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 Alive after a crash in the motorway14 comments
11 Aug 2005 @ 14:32, by Silvia M.S

I'm miraculously alive after a pretty bad car accident in the motorway while coming back to Spain from Portugal after some days of vacations. It was bad luck to have the accident, but a very good luck to be alive and almost unharmed. I feel like if I were reborn and have a new opportunity to enjoy this life.

I was coming back with my mother to Asturias after the vacations, driving in the right line of a portuguese motorway when suddenly a bottle came rolling into the line just in front of my car (people throw trash trough the window without thinking about the risk...). When I saw it I tried to avoid it turning the wheel to the left, but unfortunately I lost the control of the car and it crashed against the middle wall at about 110-120 km/h (around 70 miles/h). In those seconds, while hearing the strong sound of the crash, I thought that it could be the end for me. The airbags worked perfectly, but the car was full of smoke and we couldn't see almost anything. Fortunately there were no cars around in that moment that could crash with us! Very quickly I realized how dangerous it was to remain in the left line of the motorway, so I tried to displace the car towards the right border moving the wheel to the right. I don't remember well how did I manage to do it as everything happened very quickly, I think that I accelerated and the car worked!. So finally I was able to move the car to the right and it crashed against the fence in the right border, a much safer place than the left line. I got out of the car quickly and helped my mother to get out also (she was in the copilot seat) and remained in the border. After the traffic police came we were taken in an ambulance to the nearest hospital and also called my car insurance company. Fortunately we were ok, no bones broken, no need of a surgical collar... just some bruises and muscle pain in all the body.

We have been SO LUCKY after such a strong crash that I cannot still believe it. I am SO THANKFUL for being alive! The car probably will be declared a total write-off but the important fact is that me and my mother are almost unharmed. Besides, I have a fully-comprehensive insurance for the car, as it was almost new (10 months old). This has been the first car accident in my life, and I hope also it will be the last one.

Apart from the accident, the trip to Portugal was wonderful. I'll comment about it here later and make a webpage with the pics I took, so you can travel with me while looking at them :-).

And please, enjoy your lives as much as you can. The time is precious. We never know if we will have a tomorrow, but for sure we have a TODAY. So let's enjoy it!

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11 Aug 2005 @ 15:09 by scotty : WOW !
Talk about having 'contrast' - getting what you don't want to know what it is you do want !! :)
It's certainly one way of 'wakening up '!
I just bet that you and your Mum feel healthier and more alive than you ever did before !
Hang onto that good feeling - let it grow and GROW !  

11 Aug 2005 @ 15:28 by jstarrs : The fact that you...
..can entreat others to enjoy their lives as much as they can after this means you were, anyway, protected by compassion.

11 Aug 2005 @ 15:49 by gea : I agree with Jeff...
You were protected. Sorry to hear that, but glad that nothing worse happened.
Take care, muscles will be sore for some time!... :-)  

11 Aug 2005 @ 15:50 by martha : Yes time is precious
Glad you and your Mom are OK. Pay attention to those aches and pains. You might have whip lash. If so physical therapy will be needed. Don't ignore your body if you still ache in certain spots after a week. I still have reoccuring pain from a whip lash injury from 1992 and I had physical therapy. My accident also occurred at a much slower speed then your accident. The reason I mention all this is that most people tend to be very dismissive of the long term ramifications of whip lash or even ignore the initial symptoms as just aches and pains.  

11 Aug 2005 @ 22:53 by silviamar : thank you to all!
If in some days we don't feel better, we'll go to the doctor again. Ahhh I feel SO ALIVE!!!!  

11 Aug 2005 @ 23:22 by astrid : Ooooohhh my gaaawwwd!
so... THAT's what you've been up to, heheh... Oh Sweetie!... For the last week I've been thinking of writing to you, because I hadn't heard from you for so long and for several days I felt so uncomfortable every time I thought of you! Now I know why!
If you can get hold of Arnica Salve for ( traumatic) bruises or the little Arnica Pellets for emotional trauma, that would aid you/r healing wonderfully! Ask a HOMEOPATHIC Doctor! Take care, my friend!  

11 Aug 2005 @ 23:33 by ankh : How fortunate
for you and your mother - really a miracle :-)  

12 Aug 2005 @ 07:00 by silviamar : I will
try to get those herbs, thanks Astrid. Nora, yes, when I looked at the car I also thought it was a miracle to be alive! I've never seen it soooo close.  

12 Aug 2005 @ 12:11 by swan : I am happy that nothing happened to you
Silvia. Your guardian angels were there helping you and your mother. I have been in two very serious accidents and it is very very frieghtening. I agree with Astrid, about the remedies arnica is also good for stiff muscles which can show up a few days after an accident after the shock wears off. You are blessed!  

12 Aug 2005 @ 13:53 by ming : Close call
Wow, fantastic that you're safe. Amazing how brushes with death makes us appreciate life all the more. Not that we'd ever actually wish for it, but we can at least appreciate things more afterwards.  

12 Aug 2005 @ 19:58 by silviamar : Thanks!
I'm an extremely positive person and have always appreciated life very much, but now even MORE!!!  

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