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picture18 Feb 2006 @ 22:10, by John Ashbaugh

Series of pictures of planet Blue.
Other than that,
a few midnight thoughts. . .

Through the ember,
slowly fading in the light of the flame that is not quite there,
in the darkness of night under the full moon
casting a hazy glow through moisture in the air,
to the sound of a bell ringing from farther and farther and farther away,
for as long as hearing lingers,
like the breeze through the towers of leaves in our forest.
Blue sphere of Light, spinning in her orbit,
so far away in time and space from her sister,
while now in the intuitive warp of co-existence,
and the universal hologram, are you here?
Each of us plays one part
and together we have our collective meaning,
our planet Blue.
our watery planet,
turning through her seasons for as long as the ocean churns,
turning deserts into marshes and continents into islands.
Day by day, step by step, Blue turns through day and night,
her biosphere teeming with life of miraculous diversity.
The path of Life has been turned upon,
and our biosphere is in decline.
The spectrum of life on planet Blue will be sorely depleted.
Indeed, she was a shining jewel in the intergalactic cosmos,
but there lived within her heart a fatal flaw
that was not overcome by the driving force for Life which brought her to her glory.
Or shall this fatal flaw, apparently on the threshold of domination,
be turned around into its own self-destruction
without completely destroying our home,
so that we may continue to speak with a clear voice
to the other side of the universe.
The great war is upon us.
Does anyone see peace on the horizon?
How far along? Through what mechanism?
Economic conditions will become increasingly alienating.
Lots and lots of people have no idea about what to do
when faced with serious budget adjustments.
The call to order will become of paramount importance.
The call of resistance in the name of free will shall become equally important.
The future of our planet is becoming increasingly on-the-line.
Many different levels of awareness are out there, to be sure,
and the more the essential idea gets around, and the sooner,
the better chance there will be for life to continue on planet Blue.
February 16, 2006
Letter from planet Blue, through the candle flame.
Well, my children, I will be sad to see you go.
It is the destiny of the chaff to burn,
and for the seeds of universal consciousness to germinate.
This has been a glorious flourishing of the life force,
and the cadence of the song of our planet Blue
has been heard in far away places. They hear it now.
Now will begin the remission, and it is not entirely clear
how deeply the knife will cut into our spiraling chain,
nor how the imminent realignment of climatic patterns
will affect our behaviors, we children of Blue.
One day after another, with every breath we take,
coursing through our veins, the poisons are now ours forever.
Planet Blue can only wonder at the folly of her children.
Those in tune with her heart can hope to carry on
through the dark night into the light of Dawn.
Feb 17, 2006

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18 Feb 2006 @ 23:01 by jstarrs : We think...
....that the mind is something, a tool we carry about in our heads.
I wonder if Planet Blue is not a similar projection.
Thanks for your thoughts.  

18 Feb 2006 @ 23:14 by jmarc : finite resources
and "the mind" don't really see eye to eye now do they?

Raise your children to believe they can
be anything
do anything
achieve anything
infinite mind meets a finite world.
As above
so below.
Maybe resources aren't so finite,
or maybe the possibilities
are not infinite.
Which will it be?  

19 Feb 2006 @ 12:54 by swanny : Feb. 16, 2006
We are...?
saddened at our "loss"
though Now it is too late...
We deeply regret this.
My symphathies to all of us.


19 Feb 2006 @ 13:47 by vaxen : give up...
your fears and projections. you're alive aren't you? the rest is all fud. enjoy.  

19 Feb 2006 @ 19:05 by freo7 : I DO ~NOW~Through US ! !
"Does anyone see peace on the horizon? - I DO
How far along? - NOW
Through what mechanism?" - Through us who CAN

Peace ~ Be ~ US,  

24 Feb 2006 @ 06:41 by koravya : Continuing
Thanks for the Thoughts.
Along the thread of knots, we wander,
stumbling over rocks together,
walking the curl and wash on the ocean's shore,
tossing our ideas into the wind,
and we are found.
The news of the day concerning this nation in particular and the global political-economy in general is darkening the view towards tomorrow. It is all a fiction. It’s a balloon full of gas and as it stretches the limits of its membrane, the pressure and the motivation to disassociate will geometrically progress from its current elementary and exploratory creative avenues of resistance and realization. The universal mind that we individuals on planet Blue create and manifest is co-existent with the gas bag’s web of deception. Does anybody think that there is a mind-set and movement that is going to sort out all that garbage out there all dressed up like a legitimate political-economy? Something will replace it for those who are left after passage through the long dark night, and those who pass through the night will have followed pathways most acutely in tune with the true inner light of human consciousness. Keep your light true, and pay attention to the gas bag and carefully consider the nature of your relationship to it, and to those whom you love, wherever they are.
***Lights Out Chicago***
February 23, 2006  

10 Mar 2006 @ 12:06 by Abaddon @ : continuing
Stock up on the med supplies, learn the farming / smithing and fishing-shipping skills

Hey, call me a freak but keep YOUR light true, cos the big one is still coming. Do what you can to have a little bit on hand, try to educate those close to you, because when we hit somewhere around 2011 - something VERY bad is happening!  

29 Jan 2015 @ 07:56 by Fox @ : SEqtlFCJUSMg
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29 Jan 2015 @ 17:37 by Fredy @ : kszFzqnGODgRklKDZmH
i think that you should upaold the negative review videos to rapidshare or something, because to tell you the truth even if it is a negative people should still know why.could you please post a comment or PM explaining why you don't like it?thanks, your videos are very informative, but personally i would like to hear the truth about a car even if you dont like it.  

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