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picture6 Aug 2006 @ 02:09, by Brenda McCann

"When GOD speaks YOU write it down and put it here! The world doesn't know YOUR VERSION if you don't tell them!"
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"The Changeover" Chronicled by Mark Stearn.
(4th August, 2006.)

(10 AM.)
I am experiencing many vibrational earths moving in sway with the overall tide. The crystal cities of the planet are reaching their heartbeams into the safe places where there is no discordance and anchoring the overall flow of all that is at this time. What it means is that there is a tremendous crossover to the New Earth happening as I write this. Many souls are in transition that are transported directly to the new planet. Earth's flora and fauna are far more aware now of the New Earth's presence and indeed they love and live from this expanded space.

The flame of heart's true love is anchoring throughout the Earth and is tackling the planet's overall discordance.

We need to look inside ourselves now and ask ourselves what is it that we really want. As mentioned in previous updates; it is a time for decisions. Our decisions are more powerful than we realise for they shape our future in many dimensions and realities. We are all walkingbetween the worlds now. Humanity has moved to a stage and state of frequency where it is more easily shaking off the shackles of the past.

This has taken much work on behalf of our beloved ascended masters. They have been anchoring the heart flame of all higher vibrations through crystal connectors that were laid down some time ago. I was guided to assist in the laying down process. We created a new heart vibrational network throughout the ocean floor. With each crystal that was laid down, a new vortex was put in place. The crystals connectors open directly to source level. Anyway to share about the changeover;

It is a very conscious shift in experience. Many of us are most adept at shifting realities, we feel it is simply something that we do however it takes quite an amount of experience to be able to adapt to the changes so well. Before the ascension process kicked off, reality shifts were periodical. Now it is a constant move to an entirely new realm of conscious experience. The reason we are able to weather the changes so well is that we are so anchored in our lightbodies. Our abilities blossom and we feel as though we can do anything and we can!

The changeover to the New Earth is happening all of the time. It is subtle yet effective. Love is growing stronger on the planet. The love, as I have shared before, is stimulating a rise in all the pent up energies that the Earth has ever held in her system.

It was quite an undertaking to contemplate the Ascension Process and the Earth has been gearing itself up for Aeons for this shift. The Ascended Masters wish us to know that we are them . Just as all universal beings of light and balance strive to teach us of the oneness which is the key signature of the universe. Our friends know what we are undertaking with our shift into the light. It is important to remember that our friends in the higher dimensions while assisting us sometimes get bogged down in the duality that pervades the lower vibrations of conscious experience. Each moment now we are consciously shifting realities and experiences. This is in fact very exciting for we are opening more to new universes. There are so many friends and family out there for us to connect with. They love us dearly. They want nothing more than to connect with us and for us to know that we are them just as they are us. The changeover is a hugely exciting change for us all. To know that we are divinely soverign and the makers of our own realities. When we have shifted contracts will naturally open up that we will feel most attuned to. They are divinely designed for us to grow from and are of course what we love doing the most.


I hadnt planned on writing this in two segments but that is just the way the energy is today. I`m aware of a tremendous shifting of worlds today. I can feel our galaxy returning to it's original heavenly vibration.

Everything is being restored. The shifting of worlds is happening as all Earths come into direct focus with each other . There are many overlapping plans that fit together as one grand scheme. The vibration of the El`ohad is increasing. Its a very joyous occasion in the realms of spirit as our friends see our heart chakras intensifying in planetary love and moving past our limitations. The El`ohad is expanding to encompass dimensions and realities within it's influence.

Many realities are diverging and others are converging on each other. Today sees a strong balancing act in force . The planet is beginning to feel just like it did when Isis and Osiris arrived for the first time from Edon. That's a whole other story for another time but suffice to say there is a very young feeling to the universe on this day. We are forever youthful as we embrace the realms of spirit. Im going to wrap it up there because I am exhausted. My heart chakra has been releasing all day long. Its been intense but I feel as though we are all where we most wish to be. I learned yesterday that we can only ever be in the space that we are in in any given moment. And It is pointless having expectations about ourselves as we are divinely perfect in each moment that we are open to be gifted from on high.

Amen and Adonai!


Blessings, by Mark

'Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there! When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase "each other" doesn't make sense anymore.'

'Gamble everything for love if you are a true human being.
If not, leave this gathering.' Jalaluddin Rumi.

posted by Brenda in Idaho USA Earth, aka Freo`7
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