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 We are to become a galactic civilisation
31 Oct 2005 @ 20:22, by adi. Altered States

As incredible as it may seem to many people, humanity & Earth is undergoing evolutionary change Advancement. We are to become a galactic civilisation, interacting positively with the many star system civilisations in our galaxy and universe, and indeed other universes. It is our true destiny to change from a society based on fear and competition, to one based on love, peace, and harmony. The current chaos is merely part of the quickening change.  More >

 Discover your inner secret powers!0 comments
8 Oct 2005 @ 01:13, by uncleremus. Altered States

Are you naturally amazing?

Have you been sent here from a distant dying solar system?  More >

 Wierd Dream
picture 26 Aug 2005 @ 20:52, by jmarc. Altered States
I am at the local television station for some unknown reason. I am standing with a group of people in some sort of informal meeting.  More >

 911 "Solved"4 comments
19 Aug 2005 @ 18:35, by swanny. Altered States
"How Odd?"
08-19-05, 10:32 am (PDT)
Well perhaps I'm dreamin (pinches self)
*pain* nope.....
well I'm not positive and don't really have any
proof or evidence or other capable witnessness
but something seemingly odd seemingly occurred
You know those motion sensor alarms for cars
that go off at the most annoying moments
well one just went off here and then the cause
for it going off seemed to happened
what I seemingly or apparently witnessed was
the cause coming after the effect....
a time warp...
what a strange sensation.... and manifestation
maybe it was just a conincidence....
the time is Friday 11:28 AM MDT August 19, 2005

well how is things ...???


what is clear....?

the sky is clear and sunny....

the alarm sounded and then the simulus to set off the alarm
occurred or seemingly


not sure


not really



well if cause can follow effect then that sort of upsets


Member since 1-9-03 1. "RE: How Odd?"
08-19-05, 10:41 am (PDT)
In response to message #0

Do you suppose thats .....
no thats crazy but....

Our PM said 911 was an "effect"
do you suppose the cause for 911 may
have come "after" 911 itself...

wow thats crazy....

so what I seem to be saying
if you take that to a larger scale then is,
is it not possible then that the cause for 911 might have
been the US going to war with Afganistan and
Iraq.... but thats after....

thats loopty loop lunacy...

thats crazy....

Its not possible.....

the probability of it is very very low

or on the scale of none or a miracle...

well who can really say....
its not probable or possible
so its not true right?

say it isn't true or possible....

It can't be....

2. "RE: How Odd?"
08-19-05, 10:50 am (PDT)
In response to message #1

Maybe its just me and my western brain
but thats not how I was told reality "functions"

causes come first and then effects...

Does eastern thought have some ????....
leeway there though....
I read some stuff and though it didn't specifically
state it, it did make some allusions or suggestions
to it yet we in the western world can not function
in that kind of reality....

So then is this "reality wars" then????

Is it the nature of reality then that is in question


You can not function though our way in that eastern
thought or way because its not logical....

3. "RE: How Odd?"
08-19-05, 11:06 am (PDT)
In response to message #2

okay lets be logical

here if we can

lets say the US went to war with Afgan and Iraq
for well we're not sure .... apparently
they won't say.... weapons of mass destruction


and then they the victums retaliated with the flying of planes
into the World trade center...


yes I like it



but what about now....

oh a headache that what now....

the war started last tuesday...
911 occurred yesterday....???

tuesday war started August 16, 2005
thursday August 18th 2005 911 occurred

okay done

now can we move on....

Friday 19, 2005 12:01 PM... MDT

Now what hmmmmm????

I need a smoke.....

Sunny day.... aye....

"Humanity is that we might know joy"
A.G. Jonas

4. "RE: How Odd?"
08-19-05, 11:14 am (PDT)
In response to message #3

LAST EDITED ON 08-19-05 AT 11:16 am (PDT)

So shock and awe came first
and then 911?


"""""" well that does make more "sense"....""""""""

well.... whatever....

lets move on....

whats the "value" of sentiment?

5. "RE: How Odd?"
08-19-05, 11:28 am (PDT)
In response to message #4

Yes bizarre must be the word for the day

okay try this

The "Gulf War" was the cause of 911.....
Yes that makes even more sense
something happened in the shock and awe of the
"Gulf War" that we
weren"t told about and 911 was pay back time
and then Afganistan and Iraq was the payback of
that and that leads us to the terrorism of now...

so I say cool it chill theres been enough
war, death, confusion and insanity....already people

we're all family afterall
aren't we?

Blessed are We and They
That serve Love and Truth
Most of the time.

Alfie  More >

 The Law of the Boredom of Perfection9 comments
picture15 Aug 2005 @ 12:09, by jhs. Altered States
Today I realized the dreadful truth of the boredom of perfection!

Anything that seems perfect seems so terrible that it must be immediately displaced with a different, but imperfect paradigm.

Someone with a very bad reputation said once that we would be living in an imperfect Universe. I don't like to admit it but he was right.

From an intellectual perspective, a goal, once achieved, loses its power to exist, hences it ceases to exist. Reversely stated, this is the proof that this Universe is built exclusively on goals.

Someone with a (nearly!) perfect reputation, Gotamo Siddharto, also called the Buddha, stated that "all things are composites, all things are not-persistent, all things are polarities (dukkha), all things are non-self". He should have added "all things are non-perfect". Did he leave out this eternal truth intentionally?

In any case, this Law of the Boredom of Perfection would lead us to the conclusion that all truth, in order to persist, must contain a lie, which brings us back to the man with the terrible reputation (who already said that too).

...  More >

 The Chair Rule
picture 4 Aug 2005 @ 19:01, by scotty. Altered States
If you're wondering how to make more things go your way, the secret is in the chair upon which you are sitting right now.

It starts like this: When you walked into the room, you simply sat down in your chair, right?

You didn't think about it. You didn't stand in the doorway, pondering about whether or not this was a good chair for you. You didn't go over and test it to make sure it would support your weight.

You just walked over and sat down. No worries. No hesitation. In fact, you probably don't even remember doing it. It was as natural as your breathing is right now. It just happened without any resistance at all.

You probably didn't even expect the chair to support you. You just KNEW it would. That's why you didn't think about it. All your life, you've been sitting in chairs. And all your life, they've been doing what yours is doing right now. To you, chairs are reliable. You can count on them to do what you know they were designed to do.

This is also true of the universal laws. But because
we don't learn about them as we grow up, we have to think about them and test them. We have our doubts. They don't fit the chair rule, which is: Whatever you don't resist, exists!

But the chair rule can also be called *The Miracle Rule,* since knowing it allows what most people call *miracles* or *coincidences* to show up. And once you know it from your innermost gut instinct, the way you do sitting in a chair, it will work for you in wonderful ways.

 More >

 Telepathic Overlay13 comments
14 Jan 2005 @ 03:25, by vaxen. Altered States
Ingo Swann

"There are good probable reasons for the lack of really serious work regarding telepathy.
Certainly one of the reasons for the avoidance is that people fear having their minds read or invaded. After all, telepathy IS defined as mind-to-mind contact, and the mind- invasive principle is implicit in this definition.
Additionally, if telepathic contact with other minds is possible, then it IS but one short developmental step to one of the ugliest topics on Earth -- mind-control."  More >

 Earth to Starship OS4 comments
5 Nov 2004 @ 08:10, by vaxen. Altered States
The fractured funnies of Galacticide recently witnessed on Prime made me stop and think that...

Even if you would like to call your self hue man, wo man, or whatever relates to that, the chances of your be-ing that are few and far between.

At Core this lead to the ultimate solution. You are really living in the past and you should be living in the present. You may think the past is really the most comfortible place to be but that simply is not true.

Fear and fear alone, plus the implant technologies that your Enslavers bought from us to keep the whole sham super spot on shiny techno living color really seems solid and alive, is the only thing separating you from the most glorious thing to behold, ever! Certainly you do'nt really know what that is...yet. But you will!

"The moment you follow someone you cease to follow truth."--J. Krishnamurti in "Truth Is A Pathless Land"  More >

 I Feel the Earth Move....2 comments
picture 28 Oct 2004 @ 00:15, by magical_melody. Altered States
Funny thing is last Friday evening before bed, Thursday in US, I pulled the Earthquake card with the intention of finding out what the next day's energies would bring, since Max and I were attending an important conference over our Labour Day weekend here in NZ. I then proceeded to dream about weather challenges that night after the first of a 3 day weekend experience. The next day at a conference in Wellington, I experienced strong eruptive feelings emotionally that stressed my body physically, and found it a challenge to take care of my body within a very mental invironment. Overloaded energetically, I drew upon many of my inner resources to navigate through the tensions I was experiencing. That very day a quake in Japan occured.

Photo from Archive  More >

 Planet Blue8 comments
picture3 Sep 2004 @ 06:36, by koravya. Altered States
September second into the third, Thursday into Friday. The planetary consciousness is in telepathic communication with other galactic and intergalactic planets at a similar evolutionary stage of conscious development.  More >

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