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19 Aug 2005 @ 18:35, by swanny

"How Odd?"
08-19-05, 10:32 am (PDT)
Well perhaps I'm dreamin (pinches self)
*pain* nope.....
well I'm not positive and don't really have any
proof or evidence or other capable witnessness
but something seemingly odd seemingly occurred
You know those motion sensor alarms for cars
that go off at the most annoying moments
well one just went off here and then the cause
for it going off seemed to happened
what I seemingly or apparently witnessed was
the cause coming after the effect....
a time warp...
what a strange sensation.... and manifestation
maybe it was just a conincidence....
the time is Friday 11:28 AM MDT August 19, 2005

well how is things ...???


what is clear....?

the sky is clear and sunny....

the alarm sounded and then the simulus to set off the alarm
occurred or seemingly


not sure


not really



well if cause can follow effect then that sort of upsets


Member since 1-9-03 1. "RE: How Odd?"
08-19-05, 10:41 am (PDT)
In response to message #0

Do you suppose thats .....
no thats crazy but....

Our PM said 911 was an "effect"
do you suppose the cause for 911 may
have come "after" 911 itself...

wow thats crazy....

so what I seem to be saying
if you take that to a larger scale then is,
is it not possible then that the cause for 911 might have
been the US going to war with Afganistan and
Iraq.... but thats after....

thats loopty loop lunacy...

thats crazy....

Its not possible.....

the probability of it is very very low

or on the scale of none or a miracle...

well who can really say....
its not probable or possible
so its not true right?

say it isn't true or possible....

It can't be....

2. "RE: How Odd?"
08-19-05, 10:50 am (PDT)
In response to message #1

Maybe its just me and my western brain
but thats not how I was told reality "functions"

causes come first and then effects...

Does eastern thought have some ????....
leeway there though....
I read some stuff and though it didn't specifically
state it, it did make some allusions or suggestions
to it yet we in the western world can not function
in that kind of reality....

So then is this "reality wars" then????

Is it the nature of reality then that is in question


You can not function though our way in that eastern
thought or way because its not logical....

3. "RE: How Odd?"
08-19-05, 11:06 am (PDT)
In response to message #2

okay lets be logical

here if we can

lets say the US went to war with Afgan and Iraq
for well we're not sure .... apparently
they won't say.... weapons of mass destruction


and then they the victums retaliated with the flying of planes
into the World trade center...


yes I like it



but what about now....

oh a headache that what now....

the war started last tuesday...
911 occurred yesterday....???

tuesday war started August 16, 2005
thursday August 18th 2005 911 occurred

okay done

now can we move on....

Friday 19, 2005 12:01 PM... MDT

Now what hmmmmm????

I need a smoke.....

Sunny day.... aye....

"Humanity is that we might know joy"
A.G. Jonas

4. "RE: How Odd?"
08-19-05, 11:14 am (PDT)
In response to message #3

LAST EDITED ON 08-19-05 AT 11:16 am (PDT)

So shock and awe came first
and then 911?


"""""" well that does make more "sense"....""""""""

well.... whatever....

lets move on....

whats the "value" of sentiment?

5. "RE: How Odd?"
08-19-05, 11:28 am (PDT)
In response to message #4

Yes bizarre must be the word for the day

okay try this

The "Gulf War" was the cause of 911.....
Yes that makes even more sense
something happened in the shock and awe of the
"Gulf War" that we
weren"t told about and 911 was pay back time
and then Afganistan and Iraq was the payback of
that and that leads us to the terrorism of now...

so I say cool it chill theres been enough
war, death, confusion and insanity....already people

we're all family afterall
aren't we?

Blessed are We and They
That serve Love and Truth
Most of the time.


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19 Aug 2005 @ 19:22 by jmarc : one thing
that always bothered me aboot this 9/11 thingee, and I consider myself the farthest away possible from a "conspiracy nut" on this issue, was the abnormally large compensation package received by survivor's families. I can't think of any other precedent in history in which the government felt obliged to compensate it's citizens for their losses other than the ones that the government was directly responsible for. I would be interested in knowing if the receivers had to sign for that money, and what that piece of paper they signed actually said.  

19 Aug 2005 @ 21:43 by swanny : hmmmm
well I suppose lots is possible
but what about now...
can we move on to now...
well what do we want now to be...
more "honesty" perhaps
more "love" would be nice....
more "?" .... hmmmmm?
It is a fairly nice day
I suppose that is something to be thankful for....  

19 Aug 2005 @ 22:38 by bushman : Hmm
See what happened was this. We made a software program to run all our power plants and grid, Russia stole this software, but what they stole was a fake, they installed it, and this caused all thier natural gas vavles to lock up in such a way as to cause the plant to explode, news reports said that people on the shuttle saw over 200 explosions on the ground , anyway this cause Russia to fall apart, and china became all powerfull, now this was bad, how can we compeet with china? so they said ok we make the euro, but several countries didnt want to get on the euro, because then they knew they couldnt compeet with the american dollar fairly, so they blew up the trade center to give the euro some buying power, 3 days after 911, those countries changed to the euro.  

20 Feb 2017 @ 07:13 by Calendar march 2017 @ : Nice
This is very nice  

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