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picture4 Jul 2005 @ 07:59, by Silvia M.S

This is a poem I wrote during a Tai Chi retreat in the mountains, inspired by the beautiful landscape in front of my eyes and feeling the energy flowing through me. As English is not my mother tongue, there may be some mistakes (sorry!).


Air flows inside;
willful torrent exhaling
breath of restrained emotion;
hurricane that the sand stirrs
revealing lost illusions.

Waves flow inside;
lonely the energy
embraces the tree trunk;
chords of hope blossom
amidst the murmur of lyre.

Joy flows inside,
for those with eyes to see
and heart to love,
for those who seek the truth,
for those who give a hand.

Nature flows inside,
helping us to grow
between her green arms,
making us feel secure
with our feet on her land.

And poetry flows,
inside the soul the path,
where we depict our own journey.
Between Heaven, Earth and us
life is flowing...

Silvia Martinez

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