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 The Christmas Cactus
27 Jan 2003 @ 04:17, by tdeane

I share with you here a true story of connection, interconnection, and Oneness with ALL that is.


When Simpleman and I moved from Rochester to Binghamton and moved in above his mom, she gave us a cutting of a Christmas Cactus that had been in the family for a few generations.

We had a wonderful enclosed porch that functioned as a greenhouse for us, and our plants really thrived. So much so, that by the end of each season, we usually ended up with ten plants from the one, they grew so abundantly. So, we used to give the plants to other plant-lovers, family included. Gregg's sister and brother had particularly great success with the Christmas Cacti, abundantly growing, profusely flowering every year.

For fifteen years, no matter what I tried I couldn't get the cactus to bloom for me. I followed all of the directions, I tried to observe the dim-light, no water recommended care as best I could, but nary ever even the hint of a blossom. It grew larger, but it never flowered!

Over the years, I kind of gave up hope with the plant, and in truth didn't give it the same amount of love I gave the other plants. I would put it in a less obvious place than those that were vibrant and healthy. I forgot to water it sometimes. I planted it in one of my less desirable planters. All in all, I just kind of turned into a shithead in the plant kingdom, and gave those who responded the way I wanted them to a lot of care, and those that did not the least care.

This year I started feeling kind of bad for the plant. It was inside, subjected to the air conditioning, little sunshine, and just generally out of view and forgotten. So I put it on the balcony so it could at least enjoy the sun, and be out among the other plants, even if it was at the time of the year that was against the rules of good plant parenting.

As Simpleman pointed out in his log, this past year has been a year of necessary experiences which feel very difficult and totally stressful when living through them. The very worst part seemed to come as it neared the holidays, with numerous computer problems and total breakdown, the car broke down, and we received news that the anticipated unemployment through mid-February was ending in December instead. For a brief period of time, we were somewhat panic stricken, myself more than cool-headed Gregg, although even he was being taxed to the limit.

In the midst of all of this, I went out on the balcony one day and noticed that the Christmas Cactus had turned a strange color, at least strange for it in all of the years I have known it. The leaves, which appear to grow out of each other, had a dark red vein running from the base to the tip of each section of leaves, almost as though blood was running through its veins. Then I noticed at the tip of each of leaf, or whatever cacti thingies are called, was a perfectly formed BUD, some smaller, some bigger, but almost every one bearing that which I had waited for 15 years to see!

Somehow, seeing those blooms, we knew we were proceeding in all our affairs in the right direction, and that we would make it through the darkest of the dark time last year. This happens to us alot, messages from Nature, not just in placing a stamp of approval on how we are doing by sending them to us through this unusual means, but in teaching us how to live.

For years I thought I was connecting with the plant, taking into consideration its perceived needs. It never occurred to me that perhaps the plant had accommodated itself to our energies, our lifestyle, as member of our family of children in different forms. We knew the connection with our kitty cats, especially because one is just like Gregg and one is just like me, but the sensitivity of our plants, our interconnectedness to this extent, was a possibility we had never considered. Neither Gregg nor I are personally geared toward routine of any kind. Putting our plant in the dark and at the right time each year was something we really didn't do well at all. Can I say for sure our plant adjusted itself to our family and our peculiarities? In my life I can.

After writing the log For Andy, For All, a plant which we had given up for dead on our balcony after six months of trying to bring it back to life to no avail, suddenly came to life and it has been loving life ever since! Nature told me that my definition of who we are and why we are here is the right definition for my purpose, and I know this to be true in my life and my purpose.

Several days ago, after revealing some of my own sensitivities to a very dear friend, I became more attuned to the sensitivities around me, Gregg, my cats, my friends, my plants, and while I was standing fondling our beautiful Christmas Cactus, these simple words of Truth appeared from out of nowhere in my mind, the cactus telling me: "You are my child, whose child I am. This is what we REALLY need to know of each other to love and to listen and to learn."

The interconnection with ALL...

As always, I surround us all with spiritual hugs and much love ~ Tricia

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