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picture19 Feb 2003 @ 13:30, by Julie Solheim-Roe

According to the crazy right-wing AM radio stations and commentators I listen to as I descend from the Morongo Basin to the Choachella Valley every day, in a recent statement Senator McCain tells Clinton and Carter to 'shut up'. (Not, though I can't find this transcript yet in any news searchs!) ....

For example, far right commentator Glen Beck thinks that it's the Clinton's desire to rule the world by 2008. Which won't be too bad in my view. I see Clinton a lot like JFK. Obviously both men sold their souls to the devil to get into office. Clinton I am sure was some instrument with the Iran-Contra funds when he was governor of Arkansas; and it is well documented about JFK's daddy's mob and Hoffa buddies buying votes (see 'Double Cross' by the Gioccana bros). But there is an energy for lack of a better word that both men took on and almost embodied. They 'rose to the occasion' in a symbolic and thus important sense. I was lucky to experience the European view of Clinton in his last year in office whilst I was in the UK. An incredible statesman. Could talk beyond rhetoric without notes for an hour at a time. Yes, I know my conspiracy and liberal friends would say he was just as bad in policy as present King George---and, yes, just like Blair, both men represent a 'labour' and 'democratic' platform that is far more to the right and sold out to corrupt corporate interests. No longer seeming to care about the eroding working/ middle class common folks.... and, I agree.

Yet, there is something inherently cool and smartly hip about Clinton... some Light with a capital L--that one can almost sense or detect in his very presence and in the invisible forces behind what he symbolizes whenever he takes the podium or has a lucid moment captured on camera... That's where I draw my analogy with Kennedy. Also the very atmosphere of business and the culture in the country. Where the money was hot. The idea that information, knowledge and virtual realities possessed an inherent value beyond what the current profit margin was. Of course the dot com bubble needed to burst to some extent. But the money although still corporate and thus still corrupt---was a step in the right direction, not the same power as the old money of tobacco and oil that seems to be behind the Bush camp.

So, Beck says that Clinton is jockeying for UN Secretary-General. Here's a few negative ideas on the matter; ... Sure he is still looking out for his own grandeur and political career. But no matter, I feel he could be well 'used' in these situations. And here Laura Ingraham warns:
"As conservatives long suspected, Bill Clinton's loyalty, as evidenced in this speech, is not primarily to this country. His loyalty is to the liberal European elites who adore both him and the prospect of the world where America is no longer the world's sole super power. (Clinton also warned against US efforts to "dominate and run the world.")

For Clinton, a new UN resolution on Iraq is merely a means to a larger goal-"the chance to integrate the world, to make the United Nations a more meaningful, more powerful, more effective institution." The crowd went nuts.

Bill Clinton is still the biggest figure on the Democratic stage. He still raises the most money. He still exerts influence through Hillary and pal DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe. He is still beloved by Hollywood. Republicans should call upon all Democrats to either embrace or distance themselves from this World According to Clinton. Do they agree with Clinton that the US shouldn't try to be a dominant world force? Do they agree that our main goal should be an "integrated world." Do they agree that we're ripping off the UN by not sending more money Kofi's way?

Meanwhile, if Bill Clinton wants, sometime in the future, to be named Secretary General of a super-sized UN, he already has the campaign theme down pat: America Last."
Similarly, Beck 'warns', what if in 2008 the then UN Secretary-General Clinton is hosting a party for his wife the eve of the election---who will run the world then?

None of these 'warnings' frighten me. Rather a deliver a strange surreal hope and even a promise amist all the current mayhem... if we could make it to 2008.

Maybe the fall of Rome won't hurt so bad if a former Casesar--having been matured, humbled and even more enlightened--is involved with it's empiricism's punishment and potential reform on the global stage... and if Hillary keeps her spine up!

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19 Feb 2003 @ 18:22 by sharie : Questions, Suspicions, hmmm...
Clinton was President when the corrupt mobsters began to seize control of our government. He could have stepped in and made a demand for a re-count in Florida. He did nothing, let the Supreme Court usurp the voters, and walked out of the White House. I suspect he pocketed a few million under the table for that. He and Hillary were bankrupt because of their legal bills as you recall. But suddenly they show up in Manhattan with millions to buy a mansion. This is all very strange. Where'd they get the money?

I definitely think we'll see Hillary in the White House again at some level (not that I'm a fan).

Thanks for the post.  

20 Feb 2003 @ 01:27 by jazzolog : Mobsters
Not sure whom Sharie means with that comment, but I'd say Eisenhower was President when what he referred to as "the military-industrial complex" began to seize control---and in a famous speech he warned us. By the time we get to Carter, CEOs on the golf course could figure out how to dump an entire political party. Clinton? Despite his political skills, he was surrounded.

Julie's right about his charisma though. Somebody wrote on the Internet yesterday that Clinton could be Britain's Prime Minister tomorrow. I haven't seen him in person, but I have Hillary who seems like a pretty ordinary human to me. I saw John Kennedy though---and he absolutely glowed.  

22 Feb 2003 @ 13:32 by sharie : I stand corrected
The mobsters began to seize control of our government around 1914 from what I gather - with the illegally-imposed federal income tax which pulls in trillions of dollars a year - we see where that's gotten us.

In my comment above, I was referring to the mafia don and his family which currently control *all* the public funds. This is the first time in history where one group controls all of america. That's what I was referring to.  

13 Jan 2015 @ 03:17 by Dasia @ : yrvrJeCAijXAooqAzb
Well I guess I don't have to spend the weekend fiiurgng this one out!  

14 Jan 2015 @ 00:20 by Marcela @ : IuRremMyBeVC
Obama has no idea what he's going up against chnlleaging the Clinton machine. His unfavorables will soar once Hillary's surrogates get done smearing him .and given that he has yet to face any serious opposition in any of his previous runs for elected office, it's unlikely he'll know how to effectively respond when his back's up against the wall. Obama is definitely a factor in this race, but Hillary is still the frontrunner, much as it pains me to say it. John Edwards has some built-in advantages, but I suspect the immigration issue will be his achille's heel. Edwards will be walking a tightrope right away as he tries to simultaneously court favor from the industrial unions that dominate Iowa's caucuses and the service unions that dominate Nevada's caucuses. The latter demographic wants lawless immigration policy the former does not. And even if Edwards threads that needle, he has a broader immigration problem in that his likely support for comprehensive immigration reform directly conflicts with his primary campaign theme of reducing domestic poverty. If comprehensive immigration reform becomes a reality, poverty in America will increase .and increase substantially. Edwards will have a big problem trying to talk his way out of that double-edged sword.While there is tremendous (and legitimate) worry among Democratic voters that Hillary is unelectable nationally, her well-oiled machinery is likely to be as ruthless as George Bush's was in 2000, all but guaranteeing her the nomination and crushing any obstacle that stands in her way. I'm already convinced that Obama will be on the receiving end of the same hit job that John McCain was in 2000, only at the hands of Hillary. However, the bloodthirsty spectacle that BushRove got away with in 2000 will not be as successful for Hillary, further staining her hands.But barring a Giuliani nomination on the Republican side that would ensure a third-party challenge from the right and put every Southern state on the table, Hillary and Obama would both be defeated in November 2008. If the Republican nominee is Romney, McCain, or any number of second or third-tier GOP contenders, I can't see a single red state from 2004 turning blue. Iowa or Colorado could conceivably tip blue for Obama (though it wouldn't be enough for him to win), but neither of them would tip for Hillary. Both candidates would likely lose a couple of blue states to either McCain or Romney.As for the GOP field, I think their safest bet, based on my limited knowledge of his political profile, is former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. With George Allen and Bill Frist out of the way, he's the only Republican in the race who seems capable of averting the GOP civil war, bridging the chasm between the values voters and the robber barons. Gingrich and Brownback would be too scary to the Greenwich, Connecticut, crowd and the party's campaign coffers would suffer for it. If I was a Republican activist, I'd be looking pretty seriously at Huckabee right now.  

14 Jan 2015 @ 07:34 by Issam @ : QMSspzgyYlgmwuCjX
. I agree 100%. But there's a snag here. And mind you, I mean what I'm about to say to get the wheels cotitrucnsvely turning and thinking.While you blast (rightfully) the dangerous role of basic economic ignorance and the silly expectations therefrom in the voters' minds in the realm of democratic elections, the hard fact remains that there are many PhD economists, some with popular blogs and web-influence, who are not only partisan Democrats but also ideologically liberal. Krugman is a notable one. Others with popular blogs are DeLong and Thoma. There are others still. Visit Angry Bear and peruse the links on the right column.IOW, despite their sound grasp of basic economics and markets and beyond, the end result is that these professional economists generally support the same candidates and buy into the same rhetoric as many of the very voters you criticize. I think it's all fine and good for you, or Caplan in his book (which I've read), to make this case about economic biases and ignorance and its effects on democracy and voter mentality. I think it's great to recommend a book like Hazlitt's. But this doesn't tackle the larger problem that needs to be addressed:What does this talk about understanding basic econ and markets mean when many PhD economists who have studied well beyond the basic and fundamental tenets of economic thought support the unkeepable promises of candidates and buy into the unrealistic rhetoric that seduces laymen voters?What would a Krugman-like economist say about Bastiat or Hazlitt and the iron clad notions they put forth that they seemingly ignore through their actions? and WHY?In summary, economists who share your view need to start addressing the conflicts with economists who disagree with you before bemoaning the average voter. The average voter is an easy target. Blasting Joe Six Pack for silly views is easy. What to you say to Krugman? or DeLong? or any number economists who agree with them?That's a book I would buy. [url=]ekrclusobh[/url] [link=]xolyvgcxhpt[/link]  

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