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picture23 Jun 2006 @ 16:49, by Tristan Harris

The dream started when I was very young - I am in a room low lit, quiet, filled with bookshelves - like a small library. I sense motion and start down the 3 carpeted steps. As I take my first step an object rolls out from behind one of the book shelves. I am afraid but curious. The object is of a weird metal shiny but dull - odd. The shape is of a wheel within wheel circles within circles moving but ball shaped. The object stopped as if looking at me and I woke up - This dream has reoccurred through my life and every time it picks back up and the object rolls a little farter and I get a little closer. I have always wondered what it was - why it reoccurred.
About 8 years ago I saw a movie called Chariots of the Gods (amazing documentary style movie from 1977 by Erick Von Daniken about the physical evidence of visits by galactic travelers who came to earth - Nasca lines - ancient hieroglyphics etc.) In one part of the movie Erick is showing old biblical paintings revealing spaceships in the sky etc. All of a sudden I find myself looking at the object - the thing from my dreams that rolls across the floor - it was like someone else had stepped into my dream and painted it. Revelation oh my god - that's it! What is it? I have come across the object at different times since.
Recently I decided to do a little research on Alchemy - furthering my spiritual evolution. Once again I came across the object in a painting. Left side of pic Wheel within a wheel.
The quest for information led me to this forum. I would like to ask if anyone else has had this experience or can someone explain what the object is to me. Why I would have manifested it in dreams as a child, that have reoccurred my whole life.
In the dreams I get closer each time - What happens when I get close enough to touch it?

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