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picture11 Oct 2008 @ 12:43, by Richard Carlson

While the crash only took place six months ago, I am convinced we have now passed the worst and with continued unity of effort we shall rapidly recover. There is one certainty of the future of a people of the resources, intelligence and character of the people of the United States---that is, prosperity.

---President Herbert Hoover - May 1, 1930

Losing a job is painful, and I know Americans are concerned about our economy; so am I. It's clear our economy has slowed, but the good news is, we anticipated this and took decisive action to bolster the economy, by passing a growth package that will put money into the hands of American workers and businesses.

---President George W. Bush - March 7, 2008
on news that the economy lost 63,000 payroll jobs in February.

The singular feature of the great crash of '29 was that the worst continued to worsen.

---John Kenneth Galbraith.

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (D), Rep. Zack Space (D-Ohio), Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) during a campaign rally at the Ross County Courthouse on Oct. 10, 2008 in Chillicothe, Ohio.
(Mark Lyons/Getty Images)

Barack Obama campaigned in Ohio before this week, but his emphasis consistently had been upon the cities in the northern part of the state. Toledo, Cleveland, Youngstown. He had touched Columbus, in Central Ohio, and even swooped down for an invitation-only appearance at Hocking College in Nelsonville before the primary. I didn't get an invitation or even hear about the visit, as there was a huge push to get-out-the-vote that day at Obama headquarters in our town. I resented that his visit wasn't open to all and, even more, that he didn't make a surprise stop down here to cheer on the thousands of OU and Athens City students who were knocking door-to-door. It's a 10 minute drive, and would have made up a bit for ignoring Southeast Ohio.

I'm not stung because it's an ego thing. Southern Ohio is very different from Northern. Southwestern Ohio is dominated by Cincinnati but Athens, despite Ohio University's presence here, is too small a city to dominate anything. As my conservative friend at work reminds me constantly, Athens is a little blue island in an ocean of red. A couple hours drive 2 weeks ago along Route 50 from Athens west to Chillicothe took me past yard after yard, farm after farm, loaded with McCain-Palin signs, flags and spangles flapping everywhere. As Governor Strickland said in Athens last month, if Kerry and Gore lost Ohio it's because of politics right here.

It's true Michelle Obama appeared at OU during primary season, and I'll bet you it was one of the highlights of her campaigning. But that's not the same as the candidate himself showing an interest in the "West Virginia part of Ohio," and maybe providing a convenient opportunity for some Republicans to check him out. His 2-day tour of Southern Ohio featured spectacular appearances in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Portsmouth on Thursday, and Chillicothe and Columbus yesterday. It's a straight shot northeast from Portsmouth to Chillicothe to Columbus---and it cut us out completely...unless we wanted to take the time off yesterday for the workday-scheduled speeches, or stagger through Friday after arriving home past midnight from 2 hours of travel, which we did (if you drive the speed limit, which we didn't).

Opening speeches started 10 minutes early at Shawnee State in Portsmouth, with the school's president giving us heartfelt welcome. I was optimistic Obama actually was going to show up on time. A few addresses from local candidates and organizers and the next thing had to be the candidate himself. On came that Obama music, which is so good it's almost worth a visit in itself---but an hour and a half later, this writer really was starting to sag. The loop reached the end with Springsteen, and then Aretha started us over again. Where the heck was he? I figured Cincinnati had to be the most important stop down here, but that rationalization took me only so far.

Finally Sherrod Brown came out to introduce Ted Strickland, who's managed in the past couple years to become a simply terrific political speaker. We were steamed up by the time Barack Obama hit the stage. My 17-year-old daughter said she started to cry at the sight of him. It's true, he's every bit as phenomenal in person as they say. THE One, THAT One, well...I don't know about going that far, but we all forgot our impatience within seconds. He apologized for being late, and immediately launched into the Georgetown diner anecdote that clearly he was making up on the spot.

Georgetown, Ohio, is a little town about a third of the way down 125 from Cincinnati to Portsmouth. I've never been on that road, but I presume it's a 2-lane. It was suppertime (gates opened in Portsmouth at 5:30 for the 7:30 appearance) and the 3 men decided to stop along the route for a bite to eat. Once inside the place, however, things got predictably complicated. Patrons and workers were astonished---as anyone would be. Photos had to be taken, especially with the waitresses and guys behind the grill and at the dishes. We're deep in Republican territory here, and they said the owner was "diehard" for the other side. They planned to enlarge the photo, frame it, and get it up on the wall as a surprise. But at that point the owner showed up, thanks to an obvious cellphone call. The dialogue that ensued between this small business guy and Barack Obama is classic. A number of papers have picked it up, including a couple I'm linking below. I guess the delay was worth it.

Obama's tour of Ohio was fortuitous in that the baddest news about the economy kept on coming this week. He gave nearly half of his 45-minute speech to it, launching immediately into those issues. His quote line about the AIG people at the $450,000 spa is making headlines. Here was the government's first chance at "oversight" and what happened? Obama told us what he would do---and that was first, demand a check of repayment to us taxpayers and second, fire them all then and there. The response from us 6000 assembled was tumultuous.

He is radical, compared to what we've heard from such candidates in the past 40 years. And he's resolute, and he's plausible. Big money's had its fun, and now it's time to pay the piper...and that's us. Barack Obama's a reminder of what many of us old-timers learned in school of what the United States is about. But it's been a long while, and many liberals believe the population has been so dumbed down in the meantime the situation may be hopeless. McCain actually brought himself to correct one of his supporters yesterday who referred to Obama as an "Arab."

When we established ourselves as a republic there was a catch. Yeah, sorta you got the right to pursue whatever happiness you want---but the Founding Fathers, especially Jefferson, warned without public education the mass becomes a mob. During the Bush years, educators have been mandated to "leave no child behind"---but "behind" is a test measurement for this administration. It's a measurement produced by private contractors, who make up and grade the tests, many of whom never have been teachers. These are test results that punish schools that don't make the grade, that withdraw funding to them...and even can shut their doors. There are school administrators across this land that think the whole plan is to privatize everything else.

I'm not going to allow myself to go off on a tangent rant here, but Obama gives indication he will not continue this approach. I wish he had talked more about it, but he did promise "no more teaching to the test." That means teaching gets restored to work with your students, where they're at and what they need. I've gone pretty far out in my days in the classroom, but I've prided myself that if an administrator came in at any moment I could tell him/her exactly what I was doing and why. I've always told kids on the first day that I teach because I consider it a matter of life and death. That philosophy never has been borne out so obviously to me as the state of intelligence of this nation right now.

Barack and Michelle Obama are dignified and very smart people. But to call them elite is slander. Perhaps many in the audience at Shawnee, where Ted Strickland taught for 10 years, were educated people...but a large proportion, at least to me, did not particularly appear to be. I think what strikes everyone who goes to an Obama rally is the incredible diversity of people there. It's the opposite of a Republican convention, where everybody dresses the same---in their red, white & blue outfits and funny hats---and behaves the same, disparaging those who are "different." Forty years ago Yippies were arrested for wearing American flags as shirts and blouses. There was singing, there was dancing, there was laughter in Portsmouth, Ohio, a ravaged town at a big bend in the River. It's a town with a lot of spirit and pride. Revival's in the air there, and I hope Barack Obama caught some of it himself---and inspired even more.

Half of these links are to Ohio newspapers and their reports on the tour. The first 3 are exceptions. This is from Agence France-Presse this morning, and I think reflects well the feel of what Obama was trying to do down here~~~


The second is MSNBC's report on Obama's plan to encourage small businesses---which are hurting tremendously at present, since expanding inventory usually takes loans which are increasingly difficult to get~~~


and this is the Washington Post's story on the same thing~~~


Here's Dayton's coverage~~~


and Cincinnati~~~


The Toledo Blade covered the Portsmouth rally~~~


as did the Columbus Dispatch~~~


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11 Oct 2008 @ 12:53 by vaxen : .

11 Oct 2008 @ 13:43 by martha : Thank you Richard
I do appreciate you spending the time to understand Obama and explain it to us here on NCN. And I am especially happy that Obama wants to shift the concept of "no child left behind". I hope he comes to Winston-Salem this month so I can listen to what he has to say. Again thank you for the time you take to bring a positive energy to the presidental race.  

11 Oct 2008 @ 20:02 by vaxen : .

11 Oct 2008 @ 22:04 by a-d : You're
The Maverick, ma Friend! : )Thanks for very enlightening comments!  

12 Oct 2008 @ 16:26 by vaxen : .

13 Oct 2008 @ 10:49 by vaxen : .

13 Oct 2008 @ 16:40 by quinty @ : Jazzo -
what cheerful news this is.....

Paul Krugman wins Nobel Prize in economics......  

13 Oct 2008 @ 21:24 by a-d : Yeahhh, the Newness of
World Order"!..... Should we say; conspired IDEA ALREADY LONG before the French Revolution, orchestrated into being for several years and then finally staged in 1789 with one major goal and one VERY IMPORTANT , for that matter!.... to REMOVE the "White" (=Anglo Saxic/Christian) Aristocracy from their Power position and through the removal have them only behind the scenes, working for the People, who now had taken MORE OPENLY the Reigns of Europe... New Testament "Pharicees" .... THAT IS THE FIRST OPEN Effort of putting the "New World Order" in place, the way The Idea's conceivers wanted it all along...
Yet it is all so ridiculous because they themselves are SLAVES as well!.... It is as ridiculous as an Aristocrat being flattered that he will NOT be killed by his superiors by hanging , but by the Guillotine!...Yeahhh...tat would have made me feel betta, much mo betta, like floating above the rest of the Crowd! .... which I'm sure the people working for Tavistock and even more so ; the Tavistock "Proteges" & Tavistock "Stars" ( a la Kissinger et al) also feel and think of themselves .... yet...truth be known... NONE of them is indispensable; but quite the opposite!.... which the "Dog Eat Dog" is a true statement of, proven by history over 'n' over again!... Yeahhh...must be betta, ahh, soooo much betta than dying in & through the Rat Race!.... SLAVE is SLAVE is A SLAVE!!??? Can it be any clearer than that? 2+2 = 17! No kiddin'!
Star Wars!....

I really wish Obama --or whomever after George, will b able and having the will & courage to create some (hair)cracks into that wall .... so that Light would start seeping into the consciousness of these SLAVES (as well) to see their own embarrasing and sad position!. NO UPSTAIRS Living(; having the Rats as THEIR Slaves) can be worth giving up one's OWN life and right to be nothing and nobody but oneself!
One of these days this Awareness WILL click and start kicking in -as the saying goes.  

13 Oct 2008 @ 22:55 by Quinty @ : Here's a
nice duo on Palin.....

which leads into....  

14 Oct 2008 @ 03:51 by vaxen : .

14 Oct 2008 @ 09:34 by jazzolog : So a-d, vaxen,
will you each be voting at all within these 3 weeks? I realize NCN was established as a haven for the disgruntled or wide-eyed with a spirituality to peddle. Nevertheless, you both campaigned a bit for Ron Paul I think. Is he a write-in possibility these days...or somebody the Libertarians are offering? Of course I know people, especially after US war activities, who won't even let the Veterans Administration know they still exist, to say nothing of the Social Security Administration and Internal Revenue Service. Is that how you each are hunkered down, or is there any leadership you could allow to govern you? Just wondering...

The New Yorker article I cited above, and ensuing stories I've heard around Southeast Ohio has me increasingly concerned abut the "race card." Let me be clear about my position: I don't consider Barack Obama a "black" candidate. There are many reasons for that, but chief among them has been what he has told us about his origins, both biological and cultural. After seeing him last week, I'm more entrenched in my view than ever.

However, racism is as American as apple pie and barbecued ribs. Frank Rich's column on Sunday is very disturbing, as has been the McCain/Palin strategy, now amended perhaps, of tossing the red meat of hatred to the crowds at their rallies (to use Frank Schaeffer's metaphor in Friday's Baltimore Sun). Nobody thirsts for that blood more than FoxNews, and so they and the rightwing talkers have been broadcasting this crap wall-to-wall ever since.

McCain has tried more recently to soften his attack, even correcting the particularly unhinged among his followers, but Palin isn't. She has dived into Southeast Ohio like a retriever after the kill. There are reports around here of people being denied service in shops and restaurants if they're wearing Obama gear---and especially if they appear black or otherwise "not one of us." In one case I heard about, but have not confirmed, police responded and charged a woman with assault when she insisted upon receiving service.

A month ago a letter to the editor appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Since then, it has been expanded, embellished and blogged all over the Internet. It bears posting here in its original form to demonstrate clearly just how hypocritically blind we continue to be in this country~~~

September 05, 2008
How racism works

What if John McCain were a former president of the Harvard Law Review?
What if Barack Obama finished fifth from the bottom of his graduating class?
What if McCain were still married to the first woman he said “I do” to?
What if Obama were the candidate who left his first wife after she no longer measured up to his standards?
What if Michelle Obama were a wife who not only became addicted to pain killers, but acquired them illegally through her charitable organization?
What if Cindy McCain graduated from Harvard?
What if Obama were a member of the “Keating 5”?
What if McCain was a charismatic, eloquent speaker?

If these questions reflected reality, do you really believe the election numbers would be as close as they are?

This is what racism does. It covers up, rationalizes and minimizes positive qualities in one candidate and emphasizes negative qualities in another when there is a color difference.

— Kelvin LaFond, Fort Worth

There are a number of replies and comments at that link.


14 Oct 2008 @ 12:03 by vaxen : .

14 Oct 2008 @ 12:16 by martha : Hey Jazz - Racism at NCN
I think you speak the truth with your above comment Jazz. Racism is alive and well in the good old U S of A and also here at NCN. I also consider Obama an American and wrote about the disfunction of labels we place on politics. You have to understand that some Americans will pretend they are open and liberal in their thinking yet continually prove otherwise by their actions. Cheers Jazzy.  

14 Oct 2008 @ 18:43 by vaxen : .

14 Oct 2008 @ 20:07 by a-d : Politics and labels
yes; politics SHOULD have the Label of TRUTH about the actions and the perpetrators of those actions should so as well; NO persons regardless "where-in" they were born, should be allowed to get away with evil under the guise of being born better, more superior, than the rest ever born! Those who call other people cocoroaches and similar --and those who support them/that mentality, are obviously the biggest biggots and "racists" regardless rhetorics in hopes to dupe all the Gullible people,( who also co-incidentally tend to have a very short Memory...-- and so should overall behaviour of Socio-Political Groups when they act NOT-in-harmony-with-Cosmic Laws of "Do Unto Others" and "Be Kind To All", but who always are finding reasons and justifications in Things Unchangeable!!!
Everybody know humans don't think and act with and through their color of skin!So to even DISCUSS "RACISM" as an Issue of "Colour" is ridiculous and does nothing but KEEP THE WHOLE RACISM-THING ALIVE & WELL , like M. said!

NO person on Earth should have a label put on them whether they were born into the "Right Families", "Right Race" > "Ethnic" Group, "Right Gender", "Right "Religion"/ideology and such man made borders --in order to justify evil towards them if they were/are not in "our group"!

"By y/our FRUITS (ACTIONS & BEHAVIOR)will we/you be known" whether we Humans like it --or not!

As far as Obama goes --or anybody else in to the White House.... To, me, who never read anything any Pres.Candidate says him/herself, never listen to any debates personally, only taking in my IMPRESSIONS of people from a cosmic energy/vibrational level they emanate in pics and what come through in other peoples article about the candidates.... I have a feeling that Obama well might be the "L`Enfant Savage" of our History-In-The-Making!!! To me he is a guy, who to a very high degree emanates "I play along with my "Employers"; "the Big Boys-Behind-The Curtains", but once in Office, I will do whatever I feel to be "The Right Thing" At Any Given Moment". Like said in the Song: "I Did It My Way". As for Ron Paul: I had this vision where I saw people all over the Planet just cheering for him. because he had brought into their awareness; hence lives, something nobody else had ever been able to bring: some kind of feeling of (RIGHT to) Self Determination. I never said I saw him as the next President. (I personally think, he is a "a liiittle too "Old fashioned" -in lack for better word ( is just a very vague feeling !)& Gentle Soul for the BATTLES ahead!But...but... just at the time or right there after, these Ron Paul FAN CLUBS started to pop up, literally all over the Planet; in some 130-some --if I remember correct-- Countries , when I last heard about them. Now, that alone, I think is an incredible achievement, especially since --I don't think-- this was anything he was trying to accomplish. It was just done by people themselves, banding together, all over the World, those who and because resonating with his viewpoints!

But, whatever happens on the Socio-political arena, we know there is always factors involved that we have no control over and no say either
from much deeper Realms!.... Dealings of Divine Justice by Universe about how for instance the American Natives were treated by the New Comers, so to speak... Roosters coming Home to roost... Maybe... I do think so.

But as some sort of juxtaposition and overall "counter weight" to all speculations about this this & that, coming into fore front in near future in our World, I will post from Adi Gaia's own Web-site ( [ ] ) the Opening text:
"We are to become a galactic civilisation Galactic Humans. As ascended galactic humans (physical angels), we will be able to interact with all sentient life forms in our galaxy, universe, and beyond. We will regain extraterrestrial powers that we lost many lifetimes ago. Telepathy, teleportation, and interplanetary travel without space craft will be possible using our Light body or merkaba.

Some people will be able to revisit or return to their previous star system that they came from. Some will help to repopulate Mars, Venus, and Maldek which will be re-formed from the Asteroid Belt. The majority will stay on Earth for the new Golden Age, and will help create it. Earth will be a showcase planet, a major centre for trade, conferences, and headquarters for the Intergalactic Union of many galaxies near us.

Those who populate Earth will become her true stewards, anchoring Light and supporting energy nodes and grids around the planet at great temples. The whales and dolphins have been burdened with this task for far too long. We will live in magnificent crystalline cities within the Earth, although they will seem as if they are on the surface. This is how all higher dimension civilisations live on other planets. It is how many Lemurians and Atlanteans already live within the shell of our hollow Earth. We will be meeting them soon. Our new civilisation will again be based on spiritual concepts of Lemuria, which in turn, was based on Sirius B concepts.

Our current structure of governments will cease. Higher intelligent beings will help us set up new governing councils based on appropriate universal principles. We will have the final say in fine-tuning new government, without interference from those who currently control governments. "

I might remind you guys, once again, that Adi is NOT an Airy Fairy guy, who doesn't know a squadliy dot about "Things"!... Quite the opposite: he is one of thee most well educated on NCN and even in our over all Western Society,at large, in ALL Things and Sciences the establishment has to offer!.... and that is exactly how and why he is now seeing and saying the things he is!  

15 Oct 2008 @ 01:57 by ursula : And here's more
Acorn admitted to and pled guilty to fraud cases. Obama taught recruits in Acorn, then used workers for Acorn to help get out the vote. He also donated $800,000 to Acorn. Acorn intimated banks to give bad loans, which contributed to our economic failure. Over the summer Congress put into mortages that out of $100,000 mortage, each person will pay $420 donation each month to Acorn and other community activist organizations. You can thank Frank for that.  

15 Oct 2008 @ 05:45 by vaxen : .

15 Oct 2008 @ 06:18 by ursula : Fact is
I don't think you understand me, Vax. Our government reps stopped representing us due to their own needs, many became crooks and betrayers of our Constitution. All your bickering about republic versus democracy is irrelevent. Our country is a combination of both. What should change in our voting system is the electoral college, and that we need to make the same voting methods the same in every city and state, going by popular vote only. However, voting still has a say. It says I'm in this and trying to have my voice heard and choose those I feel can do the best job representing my views. We sure haven't had a great choice in a while, that's for sure. And whether or not you agree with what's been going on, it still is about you because you live in this country and what happens effects you, and your consciousness effects it. Don't give me any b.s. excuses for why you want to pretend that isn't so. Maybe now more people will indeed wake up and stop letting government and banks and insurance companies make all decisions for us and without our knowledge and often without our permission. It's collapsing because of the lies and the lack of integrity, and the people aren't totally innocent in it - they need to be involved and pay attention.  

15 Oct 2008 @ 07:18 by vaxen : .

15 Oct 2008 @ 10:06 by jazzolog : Also Falling On My Head
Boards of Election regs demand reporting suspicious and fraudulent voter registrations as well as the good ones. ACORN, for 30 years, has done so---and identified them as such. End of story.  

15 Oct 2008 @ 11:32 by ursula : Just think
now major companies who have financial difficulty can be partially owned by the government, for helping to bail them out.

Jazz - Acorn's own people have proven to be corrupt, and Obama is involved with Acorn. Is that missed on you?

The fires haven't been a huge problem for me - they are about 8 miles north from me and the other is about 12 miles from here, and the winds blew the smoke west from there, so we didn't get any ash or anything. Some schools have been affected and were closed for a couple of days. Thanks for asking.  

15 Oct 2008 @ 11:36 by jazzolog : McCain Calling For Investigation
"Mike Slater, head of Project Vote, which helped ACORN run its current registration drive, said the group has identified about 5,000 'bogus or potentially fraudulent' applications so far. In most cases, he said, canvassers copied names from phone books.

"'Voters have no incentive to do this,' Slater said. 'This is a work force issue.'

"An additional 65,000 applications have been disqualified because the information on the cards was incomplete, and 25,000 more have been deemed invalid because the voter was already registered, he said.

"The group is barred by law from destroying such applications, but flags them and notifies local election officials in every case, he said. The group fires any canvasser found to have filed a fake card, and some have been prosecuted."


The story also quotes Obama on his past relationships with ACORN.  

15 Oct 2008 @ 12:04 by vaxen : .

15 Oct 2008 @ 22:12 by b : Interesting
Thirty years ago Carter signed a redistributing of wealth agreement with PRC and Soviets. All of this has come to pass. The chickens really do come home to roost. It s goning to be a colorful inagural balls. :Lset the games beginP he said with a grin. Tavistock, Tavistock. don't look back  

16 Oct 2008 @ 08:41 by vaxen : .

16 Oct 2008 @ 12:13 by martha : Your question on voting
Hey Jazz did I miss something? You asked two members (V and A) if they voted. They post extensively on your log about politics. V answered you and said he didn't vote. Does A vote? I can't find an answer to your question. Just curious. I also don't understand people that constantly complain about our govt. and yet don't vote.  

16 Oct 2008 @ 14:54 by vaxen : .

16 Oct 2008 @ 19:43 by a-d : Martha, WHY
don't you mind your own "busy'ness????
That Jazzo forgets Things from one time to another is his right , like it is the right of ALL of us!...
It is also my right to know and REMEMBER that and the Q. of voting has been up before by me, A-d!!! I told ALL people on NCN that I cannot vote ( I'm a Citizen -yeahhh, I know!...- , of Finland and Sweden and Perm.Resident here.) the way you, Martha understand voting--even if I wanted to, though IF I could vote here I would vote EXACTLY the way Vaxen, for instance, votes: By NO-participation in the FRAUD; the "Place" where --among others-- YOU throw your Voice!...and think you are being heard!???!!!....

That over fifty % of AMERICANS do VOTE by PROTESTING by No-voting here is most likely TOTALLY lost on you!... but has NEVER been lost on my husband, for instance... any more than on Vax, plus a whole lot of other thinking feeling fairness to all kind of People!

You must see all people here as idiots with no capacity to think, or to remember your behavior stretching here over the years with your nasty sugar coated "Belief Systems"; from which ever "direction" the BEST Wind for your hidden Agendas happens to blow at any given moment!....
But we do see you EXACTLY THAT WAY that you have been presenting yourself -- not just this moment here and that moment there-- but over these YEARSof abusive advecerial behavior here (of which I was not even part of, because I joined NCN much later, after a LOT of BIG WARS had been faught on these pages ; you & your Ally on one side and all the rest of the girls on the other side!!!
99 % of those girls gone!... WHY? they got tired of you and your ilk! They had -and have indeed- Better Things going on in their Lives than argue with evil feeble minded people, like yourself!...

I find it very disturbing that you --in your NON-STOP Busy Body Mode of Behavior; OBVIOUS to the WHOLE WORLD except to those few of your ilk,-- don't have other --BETTER-- things to do than worry about how other people live their lives!...
Rest assured, that MOST of us live a very real, very loving and caring life WITHOUT the PHONY'ness found on your side of the fence, so to speak.
But then again, I am sure you remember me telling my voting methods before. You just didn't think I would remember!.... You thought your "soft-dagger"-question would go straight into me making me feel bad and guilty for "not answering" JAZZO!!! Yet you act as if I owed YOU an answer. I don't owe you anything at all!

If Jazzo really wanted needed an answer to that Question it SHOULD HAVE REMAINED HIS RIGHT to get back to me about it! YOU took that Right AWAY FROM HIM!!!
Jazzo & I have been very dear friends all my time here and we do ask each other what ever we really want an answer to!... WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO INTERVENE with OUR relationship????? and the way we see it fit to be handled!??!!?!?!? WHAT GALLS! Remember an other time you did this very stunt? YOU INTERPRETED Lisa Lambert's relationship with one of her friends (the guy who committed suicide... some sort "family Member" of Shakti's) BUT YOU --and ONLY YOU Martha KNEW the truth about Lisa's and his friendship and you had the GALLS to BRUSH LISA OFF TOTALLY as if she was totally incapable of KNOWING ANYTHING AT ALL of the quality of their relationship and of what she was talking & saying about it!.... Martha, Martha!!.... )
Your mind is so dirty, so ugly!... and there's nothing you can say about it!... I have the right to see you NAKED the WAY you choose to present yourself!...and I have the right to say it, just like you take your right to insult people as much as you ever can at EVERY TURN!

If you don't like being seen the way you behave and act, then CHANGE SOMETHING!!... IN YOUR SELF before you continue babbling with that Snake-tongue / Mind of yours around, feigning innocent and ill treated and hurt when called on your shit!
You spew your poison under the guise of "innocent comments" here all over on people's comment spaces -and then you slander them in the assylum room!.... when you got called on the shit you "served" us with in the first place!
You are so convinced that people will not see or dare to point out your shit!... Big mistake! We are tired of your shit!... IF you don't stop with this shit and change your Modus Operandi here, I will discuss you with Ming, and ask to have you removed from here. THAT too is my right! I say like your Best Buddy, Rusyn, said to Melody: " BACK OFF!" Go, get a LIFE, Martha; A REAL ONE!!!  

17 Oct 2008 @ 06:16 by ashanti : Disgusting and saddening
Sorry, I am following this debate, and have not contributed as I have nothing, as a non-voting, non-American, to say on the Obama versus McCain debate. I see different points of view, and they are interesting, and I learn something from them, so thanks for that. Pro Obama, Pro McCain, Libertarian, Liberal Democrat, all views of different people. But then I see the debate descend to the level of utter ad hominem abuse, and I am disgusted. I have seen and experienced many horrific things in life, so I am not easily disgusted. I am also saddened. Why?

Well, if this is the way citizens in one of the more free (and don't start, I know those freedoms are rapidly disappearing, but the fact is, each of you can still write and post your opinion, which makes you more free than many people in this world) treat each other, then really, what hope for humanity?  

17 Oct 2008 @ 09:49 by jazzolog : Mob Rule
I have to agree with Ashanti on this one...and of course I've intervened at other entries at this Log when flames show up in the argument. Since very nearly the day I first posted in this public area, I have asserted my belief that a Log is like someone's living room or campsite or something. I happen to welcome anyone in here and have never blocked a single soul. But I do insist upon hospitality---which I consider the very foundation of civilized behavior, "new" or otherwise. I realize impatience and tempers flare during election season, particularly down here at the wire. But I think the screaming (capital letters) and insults in this thread are like the Palin rallies...and just as dangerous.

Democracy (or for Vax republicanism) always faces the danger of lapsing into the slobber of the mob. Please maintain the basic human dignity of respect in here. I respect the right of citizens to drop out of civic responsibility and live off in the wilderness if they choose---as long as laws are obeyed. If they want no part in electing representatives to create those laws (and constantly maintaining vigil upon that process) then so be it. Breaking the law is riding into town every once in a while and shooting up the place. I'd rather go through another period of no comments at my Log at all than tolerate abuse of each other.

"The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance."

---Ben Franklin

"Knowledge will forever govern ignoance and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives."

---James Madison

"Big money and big business, corporations and commerce, are again the undisputed overlords of politics and government. The White House, the Congress and, increasingly, the judiciary, reflect their interests. We appear to have a government run by remote control from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers and the American Petroleum Institute. To hell with everyone else."

---Bill Moyers

"The abuse of buying and selling votes crept in and money began to play an important part in determining elections. Later on, this process of corruption spread to the law courts. And then to the army, and finally the Republic was subjected to the rule of emperors."

---Plutarch - Historian of the Roman Republic

17 Oct 2008 @ 10:03 by jazzolog : And Now On A Somewhat Other Note
"I don't have to hear the man say a single word! All I have to do is look at that face!"

---Progressive talk show host Ed Schultz, broadcasting from a Madison, Wisconsin town meeting, immediately following the 3rd debate

How about those health records now, John?

This post from beloved NCN member *sindy*, who has not visited NCN for 5 years. She lives in Trinidad~~~

Thursday October 16, 2008
Today I made my choice and I gave my vote on a global scale of America election. I have seen the recorded debate of both parties, as a politician myself it is not hard to see how easy it is to influence voters by showing a front, that is so easy to do. Without further expanding on this subject I would point out some tips to voters as to what to watch out for in the choice they are making.

1. It is easy to influence the public when they are already in pain such as war. Be careful of this because there is always a reason a country intervene in another country. (the public don't have to know everything) -[weapons of mass destruction]

2. Which is very important you cannot drill money where there is already an economy crisis. One must find solution or should I say "stable the finance situation" rather than putting more money into the system at this critical stage.

3. Which is very glaring to see is playing with the minds of the people that which is race.... it is so easy to stigmatize especially in the case of America and their heartache of the Iraq war. It is therefore easy to shift due to hurts....sad sad.. Nothing is as it seems and apparance is amazing it can send the innocence to the slaughter house. ( I worry about the calmness) - [Lack Emotion]  

17 Oct 2008 @ 11:25 by martha : NCN dysfunction
Ask a simple question and get jumped on with abuse and negative energy. Makes me not want to leave any messages here. There is so much abuse in this world I don't understand why it has to be here at NCN and on this log. I haven't been at NCN for several years and had no idea if Astrid voted or not so i don't understand this comment she makes.
"16 Oct 2008 @ 19:43 by a-d : Martha, WHY
don't you mind your own "busy'ness????
That Jazzo forgets Things from one time to another is his right , like it is the right of ALL of us!...
It is also my right to know and REMEMBER that and the Q. of voting has been up before by me, A-d!!! I told ALL people on NCN that I cannot vote ( I'm a Citizen -yeahhh, I know!...- , of Finland and Sweden and Perm.Resident here.)"

Nor do I understand this comment she makes further in the same comment.

"I find it very disturbing that you --in your NON-STOP Busy Body Mode of Behavior; OBVIOUS to the WHOLE WORLD except to those few of your ilk,-- don't have other --BETTER-- things to do than worry about how other people live their lives!...
Rest assured, that MOST of us live a very real, very loving and caring life WITHOUT the PHONY'ness found on your side of the fence, so to speak...
If Jazzo really wanted needed an answer to that Question it SHOULD HAVE REMAINED HIS RIGHT to get back to me about it! YOU took that Right AWAY FROM HIM!!!
Jazzo & I have been very dear friends all my time here and we do ask each other what ever we really want an answer to!... WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO INTERVENE with OUR relationship????? and the way we see it fit to be handled!??!!?!?!? WHAT GALLS! Remember an other time you did this very stunt? YOU INTERPRETED Lisa Lambert's relationship with one of her friends (the guy who committed suicide... some sort "family Member" of Shakti's) BUT YOU --and ONLY YOU Martha KNEW the truth about Lisa's and his friendship and you had the GALLS to BRUSH LISA OFF TOTALLY as if she was totally incapable of KNOWING ANYTHING AT ALL of the quality of their relationship and of what she was talking & saying about it!.... Martha, Martha!!.... )
Your mind is so dirty, so ugly!... and there's nothing you can say about it!... I have the right to see you NAKED the WAY you choose to present yourself!...and I have the right to say it, just like you take your right to insult people as much as you ever can at EVERY TURN!

If you don't like being seen the way you behave and act, then CHANGE SOMETHING!!... IN YOUR SELF before you continue babbling with that Snake-tongue / Mind of yours around, feigning innocent and ill treated and hurt when called on your shit!
You spew your poison under the guise of "innocent comments" here all over on people's comment spaces -and then you slander them in the assylum room!.... when you got called on the shit you "served" us with in the first place!
You are so convinced that people will not see or dare to point out your shit!... Big mistake! We are tired of your shit!... IF you don't stop with this shit and change your Modus Operandi here, I will discuss you with Ming, and ask to have you removed from here. THAT too is my right! I say like your Best Buddy, Rusyn, said to Melody: " BACK OFF!" Go, get a LIFE, Martha; A REAL ONE!!! "

I have no idea what she is talking about concerning Lisa Lambert????
And if I am interfering with your relationship with Jazz, I am sure he would let me know! hahaha
And why you have brought Shakti or Melody into the conversation is beyond my comprehension! I have a good relationship with ming so I really don't understand that comment either.

For some reason I feel Astrid feels threatened by me for asking a simple question that I did not know the answer too!

Yeah Jazz I also am not warm and fuzzy about McCain's face or the fact he would keep us in Iraq for a hundred years if necessary.

Furthermore I have mixed feelings Jazz about asking you to remove the abusive comments directed at me. It is against NCN policy for members to abuse others. On the other hand all the world can see the abusers and how little regard they have for the guidelines that ming set up. Evidently the guidelines aren't ment for them! Both these people have a long history at NCN attacking others and I have been the brunt of many of these attacks because I call them on it. What a waste of energy. At one time the attacks bothered me but no more. I see them for the shallow manipulation and negative energy they project. Such anger only poisons the abusers.
Cheers Jazzy, have a great day.  

17 Oct 2008 @ 14:34 by Quinty @ : Let's not forget, Jazzo
that the Supreme Court pretty much equated liberty with the right of big business to screw workers, consumers, and the environment until the time of FDR. Private property was private property and it wasn't until the late thirties that the Supreme Court began to consider human rights. If McCain wins the trend toward that concept of private property in the Court may advance greatly. But we'll see.  

17 Oct 2008 @ 22:48 by Quinty @ : For you Ohio voters

Run the video.....

Not that Ohio is at all singular or remarkable in this.....  

19 Oct 2008 @ 01:27 by ursula : Jazz
I would like to know why anybody puts up with the lying ravings, slander, and abuses with obvious sociopathic behavior on their log and at NCN. People who refuse to honor the guidelines for posting on logs at NCN. Jazz? Any comment?

These are the rules for the use of the NCN system and for the interaction with other people here. This document is still under construction.
Respect others

That means, deal with others in a respectful manner, and show respect for their right to have different views than yours. You don't have to agree with anybody here and you don't have to like them, but if you are communicating with them, or talking about them, it is not acceptable to do so in an attacking or ridiculing manner.

Don't attack other people's character or motives

It is very fundamental here that we're all allowed to have our own, possibly different, views. So, even if you think that somebody else is wrong, or their views are outlandish, or they're saying things that are incorrect, or even if they appear to be attacking you - none of that gives you any right to attack or ridicule their character or their motives. By all means, talk about the subject at hand. But, please, no ad hominem remarks. No flaming. Talk about the issues, not about the other people, unless you have something constructive to say.

Don't kill the diversity

More than just that it is ok to have a differing view, it is essential that a diversity of different views and different approaches is maintained. Again, you don't have to agree and you don't have to like the way somebody else does it. But don't try to wipe out the diversity and make everybody think the same way. Not that you're likely to succeed, but please don't waste your effort here in trying to make NCN into a homogenous group where everybody believes the same things and uses the same words. In nature, diversity is not a problem to be fixed, it is a strength that makes evolution possible.  

19 Oct 2008 @ 10:03 by jazzolog : Respect Others
True humility is contentment. There is no respect for others without humility in one's self.

---Henri-Frederic Amiel  

19 Oct 2008 @ 13:48 by mortimer : Humility
Well said Jazzo

"Lying ravings, slander, and abuses of an obvious sociopath" ~ Rusyn mirror-image  

20 Oct 2008 @ 09:52 by jazzolog : Obama In St. Louis


22 Oct 2008 @ 18:52 by a-d : Obama ANYwhere!

..but it really isn't that much about Obama... He is just Anybody,who represents the Sheeple's Dream: "I decide for me AND for you!....
"ONLY I can twist IMPERSONAL COSMIC Ethics /Principles any time at my convenience..." etc etc... till all life is obliterated from the Face of the Earth -if that is what it takes!...

"Where(ever)two or more are gathered in "MY Name, there I(; the Cosmic, Divine Human in all of us --until destroyed-- ) will be to promote and support Life, not by the Life destroying Double Standards/ -Speaks, but with "my" (ANY "My") every breath, decicion, priority, action and non-action, behavior, non-behaviour based in TRUE EQUALITY for ALL, treating TOPICS with objective,impersonal truth even if it means that "I" (ANY "I") have to face my own double-standard-ways of treating people outside my own skin... instead of continuing to support some S/"ELECT/ED" by pretending to believe and trust a Voting System -even when KNOWING HOW fraudulent and rigged they are!... all, these sick Voting Shenanigans, [ ] today practiced world wide...and soon to take place in America again... for the Benefit of the cruelest among the staggering mass of cruel PARASITE-"humans".
[ ]
Who is willing to walk 180 degrees away from the SCAM??? "Wha" & "all" one will find there, first, is ONE's OWN true Self and LIFE!... like GENUINE -for example- discussed here... [ ] Indeed this essay talks about Real Life; "distance wise" still closest to the Destruction-modality of the Western "Civilization", but at least it is a New Life.
The 'action' that needs to be taken for this Transformation/Healing to happen in the first place, is 'ACKNOWLEDGMENT' of what's wrong with this System of DOUBLE STANDARDS, where "SECRET" feelings/ideas of entitlement and supremacy, rule the human soul.  

31 Oct 2008 @ 14:29 by jazzolog : Halloween Ghouls At NCN
This morning I decided to post a response to Rusyn's Log entry titled STRAIGHT TALK: HERE'S WHAT OBAMA'S HIDING, BUT IT'S OUT The article echoes the latest McCain/Palin charge that Barack Obama is pals with terrorists. This time it's a professor (again) named Rashid Khalidi, who Rusyn describes as "an alleged mouthpiece for the Palestine Liberation Organization while it was a designated terrorist group in the 1970s and '80s." (Again, let us remind ourselves Senator Obama was born in 1961.)

I concluded my comment at Rusyn's Log with a response to a post she had made earlier this morning, this time claiming William Ayers wrote a book in 1974, which he dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan. My reply had a reprimand implied, regarding spreading hysteria, that offended Rusyn, so she deleted part of it, posted a retort---as she probably will do here---and then reposted without the links I had researched. It seems I probably should have posted my comment here in the first place, which I considered---but will do so now~~~

31 Oct 2008 @ 04:19 by rusyn : AYRES(sic) DEDICATED BOOK TO SIRHAN
Bill Ayres(sic) dedicated his 1974 book to Sirhan Sirhan, who murdered Robert F. Kennedy. Think about that and his association with Obama. Oh yeah.


31 Oct 2008 @ 05:57 by jazzolog : McCain Racism, Hypocrisy on Khalidi
Apparently the only objectionable thing about Rashid Khalidi from a rightwing point of view is that he is a Palestinian.

This Is The Lowest McCain Has Sunk Yet.
By Juan Cole

October 30, 2008 -- - ----The increasingly sleazy John McCain, who once promised to run a clean campaign, has now attacked my friend Rashid Khalidi and attempted to use him against Barack Obama. Khalidi is an American scholar of Palestinian heritage, born in New York and educated at Yale and Oxford, who now teaches at Columbia University. He directed the Middle East Center at the University of Chicago for some time, and he and his family came to know the Obamas at that time. Knowing someone and agreeing with him on everything are not the same thing.

Scott Horton has a fine, informed and intelligent discussion of the issue.

I know it may seem a novel idea to people like McCain and Palin, but it would be worthwhile actually reading Khalidi's book on the Palestinian struggle for statehood. (I urge bloggers interested in this issue to link to his book, which the American reading public should know).

At the least, read a whole essay Khalidi has written.

Far from being a knee-jerk nationalist, Khalidi has been critical of the decisions of the Palestinian leadership at key junctures in modern history.

The message from Juan Cole at ICH contains links to information about Rashid Khalidi. John "Juan" Ricardo I. Cole (born October 1952 in Albuquerque, New Mexico) is an American scholar and historian of modern Middle Eastern and South Asian history. He is Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan. As a commentator on Middle Eastern affairs, he has appeared in print and on television, and testified before the United States Senate. He has published several peer-reviewed books on the modern Middle East and is a translator of both Arabic and Persian. Since 2002, he has written a weblog, Informed Comment (formerly Informed Consent).

I presume the book to which Rusyn refers in her comment just above is Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism, written not by Billy Ayers alone but by a group of at least 4 Weather Underground members. The book has long been unavailable, but there are photocopied excerpts at The actual dedication is to Harriet Tubman, John Brown and "all political prisoners in the U.S." of which Sirhan Sirhan is listed as one. A history of Prairie Fire is at Counterpunch, in an article by Ron Jacobs who wrote a book about the Weather Underground. Apparently Prairie Fire inspired at least one group that still continues "to fight." (Rusyn's comment just above, capitol letters and all, is rather Palinesque. The hysteria of a prairie fire like McCain/Palin spreads fast.)  

1 Nov 2008 @ 22:47 by a-d : OK, now I get it!
OK, NOW I understand what this whole Obama"Thing" is ALL about!.... Just the other day rense com's Political Art piece showed Obama with his kinda stupified look towards heaven, and "W" next to him, holding a mask in front of a third person (if I remember correct) That mask was a Zombie mask of Mc.Cain and "W" himself had a Button on him saying "FOUR MORE"!.....

Now I read that some "people" are pleading to DELAY the Elections UNTIL Obama's birth Place is verified....whether he is eligible for running for Office --or not!....

THIS is --obviously-- what this whole Obama thing was all about from the getgo!... this "likabel" guy, who would crush so many Hearts and just become the People's Choice -thanks to his CHARM.... and now...lo & behold... MORE TIME is needed.... my guess Obama's birth place won't be discovered in the next few days -or even months -or even YEARS... more closely not withing the next four!....
THIS is the Big Boys' Coup d'Etat after the very first one; with the Florida Scandal and the Supreme Court "ruling"!.....

What do you think, Jazz'?  

1 Nov 2008 @ 23:15 by ursula : You aren't much different
from the other abusers here, Jazz. Calling me a ghoul because I express facts and opinions - just because they differ from yours. Please remove my name and stop the personal insults. Surely you have the ability to control yourself? Now that you have posted your - ahem - articles here, I am removing your posts from my log. After all these years you will not change, and yet you're voting for a man who you think will bring change! hahaha Funny.  

3 Nov 2008 @ 00:08 by quinty : Rashid Khalidi

The media doesn't even pronounce his last name correctly. It's.... "Ha - lee - day."

I'm familiar with Khalidi, who teaches at Columbia now - and what would these israel firsters say if Obama had been friendly with Edward Said, that great champion for Palestinian rights, whose chair at Columbia Khalidi now occupies?

Khalidi (and Said) used to be on KPFA in Berkeley all the time. (KPFA is the parent station of the Pacifica network, if you're familiar with it.) So I'm quite familiar with him.

All Khalidi pleads for is basic human rights for the Palestinians. This, of course, is beyond the pale for AIPAC and the Israel firsters. Those who wish the Israeli settlements will expand far into Palestinian territory with impunity and nary a cry of protest from the United States. It's an old story. And, yes, the Israeil settlement movement is a form of ethnic cleansing, as well as a crude and racist landgrab.

Front and center on the American political stage the controversy becomes too hot to handle: at least for most politicians. Rare is the politician with the guts to buck AIPAC. And in this volatile political climate Obama becomes an "antisemite" merely for associating with a critic of Israel’s brutal policies.

That Obama was friendly with Khalidi speaks well of him. It’s unfortunate, though, that to become president of the United States he has to disassociate himself now from him. Perhaps on KPFA there has been some talk about all this. Khalidi has friends there. They stream, you know......  

3 Nov 2008 @ 00:28 by quinty : A - D
What's mere "charm" to folks like you has far more meaning to those who can see. For some character traits are unmistakable - if you can see? (Though I suppose Sarah Palin has the makings of a saint.)

Well, I guess a great hoax is being perpetrated on the American people. Barrack Husein Obama, a jihadist in the blood, dark as his Islamic motives, is the genuine - well, I wouldn't say Manchurian - he's not slant eyed - let's just say, "Arab" like that semi senile old lady who confronted McCain - candidate.

Why has no issue been made of his birth certificate? It couldn't be because it doesn't matter? That would never tickle the belly of any conspiracy theorist lurking in the shadows. The blind, slanted, and biased media conspiring to push this Manchurian/Jihadist candidate on the rest of us?

Oh, if only Obama's critics would listen to what he says. Then, maybe, their criticisms would be bounded within the simple perimeters of sanity. For we have drifted off into Never Never Land in the last eight years.

Bush 43 has unloosed many goblins and scary creatures. Concoctions of his own mind. And he has made our country a most unstable place: which we have finally begun to feel in a concrete manner. At times it's hard to tell the difference between stupidity and insanity. Yes, Bush has really done it to us, and Palin is his due successor.  

21 Nov 2008 @ 16:27 by jazzolog : I Missed This Marvelous Mr. Fish
last month~~~

My interpretation: his take on the McCain/Palin ticket.  

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