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3 Apr 2005 @ 18:43, by Geral W. Sosbee

During my years in the fbi and thereafter I have observed the following *characteristics of many Special Agents of the fbi and the cia and their operatives (including those thugs presently torturing me):Highly aggressive, asocial,unable to form lasting bonds of affection with other human beings, lacking in a sense of remorse, and suspicious of all persons (especially those who are outside the sphere of influence).As a result of the programming of these people (who consider themselves superior to the rest of us) by the fbi academy and by the corrupt and macabre culture that contains them ,these agents and their operatives look upon their Targets as criminals and where the various labels don't stick (to the Target) the fbi and the cia (and their supporters) forge upon the Targets new labels , such as sociopathic, schizophrenic, etc.

DOD criminal participation in the torture of this combat war vet:


Further, I have observed (and continue to do so today) that the daily activity of the fbi and the cia employees often enhance their individual/unique pathologies; for example, some of these individuals are extremely sadistic and controlling (short,stocky and muscular-reminiscent of a definitive mesomorphic type), while others of a definitive endomorphic persuasion seek advancement in the fbi/cia as a means for approval by the fbi heirarchy and by society at large; finally, the most intelligent and at times creative of the lot are the definitive ectomorphic-types who see the broad picture and who are most powerful in the fbi/cia because of their ability to 'handle' and to assign people effectively as the internal needs of the fbi/cia may dictate at any given time. All three distinct types mentioned above engage in assaults on various members of society with the stated objective of imprisoning or killing the Target.To be sure the true intellects in the fbi/cia never allow their genius to stop or to interfere with goon squad black operations because the job must get done and the culture of death must be upheld and protected at all times.

The society at large (you and I) are affected by such prosecution obsessiveness because the fbi and the cia, predators as they are, rely on the ignorance, fear, and corruption of members of the broader society to effect fbi/cia goals or objectives. Indeed, even the Congress and the President of the United States bow to the fbi and to the cia for fear of retaliation by the psychopaths who rule.

Thus, the world now faces critical choices:on the one hand , educate ourselves regarding the complex relationship between the governors (fbi/cia,etc)armed at once with demented thinking and with high tech weaponry not imaginable to many of the governed ;and on the other hand, determine how best to proceed to unravel centuries of rule by those whose primary motive for existence is to imprison, torture and kill anyone who may be selected for such treatment. In this regard we must remember that cruelty is often contageous in 'group think ' and we must not allow retribution to dominate our own thinking as we address the crimes against Humanity by the fbi, cia and their cronies. We must realize that the torturers have historically tried to prove their worth (as law enforcers)by becoming more brutal and more insensitive than their perceived enemies, often trying to outdo even their own brethren (within their respective agencies)in the outrageous killing and torture tactics employed. We must not duplicate their pathology as we attempt to end it.

Finally, the world's population has largely allowed this abominable condition to evolve and is therefore responsible for the backlash now afoot.Respectfully.geral sosbee
* The following statement is true in a philosophical sense as it applies at all levels of law enforcement (federal, state and local) and is excerpted from:


"Most surveillance by the police state nothing more than entertainment and stalking by bored little punk losers. They just won't admit it." tommythebug, May 26,06.
the bigger picture:

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3 Apr 2005 @ 22:41 by vaxen : Oooo...
Geral you write so beautifully! Thankyou. I am so happy to see you writing, posting, more and hope that you will get the opportunity (time etc.,) to do much more and to help us figure out what we must figure out. What a battle, eh? How many more 'Hamburger Hills' must we climb, I wonder, before we can 'set the captives free?' Bravo Brother, bravo!  

4 Apr 2005 @ 02:21 by fleer : Patriot act and Identity theft
In 2001 the number of identity theft was 750.000 according to a Danish news source. (DR harddisken - Denmark's Radio the Harddisc, radio programme about technology.)

Last year some 9.91 million americans ran victims of Identity theft and according to a study from Privacyrights
"49% of victims did not know how their information was obtained". And considering that the Patriot Act granted government access to bank accounts. My question is: Are there corrupt government officials selling bank account information or use them for their own personal greed? (US patriot act was adopted october 2001).

My notion is that there is a very strong correlation here. Or am I seeing ghosts at broad daylight?
Namaste, I find your account very disturbing the more I read..  

4 Apr 2005 @ 11:31 by fleer : Have you heard of
Michael C Ruppert

He exposed the CIA running drugs into the US:

The senate had a hearing about that.
Perhaps you should contact him to let more people know about your situation.  

4 Apr 2005 @ 17:36 by Barbara Hartwell @ : HARASSED BY THE FBI
By Constitutional activisit Rick Stanely. Rick's comments about FBI harassment. The same agents(Denver, Division 5) who have been harassing me since 2001. They threatened to "bring the roof down" on Barbara Hartwell if I did not take my website off-line. One of them told a friend of mine" "something's got to be done about that CIA bitch". I told the cowards to to to hell. They were too afraid to come and speak to me directly and they had no grounds on which to arrest me. My only "crime" was defending the Constitution --and exposing THEM for their police-state facscist tactics.

See more new reports re FBI corruption on Stew Webb's site.

The man mentioned here, Tim White, has also targeted Geral Sosbee for harassment.

We the People Scoop 03/30/05 ** Special Edition ** ========================================================= WE THE PEOPLE SCOOP - TO EXPOSE! ** ** Visit the website: "" ** ** Like the Scoop? Forward it to everyone you know! ** ========================================================= OPINION RELEASE:

Harrassed by the FBI?

STANLEY NOTE: I have been getting "contacted" by some of these people involved with this situation. Let me say one thing for sure. Barbara Hartwell has been right on the money regarding Tim White, who has been harrassing me after contacting me several years back, befriending me "out of the blue".

Other characters keep coming up such as Don Estep, Mark Holstlaw, Steve Olson from the FBI, Joint Terrorism Task Force and who knows what else. These individuals have also been involved in my cases for years now, always behind the scenes, showing up to interview me in jail, showing up at trials, etc.

They keep getting mentioned by more and more as the criminal element of the government in the Denver area. Anyone who wishes may check out my website at "" and the FBI has been involved with attacking me as well during this period. Other FBI agents have been involved with my cases the past 3 and 1/2 years now.

The FBI was instrumental in my arrest on Oct 18, 2003, with the Denver Swat Team being involved as well.

To say that the FEDS have been pushing local authorities to charge me with "Influencing a Public Official" would be right on the money. The FBI initiated my arrest for this charge on that date. The FBI, IRS/CID and US Marshalls were involved in a June 2004 raid upon my business building and personal loft in Denver.

Don Estep was involved on that date as well. They were looking for gold, money, paperwork and weapons. They found papers. They stole my wife's .38 pistol from her desk drawer in her office of the business and later we retrieved that from the Thornton Police Department. Notice I said Thornton.

Why were they participating in a raid on my building in Denver? They "stole" my wife's gun (Denver refused to charge anyone for violating the law regarding this issue in their jurisdiction because they protect each other from being charged for violating the law), and did not list it on the search and siezure warrant (theft) because there was "NO WARRANT", no search and seizure authority for guns or weapons. However, they were there looking for and "stealing" weapons. "The truth is".

Why all this?

I believe they want to render me without funds to defend myself in court and to destroy my business, which they told all of my employees that they were going to put me out of business and they should all look for new jobs immediately. All but one left. That employee is still working for the diminished Stanley Fastener and Shop Supply


This is how your government is destroying America and Americans. I have not been charged yet by the FBI or IRS for anything, now ten months later. Nothing has been returned to me either. Our government operates in the shadows now. They are the criminal element.

Please read the LEGAL MEMO for Rick Stanley by Attorney Peter Mancus at the upper left hand side of the website at "" for more information. There is also a speech I gave to several Denver area Rotary clubs, later re-created for my radio show and taped, and this to is up on the website on the upper right hand side (scroll to the right anout an inch or so to find the link).

Are people in the Patriot movement, whistleblowers, people who are speaking out and standing up for America being targeted? Seems to be the case... I know of hundreds if not thousands. I know I have. I have been found guilty of filing a pleading in two Adams County courts, of threats to judges although the law clearly says that I have the right to do what I did, regardless of how the government officials involved felt about it. Remember that First Amendment? Free speech?

The right to "petition the government for redress of grievance"? Not in Colorado...I have been sentenced to 6 years in state prison and am out on an $80,000.00 appeal bond or you wouldn't be hearing from me right now.

I would be in jail if I couldn't defend myself so far from these criminals. That takes money folks. Lots of it. All I have ever done is "exercise" my God given, unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights in the POLICE STATE OF AMERICA. Pretty foolish huh? LIVE FREE or Die! Rick Stanley


(See: below

Barbara Hartwell Legal Defense and Research Trust PO Box 7487 Ocean Park, Maine 04063 OPEN LETTER TO NOREEN GOSCH: THE TRUTH ABOUT COINTELPRO TED GUNDERSON & ASSOCIATED PERSONS  

4 Apr 2005 @ 19:45 by astrid : Dear Geral
THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! It feels so good that --finally-- a guy with your credentials is standing up saying what I've been saying all along: That those guys that we allow to remain as our governing people are SICK, mentally/emotionally spiritually; very, very sick people!!!... and we indeed are accomplicies in our destruction if -or to the amount- we let these 'RETARDS' to be in any Office from the Oval Office and down the hierarchial Pyramid-ladder.

On the other hand you are so right about that we cant/shouldn't go in and try to take them down "on their terms" = with their weapons, only bigger!....A nuc-bomb is a nucbomb is a nuc-bomb, regardless WHO fires it! and besides: WE would have to become at least one "notch" worce tham them in order to beat them with their means!....
NOTHING has changed at all as long as we only replace Players, every so often, or even if we would make the Slave the Master!

WE have to accept that we have been accomplicies in a system that is built to --if not to totally destroy us, then at least to-- keep us ever more enslaved!

The answer of course is to acknowledge the whole scam and get out of the Box!.... no matter how " materially convenient" it appears, with all its TOYS, offered, no, not offered but, PUSHED on us!!!...
ONCE AGAIN: SEE THROUGH the SCAM and stop being bedazzled by all the Material glitzzy stuff; "glamour"!!! TO SEE THAT is one MAJOR aspect in saving -not just our own butts, but indeed whatever is left of the Planet!!!!
The other Big Thing is of course to beat them with energies they are extreamly afraid of: "UN-DILUTED" LOVE/Light ENERGIES;LIFE energy. Send them Love & Light, put them in a space to themselves ( in your Mind; into that ligt-bubble I've been talking about ), shower them with Energies of Divine Justice. etcetc.
To Anyone who says, "ahh, well, it can't be THAT bad. eh?"

Only the ones who are willing to see the truth and intelligence and practicality and cosmic correctness in this what I've been saying, can and will pull themselves above the consequencies of The Patriarchal System / Game.  

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