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14 Dec 2002 @ 23:59, by Flemming Funch

I'm getting a little paranoid about how remarkably well Google finds the things I'm saying here. OK, I'm writing so that people might read what I write, but sometimes I just casually refer to something, and the next day Google seems to indicate that I'm one of the top authorities in the world on that matter. Meaning, I appear on the first page of matches, out of sometimes hundreds of thousands of webpages. I often appear higher than the articles I linked to, even if I didn't say anything very intelligent. So, if you want to know about underground living, virtue viruses, power-law distributions, limits to spectrum or mechanic brains, this is mysteriously one of the first places people might look. Which is largely undeserved. On online business networks, I'm number 1 our of 2.5 million, even though I didn't say a word about it before last week. I'm number 2 out of 2 million when it comes to friendly sex. That all makes me a bit nervous, like I need to think of some better things to say, or I shouldn't talk about things I don't know about. And, even more unnerving, the fact that I mention these things right now will probably mean that the search engines will be a little more certain tomorrow that I know something about them. Uarrrgh!

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15 Dec 2002 @ 05:24 by martha : friendly sex
Just think of all the porn site emails you are now on!  

15 Dec 2002 @ 06:45 by istvan : Ming and the better Global Brain
This is fascinating.
The free promotion for NCN through these listings in Google and of course yourself is perhaps worth more than all of our combined $ for publicity. Your personal realization of: "That all makes me a bit nervous, like I need to think of some better things to say, or I shouldn't talk about things I don't know about. And, even more unnerving, the fact that I mention these things right now will probably mean that the search engines will be a little more certain tomorrow that I know something about them. Uarrrgh!" is possibly even more valuable.
The original statements when you set up your first weblog used to irk me
because they indicated a certain nonchalant attitude about any certain attitude of the results of the content of the newslog in the spirit of what is happening is what is happening. This might be cosmically true, but than why do anything about anything. As a fellow Libra i certainly related to it, and reminded me of my academic achivements=0. I have 7 years of college courses behind me, yet not even an associate degree to show for it. I wanted to learn and hang out at college campuses more than getting degrees. I have changed curriculums each time i found some interest in one subject or another. The driver was the curiosity of a four year old and the desire of a sage for wisdom.
What I am trying to say is, that we should be curious researcher of truths, but without taking results for granted, but to see them as new avenues for more search and research and search again. To me Sengstan’s message “Do not search for the truth, only cease to cherish opinions” is the only criteria worth pursuing. As we come to realize anything as sparks of truth in the present and not the fire itself, and even the fire is just an appearance of a transformation taking place within the fire.
It would be well to keep in mind that when we post anything on the internet, we state that it is our personal opinion and or conviction in the moment ,with the knowledge that as the universe is a phenomena of ever-changing patterns, so are our statements and interests have to be, to allow the universe to function in it’s natural state of being the engine of creation.
Curiosity is essential to fuel the drive for knowledge, and knowledge is essential for acquiring wisdom, and I think wisdom is the essential ingredient for the original alchemist we call God to create. Let us not be in the way of this process by thinking we own anything we say or do, but to allow the energy to flow through
us without impedance of what we might think we are, and make shure we post adequate amounts of [links] to the opinions of others who are interested in in our personally fascinating subjects.
If Google wants to be the free ad for NCN, well let it be.  

15 Dec 2002 @ 07:52 by spiritseek : Google
We think what we say falls on death ears and never to be heard or said again. You just never know who might be listening.  

15 Dec 2002 @ 08:26 by istvan : Maybe somehow like this:
The Game of Loss and Lack

In the effort to get to know you all a little better I wish to impart and then have comments about a very personal point of view. There are in my opinion, trillions of individual points of consciousness in the universes or multi dimensions. Those that do not have limitations of time and space held as a core consideration can pop in and out of any dimension at will. There are only two things that these beings cannot have. LACK & LOSS.

Only while physical and constrained by considerations of duality can you suffer or exalt in the conquest of dreams. Only while physical, is there anything to overcome or to succumb to. This is Drama, this is Emotion, this is Physical Sensation whether pleasure or pain. You can only get it HERE. This is why we are so dearly loved by other beings. We are the show. Mostly we go about our lives totally involved with the game, handling events and circumstances as deftly as we know how. Very similar to a sports star out on the field with 100,000 fellow beings in the stands cheering and a million more tuned in by TV broadcast. He's just playing the game as best he can.

It is my belief and with some personal experience confirmed at least for myself,
that most of spirit/consciousness is able to tune in to anyone's "personal broadcast" of experience. Each of us has a very distinct vibratory frequency by which we interact with the universe and along this frequency we co-create the whole.

We broadcast this frequency into the universe just like TV or radio. The reason that the Nielson Ratings and Television are such a huge success with the human race is that it is a direct lower harmonic of what is really going on in the universe. There are trillions of spirits out there tuning in to 3D land to watch and virtually experience what it is like to be at risk of loss. What is it that makes any movie or real life situation exciting? The real or perceived chance of loss.

So with 6 billion+ broadcasts or viewpoints from just this planet there is to say the least, a wide selection to channel surf through. And you thought 500 choices on cable were too much? Anyway with that many choices who gets watched and who is basically ignored? Some shows make it through a season some don't...
Those broadcasts with the most Risk tend to be watched the most.
Without judgment of right or wrong, good or evil, the beings watch only for content.

Please get this, "There is only Creation from their points of view, all good and all supposed bad, are part of the creation and that is it." No judgment from them.
So the broadcasts that draw a bigger audience get better "Sponsorship" by that I mean the most collective consciousness that is directed toward your life's broadcast the more assistance will come from spirit. With better spiritual sponsorship you get better "Production." That is a better quality of life and a flow of beneficial circumstances. (This part is my own experience) But putting things at Risk, you draw attention from beings that cannot personally experience Loss.

LionHeart just did one of these Riskings when he handed some information to a person that was supplied exactly for that opportunity. What did LionHeart Risk?
The Admiration from the other being. That is really all there is here to gain or loose. The risk was that Lion Heart or the viewpoint of the information would be rejected. LionHeart took the risk and the beings tuned to his broadcast, Stood and Roared, did the Wave and all that. Every time we go ahead and follow our hearts in spite of perceived risk of loss we turn up the volume "Up There" and draw more of a crowd and more support.

Hey! It's workin for President Bush! What you thought that this was only for the "GOOD GUYS"? I told you, No judgment "Up There" This is how all the "Bad Guys" got such a jump on everyone else. They were the ones taking the biggest risks weren't they? Like this, Hitler says, "All of you follow me and by the way give ME all those countries and the people to do with what I want!"

Don't you suppose there was some personal risk at stake here? Wouldn't you be a little concerned that someone might get upset at your plans and actions and come to beat you senseless? Somehow he jumped past those reservations and took the risks.

Remember No judgment. This is exciting stuff and gets lots of attention!
Bonnie & Clyde, Jessie James, and many other famous thieves and warriors have had tremendous successes. Even Rock & Movie Stars have put themselves at risk of more loss than most of us. What is it that makes a show go off the air after being popular for a while? It becomes predictable or starts playing "Over the Top".

Ratings fall even with bigger Risks taken because they are now, predictable.
With slumping Consciousness ratings the "Sponsorship" dries up and "Production" goes to Poop! Bad things happen, (like getting caught and stuff) sickness or death moves in and show is over.

So how do you keep the ratings up and growing? By taking ETHICAL risks and doing it often. Ethical risks form no preset pattern, as they are spontaneous solutions. Un-ethical actions are "blanket solutions" imposed onto spontaneous situations. (Like morals) This is what I have personally done and have seen the direct benefits. I have by choice; put myself, and what I know that I can demonstrate out in front of thousands of people. I have traveled with little but a purpose, to foreign countries to speak to and with people that I did not know. I have put personal needs and comforts at a lower level of priority so as to allow for such levels of risk. I have found that I automatically went into a new level of "Production". Not so much in the quality of my life personally (although that too) but more in the amount of wonderful openings to bring this information forward. The level of acceptance of this information has quadrupled in the past year.

Now here's another trick. Well not so much a trick, but the "Crowd" that happens to be tuned into your frequency right now does really love it. As you are sitting there reading this with the "God Bumps" running all down your body from head to toe, Turn Your Attention To The Crowd and wave your acknowledgement of their support and admiration. Then go look for the next Ethical risk you can perform.

Have a good game
In service,

Ian Xel Lungold

Copyright 1998 - 2002 Mayan Majix , all rights reserved.
And thanks for this link, Spiritseek, i found it in your newslog on the Mayan Calendar.

15 Dec 2002 @ 20:49 by ming : Global Brain
I guess the thing to do is allow your consciousness to flow, and to talk about what your attention is on, what you're working on, and what you experience. Just putting it out there without judging it. And, if we let go a bit, it all becomes thoughts in a global brain, working in ways we can't necessarily expect. Connections form, and sometimes things add up, reach critical mass, and something truly new might happen.

And, yes, these search engines placements do indeed bring NCN to more people's attention. NCN is already placed excellently in the search engines, but it all helps. The NewsLogs are more capable of getting a message out than anything else here.  

17 Dec 2002 @ 02:02 by fleer : not everlasting
It´s only going to last a week at the most.

With duplicate entries on the same subject on and it will be penalised and will rank lower after that. You could make a disallow access on either or in the robot.txt file for google. i.e. if you want to keep the top position in google.

Actually it would help you in selling the newslog software to customers. Some people are willing to pay a lot for top notch search engine positions. It can be a powerful marketing tool.

Also it could be nice for and the idea behind it. (Which I think is somewhat lost in all this newlogging....)

Good thing I hid my mail in graphics to avoid spam....

But you are not the only one google loves {link:|Jeremy Zawodny's blog} found through dating back to august 31st.

:) = (:  

17 Dec 2002 @ 02:24 by ming : My fame is gone
You're right, I'm already no longer the expert on friendly sex. My fifteen minutes are over.

People who want the top search engine position so much that they are willing to pay for it usually don't deserve it. But I'd be happy to sell advice on how to get there the honest way.  

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