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 Wierd Dream
picture 26 Aug 2005 @ 20:52, by Jose Overalles

I am at the local television station for some unknown reason. I am standing with a group of people in some sort of informal meeting.

Peter Jennings is with us too. It is quite clear to everyone in the group that Peter and I don't see eye to eye on things. He thinks that I'm a typical New Hampshire hick conservative, and I think he is nothing more than a shallow spokesman for world socialism. As we trade barbs, the rest of the group looks on nervously. I say to Peter,"well, there really isn't much news for you to report these days, is there"? He replies, in a superior know it all fashion, "Well, that will all change in a big way in a couple of days. Something BIG is about to happen". This flips my switch, and I turn into a raving lunatic. I yell and scream at him, "well, if you know so much Mr. reporter, why don't you tell everybody about it? After all, that's what reporters do right? I start following him around the TV station, repeating myself over and over again, furious that he would withhold important information about some big event. For some reason I feel that this event will be very bad, in a Sept. 11 kind of way. The rest of the people in the Tv station are horrified that I would talk to Peter Jennings that way. Peter seems embarrassed that he has said too much about something he shouldn't have. His assistant, who is a woman, wearing a black skirt, white shirt and a muslim head scarf that is black, snaps her fingers, and two guards appear to escort me from the building. I feel like the assistant agrees with me, but has to do her job anyway. As I'm being pushed out the door, she says, "why don't you go buy yourself a hooker and get rid of some of that aggression. I realize that she procures hookers for Peter, and that she is just transferring that guilt to me. I tell her, "I don't need no damned hooker, like HIM!" Next I find myself in the bad section of town, where I run into a group of homeless people camped out on the sidewalk. I start preaching to them about how the world is going to end on "Monday or Tuesday", and that Peter Jennings knows all about it, but won't tell anybody. They stare at me with rapt attention, hanging on every word, and believing me. End of dream.

About 18 years ago, I worked for a temp agency that hired me to work at the local Tv station to be a gopher for ABC News. They were in town for the New Hampshire Primary. I was in the same room with Peter Jennings then, but never spoke to him. I did notice that everyone was extremely nervous when he came into the room. I also had a brief staring contest from across the room with David Brinkley, but didn't talk to him either. I remember being very impressed with all of the ABC news people though, thinking that they were a really great bunch of people. I had no opinion of Peter then, though later I would come to depspise his news casts as pure propaganda. I'm sure he was probably a nice guy though,to the people who loved him. Driving to work this morning I was recalling this dream, and it took a few minutes before I remembered that Peter is now dead and gone. R.I.P. Peter, don't mean to speak ill of the dead, lol. I don't remember many dreams so vividly. This one sure was strange.

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