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17 Apr 2005 @ 20:32, by Geral W. Sosbee

About six years ago, when the fbi/cia intensified terrorist retaliation against me for reporting crimes by agents and operatives of those two agencies, I contacted a reporter named, Ted Montouri, with the Staten Island Advance (SIA) , New York, a news organization; after I reported the fbi/cia's intense efforts to silence me, Ted asked me to brief him on the fbi fraud that I reported to Congress. Then, Ted invited me to New York for an interview in order to fully document my allegations. I agreed to come to New York to meet with Ted. However, the next day Ted revealed that the fbi (and the publisher) or some intelligence group advised him (presumeably under threat of losing his job) to stay away from Geral Sosbee and to have no further contact with Sosbee. The fbi successfully intimidated the press, by impliedly threatening Ted Montouri,or by attempting to discredit Sosbee.

I have no animosity for Ted Montouri; he wants to keep his job and feed his family. The problem, as I see the situation, is that the press cannot do its job if the threat of losing employment prevents the reporter from, among other functions, interviewing credible witnesses on a given story of public interest. The press, in short, cannot publish anything without the permission of the fbi/cia, unless the reporter is willing to risk losing employment.

Nevertheless, I credit Ted for having the initial courage to review my reports and for his offer (though later withdrawn) to interview me in person regarding my allegations against the fbi. Few reporters would have been so open to such a bomb shell against the world's two most deadly and corrupt terrorist organizations, the fbi and the cia.

Finally, if Ted were aware that he and other journalists may face the same torture campaign (as described by me in "My Story In Detail" at )as also endured by others around the world for exposing fbi and cia crimes against Humanity, then perhaps Ted would reconsider his retreat from the single most important story of his life . At least Ted should admit to the world that the facts stated in this clip are true. Do it, Ted.
geral sosbee
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Note the desperate antics of Staten Island Advance as possibly reflected in the following entry on Google Search Engine (March 17, 2006) by
" statenislandadvance",

which challenges the reader at Google to find "compelling good judgment" by studying the following:

Staten Island Advance Find Compelling Factual Good Judgment ...Geral Sosbee: Ted Montouri-Staten Island Advance Ted Montouri-Staten Island Advance 17 Apr 2005 @ 20:32, by Geral Sosbee About six years ago, ... statenislandadvance/ - 23k - Cached - Similar pages
---------- --------------------
Sosbee writes:
The Staten Island 'Advance' is on the 'defense' as it suggests that good judgment is dictated to SIA by the fbi/cia assassins; the Google entry by condenastpublications may represent an admission by the SIA that Ted Montouri performed his unprofessional retreat from reality by reneging on his promise to interview Sosbee as a result of fbi/cia pressure. If the SIA has something to say, why not print it so the whole world can decide whether or not SIA exercised "good judgment". Do it , girls ! If Ted himself wrote/approved the "good judgment" statement, then Ted- you are a pathetic fool.geral sosbee.
Finally: to the Staten Island Advance, Towers Productions, and Paolo Guzzanti- you each had an opportunity to report the facts, but instead you chose to avoid your professional responsibilities as journalists and in some instances to verbally assault (or otherwise engage in ad hominum affronts) on Sosbee; you cannot in any event re-write the "compelling and factual " evidence in the FBI History Book and in the law books which I have referenced on my site,
Neither may you escape the global attention that your corrupt policies attract (in my opinion).
Be assured, therefore, that when the final chapter is written in this matter, those of you who cooperate with the assassins and torturers of the fbi and the cia , are forever known and condemned as dangerous fools and sycophants ,all in a kind of conspiratorial alliance with the enemies of mankind .geral sosbee
From Brownsville, Texas
October 3, 2006
Sosbee writes: Beware of Internet Message Boards which prevent the reporting of fbi/cia , police, and other fascist activities in the uSA. Some of these cowardly groups pretend to be a part of the free flow of data, but in reality they simply reflect the fraudulent standards of the old and dying mainstream media. Such groups prevent some of us from posting our ideas and our evidence.I recently tried to post with the following group, but I was prevented from posting a single article:
the group:
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Sosbee writes: Then, on this date a visitor from the group visits my site at as shown below:

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Sosbee writes to the Herald-Dispatch Community Forum Index :
You girls are guilty of being little cowards at a time when our country is under attack by the fools & felons of the fbi, the cia, and the mindless killer cops in all jurisdictions across our land.

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22 Apr 2005 @ 15:38 by Barbara Hartwell @ : Flawed logic in response to Geral's post
I must state my total disagreement with the idea presented here in response to Geral's commentary.

As a person having a high-profile 'case' being discussed in both print and electronic media (just as Geral Sosbee does) many people issue their own comments as well as what could be regarded as "challenges" to me, my credibility, my personal and professional reputation. Most of whom are fools who haven't the faintest idea what the truth is, about me, my case, my background, my credentials, etc. Some are liars or provocateurs whose purpose is simply to sow discord and/or create a smokescreen.

I rarely respond to any of them. In fact, I don't even read most of them. It would literally be a full time job. My "silence" certainly does not mean I agree with them, or that I'm admitting everything they say about me is true. I simply don't have the time or inclination to engage in discussions or arguments, especially with fools.

The logic being used here re "human interaction" is flawed. It falsely assumes everyone thinks alike; everyone concerns himself with the opinions held by others; and that there must be a "consensus" reality.

I would not presume to second-guess what any individual is thinking or feeling. It is likely Mr. Montouri has not even read Geral's post.

My remarks (above) are in reference only to the response, not to do with Geral's commentary on Ted Montouri. As for him, the type of cowardice shown by Montouri is all too common among those in mainstream media. The Staten Island Advance also has mob connections, I know the paper well from the distant past, where I worked (CIA) cases in NYC.

Since I've never known any print/electronic mainstream media NOT to be controlled by /gov't/financial/political interests, I gave up long ago trying to expose corruption in such a venue. But I'm glad Geral posted this. Just more evidence about who runs things and why it's so difficult to get justice when you try to work "within the system."


7 May 2005 @ 21:50 by Thomas S. Bean @ : Sioux Falls FBI got to my journalists.
I called the Sioux Falls, South Dakota daily (The Argus Leader...edited by Senator Daschle's friend) with an offer to drop by a computer disk containing my U.S. Dept. of Justice Office of Inspectors General Complaint identifying South Dakota's FBI, SFPD and SD DCI. This complaint resulted in SD US Attorney James "chucklehead" McMahon being summarily fired within two weeks. The resident supervisory special agent David Heller and his lackey Dan Reynalds were also fired. Minneapolis FBI SAC Karen Streibel Pierce was also let go.

1). During the phone call to the editor's assistant, I felt like the Argus Leader was open minded about my info. Of course my phone call was wiretapped and monitored...and thirty minutes later, the South Dakota Task Force had already called the journalist and "slandered me."

2) I handed the disk to the lady, and she seemed very rude and pissed off. Gee...I wonder if she was a cop or not? Anyway...the Argus (hard up for any really interesting news in Sioux Falls) refuses to print a story.

3) Of course one of the games the FBI likes to play is "misdirecting my emails, US mail, and phone calls." I talked to Detective Klingensmith at RRPD, and he said he had talked to me before, despite the fact "I never talked to him."

4) I also had my phone calls erased off of my answering machine. All machines have a remote answering code that allows the user to access messages from another phone. My caller ID showed calls from alot of people like Senator Daschle's office, USA Today, and the Argus Leader. All these messages were erased. I had alot of phone calls in which after one ring, I could hear the tones of someone accessing my remote access code.

5) My emails get returned when I contact journalists in Texas with info about Austin FBI and APD's crimes. Correspondence to attorneys have also been misdirected with "phoney letters" on the firm's stationary. AREN'T THOSE FED FAGGOTS REALLY CLEVER PLAYING THESE LITTLE SCHOOLBOY PRANKS BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID THE MEDIA WILL TALK TO ME?! These cops are all worthless little punks. They all lie about their crimes. Title 18 USC sections 241 and 242 both prohibits "deprivations of civil liberties under color of authority." THAT'S WHAT THE FBI DOES EVERY DAY.

6) I finally got through to the City of Austin city manager's office...who finally asked US Attorney Johnny Sutton to send her request for a DOJ Civil Rights Divison investigation. Watch Sioux FAlls FBI obstruct this investigation so I can't meet with The US DOJ Civil Rights division.

7) Hey Geral...the Austin IMC website is down. Maybe you could meet with an Austin Chronicle journalist some time. Call from a pay phone Geral. Don't let the feds misdirect contact with attorneys and media.

8) Geral...did you contact The Texas Civil Rights Project in Austin and their southern office down near Brownsville?! Give them a shot Geral...put some heat on these idiots.  

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