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picture3 Dec 2001 @ 20:26, by Flemming Funch

Inventor Dean Kamen finally revealed his long awaited and much hyped personal transportation device, previously codenamed "Ginger". Despite the speculation, it doesn't fly and isn't driven by hydrogen or anything like that. But it is a very innovative, very cool new method of transportation. It is essentially a scooter with two wheels next to each other that a person can ride standing up, and that practically balances itself, and gueses what direction one wants to go in. It is meant as something in-between walking on foot and driving a car, something one can use wherever one would walk, but that would move 3-4 times faster. Articles at
Yahoo or CNN

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9 Jan 2002 @ 14:23 by maxtobin : people mover
What happens when it rains?  

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