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 American ???
picture 20 Jun 2006 @ 11:12, by Scotty

This may be the most important article that you have ever read! It deals with your legal status that determines whether you have unalienable rights or just corporate granted privileges. Most Americans think that they have unalienable rights protected by the Constitution. They also think that when they vote they are in fact electing officials to manage their government under Constitutional principles. Most people think that lawyers and judges practice law under a judicial system. Most people think that the government has no boundary. Well most people have relied upon government controlled schools and the media for their information and they have been misinformed!

To read the whole article click this [link]

p.s. This I think is something that our dear friend Mr Var has been trying to tell us for years !!



And what the heck can one do about it all anyway ??
Well - you can go here to this [link] to Tame Corporate Power,Reclaim Citizen Sovereignty,and Restore Economic Sanity!!

You're an upholder of Free Speech !! This [link] is for you !!

Economic Myths - here's a [link] that even I could understand !!

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