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 A Dream in Time !!
picture 2 Feb 2006 @ 01:15, by Scotty

Not very long ago I had a dream !
Nothing very exceptional about that you might say - except I haven't had a dream (or at least not one that I remembered) in over ten years !

Ayway - in my dream I was me (Scotty) and I was my 'watcher me' both at the same time.
My 'watcher me' had this ability to send me (Scotty) back in time !
So - the watcher me kept sending me back in time to re-do things that I'd already done in the past but hadn't worked out right !
This kept on happening over and over again.
In one part of the dream I remember distinctly having sown seeds - these seeds began to germinate and eventually the flower came. But - it wasn't right - it wasn't the flower it should have been !
it had been changed somehow along it's growing path - so the 'watcher me' kept sending me back to re-sow the seed and follow it's growth pattern untill eventually it turned out to be the perfect flower it was intended to be !

I've the feeling that my dream was long and complex - involving changing things in my life that had gone wrong - and I had the strongest impression that each time the 'watcher me' sent me back I carried no memory of having been through all this before - but there was however some kind of 'learning mode' in the back of my mind that I could draw upon - as if I were using past experiances to improve my latest effort to try and get it right this time !

My me (the Scotty me) was quite happy to be going through all of this - time after time - and my 'watcher me' felt quite .... motherly - tender even - watching me grow with each effort !!
Then I woke up !!

About a couple of weeks later I started reading a book called Oversoul 7

- this really got me thinking .....

.... If it turns out to be true that 'Time ' is not that which we think it is (linear) and it actually exists in multitudinous ways ( past present and future all happen at the same time as well as in different dimensions ) couldn't we theoretically alter our own past - and by changing this past in our mind ( which is 'now' in our present) we could also change not only the past but its effects too - and wouldn't this not only have an effect on onself but on others as well !!

Which makes me wonder - would this change that affects others be moral ??
And if we did (could) go back and change the past - would we remember it - like - could it be possible that we'd remember maybe that as a child we had a dream - a dream where someone visited us and either gave us advice or showed us something or helped us solve a problem - and the result of this 'dream' could be that we grew up believing in something or have a feeling (like intuition) about something which in a way affected our lives - thus changing it????

I mean like in psychiatry for example - couldn't someone (under hypnosis or something ) have a memory 'altered' - and that would help the person by calming the fears of a past self ? Cos surely that 'past self' isn't hypothetical and somewhere in each of us our 'past self' still exists !!
If that 'past self' of ours still exists surely it can still be reached !
And if it can still be reached - then surely it can have a reaction to being reached and it's fears could be calmed !!!

It all seems quite logical to me !
It all seems very far fetched to me too !
But then - isn't truth often stranger than fiction eh !

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