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6 Nov 2002 @ 06:47, by spiritseek

We invite women around the world to join in a week of daily activities for the purpose of preparing ourselves internally and energetically for the Gather the Women event on March 8. Proposed daily activites are outlined below. We ask that you devote about an hour each day, if possible, to participate in these or similar activities with a circle of at least two other women. Soon we will be listing resources for the daily activities that participants can use, if needed, to help enhance their experience of each day. This is a co-creative endeavor, so we also welcome your input. If you have resources to share, please email them to

March 3: A Day of Prayer and Meditation

On this first day we invite women to form a resonant field of energy by joining in prayer with millions of women throughout the world as we prepare ourselves to gather on March 8. (Soon an interactive feature will be added to this website for women to post their prayers.)

March 4: A Day of Introspection, Reflection and Contemplation

On this second day we invite women to take an inward journey, examining how you've arrived at this place in your journey, reflecting on your contributions and the contributions of untold millions of women who have helped pave the way to the creation of this moment in time, and contemplating the power of billions of women joining their spirits and their energies to create together a world where all life is appreciated and held sacred.

March 5: A Day of Healing and Forgiveness

On this third day we encourage women to take all the pain from their inward journey— all the pain that women and children and all humanity has endured throughout the ages—and bring it into a healing circle of love and forgiveness. Without forgiveness for what is past, we cannot move forward in the spirit and energy of creating positive change in our future. Let us acknowledge our grief, mourn for what has been, release the past and move powerfully forward from a place of love for our planet and all humanity.

March 6: A Day of Connecting and Visioning

On this fourth day we invite women to set aside time for sharing from the heart, storytelling, listening to one another and being heard. Let this be a day when we open our hearts and feel our oneness with all women around the world, and from that place of oneness, envision a world in which all life is held sacred—a balanced world of harmony and peace. (An interactive feature will soon be added to the website to give women the opportunity to post their visions of the new world we are creating together.)

March 7: A Day of Purposeful Action

On this fifth day we invite women to take some action that will plant the positive seeds of change we wish to see in the world. (Soon an interactive feature will be added to this website to enable women to post their planned or suggested actions to create positive change.)

March 8: A Day of Gathering, Inspiration and Celebration

On this sixth day women worldwide will gather in groups large and small to inspire and to be inspired and to celebrate the dawning of a new way of world leadership, a new way of being, Harmony's Way. (Soon an interactive feature will be added to this website to enable women to post information about their planned local Gather the Women events.)

March 9: A Day of Gratitude and New Beginnings

On this seventh day may all humanity bask in the energy of gratitude for the healing that has begun during this historic week and to move forward together from a new place of being—a place of empowerment, commitment to positive action, partnership, love, compassion and joy. This is the first day we begin living Harmony's Way.

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7 Nov 2002 @ 02:03 by jazzolog : Best Wishes
I am hoping the best for this healing project, Marie.  

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