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19 Sep 2002 @ 16:18, by John Finn

What!! he shouted from the back seats. A lone onlooker commented; "only one watt, he must be pretty dim!"

Surveying the scene and deciding that there was nothing he could do, except what he had become accustomed to, and that was retreat, the dim man retreated. Taking his somewhat dissapointed 'shadow' with him. The 'shadow' wanted to stay and play, no matter the consequences. No matter, that there were weightier issues that needed attention. Neroishly fiddling whilst fires raged all round. Shadow was interested in fires, they were afterall purifying. So what that other's get burnt; play with fire that's what happens....

"If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen!" piped up the unprocessed chef, as he stirred a large pot of hackneyed stock. Who asked for his opinion pondered the dim man. There was a time when people only spoke when spoken to.
Did he spell hackneyed right reflected the Shadow!

There are wars and rumors of wars. Serpents arise from nests beneath the footpaths. The truth although somewhere 'out there' is breathtakingly difficult to find. And once found even more difficult to pass on. Yet what really bothers me is this mole on my buttock, even though it doesn't show, and doesn't stop me from doing anything, it seems like it does. If only you could understand this, this is really real to me, and by God I want you to feel that!

If only I could love and be loved like the books I have read tell me. Once I felt like I could but now love, like the dove I once had, has died. There at the bottom of the cage lies love, on a bed of grit. I thought of CPR but that seemed pathetic at the time. Now I know any action would have at least proved something. So I rave and rant deeply over lost love. A tale weaved from truth and experience, constructed such that I get what I think I want.

Even though death stalks me, I want what I want, surrender although I know breaths her sweet breath in my inner ear, can go take a hike. For desire has me by the short and curlies comfortable within my loins.

Oh I digress. Its fun, like ennuendo, fenching off what's really happening. Meanwhile as I dig and water the garden, thoughts visit me, proscribing a course of action. This action is nebulus though, breaching the membrain of the subconscious. Coming at me like a dream. If only others would be like me or at least be the way I want them to. Then things would be alright, I would clearly see what to do. In the meantime I will try this.....

This steely blue green spaceship we call home is threatened, in so many ways. The pain of that is viseral, my grief is consuming. That is the fire! It burns hotter than anything else. No longer will I prance or rage around that fire I will jump into it's midst. So he did!

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19 Sep 2002 @ 23:46 by shawa : Right.
Do you understand that the battle for the blue pearl is ALSO waged in these insignificant corridors ?
No shit, Finny, why don´t you come into it without disguise ?

Shakti_ma my disguise is so transparent, don't you realise. As for the blue pearl I know not of what you speak!

(A bit later) I remember the blue pearl. Its a meditative experience. Yes, guru mayi showed me that! Ah but propably my blue pearl experience and your understanding are different.  

20 Sep 2002 @ 03:30 by shawa : The blue pearl...
The planet ? What you call the blue green spaceship ?
"Disguise" was not the word I was looking for, really. Yes, I see you through the gauzy veils!
I´m not an English-speaking person originally. I share my brain-time in between Spanish, French, German, and English. Maybe that´s why. I´m getting crossed wires! :-)

Oh, I see, yes. I thought that you were referring to a metaphyscial paraydm. As for the veils they are strategic as I explained in the cauldren. The gauze is my thin contravence. Finny.

It's as direct as I thought I could be at the time. Not wanting to engage directly with the feelings as I don't trust the level of emotional compedency I see here.  

21 Sep 2002 @ 01:15 by invictus : Happy?
Just kidding. I read... sometimes I comment, sometimes I don't. You know, what I really liked was the paragraph about the mole on your buttock... "this is really real to me, and by God I want you to feel that!" I feel that way about a hell of a lot of things; it is a big part of the reason I keep coming back to NCN. Sometimes I even have to say that to myself... it's harder than it should be to feel really real at all, let alone about anything. Jumping into the fire might help that, I suppose. Good idea Finny :).

Not only was it supposed to be methaphorical , my itention was for it to be alogorical and satirical. The satire is perhaps sutble, yet not to me. I'm not necessarily talking about myself here. The "really real", comes from a Van Morrison song. He is expressing a feeling of love. Finny.
Ah... that makes sense too. I guess the interpretation I got out of it was the one I could relate to most.  

21 Sep 2002 @ 19:05 by tdeane : I share...
your love of Mother Earth, Finny, and jump right into the fire with you. Love ~ Tricia  

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