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2 Mar 2004 @ 20:36, by Craig Lang

A fascinating evening at the Minnesota Democratic caucuses. Several things things truly impressed and amazed me.

1) The number of people who turned out to the caucuses. There were about twice as many people present as I normally see at a precinct caucus.

2) The intensity of the feeling in everyone present.

There was a powerful feeling of coherence there - a single focus, returning control of the country to the people. I found that consensus was formed very quickly on resolutions, although there was discussion on nearly every point. It appeared that everyone was focused on an objective, rather than on political division, or making smaller individual points. There was the sense that there is too much at stake.

It is the same wherever I look. The deep-seated political division in the USA is so thick, it feels like you could cut it with a knife. This political season is going to be deep and emotions are going to run hot and heavy.

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2 Mar 2004 @ 20:44 by vibrani : A question
Craig, thanks for your great observations and comments about the caucus. After voting today I heard the news that Edwards is going to drop out of the race. I was very angry to hear that because it made me feel like our votes didn't count, that the man can't keep his word. I also have been thinking that it's ridiculous to have primary elections in a different state on different days. Whatever happened to the June 4 national primary day? That worked great. I think that should come back and less be focused on the money. The rest of my family was so discouraged by what has been going on that they didn't want to vote at all. I think this puts the democratic process in jeopardy. What are your thoughts about these things? Thanks.  

2 Mar 2004 @ 21:02 by craiglang : I'm surprised
by Edwards saying he will drop out of the race. I hadn't heard that. He came in second place in MN. But in the end, second place doesn't get you the nomination.

I think I agree with you on the idea of the national primary day. I think it would work well, although there may be downsides to it that I'm not seeing at the present time.

Sounds like you are an Edwards supporter. If so, I'm sorry to hear that your candidate dropped out of the race. I wasn't overly familiar with his positions on alot of issues. My primary support was initially for Kucinich, but I will very much support the party nominee, whoever it is - and it looks aheluvalot like Kerry, now.

What the democratic party really needs to do now is to come up with a very coherent set of answers to the main questions. What to do about Iraq; How to bring peace to a world at war; and how to save our planet from environmental collapse. They need to do more than to just oppose Bush, they need to be proactive and have real answers. IMHO These are probably the most critical questions of the most critical time in our history since perhaps 1942. And we can't afford to get it wrong....  

2 Mar 2004 @ 21:25 by vibrani : Craig
I was split between Kerry and Edwards, but Edwards was much more specific on issues important for me. But, yah, it looks like it will be Kerry. The other night I was watching this group in another discussion and they offered some more clear ideas about what needs to be done re: war, etc.

At one minute after 8pm here NBC announced that Kerry was the projected winner in California - with 0% of the precints reporting so far, because the polls just closed. How can they then project him the winner? What the heck?

I don't think we can get through life without making mistakes, Craig. Sometimes we will get things right and sometimes we'll get them wrong.  

3 Mar 2004 @ 01:42 by jazzolog : The Division
I was thinking about it too. There is increasing tension at my workplace, I feel, and it's particularly apparent in the faculty lunchroom. What I'm thinking to do is suggest a short series of debates, in front of interested students, between faculty members who are willing to be upfront about their political views. As it is, teachers often are behind closed doors with their students...and we only can have faith they are being objective. A skillfully run debate, with an assertive moderator, can educate and let off steam at the same time.  

3 Mar 2004 @ 15:39 by craiglang : The Machine
I think it's probably true that Kerry and Bush come from essentially the same machine. But to me that doesn't mean they believe the same things. A lot of different trees can grow from the same soil.

In many ways it's a relatively conservative step, to support a progressive candidate who comes from an old-school background. Yet, at this point in the path, I wonder if a "machine" candidate - one who is good at making the machinery work in the right way - might just be what is needed.  

3 Mar 2004 @ 19:10 by vibrani : elections
My son has attended schools that deal with the election issues. They have students and faculty representing the parties and they talk about issues, and then the students vote for president.  

4 Mar 2004 @ 02:55 by craiglang : Results?
Hi Nora,
Have they voted on this one yet? It would be interesting to learn the results - and who they would elect.  

4 Mar 2004 @ 03:18 by vibrani : No, not yet
they probably will do it in November for the main election.  

4 Mar 2004 @ 08:13 by martha : well craig
i hope he beats bush but I'm not sure much will change. I have grown quite discouraged with the politicians and sure wish everyone had listened to old george who warned against having several political parties. We have lost sight of the fact we are all in this together.  

4 Mar 2004 @ 14:41 by craiglang : Agreed
I'm not really sure that meaningful change is possible from within the system. But as long as we live within the system, (at least I feel) it is only ethical to try to make it work as best we can. I think the first priority needs to be to stave off collapse. And there, perhaps real results are possible - but only if leaders who are really aware come into power. In that sense, I think that going with a progressive machine candidate is probably the best survival option.
Whether this can effect real quality change - well, that's another matter...  

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