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 Dreaming Awake - Or Waking Life?5 comments
picture22 Dec 2002 @ 22:53, by Julie Solheim-Roe

Another eccentric High Desert customer to Paladin Video in Yucca --the most extensive, inspiring, and intelligent collection of films I have ever come across--I was recommended the film Waking Life by Richard Linklater. What got me was his description that it had to do with my favourite theme: are we dreaming awake, or waking from the dream? I have begun viewing this surreal 'animation' that blends between worlds and philosophies of life. It has futurism , biology, one brilliant treatise on the 'truth' behind Satre... and even a wonderful pillow talk between Uma and Ethan, voices beyond their Picasso-esque 'animation' selves....

But really, what is the dream? When do we ever wake up? Is there a point? There must be a point of recognition, of this Great Crescendo as one brainy 'Waking' character pointed out. (I like to think of it as waking the Global Brain, this Epoch into The Future). In this dream of our awakenings... I have written and pondered and fretted... and then spaced and forgot and just got on with the task at hand of feeding a babe and kissing a wounded lover's feet. Though still we continue with The Great Ah-Has of those lucid dreams when we know indeed we are threading the themes of yes, this Waking Life.. and that we Know, the Gnosis is shared with all the I's that are having their way with us... and then, why do we wake up and forget the journey, or the point of it? And, so I answer my own pondering. We cannot know the point, for the ant perspective. We must fly and have the moments of Communion in order to come back and be fragments of beauty once more.. confused and within that, the Eye sees the I but yet again, differently.

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23 Dec 2002 @ 00:45 by jazzolog : Or maybe not differently...
And maybe we never wake up...or some do...and some may never dream, being always awake. Is that worse---perhaps being an insomniac warlord? It seems the horns of the human dilemma remain forever sharpened, eh? Riding the bull of consciousness, perhaps we can master the trick of staying on and enjoying the ride. Thank you for an invigorating glimpse!  

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