New Civilization News: The Cause of Disaster!    
 The Cause of Disaster!
8 May 2003 @ 20:41, by Rom Zarvarza

I seek input as to the meaning of this dream.

On several occasions I have had a dream of a rather extravagent inn colapsing do to fire. My first dream depicted me alone in the inn with no other guests. The Owner ofcourse was there. In the second dream, I had met a women while there, who had three children all around age seven. An elderly women also was a guest. In both dreams the inn burned, and both times everyone survived unharmed. The only time I have repeating dreams is if they are nightmares, and I have had none since I was a young boy. Also, this dream stood out because although the fire was the same and my route of exit from the inn was the same, the number of people varied in each dream. I have thought about these dreams for months now and have not been able to come to a conclusion as to their meanings. Do you have an opinion?

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