members share the same inhumane tenor/values throughout their lives and the two similarly wired mob teams also have the same murderous agenda; didn't you know, little man, that good cannot co-exist with evil (thus you are still in the homicidal group and I am out), and that my contempt for the fbi (which led me to quit them) is equivalent with my contempt for the Mafia soldiers(concerning whom I would gladly oppose in any battlefield).
History shows that the fbi sometimes welcomes Mafia members who turn on their own as operatives for the fbi; at times the fbi even parades the mafia snitch in the fbi classrooms as heroes deserving of great respect.Thus, the punks of the fbi and the Mafia members recognize their common bestial nature.

The record reflects that I refused to allow the fbi to get away with fraud and criminal activity while I was in the fbi; I also successfully fought the Chicago police Department in court when I was an fbi agent and working on a police brutality case involving a punk cop (Edward Carmody, Sr.) who brutally beat a small, defenseless Romanian national for no reason:
Today, I continue to fight the hoodlums in that organization as I would also fight you and your band of wise guys who share the same low mentality of fbi agents and operatives. Indeed, some of your (Mafia members)associates are in bed with the fbi now as in the past; so, the real p a r a d o x
is your inability to distinguish between your own family members and the criminals in the fbi:

By Location > Visit Detail
Visit 40,413
[<<] [>>]
Domain Name ? (Network)
IP Address 68.121.156.# (Paradox Technology)
ISP SBC Internet Services
Location Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : California
City : Hayward
Lat/Long : 37.6745, -122.0883 (Map)

Language English (U.S.)
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Browser Internet Explorer 6.0
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; InfoPath.1)
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Visitor's Time Aug 27 2007 2:38:36 pm
Visit Number 40,413
However, in the event that I unfairly criticize the Mafia, or that perhaps the messages sent to me from Hayward are not from the Mafia, then I know the little assassins there will forgive me, for I honestly intend that they too participate in the great awakening where no one kills, tortures,imprisons, or otherwise exploits my Brothers and Sisters worldwide.Your natural adversary,geral sosbee.
From Brownsville, Texas
September 1, 2007
This date I receive the following hate message about the "lovely fbi" from a woman who identified herself as Miriam Snyder the owner of the website located at
http: // www.end...organized..crime..universe... com/

On 9/1/07,


She previously wrote in August, 2007 (after she linked my site to hers) as follows:

"Hi there its Miriam Snyder. How are you. I see that you linked me and I am so glad because I was able to get back in touch with you. I have great news. Read the forward. Boyden Gray is the psychopath!"_______________________________________________________________________
Now , I receive the following from the same individual whom I have asked to never write to me again:

"MIRISNI aol. com" < MIRISNI aol. com> hide details Sep 14 (15 hours ago)
date Sep 14, 2007 9:03 PM
subject REMOVE THIS!

"PUT IN THE AOL SEARCH ENGINE: http: // www....end ..organized ..crime ..universe.

Geral Sosbee - Category: Projects
http: // www. ..end..organized..crime..universe... com/ On 9/1/07, MIRISNI aol. com wrote: "GOD BLESS YOU AND MAKE SURE YOU REMOVE THE LINK IMMEDIATELT BEFORE I REPORT ..."

death messages from Oct 17-19, 2007 , via site meter: :










Sosbee to the finger pointers, accusers and prosecutors:
" The fault finder will find fault even in paradise" (Henry D. Thoreau)

<< Newer entries  Page: 1 ... 31 32 33 34 35
March 18, 2017

Our efforts (mine & my associates)reveal the macabre destiny of mankind, unless we prevail in the pursuit of a general enlightenment of the populace. In any event we are the unacknowledged legislators of the world by awakening in others a fundamental respect for humankind and by indicting the torturers and assassins of our era. The United States of America, by virtue of our work here, is now forever known as a BEAST (Brain EntrAinment State) , a country w/o conscience, a people w/o heart who are cursed with a national character predominantly w/o soul :



For Compelling Reports, See The One And Only
Official Site Of

Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA


This is the real fbi which uses the methods and incorporates the values of the notorious Mafia:


Sosbee reports from the field:
get your own fbi/cia terrorist badge at:
See cia data:

...and see my documentations of fbi/cia crimes at:

The greatest threat to mankind are the murderers and torturers of the fbi/cia. Sosbee comments:

Invade my country (or alienate me in it) I will invade yours;invade my *brain, all bets are off.
A slogan to be remembered:

The Few, the Proud, the Brain Entraining Fiends of the US Marines.

*Regarding Brain Entrainment,
[Note: The perennial search for peaceful solutions to the fbi/cia torture & killing spree globally is the paradox of my life under attack.]


"I suspect that all the crimes committed by all the jailed criminals do not equal in total social damage that of the crimes committed against them."
Karl Menninger, M.D.
The Crime Of Punishment
The Viking Press, NY, 1969

"The laws are like cobwebs: where the small flies are caught, and the great break through."
"...the individual cannot delegate the task of defending his basic human rights-to dignity,liberty, and responsibility-to any group of protectors,..." be they clergy, doctors, legislators, fbi, mafia, police, judges. "For if the protectors are successful, they inevitably become
O P P R E S S O R S..." who should be publicly categorized as


NOTE: The inmates, prisoners, and accused in custody around the world have redeeming qualities that should allow them their freedom in most cases; the fbi, police, all cops at every level, have no such redeeming characteristics; for they kill, stalk, lie, steal, falsify records and calumniate for a living (a profession) 24/7, for 20 to 30 years..


-------------------Caution: Adult Content:

See Robin Head's data:
Note that Robin refused to join in the illegal fbi sting against innocent persons:

Sosbee's Tribute To Our Brothers And Sisters Jailed Anywhere On Earth:

We all owe a debt to the millions of persons imprisoned by the corrupt criminal & civil justice systems worldwide, for THE IMPRISONED have surrendered their lives so that we may pompously pursue our demented imaginings on the progress of a failed civilization. See:
and see:
["You must contrive for your future Rulers another and a better life than that of a Ruler, and then you may have a well ordered State; for only in the State which offers this, will they rule who are truly rich, not in silver and gold, but in virtue and wisdom, which are the true blessings of life." Plato, The Republic.]

The united states of america is a government of torturers & traitors supported by cowards and fools who often can be heard echoing the sentiments of the torturers and assassins of the fbi/cia/pentagon against their victims as follows:"We have Little tolerance for losers and those constantly whining or needing attention."b>

June 6, 1944: The D ay that Enslaved the world.

This is my News Log.
All statements in this site are the opinion of Geral W. Sosbee, except where otherwise indicated.

All work authored by Geral Sosbee in this website and at is registered with United States Copyright Office, For a Work of the Performing Arts, # PAu 2-587-209, effective 10-10-2000, entitled "Intelligence", in accordance with title 17, United States Code. All Rights Reserved.

All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner. FAIR USE NOTICE: This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. I make such material available in efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. I believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to:
The entire content of this site is subject to international copyright. Unauthorized reproduction will be vigourously pursued to the full extent of the law.
I believe that the **war mongers and cutthroats must not be allowed to rule the world any longer; their methods fail.
"And so long as they were at war, their power was preserved, but when they had attained empire they fell, for of the arts of peace they knew nothing, and had never engaged in any employment higher than war." Aristotle, Politics
Rick Stanley
Constitutional Activist:
RE: psychotronic torture being used on sosbee and others NOW (2008):

Read: Inner Voice, Target Tracking,And Behavioral Influence Technologies
See Project Zombie :
[link] sosbee&rnum=2&hl=en&safe=active

[Consistent with the COPPA laws anyone under the age of 13 (thirteen ) in the United States is required to have their parent's permission before sending any information about oneself using this site. Also, anyone who sends an e-mail or other personal data to Geral W. Sosbee is affirming that he/she is 13 (thirteen ) years of age, or older, or has parental consent, and accepts responsibility for all representations made.]

*Also See Report This Site Dated and Entitled:
'Every child belongs to us': today's unsung fbi slogan
25 Jul 2007
_________Spread the word. Get your own FBI/CIA TERRORISTS badge

Regarding ELF assaults see:

[link] -----------------------------

___ As President Theodore Roosevelt said in his 1906 State of the Union address, "No man can take part in the torture of a human being without having his own moral nature permanently lowered." ______________________________________
ATHOUSANDWORDS-for students of physiognomy:
**The cowards of the United States government who engage in (or who permit or fail to stop) the mind control, psychoelectronic harassment/torture, and other so-called cover research human experimentation programs are the same individuals who share the responsibility for the fall of this country; I intend to share with all of the world, until my death, the tremendous fraud that the U.S. has become in its efforts to colonize the world by murderous and inhumane methodologies; in my work, my primary goal is to expose these low life perpetrators and misanthropes for what they are : assassins and torturers who should face an international war tribunal for their crimes against Humanity. Equally important in my life are the efforts to help others through education and friendship. I extend to my associates everywhere my sincere gratitude for your courage in striking the evil ones with your hearts and souls.
Compelling history is in the making by you & me.
Finally, the general lack of interest by the public at large regarding the ongoing torturing and killing of Targets by the fbi/cia (and their operatives) at home and abroad provides fertile ground for expanded inhumane assaults on mankind by these and other agencies ( as well as the lunatics in the private sector who also engage in the torture of selected Targets).
Finally, we must all begin to take the hoodlums of the fbi, cia, and other police agencies ( and their supporters in the general civilian population) MOST SERIOUSLY (if individual liberties are to be regained).

See 'murder in progress' , Brussell Sprout :

and See:

"Presbyterian Book Of Order
Challenge to Presbyterians of Conscience"

...and consider


"You must contrive for your future Rulers another and a better life than that of a Ruler, and then you may have a well ordered State; for only in the State which offers this, will they rule who are truly rich, not in silver and gold, but in virtue and wisdom, which are the true blessings of life." Plato, The Republic.

How To Stop The uSA Global Killing And Torture Spree:
The Formation Of The
(This means that the people must throw out the merchants of death in every government on earth):

SOSBEE's message to punks and cowards: U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms (little mr. Gainer),Senators Grassley, Leahy, Cornyn and their criminal associates in Congress:
This soldier is moved by your sickness, but you are all in the rear and not on the front lines; so, you are viewed as cowards and traitors to those of us fighting the battles. Thus, I will not be able to help you when the people arrive on the scene.
To Congressional Traitors/Cowards From Einstein regarding the corrupt and fraudulent MDs in the decadent and homicidal practice of Psychiatry:
For more on the corrupt fbi see:



The fbi falsifies records and spreads fraudulent reports in both civil & criminal matters. See my medical clearances at


and an update in the documents below.

Note please that my former employer (fbi) has for two decades falsely reported my medical records in their smear campaign; I wanted the PUBLIC to have the correct info on me. Appropriate medical records, including *recent blood tests and medical exam are documented by letter dated December 14, 2012, and are available at:


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