New Civilization News: Things Fall Apart.....    
 Things Fall Apart.....
picture18 May 2006 @ 11:18, by ashanti

These are interesting times. Never before have there been so many channels with claims of direct contact with ascended masters. Pending the release of the film version of the Da Vinci code, there are all these e-mails asking people to take “on-line DNA” tests to determine if they are descendents of Jesus and Mary. 99th generation. (riding on the coat-tails of the Da Vinci code, of course).
Rome is in a snit, but it is all so artificial. So scripted, orchestrated. Like 9/11. The conflict between Rome and the Da Vinci code is manufactured, structured, planned, timed.

Never before in human history has so much bull-shit floated through so much of our patch of the time-space continuum. "Dearest Ones, Beloved Lightworkers, you are close to Ascension", and so on and so forth. What’s with this mass psychosis? There’s a bunch here in South Africa trying to lure people into their cult under the cover of helping “AIDS babies”. Nice hook. Catching plenty fish. South Africans tend to be mostly uncritical, and ill-equipped to evaluate the bull-shit that is floating around, so many just swallow it. Especially as so many are vulnerable – it’s a time of rage and despair, violent crime, riots – same as many other countries, in fact. It has been officially been called the “Age of Hope” for South Africa, but on the ground, it is the complete opposite. So many people I know are in despair. Things falling apart. Back to Chinua Achebe.

It certainly feels like we’re in some sort of end time. Hence the prevalence of false prophets, confusing everyone. Why the sudden urge to lure people into their collective psychoses, I wonder? Could it be that June 6, 2006 is coming up? Launch of the movie the Beast, and so on? Predictions of earthquakes, tsunamis, economic collapse abound. Worse than the millenium hysteria that we recently went through. And that too, was based on an artificial construct.

Why are we not collectively focused on *solving* the problems? Why do we not pool our collective human intelligence on developing earth-friendly energy, on solving poverty? How is it that our political systems mostly end up attracting the least fit to lead, the most greedy, the most short-sighted, those who care the least about their fellow humans, animals, and the planet as whole? Why are South Africans in such a state of rage and anger, why is the violence so utterly vicious and extreme here? And do we REALLY think, “Dearest Lightworkers, sooooon, all will be well, and the New World will arrive, and Weeeeeeeeeeeee will make you feel so much better………….” will fix it all??? When the HELL are we going to take personal responsibility??????

Sigh. Some days, it all really gets to one........

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