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 Propaganda3 comments
25 Sep 2001 @ 20:09, by ming. Communication
This is a pretty good site on propaganda and propaganda analysis:

It covers a number examples of how communication is used to deceive, and how one might be aware of that.  More >

 Knowing where to complain4 comments
27 Aug 2001 @ 13:45, by ming. Communication
I think it is generally a good principle to voice one's opinion and to give feedback to organizations or companies one is dealing with, if one has something positive or negative to say. But I must admit that I often don't do so, even when I have something burning to say, and that is mostly because it can be cumbersome to find out who to speak to or who to write to, and then to print out a letter, mail it, etc. Particularly since my beef with an organization quite often is exactly that there seems to be nobody listening and nobody who cares. So, it is nice that there are several online possibilities that might help in communicating. For example, there is PlanetFeedback which helps you send letters to companies, and will mail them for you. And the Better Business Bureau has online forms for filing complaints, as well as lookups in their database summarizing other people's experience.  More >

 Honest companies, cell phones8 comments
20 Aug 2001 @ 14:32, by ming. Communication
It would be nice when at some point companies will realize that they and their customers are all best served is they're honest about what they have to offer, how it works, how it is different from similar products, etc. At this point companies are still mostly trying to deceive the public, emphasizing stuff that really makes no difference, and hiding the facts that really do make a difference in one's purchasing decisions. There are some clues they really need to get, and in the longer run, it will only be companies who get it who will stay in business, I think. Anyway, I spent a few hours shopping for cell phones, which is what made me a bit frustrated with the current situation.  More >

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