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picture 27 Jan 2005 @ 23:06, by Flemming Funch

The world's central banks have begun, slowly and carefully, to switch away from the dollar, to more stable currencies. See Financial Times. That is no small matter. It is a long story, but, in brief, most countries keep large amounts of dollars in reserve. Dollars that nothing gets bought for, but that are kept, well, as reserves, and because some important commodies, like oil, are sold almost exclusively in dollars. And, ok, it is not that those dollars aren't used, but there's continuously a very large amount of them that are not. Which is what allows the U.S economy to run with a huge deficit, in a way that no other economy can. Normally a country has to have an approximate balance in what it exports and imports. But the fact that lots of countries keep US dollars that they've paid for, but which they aren't getting goods for, allows the US to import way way more than it exports, and to a large degree to get it simply by the act of printing money, or, rather, moving some numbers around in computers. If the dollar wasn't used in such a manner, the US economy would be unsustainable, and might have to crash. Anyway, the global system is so tied together that none of those other central banks would really want that. But they also want their reserves to be stable, so they slowly change things. And mostly they speak very diplomatically about it. Maybe a little less so the Chinese guy in Davos this week:
"The U.S. dollar is no longer -- in our opinion is no longer -- (seen) as a stable currency, and is devaluating all the time, and that's putting troubles all the time... So the real issue is how to change the regime from a U.S. dollar pegging ... to a more manageable ... reference ... say Euros, yen, dollars -- those kind of more diversified systems ... If you do this, in the beginning you have some kind of initial shock. You have to deal with some devaluation pressures."

Now, even though I'd find a certain enjoyment in looking forward to being able to blame a crashing US economy on the suicidal fiscal policies of Bush's regime, I also get paid most of the time in dollars. Which are worth crap right now. So it is not entirely a good thing that it will get worse. Actually it is worse for anybody who uses dollars outside the U.S. than inside, where, I'm sure, things seem pretty normal.

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28 Jan 2005 @ 01:00 by jmarc : falling dollar
falling dollar=more exports=more employment=stronger economy=more taxes=smaller deficit=rising dollar and round and round we go. Weeker dollar also is good news for the rest of the world, who we are supposed to not care that much about. Your shadenfreude for the Us is mildly amusing though. I'm trying to learn the forex to do a little trading myself, although i must admit, it's all a bit confusing. It seems a person can make money on the forex no matter how their own country's currency is doing, and i imagine our own treasury may see it that way at some point. Remember, short of an act of God, our country's got a tremendous material wealth that no money market can take away, and even with the act of God which always comes when least expected, there is an inate adaptability in this country that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.  

28 Jan 2005 @ 10:16 by jstarrs : More US exports?
Against Chinese competition?
Wishful thinking.
There's a crash in the air.
A big one.
That will only be 'eased' by a war economy.  

28 Jan 2005 @ 11:59 by ming : Economics
The U.S. has a tremendous amount of resources and creativity and wealth. But, not being an economist, it seems that there's still be certain basics to adhere to for it to work. If you live on credit, and you then step up your expenses greatly, starting wars and expanding the bureaucracy, and you lower your income by giving lots of tax money back, all of which for money you didn't have, and you then piss off 3/4 of the world, including the people who'd be paying for most of this, or who's confidence in the scheme is needed to make it work - I fail to quite see how it sticks together. Except for by perpetual war, suspending the normal rules of good housekeeping.  

29 Jan 2005 @ 07:45 by ov : High Finance
{|The Naked Hegemon} article is damn good. Explains the whole ponzi scheme, the use of the economic hit men, the 37 trillion dollar debt that is impossible to ever pay off, the effects of the inevitable collapse of the dollar, the ins and outs of the 11 billion plus dollars that have gone missing from the Iraqi oil fund. Yup, lots of information there that clears up lots of mysteries. contingency plans are being made on a colossal scale and by the time us little guys hear the great sucking sound it will be too late to do anything except look stunned.

Witnessing an elite get hoisted by their own pertard isn't shadenfreude, it's simply the satisfaction that comes from the confirmation of justice. Sad part is that the very top, those financiers that operate without a country and always have, will make out like bandits once again. I wonder how much more the world will take of their machinations before they get fed up enough to do something about it.  

1 Feb 2005 @ 18:00 by Chris Hagglund @ : naked
I just wanted to say I also really liked that Naked Hegemon article, so a bigh thanks to ov for pointing to it!  

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