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picture26 Oct 2002 @ 17:30, by John Ashbaugh


The dark waters at the bottom of the pool
are glossed over by the light on the surface.
The Rock is on Fire with invisible flame.
Wind carries the heat to all parts of our flesh.
All Movement is measured and balanced,
so as through the symbol of Tao,
so as through the symbol of Ollin,
The Twin Rectangles
at the Heart of the Aztec calendar stone.

The sphere of fire is covered by water,
and through the surface of interaction
emerges the Rock and the Sky.
The Earth is colored Blue
all the way around from the outside,
and the forest is a patch of moss
growing out of the Rock.
The spores of the lichen may cling to the Rock
and may eat the Rock.
From out of the Rock grows Tree-by-the-Lake.
Roots draw water to the Leaf,
where exchange occurs with the Sky.


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