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 The secret life of plants35 comments
picture 9 Jan 2004 @ 06:24, by ming. Communication
Cleve Backster is a pioneer in research demonstrating how plants, or for that matter, any live cells have some surprising abilities to respond to thoughts and feelings and communicate in ways they wouldn't traditionally be expected to.
"My plant read my mind!" On February 2nd, 1966 this realization forever changed the life of the FBI and CIA's then foremost polygraph researcher, and reintroduced modern science to the sentient nature of our universe. On that date the brilliant and disciplined mind of Cleve Backster conceived an irrefutable paradigm-busting scientific protocol. With straightforward electronics that a student or garage-level scientist can replicate, he proved to humans that their thoughts and emotions affect the behavior of their own and other living cells.

For millennia traditional peoples have known that all life forms-plants, animals and even single cells-are not only sentient and intelligent, but that they communicate with one another. This fact got lost a few centuries ago between the mechanistic focus of industrial science and the modern human view of reality that ascribed consciousness only to the human brain. A few 20th century scientific pioneers, like Chandra Bose in India and the Kirlians in the former Soviet Union, had earlier developed technology to demonstrate energy fields and basic emotional responses in plants and animals. Backster's experimental work took the next step and documented a heretofore unrecognized cellular level of interspecies biocommunication.

At the bottom you can find a review of Backster's new book by Paul von Ward. Now, Cleve Backster wasn't particularly the first person who experimented with this subject matter using galvanic skin response meters. For example, Ron Hubbard was playing with this in the 50s, and was generally ridiculed for it. Backster is a more respectable and mainstream character, being essentially the father of modern polygraph testing, so his message has a better chance of getting anywhere. Not that it particularly has.

Now, I know about this not just because I've listened to Clive Backster talking about it, but because I did some experiments of my own. It is very easy to do, and any skeptic ought to check it out for themselves. It is just that you need some kind of galvanic skin response meter. Like this. Which is essentially just an electronic instrument that measures resistance and that is very sensitive. A regular ohm meter isn't good enough as it isn't nearly sensitive enough. It takes something like a wheatstone's bridge, which gives large and fast readings on minute resistance changes. Or some more modern equivalent. And it needs to be attached to some suitable electrodes. For humans that would be something similar to a pair of tin cans. For a plant, the clips that otherwise would attach to the cans would do it.

So, now, for the simple and interesting experiments. You attach the clips to some plant you have standing around the house. Any plant will do, but a big leafy thing would be good. The meter will just show the needle standing rather still. If you cut off a leaf of the plant, the needle will give a sizable reaction. Not very surprising. But the surprising part is that if you take your scissor and approach the plant, intending to cut a leaf off of it, it will also react in a similar fashion, without you having touched it. It seems to react to your intention somehow. Likewise if you have several plants, maybe of the same kind. Put them in different rooms, to rule out that they can, eh, see each other. Attach the meter to one of them and have somebody watch it. Then go to the other plant and either treaten to cut one of its leaves off, or actually do so. Either way, the plant in the first room will react as if it was happening to itself.

Very simple to do. And it should certainly raise some questions in the mind of anybody who believes this would of course be impossible. And you can of course do this more scientifically and systematically, trying to exclude all sorts of other factors. And you can take it much further. And that is the kind of work that Cleve Backster has been doing.

Unfortunately, the scientific community in general has not paid much attention. As, of course, this is all impossible according to the theories that draw the most consensus, so why even bother to check it out.  More >

 Anti-Zionists and Antisemites21 comments
1 Dec 2003 @ 11:53, by bkodish. Communication
Columnist Julie Burchill, bless her soul, is leaving her job at the British newspaper, the Guardian. She has gotten fed-up with the pronounced anti-Israel prejudice of that so-called 'liberal' publication.

As she put it in her Saturday, Nov. 29th article Good, bad and ugly : "...if there is one issue that has made me feel less loyal to my newspaper over the past year, it has been what I, as a non-Jew, perceive to be a quite striking bias against the state of Israel. Which, for all its faults, is the only country in that barren region that you or I, or any feminist, atheist, homosexual or trade unionist, could bear to live under...I don't swallow the modern liberal line that anti-Zionism is entirely different from anti-semitism; the first good, the other bad..."  More >

 A Love Letter
5 May 2003 @ 14:43, by sharie. Communication
I always wanted to be able to write a great love letter...

and a great love song...

one that would express my deepest love and appreciation...

I get the feeling nobody here is really interested in love.

I'm shocked and stunned and startled by the intensity of the anger being expressed. If only people had the same intense feeling of love, if only they'd realize that nobody else is going to create their experience but themselves...

if they want to waller in anger, frustration, insults, misery, finger pointing, complaining... it's all a mystery to me, but it's certainly their right if they choose.

I suppose they're angry at the state of the world AND at what's going on in their personal lives AND they're angry at their parents - or lack thereof - AND they're angry at their children - or lack thereof - AND they're angry at their partner - or lack therof - AND they're angry at themselves... OR they're just angry at me that I would dare to say "thanks, but no thanks" ...

maybe they haven't figured out the choice is theirs.

I don't care to carry around that kind of anger, I've felt it, I don't want it... I've been through more hell than most anybody that's left livin' - except for Kay - and she's not wallerin' in anger either, so it's no mystery that it's all about choice.

Sure, we can choose to be angry, seething through our teeth, pretending we're trapped and helpless. I'm not going to pretend somebody has that kind of power over me, because it would be an absolute lie.

I know that what I experience is my own making and I have no desire to waller in misery. Been there, done that. Twelve years ago my doctor told me I was dying, I was being eaten alive by every micro-organism that passed my way, and people were stealing money from me and anything else they could get their hands on, the doctors were lying, the lawyers were lying... everybody was "pissed off". What a hellhole. I don't care to be eaten alive anymore, especially not by my own anger... and certainly not by anybody else's anger either. I say, "no" and "no thanks". It's my choice, no question.

I don't think anger gives me a power position or makes me a righteous rebel. I can see right through myself, and I wouldn't dare be that phoney.

I'm happy. The angry people are probably "pissed off" at that too.


 Language and World Views5 comments
picture 3 May 2003 @ 16:13, by ming. Communication
Some people are having a discussion about whether and how language shapes how we experience the world. Stavros the Wonder Chicken has a very long post examining different academic models, and using Korean as an example. And David Weinberger has an excellent post talking about Heidegger.

I enjoy philosophical discussions, and I particularly enjoy examining how world views are constructed. But I guess I have somewhat limited patience with academics, and I'm not overly educated in traditional philosophy. I tend to be most interested in examining other models to possibly improve on the model I already have, and I have little interest in models that are more limited than my own, even if they are maybe of historical interest.

Anyway, I find it quite obvious that people being native speakers of different languages see the world a bit different. Western languages tend to construct sentences out of subjects and objects. That creates a certain separation between things, which doesn't necessarily exist, but which makes native speakers of for example English often believe that they can say things really precisely in their language. And because the sentences fit together well, and seem to fit with each other, they often end up with the misguided belief that their language provides a complete description of physical phenomena. Which is borderline insane, in my view.

I've noticed how Chinese or Japanese speakers often will make certain consistent mistakes in English. Like mixing up singular and plural. Some people figure it out eventually, but some people never do. For an English speaker it is obvious that noodles is plural, because there are many noodles on a plate. A Chinese person is just as likely to call it "noodle", not because he can't count, but because he's seeing it differently. I suppose focusing on the substance, not on the individual pieces. A Korean person leading a Yoga class might say "Touch your left feet". I only have one left foot, but in Korean thinking it makes sense that he's talking to the group, and there obviously are a whole bunch of left feet there. The English speaker will be very focused on himself individually, whereas a Korean will think more as a group.

From what I understand here, a couple of linguistic researchers, Sapir and Whorf, are major proponents of the idea that language shapes our world. There are various degrees of that. Like whether the language absolutely and inescapably shapes our world view, or whether it just influences it greatly. And others again disagree altogether.

I think many humans, many scientific types in particular, have a great fear of admitting that they live within a certain world view, which isn't just The Way Things Are. Particularly it is difficult to admit that what you perceive around you isn't the real world at all, but only a vague approximation and interpretation of a very narrow band of what is really there. Quantum mechanics should have revealed that, but the realization hasn't yet crept into our way of thinking. In part because we still speak the same way.

I think we should learn general semantics in school. Alfred Korzybski's Science and Sanity is still one of the most important books I've read, even though it is a very difficult read. The map is not the territory. The word is not the thing.  More >

 The Lost Art of Debate4 comments
picture6 Apr 2003 @ 20:21, by spells. Communication
The Lost Art of Debate …or

How Do I Save my Ego When I‘m Wrong?

Whatever happened to the form of discussion known as debate? I don’t mean argument, or hurling insults or making every effort to LOOK RIGHT no matter what the facts may be. I don’t mean twisting the facts to suit my viewpoint, or selectively choosing those points in a subject which happen to favor my position, while ignoring the rest. I mean DEBATE; the honest evaluation of a subject to determine WHAT IS REAL, where both sides of an issue actively and enthusiastically seek out the truth. Yes, the truth…that which is the bottom line, the real deal, what is actually happening in the world and why.

But you see, the art of debate is almost dead. Debate died when it became popular and common place to sacrifice truth for the sake of ego. In other words, it takes honesty to have a real debate, and without that, what you’ve got is just one or more egos who will do anything to be “right”, even if that means lying, making up false issues, making every issue a personal one, or changing the subject every two minutes.
Having an honest discussion for any length of time has become very rare indeed. Staying on a topic or subject is practically unheard of, and so, any real depth of understanding between people in this modern age is equally shallow. This has been an impartial observation of mine for a very long time, and I’ve contemplated it earnestly. The reasons for this dilemma vary, but the bottom line has become very clear…

Essentially, we have become a species that puts little or no value on seeking, speaking or living Truth. In fact, the word “truth” is rarely used in daily conversation, outside of the context of a personal connotation, such as “my truth and your truth”. Unfortunately, it is commonly believed that the truth is something to sacrifice, if that is what is momentarily convenient. We’re very casual with it. What is of most importance to the majority of people is the saving of ego, staying in one’s comfort zone and putting one’s feelings above all else.. This can be broken down even further to two basic points:

1. The outside opinion of “experts” and “authorities” has taken over inner knowingness. People need to take back their own authority, and believe in their own independent perceptions. It doesn’t matter if the TV tells us to believe something, or that “the majority of people” believe this or that. Let’s stick to the truth according to our own clear, inner perception. If at any moment our perception is not clear, then this should be a point of inner development upon which we are focused, until such a time as the reality of the world again becomes self apparent. This is what is known as cultivating “clarity”, and it’s a form of empowerment over blind belief.

People rarely do their own research or independent thinking any more. What they see on television, or read in the newspaper is taken as indisputable fact by the majority.

2. Façade or image is considered more important than Truth itself. Today in advertising it is far more common to sell an image than it is to sell an actual product. In car ads we see people looking happy driving down the road or being admired, but we hear almost nothing about the machine itself. The same is true of people…what you see of them is what they show you, which is an “image”. It’s a projection of what they want you to see, which usually says very little of the actual person inside. Governments, advertisements, speakers and individual people need to once again embrace an honest presentation of themselves and the facts of life. Without this honesty, we constantly do unnecessary battle with one another in war, arguments and disputes of all kinds, when in fact all we need to do is engage in honest debate to determine what is really so.

Dis-honesty and dis-empowerment are prevalent in almost all facets of daily life. Do you find this hard to believe? Let’s take a moment to examine this in depth, and question if it’s the right way to live.

In modern society, image and majority opinion is all that matters to most people. If you don’t believe this, then take a look at common, everyday examples such as those found in the workplace, school and the media. What does any job applicant, employer, student applying to go to college, or average parent, all have in “common”? They all follow arbitrary rules and standards of behavior. They all embrace goals not of their own making, that are blindly accepted for the sake of an “image of success” in this society. What kind of arbitrary rules and images? Such things as;

1) The supposed need to go to college to “make something of yourself”.

2) The supposed need to make a lot of money “to be somebody”.

3) The supposed need to believe that whatever the government does is right, and to follow whatever it commands, as a measure of “patriotism”.

4) The supposed need to “fit in”.

5) That it is desirable to always “sound good” when you speak, even when you don’t mean what you say.

6) That it is desirable to always “look good” with fashion, even if you don’t bother being healthy as a body underneath the clothing.

7) That as “common people” who are “only human” we don’t have the capacity to lead or think for ourselves…”experts and “authorities” must do that for us.

8) That a “career” and the money that comes from it, is something we supposedly need to sacrifice our entire lives to obtain, including our own sanity, our physical health, the welfare of our children, friendship, love and wisdom.

We have become a species that will, in fact, go to great lengths to blindly follow such arbitrary rules including denial, exaggerating or just plain lying, in order to keep these priorities in place.
A resume’ displays more than one’s skills and knowledge, because it is dressed up to be impressive. Countless books on this topic line the shelves of bookstores everywhere. I am sure you have seen them yourself, with such Titles as “How to Write a Stand Out Resume”, or “Writing Resumes That Will Get You the Job You Want”.

Naturally for each job there are certain skills that are necessary, but the applicants are usually too numerous to count. Given that this is a competitive society instead of a cooperative one, and because we are always striving to make more money, (our God), possessions and material goods, I ask you, “how does an employer find that “perfect” employee”? Is it by intuition? Is it based on wisdom? Are any soul-based or spiritual values honored and admired in most cases? I would have to say that in 99.99% of the cases, the answer is a resounding NO! What so-called “employment qualifications” are based on, in more instances than not, is outward appearance, charisma, beauty, good “selling” skills, “playing the game skills” and, (if all that fails) great, “suck up to the boss skills”.

Then you have the workplace itself, where the name of the game is to behave according to what will please the ego of the boss. That doesn’t necessarily mean being proficient at what you do, it means subverting what you know in your own experience, for the sake of keeping that paycheck rolling in. More often than not, it is the less proficient and more sneaky who get promoted, because of these social values which we are all expected to adhere to.
Let’s face it, satisfying and sane living, and the important essence of our Being, isn’t even acknowledged in our 40 hour per week, slave society. This only leads to the fact that speaking the truth directly and straightforwardly is just NOT acceptable. It upsets people. An employer does not have to be just, fair or even sane. Employees know they have to be “politically correct” in all they do or lose their jobs.

There is no room for honesty, especially if it goes against the expected images. Play the game, suck up to the boss, lie, b.s., do and say just about anything to look good to the powers that be, and your fellow employees. Going against this trend or speaking up, usually results in the loss of employment. Success is based on who can play the game and who has the correct image for whatever role is politically needed at the moment. The way our government functions is no different. These facts may seem mundane to many, and not worthy of further analysis. But they DO have importance, because what they are showing us is that the society in which we live is moving at break-neck speed in the wrong direction. It’s hurtling right off the edge of an environmental and war-ravaged cliff, and few even question if this is all really necessary. It isn’t necessary, but to maintain those false values I listed above, people will do ANYTHING to fulfill social images not their own, and which do not ever satisfy anyone in the long run.

Human beings in this society spend an enormous amount of energy just keeping their outward appearance up to “par”. “Par” is defined as competing successfully with the image the neighbors are projecting to the neighborhood, and they in turn are expected to compete with what you are projecting. In this bizarre game, the one with the biggest ego in the eyes of their peers, “wins”. At least on the level of ego somebody “wins“, but on the level of our own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual reality, we all lose. There’s no way to really win this game called, “success” and “consumerism” because there‘s never enough. Even the billionaires of the world keep on questing after more, playing the world like a game of chess, where thousands of people are only a single pawn to be sacrificed if necessary, for the sake of one-up-manship. “Successful” is a word that has become synonymous with fake and/or false, because the “successful“ are usually those who tell better lies than their peers. It’s more important to keep the “image” you have strived to project all your life, rather than being open and honest and actually making REAL self improvements that don‘t need to be “projected“ to others. Real self improvements just ARE, and they provide real benefits for a quality life. Thus there is a huge difference between looking wise and intelligent through rehearsed postures and words, and actually being wise and intelligent through meditation and self reflective honesty, for instance.. Likewise, there’s a huge difference between actually being healthy, rather than relying on cosmetics, weight loss pills and prescription medications. Because most people now operate in this manner, relying on the false rather than the genuine, we have disease and corruption at all levels of this culture.

When someone has the clarity and courage to just be honest, they are often looked upon as cruel, or, so alien that what they say is just not applicable to society at all. “Cruel” in this case refers to the unvarnished truth about they way things really are. Because the honest person doesn’t “play the game”, that makes them the vicious outsider to those in the status quo, even someone to be despised and shunned. And then we have the biggest conceptual lie of all time, the one upon which all others in the modern world are based….. that there is NO Truth, only, “your truth and my truth”. The result of this false belief is a worldwide denial of Universal Truth and Natural Law itself. We tend to assume we’re above the truth, or simply, that it’s easier to believe that there is no such thing, so that our responsibility is made null and void. Examples of unalterable and consistent reality, (truth) are as follows;

1) Heat rises.

2) Plants don’t grow as well when you plant them with the roots in the air and the leaves underground.

3) When gravity is present, objects fall.

4) We need to breathe to survive.

5) Fire needs fuel to burn.

6) Electricity and water follow the path of least resistance.

7) Electrons and protons make up atoms. Atoms make up molecules.

8) Pleasure is better for the body than pain. Love is better for the body than fear.

9) The principles of technology that makes devices such as computers and televisions consistently function.

10) Current human society is far more inefficient than natural processes.

I could go on and on with such examples. All of these points are not personal in nature, they are the same for anyone, anywhere, any time. This is why they compose what is known as TRUTH. They are decidedly not “my truth” or “your truth” or any other single person’s truth. Truth is never personal, and it is always impartial and cosmically applicable.

The fact that it is the modern human habit to deny that there is truth, is destructive on both the personal and global levels. If this false belief remains in place our destiny is inevitable, for it can only lead to death, destruction and extinction. How can a planet or species survive when there is nothing universal or natural about it‘s values? Having the social values listed above in place, allows the sentiment that “anything goes”! In other words, we think we can just do whatever we please without consequence, including casually wage wars, and break every natural law, for the sake of money and ego. Other examples of not following natural laws (truth) are;

1) destroying rain forests

2) poisoning food through genetic manipulation and additives

3) using up the world’s resources for selfish gains

4) abusing the body with alcohol and cigarettes

5) valuing unclean energy sources such as oil over clean sources such as wind and solar

6) using pesticides and herbicides that are far more harmful than the pests they are preventing, instead of finding organic methods and working with nature.

(to just name a few).

Given that people believe that there is no such thing as Truth, (or that it can be conveniently denied whenever it’s desirable) then all these things will go on indefinitely, because there isn’t anyone, (or not enough people) who see the importance of REALITY. The lies run so rampant in our every day life, that as a species we have lost the natural discernment of what is true and what isn’t. This is the result of choosing to ignore and deny it completely. No one knows what to believe anymore, because so much in life is based on lies and false concepts. Reality is no longer what you find in nature or the cosmos to most people, it’s what you find in television shows like “the Osbournes” “Spongebob Squarepants” soap operas, game shows, cheesy movies and the nightly news.

These false concepts and beliefs spill over into personal relationships as well. It is (un)naturally excepted that you can’t know a person right away, because when you first meet them, they are on their “best behavior”. This idea is taken even further, by acknowledging that, “you don’t know a person until you live with them”. The majority of people in this society would not even consider being real, honest and straightforward from the outset. Honesty and straightforwardness are just not acceptable! There is a certain way to act with a distinct set of arbitrary rules of behavior. Anyone who doesn’t follow these arbitrary rules, such as what are seen on TV soap operas and in romance novels, are considered, “weird” or undesirable. Accepted values include lying and cheating, and doing anything one can, no matter who it hurts, (to get to the top). Conditioned thought patterns such as, “My self worth is based on is what I possess and what I can give to you, (diamond ring, plush carpeting) etc, through “financial security“. Never mind love, wisdom or spirituality.. Is it any wonder that therapists are so busy? What statement is being made when an intelligent species chooses not to be honest enough to relate openly with another person, and “needs’ an outsider to focus their attention on such things?

I wonder how many readers will find these statements uncomfortable. Will they do all they can to vehemently deny them? Will there be that slim minority that says, “Yes! I relate to that…somebody is finally saying what I’ve thought for a long time”? If you find this article hard to believe or accept, then I suggest you take a good hard look in the mirror and then compare what you see to the media and the government running this country. It is taken for granted, and without a blink of an eye, that politicians are dishonest. It is common knowledge that they never do what they say they will do. It is also accepted that they will be corrupt in their dealings. This is so accepted that nothing is done to change it…it’s taken as an inescapable part of “human nature”. Since when did “human nature” become so unnatural? We aren’t born liars or deceivers or con artists. This is all a matter of social training. The daily lies only get more involved and complex, and these people in public office have no reason to change their values, because society, “expects” and allows it to continue. This can be easily seen today with our President’s past business dealings and Military Service record. Why is this so prevalent and accepted? It is accepted, because the human species puts their self important feelings and egos over Truth. If an issue feels uncomfortable or hurts an image, then it just isn’t explored for the truth that it is. This isn’t a healthy trend, nor does it bode well for the human race. Selfishness and arrogance rule the day, at the expense of our survival as a species and sane relations.

All this brings us back to why there is no such thing as an honest discussion or debate anymore. It is for the above reasons that discussions never stay on any topic for long. A discussion is hardly ever allowed to become heated, realistic, passionate or factual. In other words debate is dead, and serious discussion about the way things really are is shunned like a case of AIDS.. If conversation does go to any depth, more times than not, it turns to a personal contest to save face, not to seek the truth.

Let examine together some of the excuses for getting out of a discussion or debate:

Excuse # 1 “You’re getting so angry and/or emotional I just can’t talk to you in this way”

[Real meaning; Passion for an issue isn’t allowed. I can’t handle any more truth, my dishonesty may be exposed, or my ego may get bruised….. plus I may start showing my anger or emotions, (which is not good for image) so I won’t talk to you anymore]
. .
Excuse #2 -“You are too serious. “Lighten up!” “Relax!”

[Real meaning: Life is just a game. I can’t handle any more truth, my dishonesty may be exposed, or my ego may get bruised…plus I may not be able to hide my feelings and emotions. This may cause me to lose my image, so I won’t talk to you anymore. If I am proved wrong it would mean a fate worse than death, my ego will be deflated. In other words, “I don’t care what the truth is, my ego must stay intact!”. My soul and the world situation may be shouting at me to listen, but I don’t hear those callings anymore. There are far more important things to do, such as my job, mowing the lawn, making more money, or buying things that will impress the neighbors.]

Excucse #3 – “You‘re rude“. “You are being abusive, stop that!”

[Real meaning: Everything that I don’t agree with is a personal attack. I can’t handle any more truth, my dishonesty may be exposed, or my ego may get bruised…. plus this is a great manipulative tool which shifts the focus away from the subject matter to the people talking, therefore ending the important discussion. It also matters not to most if the remarks made were true or not. It only matters how they feel about it.. If they feel uncomfortable, then all discussion must end, for personal comfort is all that matters in the universe. Being straightforward and honest is then made out to be abusive. What a perfect excuse to avoid the truth.]

Excuse #4 – “You are a dumb ass, a liberal, a terrorist lover, (or any other label)” Actually any name calling or insult will do…they are completely inter- changeable.

[Real Meaning: I’ll personally attack you rather than address what you have to say. I can’t handle any more truth and my dishonesty may be exposed, or my ego may get bruised, therefore I will insult you and get the attention away from the subject and from my dishonesty. I will turn this into a verbal, personal boxing match to show my power and to distract you from any important points made.]

Excuse #5 – (changing the subject with another subject) This is the most common technique for being dishonest. It reflects a deliberate attempt to ignore points made. People will go so far as not listening at all. There isn’t any cover up in using this manipulative tool, it is obvious and blatant, but because most do not care for the truth, it is accepted and allowed.

[Real Meaning, The points you‘re making make me nervous.- I can’t handle any more truth and my dishonesty may be exposed or my ego may get bruised, plus I don’t like what is being said, and I am more important than any point that can ever be made.]

All these excuses have one common purpose.. That is to distract from the subject, or change it completely, to avoid any upheaval to the status quo. They are all designed to keep a fearful society and all it’s arbitrary and egotistical rules unchanged, because that which is fearful is what resists change with more fierce determination than any other force. These excuses are nothing but clever ways to still feel like a victor in any situation, and, (as we all know) competition, image and ego take precedence over all else in the modern world.

So rather than speaking of subjects for the sake of finding out truth, most discussions are now an exercise in a battle of wills. People realize at some level when the truth is being sacrificed, but in this culture, we‘re taught that our feelings are far more important than what is real, even if reality is about to destroy the world. They don’t want to acknowledge this, because their image will be hurt. If they were wrong, or they feel uncomfortable therefore, any excuse will do as long as it changes the subject and distracts. It is simply saying, “I feel comfortable with my point of view, and since my comfort is more important then truth itself, I will change the subject.

How does one convey to the population of this planet the importance of Truth over all else? There are too many factors involved that prevent this from happening.

Some of them include:

The belief in the propaganda displayed constantly on TV, through the news media and regularly scheduled shows. Not only are people conditioned to believe all they see, but the programming also kills the attention span of the average viewer. A very short attention span is all that is necessary to sit in front of the “boob tube”. .I am sure you will agree that this is not conducive for developing mind power, deep focus, mental capacity, wisdom or intelligence.

Taking this one step further; Americans, in particular, are so conditioned that intelligent, meaningful plots are no longer needed. Most movies today consist mostly of just scene after scene of staged and thoroughly improbable situations, not to mention socially predictable images, that don’t require any real story line to follow. The average viewer has been taught and programmed over years of time, to incorporate these thrown together scenes in their own daily actions. Like a computer that is accepting faulty software, people regurgitate what they see and hear on the mass media. Such norms are rarely questioned. Have you noticed? Let me ask you this: .”Does a robot know it is a robot”? Does someone who is insane know they are insane? Probably not. Without clarity and the valuing of truth, who is even going to bother asking if what they see is true and useful or not?

If people go through life accepting all the standards that are presented to them without question, and strive to meet those standards at any cost, then how would they know they are being constantly brainwashed and programmed? They wouldn’t. People have completely forgotten their souls true purpose of expansion and evolution.

Furthermore, the goal of the education system is to condition people thoroughly, to indoctrinate them into standardized ways of thinking, feeling and believing. Such conditioning is designed to cause you to ignore the welfare of the body, the clarity of your mind and the spiritual intention of your spirit, in favor of following the arbitrary schedules, curriculums and rules of the corporate world. This is perfect programming to become a corporate puppet/slave. You learn early on to not listen to your body for sleep or nourishment. You learn very well and at a young age to regard the hands of a clock, as more important than what the body needs. You also learn that your own views are not considered important, and that to FOLLOW is the only way to “fit in”. What perfect training for future corporate slaves! These are the making of good little patriots, too!.

The techniques of modern advertising and government propaganda, make thorough use of our natural instinct for tribal unity. In fact, this is how they sell products and ideologies to unquestioning minds. “If Jamie or Tony next door has one, then we should get one too. “If this is what most Americans believe, (according to polls) then we should believe it too”. The pull of the majority, (group/world mind) is to stay in accord with the herd, no matter what the cost. And the first casualty of this war for your mind is always the truth. The truth is, that we are all one and connected, even if that focus is arbitrary, completely wrong and has nothing to do with our Souls. If just a small percentage of the population would value truth and live honestly, the world consciousness would shift to a much more progressive tone. But until one acknowledges that we are all connected, and that truth is what runs the universe, (not wishful thinking) no change can be made to our world. Those who think they have to blindly follow in order to “fit in”, will consistently “buy” into this collective consumer consciousness, even if this collective is insane. The rule here is to follow the crowd at any cost, because then one’s image is kept intact in the eyes of your peers. The majority of people don’t believe they have the strength to do differently or change anything, and this of course, will be their undoing.

People follow what is given them like puppets because of:

……The prevalent belief that we possess no power. All our power is given to book knowledge, medication, (pills and doctors) and outside sources, (experts). The Truth is that all knowledge can be directly known without the need of intermediaries. All healing power lies within ourselves without the need of doctors and pharmacists. All spiritual power and satisfaction can be ours. We have the potential to be like Buddhas or Christs AS THE SOCIAL NORM, but only if we use a much higher standard for human behavior than those we’ve been discussing. Such focuses of empowerment are unheard of in our society, and yet they are the ONLY REASON WE ARE HERE! Is valuing the purpose of the soul, expanding consciousness or achieving personal mastery, ever mentioned in schools or homes? No, because empowered people don’t make good little consumers, (read dupes). Intuition, which is a natural, innate ability for every single one of us, is completely ignored and considered possible only for a select few. These select few then use this ability in order to make a profit. This is easily done because “consumers” are too busy to find the answers to life and right living themselves, and again look to outside sources for the answers.. Don’t be a consumer, (dupe/easy sell)! Question everything!

The prevalent trend that no value or focus on the evolution of the soul, or the true purpose of life is ever spoken of. Religions today are based more on business practices than the spiritual progress of one’s essence. Show me one person involved in a religion who actually lives, and has the same values as Christ, Buddha or other great Masters.. Going to church once a week or abiding by rules that only shame, deprive and humiliate, is not what Christ had in mind. “He did not die for your sins, He died because of them“:.
The adoration and conditioned following of materialism/consumerism, to the destructive end of this planet and our species. Nothing will change until our values and lifestyles change. The way in which we live is truly destroying the planet. Defend the consumer way of life at the cost of truth, and you defend planetary depletion and destruction.

In conclusion nothing will change until we wake up from our programming and live for truth alone. At this point changing the public mindset seems almost hopeless, so long as people believe TV messages as though they came straight from God, as well as all the propaganda it sells. People will remain dis-empowered so long as they buy into the standards of society without question, and continue to believe that all answers and cures lie outside of ourselves. They will continue to suffer and be dissatisfied, so long as they deny personal power and potential, believing that there is no truth, (only “your truth and my truth”). Only truth can save us now, and only the truth will empower us to set the course of the world toward evolution, rather than extinction.
Most people sit back and accept the current state of affairs because, ”that’s just the way it is”. In other words, they lack the desire or personal power to set a higher standard for their lives. They also lack a precedent or role model for higher mental and spiritual function.. They have been taught and conditioned to believe that the only reason for being here is to make money and acquire possessions, to continue being dishonest while playing “head games” and all for the purpose of skillfully avoiding the truth. People currently place spiritual practice at the bottom of their priority list, which results in ignoring our true essence, the soul. There is grave peril here, and we all need to recognize it.

I hope the reader will by now see how far we have degraded as a collective, by ignoring the importance of truth. It has gone so far that there is practically no such thing as honest discussion. This simple little fact will be partly responsible for the death of our species and the planet, if nothing changes very soon.

It is time to live for CAUSE, or in other words, Truth alone. To accomplish this, it is the public need to reject the norms of consumerism and selfish competition based only on ego, for the sake of much higher things.

There is no fulfillment in worshipping dollars, false images and things! Deny consumerism! Deny war for profit!

Suggestions to overcome the mental illness of society include:

1. As a matter of daily practice, stick to the point of any subject matter in any discussion, regardless of how you feel, or how difficult this may be at first. Most people are stuck in the habit of playing, “head games”. Such a daily change will, in the beginning, take all of one’s focus and clarity. Later it will become a very easy way of life. Make a concerted effort to stay focused on truth and have the motivation to seek only the facts, not personal preferences.. The truth cares nothing for anyone’s preference, it just IS. This will require work and serious, spiritual focus in daily life. It means we start finding meaning in our lives, instead of just passing the time with a new toy from Walmart.

To achieve this I suggest that you…

2. Meditate on clarity and quiet focus. Quiet your mind with the intention of gaining personal power, clarity and honesty. Meditation is one of the most valuable tools we have, for our progress in all the important facets in life. Suggested reading for this is in: “About our meditations” on the cover page, and The Perpetual Raising Series, Part 2 (Chakra Meditation) and Part 5 (Advanced Chakra Meditation) in the library at [link]

The Chakra Meditation will help one become aware of how to properly use the intuitive instrument that is the human body. It also helps us gain self awareness and knowledge. Knowledge of the Universe starts with knowledge of the self. Without self knowledge, how can one progress and evolve to any higher standard of living? A higher standard of living has NOTHING to do with the size of house one lives in, what their car cost or how many digits compose an annual salary. The soul cares nothing for such things, because all these values are arbitrary and quite shallow. They are the values of an egotistical society that has lost its’ naturalness and evolutionary direction.

3. Make spiritual practice a priority, not a hobby or side line. This society’s priorities are quite backwards and destructive. Instead of working 40 hours a week as a slave to the Money God, it is time to focus more free time on spiritual practice and values. (By saying “spiritual” I am not referring to any religion. Religion has become synonymous to business. Quite honestly it is probably one of the biggest, most corrupted and most successful businesses in this country and in the world.) It is quite possible and highly desirable to live a simpler life, one that requires less “items” for living and therefore less money to survive. When we feel the need for less “things” the need for wasting our lives in making more money is no longer necessary.

Instead of a “job” or a “career” as the centerpiece for our every waking moment, we can actually have a real life with a real purpose. Now of course, most of society will criticize this and not understand it. This is not accepted, but it is really the right path to take, if one truly wants to evolve and expand their spiritual practice. How can one claim to be a spiritual practitioner when most of their time is spent striving for the materialistic and ego-gratification goals of this society? That is a contradiction to say the least.
If one’s priority and focus is always on making money, (which, by the way, does not even acknowledge truth, consciousness or soul, and therefore strives to degrade them), or they live by the materialistic/consumer/ego standards everyone else does, then they are not truly a spiritual practitioner. They are just fooling themselves in the manner of, “do as I say, but not as I do”. Such persons don’t understand that spirituality is a living thing, not a hobby, and what they’re accomplishing are not spiritual goals but only those of the group/world mind of society. How can one be an “expert” in something, (spirituality) they only do part time? How can one be a true spiritual practitioner when the motivation for such “practice” is mostly, (or even partly) for making money and to keep an extravagant lifestyle?

[For more information on Group Mind influences, read “THE GROUP MIND SERIES (11 PARTS), and for more information on how to live simply and naturally, read: THE SURVIVALIST'S GUIDE FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM, All of these and many other informative articles, are found in The World Mind Society Library.

4. Gain Personal Power and Intelligence through right focus/living. Wisdom is not primarily gained through the reading of books or college curriculums. Every person has the capacity to study and learn on their own, and find the realization gained in meditation. There is nothing your soul does not know or cannot find out! This does not exclude true collaboration/unity with another person, but it does debunk a college education. Most colleges and teachers care little for their students as long as their tuition is paid. Universities are a money-making business, and therefore very few of these institutions really care about the spiritual or mental advancement of the student. Again this displays the skewed values of our society. More emphasis is put on how many degrees or how high a degree one has, rather than the true knowledge and wisdom of the soul. The motivation for such “degrees” and certifications is to impress the public in order to make money. Looking deeply into these facts, one sees that the motivation behind attending college is to increase bank accounts, impress others and to fit into a society that shallowly sets such standards, rather than achieving greater enlightenment.


I am not suggesting that it will be easy. This encompasses a total rejection of society’s standards. It is far easier to go with the crowd, (group mind) than to stand up and be different, even if it is the obvious and needed way to spiritual progression, expansion and ascension. The norms of society ARE WRONG and WHOLLY DESTRUCTIVE. It is our dire need to reject them, regardless of the difficulty involved.

No one can do any of these things unless they are serious, and realize the importance of truth above all else on a full time basis, as a top, daily priority.

We are not on this planet to compete with one another. We are not on this planet to acquire material goods at the cost of all life and happiness.. We are not on this planet to acquire material possessions and make mountains of money, as though God would be impressed with our pile of shiny trinkets. We are here to expand our consciousness and evolve. Nothing in the focus of this materialistic society stands for anything truly important, relevant or powerful. But WE CAN.

To be quite honest, I doubt if anyone, (or very few) reading this article will take it seriously and change their way of life. The collective consciousness and inertia of the world mind is just too strong, while at the same time, people feel insane and powerless to change. Without consciously knowing it, you are a part of the mass insanity and destruction if you don‘t evaluate truthfully what you see and hear. Does this sound harsh and negative? Truth cares nothing for how it sounds or how you or anyone else feels. Look at the direction this world is going, (it’s values, it’s focus and it’s priorities) and then discuss it with us. [No talk of personal preference or defensive replies will be treated seriously, by the way] This is a wonderful place to start… true discussion/debate about the state of the world. We welcome it and look forward to your feedback.

The time is NOW. Time IS running out, like it or not. Be a true Spiritual Warrior and Practitioner by becoming serious about life, and with that focus make a difference for your soul and the whole planet.

We ask you, “ If not you, who”? “If not now, when”?

Matthew Webb

Sandi Hunter

All suggested reading can be found in The World Mind Society Library at: [link]
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 Transfered from Scotty's Log ...
25 Feb 2003 @ 12:58, by scotty. Communication

24 Feb 2003 @ 18:42 by tdeane : Thanks Scotty!
For those who don't mind sharing the wealth of information (awesome) that exists in NCN, I know I myself could use the quick help of someone quite frequently in locating reliable information on topics of which I have no knowledge. As an example, I have hours in research on the internet on topics that list thousands of entries, only to find the one that "feels" reliable, is at 1,564.(chuckle) Sometimes emails can be cumbersome, both for the reader and the writer, and throwing a oneliner request for info into the hat in a customary place to look (this log), is a cool way of sharing it in the most expeditious way. Great for hearing about little-known topics as well, which I love. Great for a lot of things, actually!

It's also a wonderful quickie for sites that are not necessarily posted in the logs, but are in rooms or in comments that might not be viewed, and could be valuable to all.

I'd like to begin with something from a comment I posted in one of Ming's logs, regarding an ancient set of Fortran Programmed Instruction Manuals I have that are IBM copyright 1963. The four instruction manuals are completely clean and unused (no penned answers), but weathered in color; the illustration manual is minus its spiral binder, but I believe it is intact. They are yours for the asking, plus postage collect if anyone has an interest.

I also have an enormous collection of books on just so many topics, so if anyone has a need, but thinks the books may not exist anymore, or simply likes books for reading rather than from a screen, give me a try. We might both be surprised. I use them for research because of vision problems with computer screens, but I don't use them enough to warrant drudging around with them, and I'll just ask you for any info I need. The largest portion of the books are on psychology, but I also have ones ranging from the History of Architecture to Phrenology to the Art of Blacksmithing. So, if you have a need for any that I have, they are yours for the postage. Just drop me an email and I'll let you know if I have it. Love ~ Tricia

P.S. Are you going to restore the posting to log function you had before, or is that too space-consuming? [Edit]

25 Feb 2003 @ 01:14 by vaxen : Good show...
scotty dear. Thanks tricia for suggesting it to our scottish miss. Now here is a link to some very pertinent information about a time that is fast dawning upon us and that will need preparation in the deepest sense. The Fortran sounds delicious but you may have better luck on ebay tricia.

[link] [Edit]

25 Feb 2003 @ 02:12 by shakti_ma : Scotty ?...:-)
...Want another batch of books ??? (Or/and intesting American thriller paperbacks?)
Yes yes yes PLEASE Shakti_ma !
(this lady knows the way to my heart !) [Edit]

25 Feb 2003 @ 05:06 by zendancer : The flea market maybe
better organized in the work groups. This is a well needed feature to be able to share resources.In the workgroup it could be categorized, in the newslogs it disappears as soon as you post something new. Think about it and thanks.
I'd love to have it as a 'room' actually - then everyone could have access to it without anything being lost - maybe I should ask Ming if I could have a room !
(thanks for the encouragement !) [Edit]

25 Feb 2003 @ 07:56 by tdeane : Sounds like a GREAT idea, Scotty!
Even better than a log. Love ~ Tricia [Edit]

25 Feb 2003 @ 12:04 by shakti_ma : Scotty - problem. You create the Room, invite a bunch of people to sustain it, and let it roll!...
Done ! Thanks shakti_ma! [Edit]

 "Why do we continue to hurt one another?"5 comments
picture7 Jan 2003 @ 22:43, by cho. Communication
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 Google loves me7 comments
14 Dec 2002 @ 23:59, by ming. Communication
I'm getting a little paranoid about how remarkably well Google finds the things I'm saying here. OK, I'm writing so that people might read what I write, but sometimes I just casually refer to something, and the next day Google seems to indicate that I'm one of the top authorities in the world on that matter. Meaning, I appear on the first page of matches, out of sometimes hundreds of thousands of webpages. I often appear higher than the articles I linked to, even if I didn't say anything very intelligent. So, if you want to know about underground living, virtue viruses, power-law distributions, limits to spectrum or mechanic brains, this is mysteriously one of the first places people might look. Which is largely undeserved. On online business networks, I'm number 1 our of 2.5 million, even though I didn't say a word about it before last week. I'm number 2 out of 2 million when it comes to friendly sex. That all makes me a bit nervous, like I need to think of some better things to say, or I shouldn't talk about things I don't know about. And, even more unnerving, the fact that I mention these things right now will probably mean that the search engines will be a little more certain tomorrow that I know something about them. Uarrrgh!  More >

 Saturday, November 2, 20023 comments
picture2 Nov 2002 @ 16:44, by ming. Communication
  • I'm working on various changes in the NewsLog program. Not as easy as I thought it was. First of all I'm trying to better accommodate the format I'm trying to use myself here, of posting many little stories that add up to one daily issue published to my log. That's how most other weblogs, like Radio Userland, tend to be working. But it is a different underlying structure. And I'm trying not to break the way most people use this program right now, creating less frequent, but bigger, stand-alone articles.

  • Various U.S. news media had to run corrections of their reporting of the anti-war protest rallies last weekend. They had at first tried to pretend that it wasn't much at all. Just a few thousand scattered people. But they were barraged with complaints about their deceptive reporting. So, now, for example, the New York Times wrote:
    "The demonstration on Saturday in Washington drew 100,000 by police estimates and 200,000 by organizers', forming a two-mile wall of marchers around the White House. The turnout startled even organizers, who had taken out permits for 20,000 marchers. They expected 30 buses, and were surprised by about 650, coming from as far as Nebraska and Florida. A companion demonstration in San Francisco attracted 42,000 protesters, city police there said, and smaller groups demonstrated in other cities, including about 800 in Austin, Tex., and 2,500 in Augusta, Me."
  • I saw "Bowling for Columbine", a feature film documentary by Michael Moore. Powerful, excellent movie making about America's obsession with guns. Very provocative and direct. See it! It doesn't really give the answers, but mostly it adds up to the fear that is being promoted 24/7 in the U.S. media, and how it pervades the system from the top down.

  • When asked "Why is it so difficult for us westerners to understand the earth as a living system?", Elisabet Sahtouris answered:
    "It goes back to the Cartesian worldview, I think, in which Descartes proposed that God was a great engineer and his creations were mechanisms. That meant that all nature was an array of mechanisms created by God, the engineer, who then put a piece of his God-mind into his favorite robot -- man -- so that he, too, could create machinery. Now, whether you like it or not, that was a rather complete worldview that accounted for everything.

    "When the scientists decided that they didn't need God in their worldview, they eliminated God from their Cartesian worldview but kept the idea of an array of mechanisms. Now how do you explain the origin of mechanisms without a creator? By definition, a machine cannot exist without a creator. If they are there and couldn't have been assembled on purpose by an intentional creator, the only alternative is to say they came together by accident. So you got these bizarre theories that literally say that if enough parts of a Boeing 747 blow around in a whirlwind in a junkyard eventually one will assemble itself. This is going to appear to us as perhaps the most bizarre and perhaps harebrained concepts of how things work that has ever been proposed in the history of the world. And I think it will be seen that way in the very near future, because it is fundamentally an illogical point of view. The problem was that they thought you had to choose between God, the purposeful inventor, and accident. We had no theory of self-creation as a perfectly natural, biological, universal event. Now we do, so we don't have to invoke either hypothesis."
    Right on! The idea that everything in the universe sort of sprung into existence randomly and accidentally is just as wacky as the idea that some ornery guy with a grey beard commanded it all into existence. I think the idea of a self-creating, living universe is more simple and useful and satisfying than any of those. And if we all understood that a little better, there would be much less reason for us to fight each other.

  • Picture is by Burningbird  More >

  •  Monday, October 28, 20020 comments
    picture28 Oct 2002 @ 14:59, by ming. Communication
  • Another great day yesterday of hiking in beautiful nature in Utah while talking about big subjects. And a rather long drive back.

  • Singularity Watchers are futurists who pay attention to accelerating technological change. Particularly to the growing idea that many accelerating technological trends, such as processing power, artificial intelligence, and nano-technology are heading for a point where advances are practically instantanous, and we humans potentially can no longer keep pace with what we created. There are many different ideas about that, of course. My friend John Smart is very up on these things. Ray Kurzweil wrote The Age of Spiritual Machines. Many smart people are talking about it. I don't know. No doubt that things are accelerating, and most likely that leads towards a point of profound transformation. But somehow I can't get worried about computers becoming smarter than me and taking control. Because I don't think *I* am a computer, for one thing.

  • Extropians are people I usually get along well with, and there are many fascinating things to discuss. But I don't think I'm an extropian exactly. Extropians tend to be techno-geeks who are very interested in and optimistic about the future, and who usually are very into cryogenics, artificial intelligence, life extension, enhancement of the human body and mind, and quite a number of other things that might allow humans to transcend themselves, primarily in a material kind of way. And I guess it is the material part that I look somewhat differently at. I'm not very concerned about dying and then disappearing. I don't particularly want to download my mind to a computer, other than in the form of a personal organizer, and I certainly wouldn't want to have my body frozen down so I can get it back in a hundred years. I'd rather have a new one next time, and I'd rather be free to be a somewhat different person next time, rather than getting the same personality back. That would be a bit boring. I mean, I'm not THAT great.

  • I wouldn't mind enhancing my mind and my body with technology, though. I'd like a personal organizer that automatically keeps track of all information in my life. Infrared or X-ray vision would be nice. Shooting out spiderwebs from my hands so I can swing between tall buildings - that could come in handy too.

    "The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades" --Timbuk 3  More >

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