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14 Jun 2006 @ 06:21, by Marissa A Spencer

Some of this dream is like a memory and some of it is obviously symbolic.

Not long ago I had a vivid dream. I was in Turkey.. or in that area of the world. The time frame.. well.. might have been anything from ancient to 1860 or so.
I first see some army... and many horses. (possible meaning the king or leaders of the country) All decked out in their battle gear. I see the horses lined up like a bas relief carving you see in some Roman art. They are very close together and stand perfectly immobile. They do not flinch or move when I touch one of them. There are there also.. about 30 other nuns. All dressed as I am. They turn into flying black robes that go high in the air and then melt into the ground and disappear. I hear in my head. "The women are oil. "(I have no idea what this might mean, 'cept perhaps they are women of great worth)

I find myself in an old market...certainly strange things I had never seen in it. I also find myself dressed in black....I am a nun. I have a white frontpiece I wear shaped like a triangle pointed down on my chest. I am seated then at a simple wooden dining table. There are two men seated on each side and I am at the head of the table. They are wearing robe like clothing. I keep my eyes down and murmur only slight answers when they speak to me. We are having a celebration I think. The only food I recognize is the lamb and a simple cake at the end of the meal. I drop my plate and the gentleman to my right picks it up for me.

I am obviously being honored, but feel unworthy and uncomfortable at being revered. I feel as though I am unaccustomed to speaking to men in general.

I have the strong feeling I was in the dream an Armenian nun. They have an interesting history in that area of the world. Much of it is very tragic.

(c) 5/2006 marissa a spencer

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