New Civilization News: An open Dialogue on the Nature of Reality.    
 An open Dialogue on the Nature of Reality.
8 Apr 2008 @ 06:31, by deepwater

After much reading, research and web-surfing it has become apparent that many people are operating with serious limitations upon their cognitive equipment, of which for the most part they seem oblivious.

There is, unbeknownst to many of us, an enormous amount of conditioning that we bring with us in our most vital piece of equipment....the mind.

Without the awareness that our minds are operating in ways that can distort or corrupt information, we are powerless to apprehend the truth of the subjects we seek to understand.

This situation can lead to all manner of unnecessary miscommunications and frustrations which can hamper even the most well intentioned conversation.

Even the suggestion that ones thought process may require adjustment can lead to episodes of denial and reactionary behaviour that seriously undermine even the best effort to communicate around any other issues.

There are multiple, inter penetrating layers of confusion, distortion and pre conceptions which form and reinforce each other as a result of the subtle nature of this conditioning of the cognitive lens of the mind.

It is worth bearing in mind at this point that each of us will find ourselves in this predicament at some stage and that we are all fundamentally innocent of any ill intention, it is just that we are unknowingly subjected to a proliferation of conditioning influences over which we have no control.

Fortunately there are many tried and proven methods by which to become aware of and overcome these conditioning influences with a willingness to participate being all that is required.

Given that each of us has a unique, individual point of conscious perception, then each of us will require a subtly different method of approach to the clarification of their cognitive equipment. However, clarifying the mind is the common and necessary goal for each of us who seeks to operate effectively within the context of the best possible outcome for all.

If we can overcome the general tendency to consider our own self interest as more important than the good of the whole, then we can begin to work in the direction of manifesting a situation in which the greater good can be served and the individuals who comprise that whole also benefit as a result.

What I am endeavouring to accomplish with this discussion is to suggest many and various ways that individuals can approach the subject of mental clarity, each to their own, with the hope that this better enables us to reach a holistic understanding of the Nature of Reality, and a greater ability to function in ways that foster right human relations and greater peace and harmony between members of the human race.

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