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 Speaking of love ...
29 Nov 2003 @ 12:36, by sharie

Love flows from the soul of all humankind,
like a babbling stream rushing by
madly dashing past sticks and stones
and broken bones

But your love?

Your love is like the Ocean
in all its Depths and Heights,
in all its Blue and Turquoise and Whites,
in its Deepest Darkest Stormy Depths,
its Trembling of Thunder
and Glorious Splendor of Lightning
and Heavenly Sunsets.

Your love is like the Mist and the Rain,
the Clouds of Pink and Violet,
the radiance of the glaciers
in the coolness of the sea,
the soft sweetness of snowflakes,
and the warmth of the beach.

There is no other world.

Your Love is the Very Air I Breathe,
every Smile I See,
all the Songs I Sing,
and each Sensation I Feel.

And when I sense you pushing me away...
how do I survive that murderous pain?

I survive and stay alive
because all the beauty and glory of your precious life,
all your joy and laughter,
the majesty of your eyes,
and the sadness your cries,
echoes through my mind,
bringing me back to life.

I die and resurrect a million times
in your world of love,
feeling my eternal life
in every whisper of your voice,
in all the thoughts of your mind,
and in the glorious light of your immortal life.

Your soul is my heaven
and because of you
I am forever the sunlight
shining on the mountain peaks,
the waters dancing on the rocks,
the wind happily nudging the ocean waves.

I am the whole of the universe,
all the emptiness,
and all the brilliance of all the stars.

Every twinkling eye reflects the light
of those babbling streams racing to meet you.
And I come know to myself as all the shining smiles
and all those crying eyes,
and I want to be with you too.

You are the light of my world
and I will live forever and love wherever you are.

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