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25 Mar 2003 @ 21:39, by Donna VanSickle

A Prayer Vigil for George Bush

They explained that there is so much energy against President Bush that we are not helping him make decisions for the highest good of every person on the planet. The more we focus on what we don't like, the more it increases. They suggest that we See him as God would, and focus on the Light in the President, thereby amplifying the Light. The children believe that if hundreds of thousands of people do this at the same moment, then the effect on his consciousness would be profound. I have to agree.

Therefore, we have decided to conduct an mergency "Great Experiment IV" and are asking all the Spiritual Peacemakers around the world to join us in this important project.

Here are the details:

April 1, 2003, 11 AM New York time, 8 AM California Time (determine your own time zone based on this) Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, will join together for fifteen minutes as one mind and pray for President Bush (and all those who influence his decision making) to make all his decisions based on the highest good of all beings on earth. The Children suggested that we begin by imagining him as a little boy, and use our energy to empower his heart. They say that the boy is still within him, though he is very afraid. He doesn't need to be attacked for what he is doing, but loved, not for his actions, but for the Truth within him. We call this: "Seeing as God Sees and Loving as God Loves." If possible, gather with other people during this vigil, and please pass this E-mail on to as many people as you can to help spread the word.

Hundreds of people will be joining together in Washington, DC to anchor these important prayers. We are in the process of securing a permit for a location as close to the White House as possible, and will have children present a section of the "Children's Cloth of Many Colors" at the White House that same day. (The Children's Cloth of Many Colors is over one-third of a mile long, and is made up of pieces of cloth that have been infused with the energy of peace from tens of thousands of children from around the world. It came from the original "Cloth of Many Colors" peace project I started in 1999 which has been presented at the UN in New York, the US Capitol, the Pentagon, and many other places around the world. For more info on the CCMC, go to .) If you live in the Washington area and would like to join the group praying near the White House, send an E-mail to: You will receive a reply as soon as the location has been secured.

The Children wanted me to stress that this has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing with President Bush in regard to the war in Iraq. They say that in order to be Spiritual Peacemakers we must release our judgment and focus only on the higher good. George Bush has the power to effect the lives of so many people, and we pray that he will do so with compassion and peace. The intention of this vigil is to break down the walls of fear and increase the love in his heart. It is the gift of the children. Please join us.

Once again, April 1, 11 AM EST, fifteen minutes sending George Bush all the love you have in your heart. And tell the whole world.

In Peace, James Twyman

Beloved Friends,

Last weekend 600 people gathered on the Big Island of Hawaii to listen to the messages of peace from several of the Psychic Children we have been working with over the past year. I believe it was one of the most profound experiences any of us have ever had, and the Children themselves were overjoyed with the opportunity. In fact, during a panel discussion on Sunday, they presented their idea of a world wide prayer vigil that they believe would have a profound effect on the current crisis in Iraq. Its
simplicity and wisdom is overwhelming, and the fact that the idea comes from children makes it irresistible.

They want to call this:A Prayer Vigil for George Bush

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