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 Memebusting: Pronoia, Epinoia, Paranoia, Morphonoia42 comments
picture10 Sep 2007 @ 02:45, by Max Sandor

Just a few words on some words that have been usurped by various parties in order to confuse or diffuse the clarity of people's thinking:

Originally, pronoia denotes the knowledge (noia) of the inner working and the way things are going, in Hermetic Ifa the knowledge of the Odu, the 256 fractal components of the Multiverse.

Epinoia denoted in gnostics the 'knowledge of the center', resulting in the 'pleroma' effect or, if super-charged with the Girapoli process in a peakstate specific to the polarity invoked.

Paranoia originally was the 'knowledge of the beyond'. Of course, for any modern scientist this would equal craziness and so it has been coined successfully. Congratulations to all those twisters for rendering a sacred term to being the equivalent of lunatic.

Morphonoia, much less known, is the knowledge of the Multiverse via its intrinsic structures, some say 'sacred geometry' as if there would be also an 'non-sacred geometry'. In Hermetic Ifa we explore/exploit this knowledge systematically via Skywork.

I admire Wikipedia, but the terms above one got messed up badly, so don't even bother to look it up there unless you're psychiatrist (that means literally a 'sad soul', hmm) in need of a justification to prescribe some more pills for some more invented 'disorders'...

In a nutshell, if you'd call me 'paranoic', I certainly would feel honored.

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10 Sep 2007 @ 07:54 by Merlin Silk @ : wikipedia editor
see - in the spirit of the wikipedia you will now have to become a wikipedia editor and make those corrections.  

10 Sep 2007 @ 13:31 by mx @ : true..but...
it would require some fighting..
the sad part is that it is there as it is...

and, ah, paranoia in Wikipedia now has a direct link to 'conspiracy.

Meaning that who is suspecting any kind of conspiracy 'has paranoia' as an illness and needs 'treatment'... bravo !!

As if, after thousand of years of humans conspiring against other humans, all of a sudden in 2007 they would have stopped doing so...

But, of course, in their definition I have paranoia, that's too funny...  

11 Sep 2007 @ 18:54 by solomoreno : Understanding improper identifications
It's interesting how the term paranoia, originally connoting something holy and divine, has come to be equivocated with madness. I remember you writing somewhere that somewhat of the same thing had happened to the word "chaos." These improper identifications seem to have much to do with the tendency to equivocate spiritual experiences and madness. I don't yet have the clearest view of the connection between the two, but I do see one there. Perhaps because at some point the Top is the Bottom and the Bottom is the Top? In any case, psychiatrists and psychologists don't seem to have the ability to confront either.

You frequently discuss memes. Do you mind providing a definition for the term?  

11 Sep 2007 @ 21:07 by mx @ : meme definition:
a good one is at  

13 Sep 2007 @ 14:47 by rayon : Non sacred Geometry
Interesting thought, amongst other good insights. Which altogether indicate the importance of the Classics, Latin and Greek and Hebrew for that matter, in their being an anchor the meaning of the sum total of their texts, and commentaries through the ages, underpinning or discussing their meaning. Whilst Wiki may stray here and there, we KNOW.

And to my name sake above who seems wiser that his years, a meme from my own point of view is the extreme opposite of what happens in Classical texts. It is extreme Modernism, beyond Fractual, Nano, Deconstructivist, it is the anti Christ of Modernity actually, dragging it down to the depths of Hades. BECAUSE someone else can never never actually get into the head of the other and know how and why they took to a certain idea in such way. It is the baloney of baloney. The Final Joke of our society, my advice would be to forget the word and ignore, could be called too "meaningless complexity" completely for its own sake by people who cannot grasp any idea of their own to form an anchor for their beliefs. The inventor of the term Meme, by definition, if I am correct,
PRECISELY had no BELIEFS. None. Can we envision this? yes, aka Society Amok, totally.

A form of non sacred geometry because, it begets nothing in its existence, but totally deconstructs, as in nuclear. Like designing a building which will fall down immediately when the last piece is added. Non sacred geometry. A square is a form of non sacred geometry, but it is held together by opposing forces in stasis and therefore it gains its phenomenal strength and can be used as a building block into another realm of existence. A square is inert non sacred geomentry. Very interesting concepts here, Condor.  

30 Oct 2007 @ 17:35 by mortimer @ : just to funny
nraye, on good day i probably can look inside your head and know how and why you took to a certain idea in such way. example; you seem to feel guilt that you had no beliefs when you ran amok. perhaps you should start with some doubt, skip belief, and get some certainty.

max, is somebody paranoid that you are paranoid? bah ha ha, thats just to funny!

oh yeah, and cyrus scofield is the anti-christ  

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