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20 Feb 2003 @ 00:57, by sevenlamb

The very -source- of terrorism - at last revealed!

The nBush Administration today announced a radical new idea in National Security which has met with outstanding support in initial polls. As we’ve recently learned, a secret government tactical organization has been involved in highly classified research over the past ten years. This organization, devoted entirely to seeking the essential sources and networking technologies of terrorist groups, recently reveled that it had unexpectedly succeeded with a major breakthrough which will revolutionize the war against terrorism.

After spending some 7.2 billion dollars in high technology equipment and expert manpower, this covert organization, known only by the pseudonym SQUATS or 'semi-quailateral urgent anti-terrorism squad' has located and mapped the root sources and communications tools of which are ‘most generally essential’ to all terrorism. In response to this amazing discovery, SQUATS has formulated an initially expensive strategy, but one which is 'guaranteed success'. Due to their discoveries, we may now be able to guarantee the ultimate and permanent eradication of all current and future terrorist cells.

In an announcement today by the administration, a spokesperson began triumphantly:

"We have located the root source of terrorism in the modern world, and we've identified the primary network used by terrorists to communicate. This incredible strategic advantage will allow us act immediately to put an end once and for all time to the threat of acts of violence against our people."

"As hard as it may be to initially understand the vast implications of this research, ladies and gentlemen, the source and primary tool of terrorism has been positively identified."

The speaker then paused to make eye contact with many of the people in the room.

"It is Light."

At this point, a general uproar began, and for a brief moment a made hearing the speaker impossible. The lights were shut off suddenly, resulting in total blackness — and there were shouts calling for order, shortly after which, illumination returned to the pressroom.

"Obviously something this insidious would be extremely hard to locate or combat, who would have guessed that — we're essentially bathing in terrorist networks at all times, without even knowing it. But there is hope, and we've developed a plan which we feel certain will result in the absolute security of our national interests and our people."

"We've engineered and deployed a space-shield, which will block all sunlight and starlight. This will ensure protection from possible 'alien' sources of terrorist activity. We have also deployed an initial set of 'base-stations' from which 'secure' light may be transmitted into our cities, homes, schools and churches. This will allow us to insure -total security-.”

"From now on, a central regulatory agency will source, code, track and trace all Light, in all bandwidths, from all sources. Each citizen will be responsible for ‘light insurance’. Visible light will be, of course, illegal to possess distribute, or modify locally in all manifestations."

"Additionally, any literature or recordings which were made in 'regular 'light' will be confiscated and destroyed. These books, speeches and recordings, being created in 'potentially terrorist infested' light, contain the sources of terrorism encoded in their most essential structures, and thus must be seen and treated as 'pollutive'. The clean-up will be expensive, but it can and will go forward. The minds of our society and children are at stake."

"Although initial cost estimates of our response yield figures on the order of 400 generations of future taxpayer effort, we know that the people of America will rise to the challenge of leading the world in this regard, making every necessary sacrifice in order to secure a world and future free from the threat of terrorism. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Space Shield will go up in 72 hours. Welcome to the Brave New World. We are the Warriors of Light, and may God be with Us."


Please copy and distribute. This is an action of parody. It is an action of patriotism. It is an action in defense of the cognitive and real liberty of our people, children, and future. May we all act together to insure first that our minds, laws and lives, are free of the terrorism of tyrants, and perhaps then concern ourselves with matters of mutual uplift, encouragement, protection, support, nurturance, and co-evolution. People or governments which pose this as impossible are lying. The cost of their lies is rape, mimics standing in the place of heroes, and death.

Let's answer our own problems with tyranny and terrorism first. Please. The results of anything else will be atrocity, and decidedly unfunny to current and future generations, should we survive them at all.

(N)(c) organelle, december, 2002

Cognitive Activism Now: [link]

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20 Feb 2003 @ 10:47 by sindywise @ : greetings to the sevenlamb
such powerful message behind the veil of the kind:)..and the link was beautiful, i enjoy this much Light (the Sun) is the essential source of all of our language, shapes, metaphor-shapes - tools, lifeForms, and nearly everything else we may reasonably encounter. If we stick to understanding it in terms of physics, we are denying whole domains of incredibly majestic opportunity - for the sake of upholding a single paradigm as essentially more true, or even central to any discussion...

sux tho bliss wishoh. *wink*  

20 Feb 2003 @ 17:05 by daniela @ : lightworkers, lets lough and love!
me too very touched by the humor of this message.

light is information.
light information makes us peacefull.
peace allows love.
in love the light shines, sings, dances...
we begin to vibrate in joy, creating and shaping our new world.
lightworkers, lets love NOW and install the light!  

4 Apr 2003 @ 01:45 by newdawn : is
this for real?  

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