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5 Jul 2005 @ 16:37, by Craig Lang

I had some very mixed emotions as I watched the July 4th parade in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. On one hand, it was neat to see the sense of esprit de corps and civic spirit that seems to have come together in the last year or two in home-town America. The attendance this year - at this and other civic events - seemed to be way up from previous years.

In addition, I noted a deep sense of patriotism - perhaps even deeper than I observed following 9/11. It is a sustained, deep-seated sense of identification with homeland. And I'm willing to bet that it is something we haven't seen since World War 2. Unfortunately, that's just the problem - it's because of war that we have this coming-together.

The dark side of partriotism and nationalism is that it usually means that you have to have an enemy. It seems that we can't have an "Us" without a "Them". And that's what gave me such a mixed feeling.

It is great to see such patriotism and comraderie. I, too, felt that stirring sense of national pride. Yet beneath it lurks the knowledge that, at present, much of it is based upon a lie. We are at war based upon a deception. And because of it, we have have invaded another nation. Yet, what I saw this weekend was resounding support for this very same "fight for freedom". To me, it was the rousing support for the mistake we are mistaking - enthusiastically affirming the wrong road our nation is travelling.

It is clear for all to see how the war was launched via deception. A reading of the Downing Street Memo and other evidence should be convincing to anyone. Yet people still support the war. Does the aggregate population simply "not get it"? Why is there so much support for the war? Why is Bush so popular? The information is out there for all to see. Why are there no (or at least very few) cries for his impeachment?

As the local National Guard unit (those that are not in Iraq right now) paraded past, there were loud (nearly unanimous) cheers from the crowd. It was moving to see the support for those who are presently oversees, and I know that if I were off in battle somewhere, I sure would want such support from the folks back home. And yet, mostly what I felt was sadness. Because the only reason that these kids are now facing ambushes and roadside bombs is that we were all lied to. And in spite of the evidence of the truth, the aggregate "Us" still prefers to believe the lies.

I deeply love this country, and so I feel even greater pain than I did on 9/11. Because it is from within, by our very own leadership, that the damage is being done. And yet still we cheer loudly and beat the drums. Boldly and with great national pride, we march with flying flags - straight into the abyss.

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5 Jul 2005 @ 16:48 by jstarrs : Thanks for the front line report, Craig.
If more people saw through the deception, as you have, there'd be less patriotic paranoia.
We after all juzz bros & sisters on this sad ol' spinning planet, fo' sure.  

5 Jul 2005 @ 18:42 by astrid : Craig, I absolutely believe,
that each Note (SOUND-frequency/resonance and its matching frequency of Color; refraction) of the consciousness scale ( corresponding perfectly with/to THE MUSICAL SCALE and THE CHAKRA SYSTEM) has its own ARCHETYPAL PSYCHOLOGY.
The 'BigBoys' have for millenias understood thepsychology of the Innocents; the s.c. Gullible Ones; the ones you can cheat, deceive, murder and tell what ever you want -and they believe, because the archetype IS that way, within a certain frequency band.
Not untill hard enough hits each gullible person's frequency is altered to become ever lower and that is what we call becoming "dis- illusioned".
Now, all the spontaneous trust in Life's Intrincic Goodness is gone, and from there one has to find one's way back to trusting Life.... Though this time we have awakaned enough to know that WE hold the Power Within us.
All we need to do is being willing to assess our ability to respond to life guided by our INNER PROMTINGS = the Divine Tools Life gave us all at Birth: Intuition, Inspiration, Instinct, Intuition, etc etc instead of just remain "babies", who(s only option without the right guidance in how to use these skills) is to believe whatewver we see /are told etcetc.
Children have for ages been brainwashed that they don't know, can't think, what they see and feel (intuit) is all wrong. In other words to NOT trust Life from Within!
IF a child got injured too deeply, his/her vibrations/frequency level sank down to the ARCHETYPE of the BULLY.
Almost ALL of our "leaders" for the last -maybe-10.000 years in this part of the world have been of BULLY frequency and they ALL KNOW THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE INNOCENTS = GULLIBLE ONES very, very well and have been using it -and still do- to get from the Innocent Ones what they CANNOT get from within themselves at all, which is FRESH LIFE-ENERGY. They can only get it SECOND-HAND; STEALING it from the Innocent ones!

PSYCHOLOGY in old times was called RELIGION = RELIGIO: to put together again what once was Whole and then broke (so it needs to be mended again)RELIGIO is the "science" that was supposed to do just that!.... Well, guess what!... the BULLY TOOK THAT 'TOOL' and TWISTED THAT ONE MORE AND MORE AND MORE!!!.... Need I say anymore? *l*

Each and every individual Innocent needs to come to his/her Awakening and re-learn from there EVERYTHING about Life and about themselves.
The more we, who have had our Awakening already, can assist the Innocent Ones CORRECTLY, the less injured people will there be in the Fututre and that much easier and faster this process will happen and there will be a 'Critical Mass' moment eventually!!!
We need to understand what Dr. Hawkins shows so well in his book "Power vs Force", that when a person's own Vibrational level is below a certain level, they CANNOT lift themsleves up from that vibration to a higher -without assistance from another higher vibrational Being. If/when that Being or Energy SURGE is "invisible" we call this phenomenon: 'DIVINE INTERVENTION'.
I also absoluelty believe we are beyond the "fault finding"/ looking for causes to the "shitty situation" we are done with the "WHO did it"-fase of the Cosmic Process, so to speak. We know enough about that to be able to navigate the Troubled Waters without sailing aground, as it were, so now we can concentrate on nothing but sending out our Love and Light to ALL who need "Divine Intervention"/an uplift in their energies!
Let's GIVE them freely. That way they don't "need to" steal it any longer!
Also, we need to understand that BEHIND THE GLAMOUROUS SOCIAL FASCADE , there is in EACH AND EVERY BULLY (even the ones in the Polititcal arena ) a VERY INJURED CHILD!!!... Now, granted, it takes some time before you can see Queen Elisabeth or Rumsfeld or take your "worst Political Pick" and see him/her as nothing but a very injured, hurting, confused child, but it is the Truth, nevertheless. (Craig, there's quite a bit more I could say/go more into detalis etc. But I don't want to use your blog to do it and ...well... If you're interested.... : )/
There will be no change in the Socio-Political Arena for the Better untill enough many of us understand this and start seeing "Politics" for what it really is: People grouping together in accordance to their consciousness: where their needs and talents are encoded as vibrations / frequencies.
Don't forget: there's STRENGTH in numbers. They have always done this, because alone these people go under faster than you can whistle Dixie!
So, "this" is (part of ) what you witnessed at the Patriotic Event in you Home town this weekend, ( yes, there more, but this is sufficient to give you a different perspective on the whole Spectacle, I think. : ) )))  

5 Jul 2005 @ 18:53 by craiglang : Polarity and Politics
Thanx for the note.
I think you have hit quite a cord. I suggest a post on exactly what you are describing. I think it will be quite enlightening in its own right. I agree with you that there is an awakening in process. If you browse through some of my earlier postings, you will find alot of discussion of that very thing. I also believe that before enlightenment occurs, a high degree of polarity must happen - if only so that it can be resolved. Also, my sense is that ultimately, the reality of the situation must transcend any political spectrum.

Thanx for your comments.

5 Jul 2005 @ 20:48 by astrid : Craig, I need to add
one more important point for us to remember: We CANNOT SOLVE ANY of the Socio- Political PROBLEMS INSIDE "THE BOX"!!! The "BOX" is the euhpemism for ALL THE "RULES" = STATUTES, over 60 MILLION of them today in the Us "Judicial" System!... because EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM IS MADE IN SUCH A FASHION THAT IT WILL PROTECT ONLY THE BULLY's INTERESTS and 'PRIVILEDGES'. A priviledge is by definition AN EXCUSE FROM THE (COSMIC) LAW governing that particular field/situation/act etc. Consequently 'RIGHT' & 'PRIVILDGE' are NOT the SAME. They are NOT synonymes!!!

In truth; there is ONLY ONE LAW, that overrides all the rest of the Cosmic LAws: "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU!" Though according to NT (and Yeshua ), there is one Law that overrides this one and that is: "THOU SHALT FOLLOW NO OTHER GODS EXCEPT FOR ME". But this is a very cryptic one... yet it IS a correct statement by Yeshua, ONCE we understand that the word "God" here means our OWN INTELLIGENCE, because it is in & through our Intelligence --also an Umbrella word-- GOD/LIFE/UNIVERSE SPEAKS TO EACH & EVERYONE OF US -IF WE BUT CHOOSE TO LISTEN /HEAR AND HEED!

Back to the Socia-Political scenario: These Statutes are made in such a way that LIFE can NEVER WIN INSIDE OF THESE STATUES: THEY ALL FOLLOW only THE PATH OF & TO DESTRUCTION!
Hence, once we start our Journey Back Home ( to re-claim our own divinity ) we do it BY STEPPING OUT OF THESE RULES = "THE BOX" which means we find and obey only the COSMIC LAWS OF the GOD-given PSYCHOLOGY = Tou shalt follow only your own Intelligence = God /Life as IT reveals Itself to us at any given monment, based on the ONE AND ONLY TRUE COSMIC-PSYCHOLOGICAL RULE/LAW : "Do Unto Others....." This needs to be done within the Cosmic Laws of PHYSICHS/QUANTUM PYHISCS and META PHYSICS. These Laws of Physics ALL in Universe have to obey : "Even the Gods must follow/obey the Immutable Laws of Physics" is a Classic Spiritual Wisdom-statement.
We CANNOT change anything in the Society for the better by asking the bullies what we can do or not do!!! THIS we all have to understand and know to be the Cosmic Truth, with NO confusion about it what so ever!
Hence ALL TRUE CHANGE FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL, MUST BE SOMETHING that will UNFAILINGLY COLLIDE WITH the BigBoys' ideas of "how the World should be run"!!!  

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