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 1001 Dialogues - 100 001 Actions for Dialogues and Unity in Diversity
picture picture 15 May 2008 @ 06:22, by Heiner Benking

A campaign for intercultural, interdisciplinary events and side-events, formal and informal, to promote dialogue and unity in diversity across scales, nations, languages, cultures, diciplines, sectors, lervels,.. is starting today: May 15 to June 15, 2008

TITLE: The Cultures and Powers of Diversity
Map Diversity and Mind Unity in Diversity - Create it & Accept it - Share & Expand it ! [link]

BY DIVERSITY WE MEAN: cultural, natural, biological, genetic, temporal, spacial, lingual, media (signs), artistic and creative diversity !

– even diversity of viewpoints, positions and world-views and world models or world maps ! and the need of not needing to agree and the beauty of difference (diversity) in view of requisite variety.

Why are these “Diversities treated seperately ? cant we learn from each other ? or do we think there is no common language and no overview possible? Can we come to grips with broad issues and vague subject areas?

There is also a diversity of views and positions, representations and displays, call them signs, symbols, schemas, maps and models.

What is needed is to go beyond dualistic approaches, thinking just from an individual an collective, or personal or societal, just as we are seperating goos and bad, black and white, north and south or east and west.

So let us explore and negotiate the merits of having more than one way to go and present, one perspective or one direction.
And see outcomes like from the EcoTHEE - 2008 Agora: [link]

We started today, May 15 in Bonn at the CBD and linked to the UN-CBD-16 - like last year. We travel really and virtually with Taking Communities with the Anna-Lindh-Foundation 1001 Actions and 1001 Night May 22, and will touch ground at the "UN - Day of the Earth" opening session in Berlin.

All this makes me remember our efforts around the UN Year of the Mountains 2002 and the Global Learn Day, this time not 24 hours, but 24 days.
Please visit our time-line of side-events [link]

more later - very busy presently.... Heiner

here more about 100 001:

Please join us:

· in the TALKING COMMUNITIES internet conference room,

type your name and use the password: ijgd (ijgd and Ihtec sponsor this room)

· see our symposion BLOG [link]

· see the 1001 Actions site of the Anna-Lindh Foundation

· and the visit the 100 001 diversities side-events site. [link]

· FACE BOOK treat: [link]


While waiting for someone in our TC Conference room you might want to check this (taken from the FACE-BOOK Discussion): [link]

ONE CONCERN IS DEFINITELY: 1001 or 100 001 actions for dialogue !??

WHY 100 001 diversities ? - WHY so many ?
WHAT is “many” for you ? 10 ? - 100 ? - 1000 ? - or 10 000 ?
It looks like our thinking often doesn’t go beyond 0 or 1 – north or south – good or bad, black or white, … We know as fairy-tale about 1001 night (alf leila wa leila) so some cultures have more diversities and a broader concept of many – and so can avoid oversimplification and labeling (box-thinking) more easily. The Chinese concept for “many” is 10 000 – as you can see in 10 000 miles, 10 000 books. [ more at:] [link]

So please consider for a moment MANY possible diversitries: natural, biological, cultural, temporal, spacial, lingual, media (signs), artistic, creative, gtroup and clan. …diversity !
And we have to talk about the Differences and how they connect !!

We also need to avoid the trap of overclaims and oversimplifications as we outlined for CULTURE OF PEACE long ago. [link]

So join us on out trip, find out about new conferencing methods, a dialöogue and decision culture and how to tackle issues like multi-media, multi-lingual Cyberculture and how to “negotiate” and we ourselves and others mean, and how to concretely bridge not only the secors, scales, and issues, but how to come to the need not necessarily needing to agree, but to discuss the common grounds and shared frames or “maps”. [more on paradigm mapping and out of the box thinking here:] [link]

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