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picture 4 Feb 2004 @ 18:24, by Flemming Funch

Via Dewayne Mikkelson, the principles of how to think like a da Vinci. From Michael J. Gelb's book "How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day"
Curiosita: An Insatiably Curious Approach to Life and an Unrelenting Quest for Continuous Learning.

Dimostrazione: A Commitment to Test Knowledge through Experience, Persistence, and a Willingness to Learn from Mistakes.

Sensazion: The Continual Refinement of the Senses, Especially Sight, as the Means to Enliven Experience.

Sfumato: A Willingness to Embrace Ambiguity, Paradox, and Uncertainty.

Arte/Scienza: The Development of the Balance between Science and Art, Logic and Imagination. Whole Brain Thinking.

Corporalita: The Cultivation of Grace, Ambidexterity, Fitness, and Poise.

Connessione: A Recognition of and Appreciation for the Interconnectedness of all Things and Phenomena. Systems Thinking.
Hey, I'm not doing half-bad on most of these.

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5 Feb 2004 @ 02:34 by jstarrs : The painting's.... you, Ming?

5 Feb 2004 @ 09:46 by ming : Painting
Yeah, I did it with my left hand while I was inventing a new kind of helicopter with my right.  

5 Feb 2004 @ 18:48 by JOn Husband @ : Da Vinci applied to Leadership
Hi, Flemming. Nice to see these pop up here. I was the "exec-in-residence last Nove '03 at the Banff Centre for Leadership and the Arts (Banff Alberta), and the week long program used these principles as the contextual frame for the program.

In case you're interested, here's a bit I blogged on the the structure/content of the week-long program.  

5 Feb 2004 @ 20:54 by istvan : JOn I am glad
to see your use of the word -pop up- in these blogs of hystorical significance regarding the beginnings of new civilisations.
I don't know wat's wrong with me lately but i been perceiving some newslogs and comments, as not unlike pop-up ads, especially the one's concerning the middle east situations. Iam popping them off as fast as they are popping up. It almost seems like there is a desparation for branding ones unique or even less than unique ideas while they last. Now, i mainly enjoy spanish languge logs, becase they do not upset me the slightest. I don't understand a word.
I also think they may come useful, since i am thinking of shifting my not too significant weight ower to Mexico way.
If i do so i will change my name to Zistvan. I want to go down in the annals of history as Zistvan the Zenpatista. How is that for unique.  

23 May 2004 @ 00:37 by Victor Day @ : 82 Cheve S-10
Having a problem with my s-10 stick shift rev up the engine in natural engine runs fine then, put in gear 1st gear and 2 then it bogs down, give it alot of gas then will run fine, engine is a v-6 2.6 or 2.8 but has a slave cyl. tryed to adjust but seams to be worse at times. Can you please help me out i would really appreciate any help you can give me on this.  

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