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picture21 Aug 2002 @ 22:16, by John Ashbaugh

The civilization of the Desert
separates each of the four civilizations of the Forest,
One from Another.
The civilization of the Desert is Itself
separated by the Ocean.
The civilization on the Pacific
and of those who everywhere
live by the Ships of the Sea
is a steppingstone.
The civilization of the Ocean is One.
The civilization of the Desert is Twin.
The civilizations of the Forest are
the four leaves of the clover.
We who Live
within the Temple of Her-by-the-Lake
may turn our personal light and in-sight
into the Order of Listen and Speak.
Listen to the Voice of the Watery planet.
This is the first step.
Dawn is the Bridge between Life and Death.
She may be seen Twice a Day.
The Wo-Man in Blue in the Void of space
is the Sound in the stars of Our children playing.

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22 Aug 2002 @ 02:21 by jazzolog : This Is My Prayer
Here is a beautiful meditation to begin every day. Thank you.  

23 Aug 2002 @ 03:16 by sindy @ : heart world
The volt of love.. pleasant day to you king of the poe's hehe  

23 Aug 2002 @ 22:39 by koravya : Thank you
for your most gracious words.
I am with true friends here.  

27 Nov 2016 @ 17:20 by 633cash @ : agen bola
This is great and really informative.. I'll keep following your web and your article, thanks for sharing :)

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