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picture12 Aug 2002 @ 20:32, by John Ashbaugh

The eyes of the Earth embedded in the dirt
are staring up into the sky,
and to all who stand
and reflect into life within humus.
Such as it is before descent into the underworld.
Cross the black river of Night.
Paint a picture on the wall.
The writing on paper,
and painting on walls,
provide a window.

Civilizations pass away
as well as memories of written tongues.
Inscriptions may be interpreted.
That which passes through Speech is sure.
One way to see the other side of the mountain
is to take a boat across the ocean
which envelopes the globe.

The life of our body is tied to Rock
through the marriage of fire and water.
Gather around the Circle of Rock
which points to Surya and Luna.
The path of planets will always be Here
to follow and measure and weave tales through.

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