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picture26 Apr 2008 @ 06:42, by John Ashbaugh

You don’t make peace by making War.
There is the war with guns and there is the war with money,
The weapon.

I read a story tonight, a short story,
Written by a young woman
Of Native North Turtle Island.
A memory from age twelve.
Her father is beating her mother.
Her mother is accepting this as a part of her role.
The young woman decides that this is not the kind of life
She wants to look forward to.
She needs to break the mold and chart her own course.
She has to abandon her cultural tradition.
Not the culture of the Native, the Hispanic, the Anglo,
the Black, or the Asian.
The culture of Violence.
Leave it behind.
If you want to create Peace.
If you want to see Peace.
You have to Live It.
The culture of Violence
Is the culture of Domination.
It is the other way of Looking at the World.
Of looking every day at each person
That you are looking at.
What kind of feeling are you putting into that person?
Got something to say?
What are the guns all about?
What is the money all about?

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29 Apr 2008 @ 17:15 by koravya : One for the Money
Two for the show.
Three to get ready.
Now here we go.
Here is a link to an article
that connects some of the dots
and reads between some of the lines.
Please remind me.
What is our national dialogue about now?
Such an exciting little drama being played out now in the daily news.
All this debate about the future directions of American foreign policy.
Entertainment central.
Will the starvations be televised?
Is this a reliable source?
Manipulations in time of War and Hunger
Posted: April 23 2008
Bob Chapman
Have a gorgeous day!

5 May 2008 @ 14:14 by koravya : More to Read
Along these same lines.
Extraordinary Times, Intentional
Collapse, & Takedown
Of The U.S.A.
By Richard C. Cook

5 May 2008 @ 14:54 by a-d : Thanks John,
reading the links right now!

Yeah.... Times are getting ever more INTERESTING.... all the time!... (heheheh... couldn't resist that one! : )  

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