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 The Law of the Boredom of Perfection9 comments
picture15 Aug 2005 @ 12:09, by Max Sandor

Today I realized the dreadful truth of the boredom of perfection!

Anything that seems perfect seems so terrible that it must be immediately displaced with a different, but imperfect paradigm.

Someone with a very bad reputation said once that we would be living in an imperfect Universe. I don't like to admit it but he was right.

From an intellectual perspective, a goal, once achieved, loses its power to exist, hences it ceases to exist. Reversely stated, this is the proof that this Universe is built exclusively on goals.

Someone with a (nearly!) perfect reputation, Gotamo Siddharto, also called the Buddha, stated that "all things are composites, all things are not-persistent, all things are polarities (dukkha), all things are non-self". He should have added "all things are non-perfect". Did he leave out this eternal truth intentionally?

In any case, this Law of the Boredom of Perfection would lead us to the conclusion that all truth, in order to persist, must contain a lie, which brings us back to the man with the terrible reputation (who already said that too).


For an engineer, this raises an interesting question: how can one design something that is basically perfect. But not perfectly purfect, (in order to allow it to persist in our world for some time),

Maybe that's why so many Greek statues have some limbs chopped off!?

Hmm, I could make this list post just PERFECT. But, wise as I am, I stop here... (don't wonna see the computer blow up in front of me)...


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15 Aug 2005 @ 12:34 by jstarrs : And maybe
perfection & non-perfection are just not inherently existant, either?
Why does something that 'seems perfect' seem 'so terrible' to your mind?  

15 Aug 2005 @ 20:18 by vaxen : mind?
what mind? the composite entity...ah, yes. the wall of fire. and another wall of fire, too. suchness is suchness isn't it? just so.

just 37? obviously a marcabian deception patrol is loose in this sector of the galaxy. where is rawl when you really need him? mish lives on as a carbon nanotube keeping R's bone, that he left in arslycus, all whole--till he retrieves it again, for the thousandth-time, this time around.

Hugin and Munin.  

16 Aug 2005 @ 00:08 by Ed Dawson @ : this'n'that
Last things first: "Hugin and Munin"? Thought and memory? The companions of Odin? LOL, why did you sign that, Vaxen? :)))


Hmmm. I see it as two related but slightly separate issues that Max brings up:

1. PERFECTION is easy to confront and therefore as-ises easily. Perfect beauty pales, where beauty with a touch of something not quite "right" doesn't as-is.

2. GOAL ACHIEVEMENT is an "end of game", because there is no separation between the observer and the object of desire. The two collapse into each other and the goal vanishes along with the lack of separation into desirer and desiree.

Those two stated, they are related because ultimately #1 is an example of #2. Specifically, the goal of "beauty" and/or "perfection" (called oshe) has been achieved.

16 Aug 2005 @ 02:37 by vaxen : Frigga...
as 'Freya' gave dear Loki her feathered coat so that he could faster than light travel to wherever Othr (Odin) was hiding away, screwing some other immortal cow; like Angor-bodha for example...

I use Opera:

But Hugin (Theta) always alerted our Hero for Mugin (GE+R6+Track+Wholetrack++) was Mu Gin. Tai Atari! Goals are goals and you are so right that winning the game loses/kills ``the game'' ... GPM. The goal (G) of a goal (G) is the goal (G) that ignites the anti (P)...and everyone knows that ya gotta ante (M) up if ya want to play poke her (Whole lotta M)!

To me the very stagnant concept of 'perfection' was born of the 'industrial' revolution. The 'idea' that one has to achieve something that one already is is so Suisse! After all, who invented the clock? Engine-ears seem to seek technological perfection yet they are taught that it is not a possibility. We can see who is at work there, can't we?

Soon we will have implants, my company makes them, that will do all your thinking for you. That's the perfection of the dildo in space. A chimpanzee, at some lab somewhere, just moved a robots' arm telekinetically from 3000 kilometers away...

And nano tubes of carbon will soon be used to cast those broken bones in a wonderful cage allowing them to heal in a whole new light. Also the Pentagon has a Lab where they are creating real super soldiers; who can grow hands and arms and legs that have been blown off; that can stop bleeding and fight without taking a 'sleep' break.

Soon those 'engine-ears' will have the 'per-fect-ion' that they seek in those movable parts and we can all get on with the re-claim-at-ion of MEST and the quantum diligence of the great sub-ter-fugue. Maybe even in D minor? Yeah, you can do it, baby!

Back to Native State, then, on a shoestring budget and a kiss. ;)

The HU Ginunga, The MU Ginunga, and the GinungaGap. WikiWiki ;)

When is a Mass a Mass?
When is a Mess a Mass?
When is a Mass a Mess?
Does every Mass Mass?
Does every Mass Mess?
Does every Mess Mass?
Mess around
Mass around
Mass around
Mess around

There are 13
Who really know
What they know...

Are you one of them?

Consuelo De Aragon
said it best...


24 Aug 2005 @ 14:23 by nraye @ : Perfection ??
What is this? Intellectual? One of the earlier news items talks of IQ and EQ. is perhaps the latter lacking a bit in this article? And, this brings to what is the perennial problem with the Internet, the encouragement of low EQ, or leave certain givens unsaid to maintain high EQ. For a start, dropping emphasis techniques in the written word, which are seen as Ego, rather than sense, and ego anyway carries low EQ  

28 Aug 2005 @ 03:38 by nameless @ : Perfection
Y'all fantasize that you can be imperfect yet conceive of and recognise perfection. What abysimal arrogance and ignorance. Who are you to point and judge? You have all the data for a billion millenia regarding something that you presume to consider 'imperfect'?? Could 'perfection' be like 'good', if it FEELS good, it is good and perfect? If it 'feels' 'bad' it is imperfect and 'bad? How shallow. Orgasm is good, pain is bad.. Puh-lese! *__- Wasn't 'stealing judgement' the original judeo/Xtian sin? Which apple was eaten? Even apparent (to you) disequilibriums contribute to the ultimate equilibrium of the whole.  

2 Sep 2005 @ 03:52 by al @ : perfection is PV
The mathematics that seems to be perfect (from within) and it not seems such awful that it must be immediately displaced with a different, but imperfect paradigm.
You choose and select the point of view that is the perfect (not perfect) part of PV-s and a part of something seems to be the perfect (not perfect) and the whole.  

24 Oct 2005 @ 17:31 by Jude Adebosoye Ogunade @ : The Law of Enthusiasm of Perfection
Perfection is one of the best examples of duality(or is it multiplicity?) of purpose of all things that exist, whether natural or artificial. The greatest Prophet once said: "Be ye perfect as your heavenly father is perfect". In my own opinion (emphasis?), I think that he means to say continue to strive after perfection so as to attain perfection like your heavenly father. Who is my heavenly father, by faith I may know him, but by my reason He exists but with several doubts. Well, this discourse is actually about the enthusiasm in perfection, how often do we forget that perfection is not only a product of our thoughts (reason+imagination) but also of our emotions. I wonder what prompted this phrase: 'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'. As long as man is the umpire in the game of appreciation of himself (in-himself and out-himself), he will tend to view things not only according to his emotions(in all ramifications) but also his reasons. What enthusiasm is it for you to look at a piece of work: A painting, a sculpture, a beautiful woman, an excellent classic(book - poetry, prose etc) or the intricacies of plants and animals and exclaim: what a piece, it could have be done like this or that bla, bla, and you continue to dialogue in your mind or dialogue with another or others about it, nevertheless, its forms of being in a state of tending towards perfection cannot make it immediately perfect. Whether you wrote the book, you sculpted the bust or you wrote the song, yet the taste and urge for perfection should not create in you boredom but enthusiasm to continue to strive after perfection! What does astronomy tell us: that the universe is in constant cyclical motion that is progressive!! So, where is the rotations and revolutions (of every body that makes up the universe) leading us to? Perfection? Ok, whatever the case may be one should continue to be enthusiastic about the fact that he's in motion with the bodies of the universe as each goal become extinct and each perfection becomes an imperfection! Of what boredom will the world become if suddenly everything becomes perfect. Thank goodness for variety - what I call, the spice of the world, for without variety there will be monotony of all things: language, plants, animals, everything the world has! Variety is the taste that has spiced perfection. Please don't be bothered or bored by perfection!

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