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14 Sep 2005 @ 00:29, by Geral W. Sosbee

About a year ago I wrote the following article; the article is followed
by a news brief regarding fbi activity against an intelligence analyst;
after the article , my closing comments are presented:
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U.S. Commission pretends to investigates the fbi/cia

geral sosbee Jul 15 2004, 4:09 pm

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Subject: U.S. Commission pretends to investigates the fbi/cia
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I recently contacted the U.S. Commission on 911 and I attempted to report gross abuse of power by the fbi/cia in foreign intelligence matters ; I wanted to point out that such transgressions involved blackmail and extortion by the fbi/cia against foreign governments and officials who fail to recognize the superiority of the fbi/cia in the NWO. This type of corruption by the fbi/cia must be addressed in order
to prevent another attack on the U.S. because foreign countries may begin to play the same game on US that we use on them in regards to sharing intelligence.The Commission ignored my two e-mails on this subject. I must
therefore conclude that the Commission attempts to conceal from the world certain intelligence data that could compromise intelligence sources and methodology even though the fbi and the cia engage in commodity-type trading of such information in international political negotiations/operations in a manner not necessarily in the best interests of presumed friendly nations. Specifically, for example, the fbi will withhold intelligence data that a foreign country needs to prevent a terrorist attack on that foreign nation, unless that country(or foreign official) fully cooperates with the fbi and the cia in covert operations design to kill or to imprison given Targets, or to
overthrow a given government.Indeed in some instances as history shows the terrorists in some attacks had cia tacit approval for attacks on certain targets.An appauling example of a different type fbi/cia incompetence and corrupt practices regarding intelligence sharing occurred in the
Philipines prior to 911. The Filipino government (and top law enforcement officials in Manila) advised the fbi and the cia prior to 911 that a number of the terrorists who were later confirmed as involved in the 911 attack on the U.S. were in the Philippines, possibly training there, and were en route to the U.S. The fbi and the cia ignored this data because the names , albeit associated with known terrorist groups, were Saudi Arabian, and that nation enjoys a cozy
relationship with the fbi/cia in terms of sharing intelligence data; presumably the fbi and the cia take no action (until now) against suspect foreign nationals of Saudi Arabia because such characters may in fact be assassins for the Saudi government. In other words the fbi and the cia protect the assassins of friendly nations. In this regard ,the police officials in Manila hold deep resentment
for the fbi and the cia for their heavy-handed controls over the Filipino government and these officials are at the same time afraid to report fbi/cia trangressions/incompetence to the U.S. Congress for fear of retaliation by the fbi/cia who could easily withhold the names of potential assassins bent on killing Filipino officials. Another common method of fbi/cia retaliation against a foreign government official is for the fbi and the cia to not share vital intelligence data with a sometimes friendly foreign government in order to allow a terrorist attack on that government when intelligence
tactics dictate the need for such back-stabbing. This , of course,causes serious political repercussions, especially as some foreign officials now recognize that the fbi and the cia lied to the U.S. Congress about the causes for U.S. invasion of Iraq (as well as other skirmishes around the world) and at the same time the U.S. expects friendly nations to send troops to die for our (U.S.)inhumane goals
there.geral sosbee
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news on 9-12-05:
By JEFFREY GOLD, Associated Press Writer Mon Sep 12,11:33 PM ET

NEWARK, N.J. - An FBI intelligence analyst with top secret clearance
was charged Monday with passing classified information about Filipino
leaders to current and former officials of that nation. The analyst,
Leandro Aragoncillo, sent some of the material to Michael Ray Aquino, a
former deputy director of the Philippines National Police who lives in
New York City, according to an FBI complaint made public Monday.
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Sosbee's additional comments:
From the data released as of October 6, 2005, the fbi clearly controls Gloria Arroyo by the use of blackmail, so that the Filipino people have a president who follows the NWO dictates of a terrorist group (fbi intelligence)and does not place the welfare of her own people first in the national agenda. The information stolen from the fbi files shows that:
Leandro Aragoncillo stole personal files
"not flattering to Arroy " in order to force her out of office. The fbi understands all too well the significance of the breach of US security, but now the fbi and the cia must deal with an unexpected backlash: the use for blackmail purposes of the same personal data that the fbi and the cia used (for blackmail purposes)to control the national political agenda.
The dirty methods regularly used by the fbi and the cia now ironically can be used to undermine the US interests in that region. Note also that the popular misconception that the fbi and the cia are at war with our enemies abroad obscures a fundamental and salient fact of life : that these two agencies are at war with all the globe and in such a confused state (as suggested in this metaphor) the wholesale and indiscriminate torture, imprisonment and killing of our own people is seen (by the fools ) as acceptable.see:

Finally, the corruption and incompetence of the fbi and the cia is known to many governmnets around the world and they are busy with their own double agents and operatives here in the United States and elsewhere in efforts to save their native countries and their countrymen from the murderous American global infiltration. [For evidence of the emerging global boycott of US products see:
[link] ]

The American people do not know what is happening and by the time the public here becomes aware of the failure of their own intelligence agencies (to win friends and to influence people in a humane way) the time will have long since passed to repair the damage caused by unchecked fbi and cia criminal operations in every country where Americans do business.As I recently pointed out to the National Security Council: the fbi and the cia turn friends into enemies, enemies into demons ( agents of evil, harm, distress, or ruin-Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary) , patriots into harsh critics, and men and women like you into cowards and fools.
See world in a box:
Also, see evidence that the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission shows interest in Sosbee's statements as set forth above, and Commission sends subliminally a message of criticism to the punks in the fbi/cia for their criminal assaults against Sosbee.
See:if link below is not working:
or go to //http//://

See Also:
From Brownsville, Texas
October 3, 2006
In the news is a little noticed explanation for fbi incompetence in connection with protecting the security of the uNITED sTATES:

"WASHINGTON, Oct. 4 (UPI) -- The FBI is tracking down former congressional pages to determine if they received any sexual advances from former Florida Rep. Mark Foley, ABC News reports."
The fbi d' tectives are living up to their new motto, " be all you can be." Well, ok, fbi girlies, I am still on your case wherein I charge you with high crimes (including false imprisonment, bearing false witness, fabrication of evidence, torture, forced suicide, and assassinstion) against the people of the world as I have delineated at
* Also see my report , this site, dated and titled as follows:
2007-08-07 Diary "911 can easily revisit USA, as fbi and cia incompetence and corruption continue"

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