New Civilization News: How we unconsciously resist becoming enlightened, and what to do about it!    
 How we unconsciously resist becoming enlightened, and what to do about it!
picture20 Apr 2008 @ 10:57, by deepwater

Reflections on how the individual system responds to being confronted by its own actual state of being and the physical, mental and emotional manifestations of its resistance to becoming aware of and clarifying its understanding of the true nature of its situation (its relationship with reality), and the specific therapies best suited to address them.

Individual expressions of resistance:

Physical expressions of this resistance include;
muscle tension, spasms, cramping and pain, nausea, loss of appetite, digestive disturbances, adrenalin response, sweating, shaking, metabolic imbalance, restlessness, sleeplessness, addictive substance abuse, nervous system instability, fluid imbalance, toxicity,

Mental expressions of this resistance include;
inability to concentrate, loss of focus, distractability, irrationality, isolation, rationalisation, denial, withdrawal, confusion, rejection, judgement, dissasociation from reality,

Emotional expressions of this resistance include;
irritability, despondancy, self pity, fear, sadness, hopelessness, agitation, anger, resentment, blaming, nervousness, lack of self confidence,

Methods to overcome resistance, therapeutic actions:

Physical therapies:
Hatha Yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques, gentle physical activity (such as walking in nature), hydrotherapy (showering, bathing, swimming, drinking ample clear fresh water), remedial massage, physical support and calm reassurance, hugs, balanced light fresh diet, time spent nurturing animals, adequate time and space for self centering,

Mental therapies:
Meditation (guided, self directed, contemplative), breathing and relaxation techniques, reading inspirational text, viewing inspirational images, listening to inspirational music, self empowerment through rigorous self analysis (journal writing, psychological counselling, philosophical enquiry) intellectual support and calm reassurance, adequate time and space for self reflection,

Emotional therapies:
Cathartic counselling, emotional support, calm acceptance and reassurance, breathing and relaxation techniques, loving kindness and compassion, service oriented activities, adequate time and space for self integration,

Both the symptoms of and the means by which to address the tendency to resist facing reality have the common feature of developing a spiral structure of either involution or evolution.

The three primary levels of self expression and sensory registration can also be described in terms of three bodies, the physical, emotional and mental levels or bodies that comprise the equipment that the system uses to interact with other systems and can employ to understand itself and its relationships with other systems.
Depending on whether these bodies are integrated and functioning as a cohesive whole or not (experiencing resistance or engaged in remedial actions leading to integration) they will be affected by one or the other of the following phenomena.

Contracting spiral of limiting dysfunction.

The phenomena of contraction and ever more limiting dysfunction.
The expressions of resistance manifesting in each level of the system are interrelated and serve to reinforce each other, as they do so they place ever greater restrictions upon the freedom of self expression of the whole system. This self limiting spiral ultimately results in the complete inability to perceive and respond to reality, the effective isolation of the system involved due to sensory shut down.
This is a closed and self perpetuating spiral which forms a loop that is impossible to escape when only using the methods enclosed within it. As can be seen, fear and confusion are the motifs by which this dynamic is kept closed. This diagram only illustrates some of the many complex and variable combinations of factors which can keep one trapped in an unending cycle of suffering, yet it gives an overview of the situation as it is for many, many people and groups of people in the world today.

Expanding spiral of liberation.

The phenomena of expansion and ever increasing liberation.
The remedial actions used to address the previously described dysfunctions are also interrelated and serve to reinforce each other, as they do so they expand the capacity of the system to self reflect and comprehend its true nature in ever more coherent and constructive ways, leading to ever increasing freedom of self expression and self realization, leading it eventually to enlightenment.
This is an open ended spiral that indicates the possibility for evolution and liberation. Once again the illustration does not show all the complex dynamics of interrelated factors involved in healing and developing a whole and functional system however it does indicate a general overview of necessary factors that if implemented will lead to wholeness and wellness.

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