New Civilization News: In the best of all possible worlds...    
 In the best of all possible worlds...
31 May 2003 @ 12:25, by sharie

In the best of all possible worlds...
no one lives in luxury
until everyone has nutritious food,
adequate clothing,
and a home where they are safe

In the best of all possible worlds...
no one would spend even one dollar to promote his image
while children starve to death
are bombed to death
and murdered

In the best of all possible worlds...
caring for the needs of innocent child would be the primary image everyone strives for

This is because
children are the ones who will one day care for the elderly

This is because
without caring for the children
you are sabotaging your own future

This is because
to provide for the needs of children
physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, socially
will cause them to bloom into the most magnificent human beings possible

Provide for the children's needs
first and foremost
Encourage them, challenge them, sing and dance with them,
laugh with them, question them
and you will have the best of all possible worlds

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