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 The Cause of Disaster!
8 May 2003 @ 20:41, by zarvarza. Altered States
I seek input as to the meaning of this dream.  More >

 Monatomic Elements & Ascension
3 Apr 2003 @ 14:56, by adi. Altered States

The monatomic state of the sacred elements gold, silver, platinum, chromium, rhodium, and iridium is the ascended state of matter.

In this unique ascended state, these elements have no metalic properties due to the fact that metalic properties are due only to the bonds, i.e. valences, between atoms which do not exist in the monatomic state.

In this ascended state these sacred elements are naturally in the form of a white powder.

This 'white powder of gold' was known to the alchemists of ancient Summeria, Egypt, Israel,and India.

It has unique properties of super-conductivity which is needed for higher consciousness functioning of the nervous system, DNA/RNA and other aspects of physiology, as well as for prevention and healing of diseases, including cancers. It also can become antigravitic. It translates light into matter, and matter into light.

When consumed it immediately acts to raise the consciousness and energy level, and it is most valuable in facilitating one's physical and consciousness ascension.

I have had several years of experiences with the use of Etherium Gold which is the only known naturally occurring substance containing a concentrated amount of the sacred monatomic elements. I'm happy to share my experiences and to discuss possibilities in the use of any monatomic elements.

There is information available about how to derive them oneself from seawater and other sources.

They have become re-discovered and available now as an essential part of planetary and human ascension.

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