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3 Sep 2004 @ 17:12, by Craig Lang

Last night I briefly caught some of Bush's acceptance speech. What caught my attention was the way in which he attempted to associate himself with the heroes of 9/11. But overall what struck me was the stridency and the degree of divisiveness which I saw. Listenning to what little I did of the Republican convention, it struck me just how much the level of polarity has increased in our present day. It once again dramatizes to me that the pace of change in our world is quickening, and we have reached a key crossroads in history.

In Whitley's Journal, his new entry, "A New World is Coming" talks about roughtly the same thing - how events seem to be coming to a head. Whitley talks at length about how the events we are seeing comprise the beginnings of a set of changes that will forever alter our world - often in ways we can't even imagine.

Another deeply synchronistic event also happened for me last night. In this case, an experiencer with whom I was doing a regression, started to voice predictions about these very changes. This was based upon material he had discerned while he was - well - wherever one goes during a UFO abduction. He began talking in a monotone, metalic voice about what was to come. And his predictions were very similar to some of what has come through in the Stan Romanek abduction case. Most of the predictions are not very pleasant. Both experiencers talk about apocalypse, disasters, etc. which will happen between "right now" and 2012.

A number of see-ers have described how these changes are initiated-by/in-parallel-with a shift in human consciousness. The process begins with increasing polarity in human thought, and expands as the polarity deepens. At some point a criticality occurs in the human collective unconscious. At that point an emergence or awakening takes hold, resulting in something far better. But before the better comes the worse...

During Bush's speech, there were occasional disruptions as demonstrators apparently got into the convention hall. At one point, the CBS news cameras switched over from Bush to some commotion far off at the edge of the crowd, where this had apparently occurred.

This whole scenario of division kept running through my mind as I listenned to part of Bush's speech - basically a diatribe about "us and them" [My words, CL], and the polar opposite response of demonstration/opposition against the conservative agenda.

I note how deeply divided the electorate is in the USA, and how this polarity seems to be deepening even more as the elections approach. At a Kerry campaign organizing meeting a few nights ago, the room was so full, it was standing room only. The energy there seemed to literally crackle.

I must also state that I felt the polarity myself. As I was listenning to the speech, at one point, I broke away, went to my computer, went to the MoveOn.Org website and made a donation. I wonder how many others were so inspired by Bush's speech that they got similarly involved .. :-)

And so I ask, is this just one little bump in the road, or is this the earliest phases of "The Changes" of which so many experiencers speak.

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3 Sep 2004 @ 18:02 by hgoodgame : My guess -
The changes are already upon us. This is not the earliest phase. we are already in deep, and there's no U-turns on this highway.
All the outer polarity we see manifest now is the trickling down from the finer planes of mental/emotional/ethereal aspects within ourselves. All the panicking going on around the world feeds the negative aspects of this energy and then there will be more disaster.
As you said, the polarity is reaching a critical level and will cause a shift. This has in other writings been called the '100th monkey effect'. When the critical number of humans reach a level of awareness not previously part of their collective unconscious, it will automatically become a part of the collective unconscious of us all. Then we will know without knowing how we know. In the meantime, follow Nora's advice in her column about thinking before you act. Right now and could be from now on for all I know, every action will reciprocate faster than we are used to. I'm thinking that maybe it's so we'll see cause=effect and understand our part in it all.  

3 Sep 2004 @ 20:29 by craiglang : Thanx
I couldn't have said it better...
Thanx for your comments,

5 Sep 2004 @ 08:30 by vaxen : Dear craig:
Fortitudine Vincimus!  

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