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13 Apr 2003 @ 04:14, by Jenese James

what is peace ?

what are all the people asking for when they march for peace... it didn't stop the US going to war and making a killing in more ways than one what does peace mean then ?

if life is lived in a similtaneous moment then right now, the amazon is burning, a mother is giving birth to a child in ethopia who will in some future time be one of those starving kids that we are asked to donate money to..the taliban will beat up another woman, Mugabe will kill some white farmer. right now there are milita in indonesia, fighting in the jungle, drug runners fighting with the cops in some far off place.....well i guess by now you get the picture....

while all eyes are on Iraq and the illegal and higly visible lies the UK USA devised as a pretense in invading...while millions scream peace.....I ask what the hell is going on

some people hide behind the cross of god, you know the one they hung that dying murdered brutally tortuerd man on... the one they seem to think is a symbol of life....some people hide behind the justifications of their book of god ...others think their spirituality will somehow sheild them from the horrors of everyday life...yet others will spend till they drop in some kind of massive retail any case each and every one will have some kind of monstrous justification for doing the action they have chosen...and sometimes i think i want to throw up .....yeah just puke on the entire world

is this a nightmare i am waking into or what....

it has occured to me that we selectively pick and choose our 'peace' topic.....and in a way that is wise cos living in a similtaneious world ....theres many to choose from ...which one will it be next long as it dosn't distrub my lie to much...i mean hey....

as if the war is not enough there is SARS....Sickening And Repulsive Scam to bring the fear of death or the fear of god or the fear of life to a tv or news outlet near you.......bring on the virus the planet needs a cleanse

UK USA now means United to Kill US All according to a 60 yr old Iraq he right....if not with a war then with a virus conjured up in some USA lab or in some other country with some USA ingridents....sooner or later...hell everything you buy has some connection to the US...look at that it spells and against against the world....hmmm how symbolically correct

there is nothing left to do now...the global scale is visible its ingrained and its everywhere....its been growing like a cancer for over 100 years and we cannot stop it although once apon a time i naievly beleived that together we could.....but now i see that it is to entrenched....they have the weapons of Mass Deception and Dectruction at their finger tips, they have the police as their thugs and they have the might of a grand army of willing but stupid marines, soilders trained to insane is that....if any one of us should step out of line, well....if any of them should step out of line we would never hear about it....lady justice has been blindfolded....kept in the dark by a race of men for a long time now...if she where to take off her rag she would be shocked at what blind justice has created....who blinded goddess justice orginally ?

I look around me and I see ego centric spirituality, massive consumerism to fill the void that arises within ....that sense of hopeless ness that one wishes to conceal by any means ...drugs sex, crime, violence, videos, shopping, food, ..yes it is a hopeless case...this just pick a peace cause to scream justice about .hell you might even be able to make some money out of others suffering or the environmental degradation of our planet....worth a go aye...

does this mean that ive given just means that ive woken up and had a good look around..... hell im gonna get a car and drive aimlessly around and use up as much oil as i can whilst similtaneously polluting the atmostphere we all breath...and pretend i live in a different world than this....finally ive gone insane

that world is a world of fear, and all of fear cannot live in that world....although the seeds are there in embryo...nothing will come of them in such a barren landscape....the seeds of love can no longer grow in such a delisiounal world...

my insainty says i must move away turn my back in full consciousness and mover towards another world.. to stop giving my energy to this full deprive it of my oxygen my energy and my life force which it is sapping...

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13 Apr 2003 @ 05:15 by newdawn : don't give up, Jenese
the world right now needs all the awakened souls that there are. Be positive, know you are part of the wonderful creation on Gaia. More souls are awakening all the time. Remain steadfast.

13 Apr 2003 @ 06:52 by petavie : rude awakening !
Ditto, nothing is what it seems, nothing is what you were told it was and there is no map through this nightmare. I keep wondering why am I here, what am I suppose to do, what's the point, why do I know what I know, what am I suppose to do with it, where do I go from here???? etc.... I feel like an alien !  

13 Apr 2003 @ 06:59 by newdawn : maybe
we are aliens?!!!  

13 Apr 2003 @ 07:13 by petavie : Fine
Then let me go home!  

13 Apr 2003 @ 07:21 by newdawn : permission
granted .,¸¸,.»§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§« »§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§«·.,¸¸,.  

13 Apr 2003 @ 08:37 by waalstraat : I feel with you
hi buddy Jenese,
It is true the world is a dangerous, scary place, and we are going through a very dark period;where material power is amplified to a frightning excess by technology and the ablility to retrieve and store information. Confusion and manipulation of opinion is much easier to achieve through the lack of independent media and information bombardment--that's the bad news!
There are untellable numbers of kind, generous, courageous, and compassionate acts and just pure goodness going on every second we exist. And it is because of that, that the world isn't a living hell for a large number of its people who for the larger part (at the time being) have a very good probabilty of operating withing their daily lives without being murdered, maimed, raped or violated other ways.
Your feelings are more than just the beginning of clarity...You are you really putting down the groundwork to follow a spiritual one starts out as an enlightened being although they start out with that potential. The spiritual path is one of lifting yourself up by your own it an ego action, which one first choses to be on a spiritual path usually with no real idea of what that is. But as one developes spiritually,an accompanment of that progress is often a feeling of hopelessness. as ones illusion's start busting. However illusion transforms into compassion and the thickening of compassion which is the initial stage of becoming a true spiritual warrior and the weakning of ego...Spiritual warriors are those who are those who feel so much compassion that they are willing to delay ever their own full enlightment or nirvana/paradise/heaven... or th ultimate refined human state, to relieve the suffering of others; and help liberate them spiritually.
So the quest is how can we best truly change the world in a positive direction. Is their a form of protest that can achieve that. If the form of protest, is angry, self-righteous, a more powerless analogue of what one is protesting against, then it will just be a catalast for even greater multiplications of the negative forces controlling our planet, politically and economically.
What to do...protest with love, and expect to be ineffectual, but put it out their anyway...if, and that's a big can truly do it with love and compassion as its ground...But in the meanwhile lets work on our selves so the examples we set for others, will be simultaneously a conscious raising experience, which is also a liberating the End this will prove to be a expotential process...Am I a hippy, new age Idealist...I hope I am in the best sense of those terms.

13 Apr 2003 @ 21:58 by unity1 : thankyou all
thank you all i was amazed at how many actually responed....suddenly the world dosn't feel so overwhelming...big heart felt hugs to all of you ...  

14 Apr 2003 @ 01:13 by jazzolog : Heartfelt
I'm with you too, dear Unity1. What beautiful musings!  

15 Apr 2003 @ 02:11 by finny : I know what you are feeling
I'm there too my NZ mate!  

15 Apr 2003 @ 02:15 by jstarrs : This is the fuel...
...for developing compassion and understanding the human condition.
As Bernie says, though, don't forget the moments of joy and join them up, like pearls.  

16 Apr 2003 @ 22:49 by dharmicmel @ : comments on late night musings on life

no one really knows what the hell is going on; also, thee are hidden agendas, endless compromise, endless denial, lies, duplicities, and one mask after another; still, it is good to ask the question, because it means that you are aware, at least to some degree
I feel everything in your message
some of us are in this world, but increasingly, we are not of this world
I have often thought that if we cannot change this world, then we will have to
move on, and I mean that quite literally; I for one, cannot live in an existentially toxic life-dump site, which is what so much of the earth is becoming; I am not a pessimist, but increasingly, I do not wish to live in denial
keep writing; wakefulness, even if troubled, is better than the trance state of the existential wall of sleep

echo, great days
blessings, and high thoughts

p.s. "The darkness is death - we can speak, but we are not heard. We can scream
but they turn their backs. We can run, but we cannot catch them. It is the dream where arms and legs won't work they way they should, and the air is too thick to breathe. Loved ones walk a mile ahead, forgetting to stop as we fall behind. This is the reality of the darkness. We are buried alive inside ourselves."

Dana-Christene Umanetz

dharmicmel. wednesday. 16 april 2003 ce  

18 Apr 2003 @ 02:24 by vaxen : Hello...
Jenese. Just wanted to add one more voice to the rest to let you know I hear you and concur. I do'nt know, either, how to fight the ongoing material/consumer juggernaught but somehow I will. It is really easy to get depressed for me too. But I've known all my life that we are engaged in warfare. A warfare more subtle and insidous than the one on the fields of Iraq etc.,...A war for our very minds and souls. There is a group of people, if they truly are people, on this planet whose only reason for living is to enslave us all for their own profit. They have no moral code and they are not ethical in the least in their procurement of their desires. Murderers, deceivers, liars, they are all of that and more. C.S. Lewis called them 'That Hideous Strength' in the third book of his 'Perelandra Trilogy.' Take heart, dear girl, and even though you are far across the oceans from me and others like me know that we share a common bond and want to see humanity free from the bondage which now destroys so many souls and bodies too. I hope you can take courage and strength from us through 'mind channels' we all share. 'Inter-Earth Neuro-Circuitry,' if you will, and keep writing, please, and know that you are'nt insane and that we love you. Here is a link for your perusal:  

18 Apr 2003 @ 02:27 by unity1 : love to you all
once apon a time I took a mushroom journey, 6 days out in wild nature with 6 friends, then we came back into town...but on our way back we stopped off coffee....I was acutely sensitive to energy fields of people....they didn't even have to be close ..... and you know what....i saw blindness...just a bunch of cells all jumbled up forming a human....consciousness limited by choice...even though that choice was their own choice made through ignorance...i couldn't handle being in thata coffee house....nor out in the street nor out in the car, so i chose to go sit under a tree and picked my self a big green fern leaf ...and waited....finaly we all piled into the car and away we went..little did i know as we sped towards soon my consciousness was going to burst open in ways that still affect me today... when suddenly arising the crest of the hill, the lights of nelson town twinkled in the night and almost instantly i was hit with the full comprehension that we had created a totally un natural world..chemical vs natural and in order to live in it we had to become that moment...i knew with every fibre of my being that i also in that moment of lucid knowing...would have to loose that and join back into this un natural world.......but one never does lose it do they...not something that deep....

there is a saying it goes like this....its all this saying could either be the saying of an ignorant mind or a wise ...and i beleive many of us here have awoken to the wider reality and implication of the horror that awaits us.....i say horror because i feel that was has been created is unstoppable...thats the cynic in me...the optermistic me...knows the seeds of change can only be sown in such difficult times by the greater majority of us....and that those seeds must be sown en mass now....which i think they are...however i still feel that there will be somthing that is so out of our hands that will override it all....who knows what that will be...or when...all i know is that many of us are feeling similar things simiply because we have awoken and seen the need for change even though it is it is up to each of us in our own way to plant the seeds of change....  

18 Apr 2003 @ 03:33 by unity1 : hi vaxen
good grief i hope that link wasn't supposed to cheer me up lol....its even more insidious...although i did know the story of the bankers....i didn't realise it was that entrenched....getting on a boat though...even though i get sea sick....and sailing away out to infinity does seem like a good idea...but then one always needs to come back to some type of civilisation for something ....thanks for the link though ...i have passed it on to a few friends...  

18 Apr 2003 @ 04:03 by istvan : Jes Jenese,YES
"The secret of the seed is in the fragrance of the flower"
How long will it yet take to wake to the secrets of our being human and to start realizing and manifesting the responsibility that the "group of cells" would be willing to go beyond self preservation, toward manifesting the orgasmic fragrance that accompanies the flowering of the purpose/desire of the spirit that created the cells for it's purpose of becoming.  

18 Apr 2003 @ 05:16 by jstarrs : Jenese, want to help or you want to sail away? (we need you) ;0)  

19 Apr 2003 @ 01:28 by unity1 : im here for the long haul
well...besides the fact that i get soooooooooo sea sick just thinking about boats...i think i will stay on mother earth....need to find out what is next..its like an unfinished movie...big huggies to you all  

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