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 Transfered from Scotty's Log ...
25 Feb 2003 @ 12:58, by Scotty

24 Feb 2003 @ 18:42 by tdeane : Thanks Scotty!
For those who don't mind sharing the wealth of information (awesome) that exists in NCN, I know I myself could use the quick help of someone quite frequently in locating reliable information on topics of which I have no knowledge. As an example, I have hours in research on the internet on topics that list thousands of entries, only to find the one that "feels" reliable, is at 1,564.(chuckle) Sometimes emails can be cumbersome, both for the reader and the writer, and throwing a oneliner request for info into the hat in a customary place to look (this log), is a cool way of sharing it in the most expeditious way. Great for hearing about little-known topics as well, which I love. Great for a lot of things, actually!

It's also a wonderful quickie for sites that are not necessarily posted in the logs, but are in rooms or in comments that might not be viewed, and could be valuable to all.

I'd like to begin with something from a comment I posted in one of Ming's logs, regarding an ancient set of Fortran Programmed Instruction Manuals I have that are IBM copyright 1963. The four instruction manuals are completely clean and unused (no penned answers), but weathered in color; the illustration manual is minus its spiral binder, but I believe it is intact. They are yours for the asking, plus postage collect if anyone has an interest.

I also have an enormous collection of books on just so many topics, so if anyone has a need, but thinks the books may not exist anymore, or simply likes books for reading rather than from a screen, give me a try. We might both be surprised. I use them for research because of vision problems with computer screens, but I don't use them enough to warrant drudging around with them, and I'll just ask you for any info I need. The largest portion of the books are on psychology, but I also have ones ranging from the History of Architecture to Phrenology to the Art of Blacksmithing. So, if you have a need for any that I have, they are yours for the postage. Just drop me an email and I'll let you know if I have it. Love ~ Tricia

P.S. Are you going to restore the posting to log function you had before, or is that too space-consuming? [Edit]

25 Feb 2003 @ 01:14 by vaxen : Good show...
scotty dear. Thanks tricia for suggesting it to our scottish miss. Now here is a link to some very pertinent information about a time that is fast dawning upon us and that will need preparation in the deepest sense. The Fortran sounds delicious but you may have better luck on ebay tricia.

[link] [Edit]

25 Feb 2003 @ 02:12 by shakti_ma : Scotty ?...:-)
...Want another batch of books ??? (Or/and intesting American thriller paperbacks?)
Yes yes yes PLEASE Shakti_ma !
(this lady knows the way to my heart !) [Edit]

25 Feb 2003 @ 05:06 by zendancer : The flea market maybe
better organized in the work groups. This is a well needed feature to be able to share resources.In the workgroup it could be categorized, in the newslogs it disappears as soon as you post something new. Think about it and thanks.
I'd love to have it as a 'room' actually - then everyone could have access to it without anything being lost - maybe I should ask Ming if I could have a room !
(thanks for the encouragement !) [Edit]

25 Feb 2003 @ 07:56 by tdeane : Sounds like a GREAT idea, Scotty!
Even better than a log. Love ~ Tricia [Edit]

25 Feb 2003 @ 12:04 by shakti_ma : Scotty - problem. You create the Room, invite a bunch of people to sustain it, and let it roll!...
Done ! Thanks shakti_ma! [Edit]

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