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 Amnesty International
picture 27 Nov 2005 @ 21:06, by jmarc. Conspiracy
Dear Amnesty International,  More >

 The Abolition of Rights0 comments
23 Oct 2005 @ 04:19, by nemue. Conspiracy
How coincidental is it that we are hearing more and more with respect to the so called ‘spread’ of bird flu across the world just at the time when a number of governments are introducing new laws based on the lies of the threat of terrorism?

Is this a deliberate attempt to divert our attention from what is taking place in removing our freedoms? I suspect so.

Lets face it, we as individuals (on mass) haven’t fallen apart over the possible threat of being blown up. In fact most people are very philosophical about this issue. Many are also now questioning why we have to have anti-terrorism laws. As the voice of the people increases (over this issue) those who seek to drive the mission of the New World Order create yet another diversion – increasing the anxiety over the possible spread of Bird Flu.

Some interesting facts to ponder

Hundreds of thousands of people in Asia come into contact on a daily basis with birds. Yes affected birds at that. Yet the deaths from bird flu are less than that of normal flu. How interesting - does this sound like SARS all over again.

Over a 30-year period the IRA carried out numerous acts of terrorism across the world and in particular in Britain and Northern Ireland. Bombings and shootings claimed hundreds of innocent lives. The governments of the day at no time envisaged the abolition of habeas corpus (the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and the right to legal defence), so why now?

By what God given or elected right do leaders such as Blair, Bush and Howard have to start acting like dictators in abolishing the rights and freedoms (our ancestors) have fought so hard to gain and retain for us. Have they asked us what we want? No they haven’t.

Do NOT be diverted from the real threat. It isn’t terrorism, it isn’t bird flu it is our elected leaders of the ‘free-world’. Over the years we have one threat after another – and in recent history the PLO, Hitler, IRA and on each occasion we have beaten that threat. Why should it be any different now.

 *fbi and cia incompetence and corruption threaten US0 comments
14 Sep 2005 @ 00:29, by gsosbee. Conspiracy
About a year ago I wrote the following article; the article is followed
by a news brief regarding fbi activity against an intelligence analyst;
after the article , my closing comments are presented:
---------- --------------
U.S. Commission pretends to investigates the fbi/cia

geral sosbee Jul 15 2004, 4:09 pm

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Date: 15 Jul 2004 14:09:28 -0700
Local: Thurs, Jul 15 2004 4:09 pm
Subject: U.S. Commission pretends to investigates the fbi/cia
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I recently contacted the U.S. Commission on 911 and I attempted to report gross abuse of power by the fbi/cia in foreign intelligence matters ; I wanted to point out that such transgressions involved blackmail and extortion by the fbi/cia against foreign governments and officials who fail to recognize the superiority of the fbi/cia in the NWO. This type of corruption by the fbi/cia must be addressed in order
to prevent another attack on the U.S. because foreign countries may begin to play the same game on US that we use on them in regards to sharing intelligence.The Commission ignored my two e-mails on this subject. I must
therefore conclude that the Commission attempts to conceal from the world certain intelligence data that could compromise intelligence sources and methodology even though the fbi and the cia engage in commodity-type trading of such information in international political negotiations/operations in a manner not necessarily in the best interests of presumed friendly nations. Specifically, for example, the fbi will withhold intelligence data that a foreign country needs to prevent a terrorist attack on that foreign nation, unless that country(or foreign official) fully cooperates with the fbi and the cia in covert operations design to kill or to imprison given Targets, or to
overthrow a given government.Indeed in some instances as history shows the terrorists in some attacks had cia tacit approval for attacks on certain targets.An appauling example of a different type fbi/cia incompetence and corrupt practices regarding intelligence sharing occurred in the
Philipines prior to 911. The Filipino government (and top law enforcement officials in Manila) advised the fbi and the cia prior to 911 that a number of the terrorists who were later confirmed as involved in the 911 attack on the U.S. were in the Philippines, possibly training there, and were en route to the U.S. The fbi and the cia ignored this data because the names , albeit associated with known terrorist groups, were Saudi Arabian, and that nation enjoys a cozy
relationship with the fbi/cia in terms of sharing intelligence data; presumably the fbi and the cia take no action (until now) against suspect foreign nationals of Saudi Arabia because such characters may in fact be assassins for the Saudi government. In other words the fbi and the cia protect the assassins of friendly nations. In this regard ,the police officials in Manila hold deep resentment
for the fbi and the cia for their heavy-handed controls over the Filipino government and these officials are at the same time afraid to report fbi/cia trangressions/incompetence to the U.S. Congress for fear of retaliation by the fbi/cia who could easily withhold the names of potential assassins bent on killing Filipino officials. Another common method of fbi/cia retaliation against a foreign government official is for the fbi and the cia to not share vital intelligence data with a sometimes friendly foreign government in order to allow a terrorist attack on that government when intelligence
tactics dictate the need for such back-stabbing. This , of course,causes serious political repercussions, especially as some foreign officials now recognize that the fbi and the cia lied to the U.S. Congress about the causes for U.S. invasion of Iraq (as well as other skirmishes around the world) and at the same time the U.S. expects friendly nations to send troops to die for our (U.S.)inhumane goals
there.geral sosbee
------ -------
news on 9-12-05:
By JEFFREY GOLD, Associated Press Writer Mon Sep 12,11:33 PM ET

NEWARK, N.J. - An FBI intelligence analyst with top secret clearance
was charged Monday with passing classified information about Filipino
leaders to current and former officials of that nation. The analyst,
Leandro Aragoncillo, sent some of the material to Michael Ray Aquino, a
former deputy director of the Philippines National Police who lives in
New York City, according to an FBI complaint made public Monday.
----- ---------
Sosbee's additional comments:
From the data released as of October 6, 2005, the fbi clearly controls Gloria Arroyo by the use of blackmail, so that the Filipino people have a president who follows the NWO dictates of a terrorist group (fbi intelligence)and does not place the welfare of her own people first in the national agenda. The information stolen from the fbi files shows that:
Leandro Aragoncillo stole personal files
"not flattering to Arroy " in order to force her out of office. The fbi understands all too well the significance of the breach of US security, but now the fbi and the cia must deal with an unexpected backlash: the use for blackmail purposes of the same personal data that the fbi and the cia used (for blackmail purposes)to control the national political agenda.
The dirty methods regularly used by the fbi and the cia now ironically can be used to undermine the US interests in that region. Note also that the popular misconception that the fbi and the cia are at war with our enemies abroad obscures a fundamental and salient fact of life : that these two agencies are at war with all the globe and in such a confused state (as suggested in this metaphor) the wholesale and indiscriminate torture, imprisonment and killing of our own people is seen (by the fools ) as acceptable.see:

Finally, the corruption and incompetence of the fbi and the cia is known to many governmnets around the world and they are busy with their own double agents and operatives here in the United States and elsewhere in efforts to save their native countries and their countrymen from the murderous American global infiltration. [For evidence of the emerging global boycott of US products see:
[link] ]

The American people do not know what is happening and by the time the public here becomes aware of the failure of their own intelligence agencies (to win friends and to influence people in a humane way) the time will have long since passed to repair the damage caused by unchecked fbi and cia criminal operations in every country where Americans do business.As I recently pointed out to the National Security Council: the fbi and the cia turn friends into enemies, enemies into demons ( agents of evil, harm, distress, or ruin-Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary) , patriots into harsh critics, and men and women like you into cowards and fools.
See world in a box:
Also, see evidence that the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission shows interest in Sosbee's statements as set forth above, and Commission sends subliminally a message of criticism to the punks in the fbi/cia for their criminal assaults against Sosbee.
See:if link below is not working:
or go to //http//://

See Also:
From Brownsville, Texas
October 3, 2006
In the news is a little noticed explanation for fbi incompetence in connection with protecting the security of the uNITED sTATES:

"WASHINGTON, Oct. 4 (UPI) -- The FBI is tracking down former congressional pages to determine if they received any sexual advances from former Florida Rep. Mark Foley, ABC News reports."
The fbi d' tectives are living up to their new motto, " be all you can be." Well, ok, fbi girlies, I am still on your case wherein I charge you with high crimes (including false imprisonment, bearing false witness, fabrication of evidence, torture, forced suicide, and assassinstion) against the people of the world as I have delineated at
* Also see my report , this site, dated and titled as follows:
2007-08-07 Diary "911 can easily revisit USA, as fbi and cia incompetence and corruption continue"

 Weather Modification Operations5 comments
picture6 Sep 2005 @ 04:46, by bushman. Conspiracy
"To establish the Weather Modification Operations and Research Board, and for other purposes."

Now what exacly does that mean? Lets see, why pass a bill? Might be because they already have been modifing the weather, many people world wide after almost 10 years of constant chemtrail spraying, are finaly seeing whats going on over thier heads, so no they want to pass a bill that says basicly, if we the gov, or one of our contractors wants to do some weather modifing, they can do it by law. What states senetors and reps dont vote for it? Shall they see , um, heavy rain and wind?
It dosnt take a rocket scientist to see whats before us, and fact is you and I both know the gov tech is 35 to 50 years ahead of what we get to see, dosnt that say something? Logic dictates, to me anyway, why would you need to pass a weather modification bill, unless the tech has been tested tryed and true?

The full bill on page 2.
Here's the patent.
Here's the device.
[link]  More >

 Weather War46 comments
31 Aug 2005 @ 07:28, by vaxen. Conspiracy
Concerning the ''disaster'' brought on by hurricane ''Katrina'' I made a little comment earlier on in one of the chat rooms, here at NCN, concerning how people would do well to research scalar weather war. I was immediately branded nuts and also it was alleged that I was engaging in ''conspiracy theory'' thus nothing that I had to say or was intimating should be taken with more then a grain of salt.

I do realize that for people brought up on the poison milk of Hollywood lies and deception and the National Medias coverage of ''world affairs'' something like New Orleans being just the ''latest'' in an alarming ''series'' of scalar weather war attacks on the USA probably seems like so much jaded Sci Fi. I can assure you that it isn't. But don't believe me. Read the article below and for heavens sake and maybe even your own survival in the years to the research!

Find some pieces of the puzzle---

"Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations.It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important."

[Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn. Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia , Athens , Apr. 28, 1997].

A battle in the skies is waged daily. Some battles are won and others lost. We yet know not which. For years this massive global project has been under way, but only now is it making it to the forefront of the consciousness of those with curious minds. These open minds know that every belief system fails; and only fails, under the weight of new truthful information. This is how progress is made, slowly and often only with the passing of a generation of humankind.  More >

 Outing, Unveiling & Unraveling12 comments
picture24 Jul 2005 @ 08:49, by jazzolog. Conspiracy
Charles Dharapak/Associated Press
President Bush said in the fall of 2003 that no one wanted to get to the bottom of the C.I.A. leak case more than he did.

What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.


While thinking about the future, and about tomorrow's livelihood, if you don't let go of wordly affairs, if you don't practice the Way, and if you pass your days and nights in vain, you'll regret it. You should rouse your mind, and determine that even if there is no livelihood for tomorrow, and you might freeze, or starve, or even die---still today, you should hear the Way, and follow Buddha's intention. If you do this, you will certainly achieve practice in the way.


If you have the idea of superiority and are proud of your ability, this is a disaster.


The Sunday New York Times used to hit the streets in Manhattan at about 10:00 Saturday night. I'll bet it still does because it's a great tradition. If I was downtown, I loved to buy it at a newsstand. The subway ride up to The Bronx, where I lived, took about 45 minutes...and the Entertainment section, or The Magazine, or News Of The Week In Review made great company and possibly a diversion from the dramas unfolding in the car around me.

If I were home in the apartment a block off Grand Concourse, I probably was up listening to jazz DJs on the radio at 11:00 on Saturday nights, when the paper became available at newsstands up there. I liked going out at that hour to buy The Times. Maybe I could have afforded to have it delivered, but finding it on Saturday nights was more exciting...and for me very much a part of enjoying New York. Besides, it was great to have it already on the breakfast table when I got up Sunday morning.

These memories were revived this morning when I came down to the computer and found that my wife already had posted an amazing article in this morning's Times to me and her list. My online edition (the actual paper costs many dollars this far out in the Midwest) arrived in my emailbox at 3:00 AM, but Dana had sent this out at 11:30 last night, the old Bronx time for such discoveries. Like many husbands I like finding stuff first, but in this case I really appreciate the scoop!

It's another article by Frank Rich. This guy has really been cranking up the heat lately. He started at The New York Times in 1980, when he was the theater critic. But another of his interests is politics, and so gradually he has evolved into a journalist who writes a "weekly 1500-word essay on the intersection of culture and news," as his columnist biography reads. Now, if you're a president who nominates somebody to the Supreme Court on TV primetime AND a week before you said you were going to, you're asking for one of his reviews. In this case, he's also wondering why another certain somebody, who read for the part, didn't get it.  More >

 Not Dead Yet
31 May 2005 @ 15:04, by jmarc. Conspiracy
"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."
Mark Twain

"This breaking news just in -- Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead!"
Chevy Chase, Weekend Update

"I'm not dead!"
Body, Monty Python's "Search for the Holy Grail".

I'm sensing a trend.  More >

 *** U.S. Scientific Research For Global Governance1 comment
25 May 2005 @ 19:56, by gsosbee. Conspiracy
The following represents my opinion and is based on years of experience as a human experimentee of the us government:

Non-consensual human research is a euphemism for a torture campaign so horrible in its design and implementation that most individuals (not familiar with it) refuse to acknowledge its use or its possible existence. The *Target is under constant surveillance and assault and may have a tracking device implanted in the body and is subjected to a wide variety of psychological operations (including the injections into the body of chemicals, viral and bacterial infections, and psychoelectronic assaults, etc.)which are all intended to force the Target to commit **suicide, or to otherwise flee for his life . See:
See also:
The US department of justice, the cia and the fbi, the department of health and human services and other agencies are privy to the program, and the US congress tacitly approves such activity in the name of national security; the courts have no interest in the wholesale violations of constitutional and human rights inherent in the program, and the president of the US authorizes the research by a wink and a nod or by executive order.
The companion research tool to non-consensual human experimentation is more purely scientific; that is to say that researchers and scientists seek at once to 1) map the human brain and 2) catalogue genetic characteristics of individual experimentees with regard to specific qualities; often siblings are subjected to the research when genetic samplings of more than one member of the family are needed for verifications of codings and comparative analyses thereof. The end result of such is to identify those genetic characteristics most often associated with genious/insanity/retardation/aggression,etc, so that the global genetic data bank can screen out all potential threats to new world order (nwo) political standards.

Of particular interest to the geneticists are the correlations between intellectual and intuitive abilities on the one hand and the kind of activism or non-conformity to public policy dictates that could threaten political stability , on the other hand.
The global design of the new world order discounts today the military domination of all nations; the scientific inroads towards a kind of purification of the species (consistent with the dogma of the new world order kingpins) means that the future of mankind as a thinking,intuitive,and creative individual is directly determined and defined by the scientists of the nwo government.Thus the unnecessary killings by so-called wars of millions of people over centuries of conflict are simply a prologue to the real horror awaiting our species.
* This Target reports that he has suffered a kind of emotional 'drawing and quartering' in a metaphoric sense and that he presently seeks to recover from the effects of the abuse though the wherewithal to do so (as the torture campaign continues) is illusive.
geral sosbee May 26, 2005.
However, this Target is invigorated at the realization that the fbi and the cia (and their hundreds of attackers against this one person over the past decade) is historically viewed as puny and degenerative as compared to the increasing influence in exponential terms of the work of geral sosbee.
--------- --------------
**For more on current events, see:
Special annotation, March 25, 2006, from Brownsville, Texas, by geral sosbee:
Some of the assaults (both physical and psychological) are difficult to describe because of the personal and private nature of the intrusions. The chip implanted in this Target allows the fbi and the cia to track him and at the same time to monitor his pulse, heart beat, etc.
----Now, pay close attention: if the Target attempt an intimate experience, the fbi monitors him/her in real time on the computer screen which reflects the data regarding vital signs , even though the Target may be under the cover , and at the same time the fbi observes this Target via the wireless surveillance technology (which covers 24/7 the Target's activities in home, car , and any other appropriate locations).Thus no activity is unavailable to the monstrous monitors; the next day the fbi sends a messge to the Target (usually via the site meter, or by tampering with the Target's vehicle, or additional poisonings) indicating that the Target's conduct is not acceptable; the most recent example of this type of messaging occurred recently as the fbi reminds the Target of the ability to conduct "fbi undercover" operations anywhere , anytime. The high tech devices used by these torturers offer the world a new interpretation of the idea of "fbi undercover" investigations.
Thus, this Target deduces that the overall purpose of the conditioned response techniques employed against him is to drive him insane. This update offers a glympse of the fbi and the cia use of low life thugs and tormentors and the high tech gadgetry that provides them with tools of their trade (i.e.:to destroy the life and sanity of the Target). After nearly a decade of such aggressive hostilities against this Target, no end is in sight; this observation in and of itself is exactly anticipated by the fbi and the cia in their overall evaluation of the effects of their assaults on the mind of the Target. Finally, this Target embraces the trauma put upon him as a kind of learning experience which may be of use to future generations.Thank you.
and also see:
See Also:
The Invisible personnel and criminal life control surveillance system

A Nation In Denial , Part 1
America is a nation in denial. There are things no major publication dares to print, no major broadcaster dares to discuss. Working largely through dummy "private" agencies, American military and intelligence authorities are violating human rights with absolute impunity, using 21st-Century technology to advance an inhuman, totalitarian agenda. Those who know won't speak. Those who speak are not heeded. Those who hear do not listen. Those who listen will not act."
Article # 88 , this site
Date: 10 Dec 2005 @ 19:30
By: Geral Sosbee
Titled: Killing of Hostages, a fbi/cia Sponsored/Permitted Atrocity
For definition of "torture" see:
*** See united states government message to Sosbee that the us government is torturing him with the sleep deprivation technology:
[link]  More >

 Ted Montouri-Staten Island Advance ( and related ideas)2 comments
17 Apr 2005 @ 20:32, by gsosbee. Conspiracy
About six years ago, when the fbi/cia intensified terrorist retaliation against me for reporting crimes by agents and operatives of those two agencies, I contacted a reporter named, Ted Montouri, with the Staten Island Advance (SIA) , New York, a news organization; after I reported the fbi/cia's intense efforts to silence me, Ted asked me to brief him on the fbi fraud that I reported to Congress. Then, Ted invited me to New York for an interview in order to fully document my allegations. I agreed to come to New York to meet with Ted. However, the next day Ted revealed that the fbi (and the publisher) or some intelligence group advised him (presumeably under threat of losing his job) to stay away from Geral Sosbee and to have no further contact with Sosbee. The fbi successfully intimidated the press, by impliedly threatening Ted Montouri,or by attempting to discredit Sosbee.

I have no animosity for Ted Montouri; he wants to keep his job and feed his family. The problem, as I see the situation, is that the press cannot do its job if the threat of losing employment prevents the reporter from, among other functions, interviewing credible witnesses on a given story of public interest. The press, in short, cannot publish anything without the permission of the fbi/cia, unless the reporter is willing to risk losing employment.

Nevertheless, I credit Ted for having the initial courage to review my reports and for his offer (though later withdrawn) to interview me in person regarding my allegations against the fbi. Few reporters would have been so open to such a bomb shell against the world's two most deadly and corrupt terrorist organizations, the fbi and the cia.

Finally, if Ted were aware that he and other journalists may face the same torture campaign (as described by me in "My Story In Detail" at )as also endured by others around the world for exposing fbi and cia crimes against Humanity, then perhaps Ted would reconsider his retreat from the single most important story of his life . At least Ted should admit to the world that the facts stated in this clip are true. Do it, Ted.
geral sosbee
See Also: [link]
Note the desperate antics of Staten Island Advance as possibly reflected in the following entry on Google Search Engine (March 17, 2006) by
" statenislandadvance",

which challenges the reader at Google to find "compelling good judgment" by studying the following:

Staten Island Advance Find Compelling Factual Good Judgment ...Geral Sosbee: Ted Montouri-Staten Island Advance Ted Montouri-Staten Island Advance 17 Apr 2005 @ 20:32, by Geral Sosbee About six years ago, ... statenislandadvance/ - 23k - Cached - Similar pages
---------- --------------------
Sosbee writes:
The Staten Island 'Advance' is on the 'defense' as it suggests that good judgment is dictated to SIA by the fbi/cia assassins; the Google entry by condenastpublications may represent an admission by the SIA that Ted Montouri performed his unprofessional retreat from reality by reneging on his promise to interview Sosbee as a result of fbi/cia pressure. If the SIA has something to say, why not print it so the whole world can decide whether or not SIA exercised "good judgment". Do it , girls ! If Ted himself wrote/approved the "good judgment" statement, then Ted- you are a pathetic fool.geral sosbee.
Finally: to the Staten Island Advance, Towers Productions, and Paolo Guzzanti- you each had an opportunity to report the facts, but instead you chose to avoid your professional responsibilities as journalists and in some instances to verbally assault (or otherwise engage in ad hominum affronts) on Sosbee; you cannot in any event re-write the "compelling and factual " evidence in the FBI History Book and in the law books which I have referenced on my site,
Neither may you escape the global attention that your corrupt policies attract (in my opinion).
Be assured, therefore, that when the final chapter is written in this matter, those of you who cooperate with the assassins and torturers of the fbi and the cia , are forever known and condemned as dangerous fools and sycophants ,all in a kind of conspiratorial alliance with the enemies of mankind .geral sosbee
From Brownsville, Texas
October 3, 2006
Sosbee writes: Beware of Internet Message Boards which prevent the reporting of fbi/cia , police, and other fascist activities in the uSA. Some of these cowardly groups pretend to be a part of the free flow of data, but in reality they simply reflect the fraudulent standards of the old and dying mainstream media. Such groups prevent some of us from posting our ideas and our evidence.I recently tried to post with the following group, but I was prevented from posting a single article:
the group:
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Sosbee writes to the Herald-Dispatch Community Forum Index :
You girls are guilty of being little cowards at a time when our country is under attack by the fools & felons of the fbi, the cia, and the mindless killer cops in all jurisdictions across our land.

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 a small number of psychopaths create global chaos5 comments
3 Apr 2005 @ 18:43, by gsosbee. Conspiracy
During my years in the fbi and thereafter I have observed the following *characteristics of many Special Agents of the fbi and the cia and their operatives (including those thugs presently torturing me):Highly aggressive, asocial,unable to form lasting bonds of affection with other human beings, lacking in a sense of remorse, and suspicious of all persons (especially those who are outside the sphere of influence).As a result of the programming of these people (who consider themselves superior to the rest of us) by the fbi academy and by the corrupt and macabre culture that contains them ,these agents and their operatives look upon their Targets as criminals and where the various labels don't stick (to the Target) the fbi and the cia (and their supporters) forge upon the Targets new labels , such as sociopathic, schizophrenic, etc.

DOD criminal participation in the torture of this combat war vet:


Further, I have observed (and continue to do so today) that the daily activity of the fbi and the cia employees often enhance their individual/unique pathologies; for example, some of these individuals are extremely sadistic and controlling (short,stocky and muscular-reminiscent of a definitive mesomorphic type), while others of a definitive endomorphic persuasion seek advancement in the fbi/cia as a means for approval by the fbi heirarchy and by society at large; finally, the most intelligent and at times creative of the lot are the definitive ectomorphic-types who see the broad picture and who are most powerful in the fbi/cia because of their ability to 'handle' and to assign people effectively as the internal needs of the fbi/cia may dictate at any given time. All three distinct types mentioned above engage in assaults on various members of society with the stated objective of imprisoning or killing the Target.To be sure the true intellects in the fbi/cia never allow their genius to stop or to interfere with goon squad black operations because the job must get done and the culture of death must be upheld and protected at all times.

The society at large (you and I) are affected by such prosecution obsessiveness because the fbi and the cia, predators as they are, rely on the ignorance, fear, and corruption of members of the broader society to effect fbi/cia goals or objectives. Indeed, even the Congress and the President of the United States bow to the fbi and to the cia for fear of retaliation by the psychopaths who rule.

Thus, the world now faces critical choices:on the one hand , educate ourselves regarding the complex relationship between the governors (fbi/cia,etc)armed at once with demented thinking and with high tech weaponry not imaginable to many of the governed ;and on the other hand, determine how best to proceed to unravel centuries of rule by those whose primary motive for existence is to imprison, torture and kill anyone who may be selected for such treatment. In this regard we must remember that cruelty is often contageous in 'group think ' and we must not allow retribution to dominate our own thinking as we address the crimes against Humanity by the fbi, cia and their cronies. We must realize that the torturers have historically tried to prove their worth (as law enforcers)by becoming more brutal and more insensitive than their perceived enemies, often trying to outdo even their own brethren (within their respective agencies)in the outrageous killing and torture tactics employed. We must not duplicate their pathology as we attempt to end it.

Finally, the world's population has largely allowed this abominable condition to evolve and is therefore responsible for the backlash now afoot.Respectfully.geral sosbee
* The following statement is true in a philosophical sense as it applies at all levels of law enforcement (federal, state and local) and is excerpted from:


"Most surveillance by the police state nothing more than entertainment and stalking by bored little punk losers. They just won't admit it." tommythebug, May 26,06.
the bigger picture:
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